What does Minato’s Kunai say in Naruto?

minato kunai

Minato Namikaze, aka The Yellow flash is a legendary shinobi in the Naruto series. He is known for his incredible speed and teleportation kunai, Flying Raijin Kunai.

He has saved Konoha village multiple times and his kunai has played an a vital role in his battles.

You must’ve noticed that there’s something written in his kunai, do you know what it means?

What is Kunai?

The kunai is an essential tool for ninjas. It is usually made from iron and is sharpened into its edges to make them deadly blades. They are used for multi-purposes and are usually in a shape like an eel.

The Kunai can be of various sizes depending upon the user. Usually, their size is between 10 cm and 50 centimeters, based on big and small kunai.

Kunai can also be described as a hammer or spatula while being used. Why?

Generally, kunai is used to break and dig objects mostly while gardening. Plus, they can be used to climb mountains and trees as a hook. They are deadly but quite useful at the same moment.

Kunai is important for Shinobis as they can be used to defend as well as attack at the same time.

What does Minato’s Kunai say in Naruto?

Like Naruto’s unique whiskers; Minato Namikaze’s Flying Raijin Kunai isn’t just any ordinary kunai.

The special ability of this kunai is that it has the seal of the Flying Thunder God Technique inserted at the handle. He also got a nickname as a Yellow Flash due to the seal.

He just has to place the kunai at a desired location to instantly teleport there.

During the great third Shinobi War, (the great battle between Konohagakure and Iwagakure) Minato shows the importance of his kunai, he places them in different places, allowing him to teleport to various places without the enemy’s conscious.

Minato uses it in different scenarios; he’s placed some of them at his home, so he can teleport there whenever needed in a snap.

The characters written in Minato’s kunai are also something to talk about.

Are those words described as “Flying Thunder God”?

The words on the kunai’s handle are actually in Kanji as, “忍愛之剣” (Ren Ai Zhi Jian). They can be read as “Ninainoken ha Shinobiainoken”. It means “Sword of Shinobi’s Love”.

Unfortunately, the origin of this word is still unidentified. Now let’s discuss why 忍愛之剣 is important in Minato’s kunai.

Why is the Phrase Important in Minato’s Kunai?

Minato Kamikaze attached the Sword of Shinobi’s Love to his kunai which allowed him to use Flying Thunder God Technique.

The Fourth Hokage was the fastest Shinobi alive in the ninja world. Using this phrase of teleportation, he was able to battle against some deadly opponents like; Obito, Uchiha Madara, Killer Bee, and more.

This phrase can also be defined as a formula or method of doing teleportation, it is mostly used on targets during battles.

What is Flying Thunder God Technique?

Flying Thunder God

Before Minato, Flying Raijin Technique was used by the second Hokage, Senju Tobirama. He was the brother of the legendary Shinobi, Senju Hasirama. Minato utilized Tobirama’s technique and used it more efficiently.

Whether the distance is long or short, there’s no limitation while using Flying Raijin.

Flying Thunder of God might not be comparable to Body Flicker Jutsu, but the same principle is applied in its technique as Summoning Jutsu. With this principle, the operator can travel in space-time.

When someone attaches the seal to its target, he/she enters a dimensional void, and from there in a blink of an eye, he/she teleports to their target.

This technique also allows successful teleportation but for this move to be activated, the user’s chakra drains out a lot.

The best example of this was when The Ten-Tailed Beast threw a deadly energy bomb at the Shinobi army but when the hope was about to end, Yellow Flash came to the rescue.

He used his Flying Thunder God Technique and teleported the deadly energy bomb to a river, which saved thousands of Shinobis. The Flying Raijin can absorb any object into its void and teleport it according to the user’s will.

Minato places all of his special kunai on the battlefield, which allows him to teleport to any area or space of the field within no time. He became so ferocious with this technique that even, strong clans like; Iwagakure Clan got scared and backed off after seeing the Yellow Flash.

How Powerful is Flyin Raijin Kunai?

Flying Raijin has saved Minato multiple times.

Do you remember the fight between Obito and Minato while Kyubi was going nuts in Konoha?

Every attack was meaningless against Obito. So, Minato first threw his Flying Raijin kunai above his head and when the Uchiha was about to touch him, he teleported above his head and gave him a destroying blow of Rasengan.

Literal chills!

So far, only two shinobis have used Flying Thunder God Technique; Second Hokage, Senju Tobirama, and Fourth Hokage, Kamikaze Minato.

Fun fact: Kakashi also has one of these Flying Raijin Kunai, Minato gifted this to him when he got promoted to Jonin.

Did Naruto ever learn Minato’s Flying Raijin technique?

Naruto whiskers

Unfortunately, when Naruto was just a small baby, his mother, and father, both sacrificed their lives to save him. So, he never got a chance to spend time with his dad, Minato.

If Minato was alive, then Naruto would’ve surely learned this great technique. Naruto couldn’t learn it from other Shinobis as no one knew about this technique.

So, it’s safe to say he never really got a chance to learn about it.

Imagine if Naruto had learned the Flying Thunder God Technique, he would’ve been a nightmare for enemies. With Kurama’s power and his dad’s abilities, the Seventh Hokage would’ve taken any level of opponent.

During the greatest war that the world of Naruto has ever seen, the Fourth Ninja war which was between the Allied Shinobi Forces and Akatsuki, we saw Naruto holding his father’s kunai in his mouth.

Why did Naruto have Minato’s Kunai in His Mouth?

During the Fourth Shinobi War, Naruto and others were losing when all of a sudden the legendary Shinobis arrived to save them.

Although they were dead, they were reincarnated by Kabuto.

The reincarnated Shinobi were; Senju Hashirama (First Hokage), Senju Tobirama (Second Hokage), Hiruzen Sarutobi (Third Hokage), and Minato Kamikaze (Fourth Hokage).

Minato and Tobirama were able to connect their abilities and teleport other objects to any place the seal was placed.

When Naruto was facing Madara, he knew about the teleportation Jutsu of the Second Hokage. He knew that Tobirama would teleport Sasuke so, he held the Kunai in his mouth so that the second Hokage could transfer Sasuke to where he was.

What Are the Requirements to Use Flying Raijin?

To use the legendary technique, Flying Raijin needs its respective seal, a place to choose as a target, and a flow of chakra.

With all three combinations, Minato used this technique effortlessly. But it’s not easy as it sounds, there needs a lot of skill to combine all these elements.

If we concentrate then both Flying Raijin users were Sensory Type Shinobi. This might be another clue that to use Flying Raijin, the user might need to sense the seals so that they can activate the technique properly.

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