What episode does Luffy use Gear fourth?

Monkey D. Luffy used his trump card, Gear Fourth, for the first time during the fight against Donquixote Doflamingo in a certain episode, which led him to victory.

During that intense battle, The Heavenly Demon awakened his Devil Fruit power which overpowered Luffy’s Second Gear and Third Gear.

Luffy needed more powerful techniques than the previous ones to defeat The Heavenly Demon.

So, when and what power does Luffy use to defeat the infamous pirate Donquixote Doflamingo?

How many gears does Luffy have?

Monkey D. Luffy has three gears in total. They are Gear Second, Gear Third, and Gear Fourth, respectively. Let’s dig into what characteristics and features these gears hold!

Gear Second:

luffy gear 2

Gear second is the first form of transformation in Luffy. It is a type of transformation that rewards Mugiwara with surprising inhuman power and speed.

This Gear provides Luffy with enormous strength and speed but it uses more oxygen and nutrients than usual as an exchange.

Luffy first used this technique for the first time while clashing against one of the members of CP-9, Blueno, who works for the World Government at Water Seven.

He successfully used this technique after he couldn’t beat an opponent with his usual attacks. The opponent used Soru(a skill that allows the user to move at ridiculously high speed), and because of that Luffy couldn’t see him well.

Fortunately, Luffy also unlocked his new transformation. Mugiwara evolved his skills during the fight and unlocked Soru by pumping up the metabolism that rewarded him with disappearing speed, surpassing Blueno’s Soru.

Afterward, The Captain of the Straw Hats overpowered Blueno with ease. He also was able to unlock another form which exceeded Gear second. It was Gear Third!

Gear  Third:

Luffy use Gear Third

Gear Third is also a transformation technique that Luffy unlocked soon after the discovery of Gear Second.

This transformation is the advanced version of Gear second which exceeded the feature of Gear Second in every aspect. What’s more surprising is that Luffy immediately unlocked this technique after the fight with Blueno.

Mugiwara evolved this skill as he faced a much stronger enemy than before. He faced the top member of the CP-9, Rob Lucci. He was on an extreme level than Blueno.

But Mugiwara didn’t hold back. He continued to clash though Lucci’s power exceeded his. He got beaten by Rob Lucci multiple times, but giving up was not an option for Luffy, especially when it came to saving his crewmates.

With the use of Gear Third, Luffy managed to blow a serious strike on Lucci that injured him badly. Eventually, Mugiwara defeated Lucci with Gear Second and saved Nico Robin, The Demon Child, who was being chased by the World Government.

Gear Fourth:

Gear Fourth is another form of transformation for Luffy. This is the most insane power that the Captain of the Straw Hats possesses.

This form holds monstrous speed and power which has overwhelmed many infamous pirates in the Sea. This form also overpowers the ability of both of Luffy’s previous forms, Gear Second and Gear Third.

Are you wondering when did Luffy learn to use Gear Fourth? Stay with us! We’ll let you know.

Luffy was unable to save his brother, Ace during his execution in Marineford War and he was also almost got killed during that war. His brother was killed in front of his face and he couldn’t do anything.

The war ended and Luffy also ended up facing tragedy. He felt guilty that he couldn’t save his brother and decided to train for two years at Amazon Lily.

So, he went to Marineford and informed his crewmate with a tattoo sign to meet him at Sabody after two years with the help of a newspaper. Then he began to train.

Do you with whom did he train?

Luffy trained with Silvers Rayleigh(Right-hand man of King of Pirates).

After two years of harsh training under the direction of The Dark King, Luffy became unbelievably powerful. Luffy was able to unlock Gear Fourth, and also polished all three types of Haki.

Luffy learned and mastered his Gear Fourth technique during those two years. Mugiwara has three forms under Gear Fourth, each with impressive power and durability.

Let’s unravel all those three forms!

Bounce man:

Bounce man was the first form of Luffy’s Gear Fourth to be exposed. He learned this skill at Ruskania to fight with the gigantic wild animals.

