What episode does Glenn die in the Walking Dead?

glenn dead

The television series The Walking Dead, based on the comic book of the same name is one of the most loved television series on the planet. The Walking Dead is known for its horror and heartbreaking elements. It has gathered enormous fame and recognition for its story.

This TV series has successfully come up with eleven seasons in total, where the first season premiered way back in 2011, with the latest on air in 2022. The series has given us lots of wet eyes over the years, but the death of Glenn in the show was a massive shock to the audiences. It was something we, as the audience, were not expecting. Seems like most of the fans are still looking forward to knowing when Glenn died in the show.

Most of the fans who went through The Walking Dead Comics knew that the death of Glenn was inevitable and it was supposed to happen. But the way it happened in the TV show was a different curve from the actual comics. People are still confused to this date whether his death happened in the sixth or seventh season of the show. Here well, you guys will know in which season he died and why?

A Little About Glenn

Glenn Rhee, better known as Glenn is one of many main characters and a survivor in The Walking Dead. Glenn is played by Steven Yeun, who is well-known for portraying Gleen. He was a pizza delivery guy before the virus outbreak, where he gained knowledge about city layouts.

Glenn appeared all the way back in Season 1 and had been surviving the apocalypse. Later on he marries another fellow survivor Maggie and forms a family. He becomes a council member at the West Georgia Correctional Facility but falls ill, which prevents him from doing his duty.

He was very smart and helpful. His sharp mind was a great factor in many instances in the show. He was one of the most loved characters in the whole show, and his death came as a shock to the audience.

In what episode does Glenn die in the Walking Dead?

Glenn’s death was in season 7’s premiere, “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be.”While most of the fans are still confused about whether he died on season 6 or 7, he was killed off on season 7 of the show. Season 6, episode 3, “Thank You,” was a confusing moment for all of the fans when Glenn was shown in a compromising position in the show.

While the group was en route to Hilltop to get help for Maggie, they were intercepted by Negan, who was mad at them for killing his men at the satellite outposts. Due to this reason, he wanted exact revenge.

Negan Smith, with his baseball bat, started to torment them and decided to kill one guy off the team. While season 6 ended with Negan lashing out at his victim, the season 7 premiere revealed it was Abraham. His death caused Daryl to retaliate, and Negan was prompted to take another life.

This time he chose Glenn, and it was a brutal one. And on top of it, his pregnant wife, Maggie, had to watch it all. It was quite a twist in the story, and it was very unfortunate. But his death was an agitator for many things in the story.

Was Glenn’s death too much?

While everyone was worried about his death, as he was killed off in the Comics. Well, it did happen in the premiere of season 7. While death is not the same as in the comics, creators have been known for changing the source materials.

Actor Steven Yeun has commented, “I always think it was a bridge too far, personally. I thought it was too much.”. He also added, “Either one of us should have lived a bit longer because I think it was. People were very affected by it.”

The death was also ruthless and graphic. But it seems like his death was part of a bigger story that has yet to be revealed in the story. So far, Glenn’s death has been impactful in the whole series.

Did Glenn Have to Die on the Walking Dead?

Well, we all were very concerned with the death of one of our favorite TV characters, Glenn. It seems like there is more to what we think. His death was already portrayed in the Comics, but it was quite different in the TV series.

While it was different, they both served a big purpose in the series. The creator, Robert Kirkman, explained that “Glenn’s death was way too significant to be replaced with anyone else.” His death is a catalyst for a larger story that needs to happen in the show.

Glenn killed

He has pointed out that many essential things happened after his death in Season 7 of the show. Glenn’s friendship with Rich was a special one, and the bonding they had was very trustworthy. His death fueled Rick’s hatred for Negan which helped defeat the Saviors in an All-Out-War.

Similarly, Glenn’s wife, Maggie, was also affected and grew more determined. Glenn’s death was tragic for then-pregnant Maggie but was deeply impacted. Even Daryl was very much affected, as his retaliation was why Glenn got killed. We can see him bothered and emotional throughout Season 7, and he had a very emotional moment with Maggie.


Glenn’s death was a tragic end to so many memories everyone had with the character. He is still one of the most loved characters in the whole show. There are a lot of people who still wish for his return to the show, but we all know it’s not happening.

His death had remarkable consequences leading to a lot of stories in the show. His death was something inevitable in the show as it was needed for story materials in the story but nevertheless, he will always be in our hearts.

He was a great character in the show. His willingness to put himself in danger makes him very selfless. He is a true lover and a true hero for all his compassion in a cold world.

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