What Happened to Kaido in God Valley Incident?


God Valley incident is the greatest historical event in the One Piece world. During that event, the entire world turned upside down because of what happened there.

It was the time when the numerous strongest characters of the entire series battled against each other. Even, Kaido is one of those characters who got involved during the God Valley incident.

After that incident, the people who took part in the battle gave him the title of “Embodiment of Brutality”. So, what did he do during the incident that gave him this title?

He must have done something terrible that left many shocked. So, let’s unravel it!!

What was revealed about Kaido in chapter 1049?

In the recent chapters of 1049, some unexpected truths were exhibited that left the audiences of the One Piece series stunned.

It hinted to us with some points about what actually happened to Kaido during the greatest battle in the history of the One Piece world. The event was just lit!!

Chapter 1049 explained the God Valley incident. That was the time when the Rocks Pirates faced their defeat at the hands of Gol D. Roger and Hero of the Navy, Monkey D. Garp.

During that incident, Rocks D. Xebec had all of the current and previous Emperors in his crew. Imagine how powerful they actually were they as Whitebeard, Big Mom and Kaido were on the same team at that time.

However, Oda foreshadowed heavily on Kaido(the strongest creature alive) rather than other characters. As always, the manga writer of One Piece came with another turn of events that left most of us astonished.

It was sketched that something unusual and terrible happened during that incident which is why Charlotte Lilin called  Kaido “that thing” which hints to us that she is scared of Kaido.

Well, this thing wreaked havoc all over the internet as fans know that Oda is the goat when it comes to foreshadowing. Fans remained calm less after the release of this chapter and were eager to know about Kaido even more.

The release of the new chapter confirmed that Lilin never heard about or encountered Kaido for all over the years until he became the Yonko of the sea after the God Valley incident.

The storyline of the series became more intense as the chapter revealed that Kaido possessed the title of “Emboodiedment of Brutality” because of what consequences he caused during the God Valley incident.

The chapter, later on, unraveled the brutality of Kaido as full-on mayhem and invincible. He proved himself to be the survival of the fittest prior to the incident.

It was also unleashed that Kaido got hold of the power of the Uo Uo No Mi Model: Seiryu, which was given to him by his former crewmate, Charlotte Lilin.

Big Mom stated that Kaido owes a lifelong debt to Lilin due to the possession of that Devil Fruit. It might be possible that the Mythical Devil Fruit surely saved the life of the strongest creature alive during the God Valley incident.

Kaido and Big Mom beefed with each other although Lilin states that she still thinks of him as her brother. Well, the manga is full of unpredictable plot twists and surprising scenes.

Few reasons why Kaido avoids or dislikes Big Mom

Kaido and Big Mom used to be a crew members of the same pirate group named Rocks Pirates led by Rocks D. Xebec. They shared a sibling-like relationship with each other.

However, all of the relations between them ended during the God Valley incident and they both started to hate and despised each other.

Kaido being the “Embodiment of Brutality”

Because of what took place during the God Valley Incident, Kaido got the title of ” Embbodiedment of Brutality”. It is all resided within the awakening power of the strongest creature alive.

Kaido awakened the powers of his Devil Fruit as soon as he got to hold the power of Uo Uo No Mi. During that battle, the strongest creature alive along with his crewmate and Captain Xebec were facing off against the strongest characters in the series.

Kaido became one of the fewest who survived the incident. it is because of the terrible power he possessed with his new Devil Fruit.

It might be possible that due to the awakening power, Kaido started eliminating everyone who got in his way not even considering his crewmates.

He wreaked havoc and caused unbelievable consequences which resulted in him holding the title of “Embodiment of brutality” because of the power of Devil Fruit given by Lilin.

 The “true” power of the Azure Dragon Fruit

Azure Dragon Fruit

We have got to see the power of Kaido’s Devil Fruit and its capabilities. The Devil Fruit grants him unbelievable abilities and strength in its normal form.

But the true power of this Devil Fruit is more than one has expected. There might be a possibility that Kaido’s mammoth transformation caused due to the experiment which led him to lose consciousness and go berserk.

Kaido’s Devil Fruit might’ve characteristics like that of Chopper’s Devil Fruit. During the incident, he might have gone berserk as Chopper transformed into Monster point attacking everyone, even his friends.

The Azure Dragon Fruit granted him surprising power that saved him from getting killed during the God valley incident.

Thus, because of the terrible power of Azure Dragon and its awakening, Kaido might’ve killed everyone around him including his own crewmates which is why he got the title” Embodiment of Brutality”.

The rift between Kaido and Big Mom

We know that Kaido hates and avoid Big Mom even if she thinks of him as her brother and saved his life when he almost lost his life during the God Valley Incident.

Big Mom gave him a Devil Fruit which saved his life but it was an experiment and Kaido got compelled to awaken the power of that Devil Fruit which led him to be insensible with unbelievable powers.

As Kaido went insane and started to kill anyone who got in his way, no one could stop him. He was an unstoppable monster who even killed his own crewmates when he lost consciousness.

Thus, Big Mom got frightened by his terrible transformation and ran away from the battle as she thought she would too end up being dead if she stayed there for long.

Later on, Kaido thought that she betrayed him by running off the battlefield. Since then, the beefing between the strongest creature alive, and Charlotte Lilin began.

What actually happened to Kaido during the God valley incident?

God valley incident

Before jumping to a conclusion, let’s take a look at what actually happened during the God Valley incident.

The God Valley incident is the event that shook the whole world at a time. It was the time when the strongest pirate crew ever was utterly defeated.

The ferocious Rocks Pirates battled against the mighty King of Pirates and the Hero of the Navy. In the history of One Piece World, it is one of the greatest turns of events.

On one side, there were Rocks Pirates with the strongest characters of the entire series such as Big Mom, Whitebeard, and Kaido along with Rocks D. Xebec were itching to take over the world.

While on the other side, Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Garp were getting excited to keep them shut.

The battle between the strongest began. One overwhelmed another and the shockwaves of power and Haki collision caused mayhem all over the God Valley.

The war was so terrible that if it’ll be shown in the anime, later on, it will for sure break the whole internet.

As the battle started, Rocks Pirates started to face their defeat gradually and the overpowered duo opponents started to eliminate the other crew members.

Eventually, The Rocks Pirates got utterly defeated. Kaido got seriously injured and almost lost his life during the incident but Charlotte Lilin saved him.

Big Mom gave him the Devil Fruit named “Uo Uo No Mi” which somehow saved the life of Kaido. It was the time when the actual havoc began.

As soon as Kaido ate the Devil Fruit, he did something that no one could actually do. He awakened his Devil Fruit power during the same event at the precise moment. But it’s not the real awakening.

Kaido was subjected to an experiment and was forced to transform into a humongous/Monster form which could be taken as a forced awakening.

Apparently, Kaido seems to lose consciousness because of the Devil Fruit awakening. The disastrous power granted by his Devil Fruit caused him to go insane and kill everybody. 

With this, we can presume that Kaido’s Devil Fruit is similar to Choppers’. It might be the same case when Chopper transformed himself into his monster point which caused him to be unconscious and started attacking everyone in his way.

Kaido killed many foes and friends. That is why Big Mom abandoned him and left the battlefield as she got afraid of his powers.

Because of this incident, Kaido was given the epithet “Embodiment of Brutality”.

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