This form is quite similar to “Gomu Gomu No Fusen” in appearance, where his body inflates. He can bounce like the name itself says, Bounce Man. Luffy can attack the enemy with greater force because of its bouncing properties.

Luffy is coated with Armament Haki in this form which helps him to prevent cuts and defend from opponents’ assaults.

This form rewards him with the ability to fly in his balloon-like form by kicking into the air at a fast pace.

In this form, Luffy can perform the most terrifying attacks like Kong Gun, Rhino Schenider, Leo Bazooka, and others.

Tank Man:

Tank Man is another version of Luffy’s Gear Fourth. This form grants Luffy a superhuman defensive strength.

There is only limited information on Luffy’s technique unlike Bounce Man as this form hasn’t been used by him rarely.

In this form, Luffy becomes a round-like tank, coated with Armament Haki, which enhances his defense. Even Charlotte Cracker ( Top Sweet Generals of Yonko Big Mom) couldn’t pierce through it.

Snake Man:

Snake Man is also one of the forms of Luffy’s Gear Fourth. During the battle with Katakuri( Top sweet Generals of Yonko Charlotte Lilin), Luffy used it for the first time.

However, Luffy doesn’t expand, unlike Bounce Man. Only his forearms and legs get enlarged a bit and his hair gets flame-shaped.

Luffy can change his direction of attacks in this form.

In this form, Luffy coats Haki only in his arms and legs and provides agility as much as possible. However, he can maintain it only for 20 minutes and gets unable to move sometimes.

Gear fourth has been a trump card for Luffy since he learned this transformation.

This form has helped Luffy to conquer the most infamous pirates like Charlotte Craker and Katakuri( Top Sweet Generals of Yonko Charlotte Lilin), and Donquixote Doflamingo (Captain of Donquixote Pirates).

How do Luffy’s different Gears work?

Luffy has many kinds of gear with different abilities and characteristics. Those Gears provide inhuman strength and speed which has helped him to beat many infamous pirates in the sea.

So how is he able to transform into different gears and how does it work?

Let’s research it!

Luffy turns into different forms in different ways because every form of Mugiwara has its unique characteristics and features.

Gear second:

The Captain of the Straw Hats transforms into Gear Second by pumping more blood

Into his body, providing more oxygen and nutrients. It provides Luffy with a power boost as a result.

This form also boosts the metabolism and provides much more energy but the more energy it gives, the shorter time it lasts.

Gear Third:

Luffy bites his finger and pumps air into his bones. This inflates his arms and legs like that of the Giants. This form not only increases the shape of the body but also increases strength as big as it gets.

Luffy by pumping air into his arms makes it grow bigger and bigger which gives him immense power that can easily shatter a battleship with a single blow.

Gear Fourth:

Unlike Gear Third, Luffy blows air all over his body in this form. The air pumped all over his muscles gives Luffy enormous strength.

In this form, Luffy coats his body with Armament Haki which gives him flame like the tattoo. It prevents Mugiwara from cutting and works as a defense.

The Captain of the Straw Hats in his Gear Fourth, Bounce Man kicks in the air incredibly fast to fly and launches a forceful strike.

In what episode does Luffy use Gear Fourth?

Luffy uses his Gear fourth for the first time in the Dressrosa while battling with the King of Dressrosa, Donquixote Doflamingo.

Before heading to a conclusion, let’s see how and why Luffy and Doflamingo clashed with each other!

Luffy’s dream is to be the King of the pirates. But for that, he needs to defeat all the Emperors of the Sea.

As long as it’s not Shanks(Captain of the Red Hair Pirates), he was ready to beat any Yonko’s ass. So at the Punk Hazard, Luffy allied with the Trafalgar Law (Captain of the Heart Pirates) and made a plan to defeat Kaido(Emperor of the Sea).

When Luffy and Law went to Dressrosa, Mugiwara got to know that there was a death match where his late brother’s Devil Fruit was to be rewarded to the winner.

