Was Homelander Made In A Lab?

“I am stronger, I’m smarter, I’m better… I’M BETTER!” This phrase has been one of the iconic and famous phrases said by the prominent character of the series, Homelander. He actually is better than anyone else, but is it because he was raised in a lab or “made” in a lab?

As we all know, Homelander is the stronger superhero of the United States, and it is stated that he was created in a lab when he grew up there, but how much truth is this statement? Does this mean that Homelander has no parents?

Hop into our safari bus because we are going to discover the deep roots of Homelander and his truths!

Does Homelander Even Have Parents?

Before jumping straight to conclusions, let’s take a look at when Homelander was born. He was born around at the time of spring of 1981. It is stated that Homelander was born in a lab and was raised there.

Homelander grew up with the head scientist of Vought, instead of his parents, in their arms. This makes him different than other Supes and probably stronger since he was raised in a lab. So does that mean that he doesn’t have any parents?

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It is stated that his mother died while giving birth, but the truth is still covered in a thick mist, but the information about his father was revealed during the latest season 3. It is stated that he was a test tube baby. Was he really created at the lab?

Was Homelander Created In A Lab? 

One of the greatest mysteries which was unfolded in the series boys was about their Supes. It was revealed that the Supes weren’t born with their god-like powers; they acquired such powers by taking Compound V, a medicine that gives them superhuman abilities and strengths.

The Supes was the subject of Compound V since they were babies. By having such a kind of medicine, they developed incredible powers at an early age. The information was leaked to the public when Starlight, a member of the Seven, stole the Compound V and gave it to the public and exposed Vought’s deepest and darkest secrets.

Even though the Supe’s power was artificial, they still had their biological parents. Starlight, also known as Annie January, grew up with her parents. She was a project of Compound V. Her mother agreed to make her a subject of Compound V to save her as a baby from illness, this doesn’t change the fact that she had a mother, but in the case of Homelander, the case seems to be a little different.

Starlight felt the warm touch of her mother when she was a kid, but Homelander had no idea of such kind of experience. He had no idea of what it felt like to have parents because his mother died in childbirth, and his father’s information was shrouded in mystery. He was so lonely and alone that he saw Madelyn Stillwell as a mother figure.


Homelander wasn’t precisely created like other Supe members because the other members had a family who allowed their children to become the subject of Compound V. In the case of Homelander, he had no parents to be submitted in the Vought, so he was created in a Lab?

He didn’t grow up with his parents. Instead, he grew up with Jonah Vogelbaum, the head scientist of Vought, in a lab. When Homelander was a little boy named ‘John,’ he played roles in the harsh and painful experiments of Jonah Vogelbaum, making him one of the most powerful Supe, but does this prove that he was made in a Lab?

It was later revealed that before Homelander, there was another powerful Supe, Soldier Boy, who went to Russia, and for his replacement, Vought came up with a young boy who was raised in a lab. The experiments had made him a powerful Supe who had the potential to surpass Soldier Boy, and it was a moment that helped to unravel the mysterious origin of Homelander.

There is a high chance that Homelander was created in a lab because it is almost impossible to create another child that possesses the ability to surpass Soldier Boy. Vought is known for their experiments, and Homelander not having parents and being raised in a lab makes perfect sense.

Vought might have created Homelander in their laboratory using some crazy genetic experiments so that he could surpass the iconic Soldier Boy. If he was created in a lab, who was the person behind this creation?

Who was the person that created Homelander?

The one who raised him in a laboratory is the person that created Homelander. Jonah Vogelbaum, the head scientist of Vought, was behind the creation of Homelander. He raised and created Homelander and made him into an incredibly powerful Supe.

Unfortunately, Vogelbaum was killed by Neuman Victoria in Season 2 of the series. When he was about to tell the secrets of the Vought and all the experiments he did when he was a member of the Vought to Congress, he was killed.


When Homelander was just a kid, John was the person who gave him the actual name ‘John,’ and he was the person who subjected little John to many painful experiments. He was the scientist that was the main reason that John turned into an incredible Supe.

John underwent several surgeries and was forced to fight with the Vought guards under the head scientist’s supervision. Homelander was forced to watch the flag of the United States on a projector for several hours. He was brainwashed and forced to make his personality by looking at the flag of the United States, Baseball, and Jesus Christ.

Vogelbaum was behind creating the little John into Homelander, so it is obvious that he created him in the laboratory using some genetic experiment. This gives a strong point that Homelander was indeed a test tube baby who was built in the lab. So if Homelander was created in the lab using the semen, who’s semen was it exactly? Who is his father?

Who Is Homelander’s Father? 

You’ll be shocked when you’ll find the biological father of Homelander. It was one of the biggest mysteries that was unraveled in the Season 3 of the series. In episode 7 of the series, Soldier Boy was about to kill Mindstorm, and that’s when he revealed that Vought replaced him with someone much stronger and more powerful than him.

Mindstorm revealed that Vought allowed Payback to hand Soldier Boy to the Russians for a cause. Soldier Boy then started to question himself when he heard this thing coming from Mindstorm. He refused to believe it as he killed Mindstorm with his iconic shield. 

Soldier Boy then started to put all the mystery puzzle pieces together, and when he finally solved the puzzle, he came to a conclusion and realized that the incredibly powerful Supe of America, Homelander was no other than his son. What did he do after finding that Homelander was his son? He called him.

Soldier Boy called Homelander and unraveled the truth to him. He tells Homelander that he had donated some of his semen to Vogelbaum for some kind of genetic experiment and because his semen contained incredible strength, Vogelbaum used the powerful and advanced semen to create Homelander.

Without question, it proves that the true father of Homelander is no other than Soldier Boy. Vogelbaum borrowed the semen of the incredibly powerful Soldier Boy and did genetic experiments on the semen, and created the Super Supe of America, Homelander. Because of the semen of the most iconic person and many experiments, Homelander was able to surpass Soldier Boy and could fly.




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