He didn’t want any other person to get that Devil Fruit so he also participated in that deathmatch. But this was an absolute trap of Doflamingo to distract Luffy.

A war was breaking outside the colosseum but Luffy was in the match. The Captain of the Straw Hats needed to save the Dressrosa or win that Devil Fruit at the same time.

In this difficult situation, he could go only after one. He had no choice but to give up on one of them. But, there happened to be something unbelievable.

The Captain of the Straw Hats was looking for the exit to the Colosseum and runs into Bellamy and Bartolomeo and gets in touch with Sabo in a little while.

Luffy met his other brother, Sabo(the Revolution Army’s Chief Staff). At first, he couldn’t believe his eyes because he thought that Sabo had died years ago.

After Luffy recognized Sabo, he burst into tears, hugged him tightly, and cried out loud.

Then Sabo decided to take responsibility for late Ace’s Devil Fruit( Mera  Mera No Mi) while Luffy went to take down Doflamingo( King of Dressrosa).

On the other hand, Doflamingo with his Devil Fruit ability created a birdcage covering the whole Dressrosa which started shrinking and slashing everything into pieces including big boulders and buildings.

No one could stop that string cage other than Doflamingo. To save the whole Kingdom, Doflamingo needed to be defeated anyhow.

However it was not easy to say, all the citizens of Dressrosa were relying on Luffy but he was being overwhelmed by The Heavenly Demon.

Yet our hero Monkey D. Luffy never gives up. He tried every way possible to bring down Joker. Though Mugiwara got badly injured and exhausted, he kept on standing up again and again.

The string was closing in at one side and the Joker was overpowering Luffy. Time and situation were both very crucial and everyone thought that they are going to meet their end.

But as always, The captain of the Straw Hats did something so surprising at the last moment that left all astonished.

Luffy transformed into Gear Fourth (Bounce Man) in episode 784 during the battle with the Warlord of the Sea, Donquixote Doflamingo.

This transformation gave a boost to Luffy and he started overwhelming Joker. Mugiwara, in this form repeatedly dealt heavy damage to Doflamingo.

However, The Heavenly Demon was also very persistent and continued clashing with the Captain of the Straw Hats. After the huge clash, both of them were about to worn out.

Luffy reached his limit and was unable to move for 10 minutes. That’s when Doflamingo began to counter. Everyone started to buy time for Mugiwara until he regains his Haki.

Princess Viola, Rebecca, and the citizens of Dressrosa began to get in the way of Heavenly Demon to buy time for Mugiwara. After the harsh ten minutes, Luffy made his showy comeback.

Once again the furious clash started between both of these powerful characters. Luffy once again started to overpower Doflamingo and once again there appeared a shine of hope in the eyes of all the people of the Kingdom.

At last, both of them used their most ferocious moves. The Heavenly Demon with his Sixteen Holy Bullets clashed with Luffy’s Gomo Gomu No Kong Gun.

The collision of Haki with both of these attacks was so powerful that caused earthquakes all over Dressorosa. Later on, it was seen that Luffy destroyed Joker’s Sixteen Holy Bullets and knocked him out.

Luffy fulfilled every citizen’s dream by releasing them free from Doflamingo. On the other side, Sabo also got hold of Mera Mera No Mi by defeating all of the opponents.

Unfortunately, soon after the fight with Doflamingo, The Straw Hats were chased by Admiral Fujitora but the citizens of Dressrosa saved Luffy and his crew.

Mugiwara’s bounty also increased from 400,000,000 beli to 500,000,000 beli.

Thanks to his Gear Fourth power, he smacked Doflamingo and had his own Grand Fleet with about 5,600 members as his subordinates.


During the Dressrosa Arc episode 784, Luffy managed to defeat one of the most powerful pirates of the Sea, Donquixote Doflamingo.

The Captain of the Straw Hats was able to save the Dressrosa by the use of tremendous powers of Gear Fourth that he learned during the pre-time skip with Silvers Rayleigh.

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