Vinland Saga Season 1 Ending Explained

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Vinland Saga is an anime where there is adventure, ruthless battles, and the character development of its prominent characters. It is already known as one of the best anime out there. The fans have loved Season 1. The adventure and the struggles of its main protagonist have remained iconic in the series. Yet, something was unsettling about the end.

The fans have loved the anime so far. Season 1 was indeed an entertaining one, and the characters, Vikings there, were some of the iconic characters. They portrayed ancient times, and their strength at the moment was indeed just unbelievable. As the episode started unfolding, many mysteries were unwrapped, and the ending was shocking to most of the fans.

If you had difficulty understanding the theme and the ending of Season 1 then you’ve come to the right place! We’ll let you know about the journey of a young Viking, Thorfinn, his experiences, and unravel the ending story.

The rough Journey of Thorfin

Thorfin is a young kid who becomes one of the greatest Vikings in the series. At the starting, if Season 1, Thorfinn is seen as a weak kid. But as the episodes start to move forwards and as we get to see more of his appearance, he battles hard every day, he becomes so strong that he even challenges some of the greatest Vikings alive. Well, how did his journey start from weak to strong? Let’s find out.

Thorfin lives far away in the North, where the land is surrounded by snow. He is a happy child of a happy family. He always loves to seek out and wants to unravel the new lands that he keeps on hearing about. It seemed like his father, throws was just an ordinary man, but he was just more than that.


As the episode starts to move on, we get to see the real identity of Thors. His father is not just an ordinary strong man, he was the most famous Jomsviking warrior. Thors and his wife escaped from the kingdom because they were done with violence and wanted to live a peaceful life with their family.

Thors faked his death and in the night he came to the kingdom again to escape with his wife and their firstborn. They had a lavish life in the kingdom, but more than lavish, they seek peace, which wasn’t possible there. They escaped from there and started their voyage to a peaceful life.

They were having a peaceful time at the snow island but after a few years later Jomsviking visited where Thors and his family were living peacefully. They were ready for their upcoming war and after knowing that the great warrior Thors was alive, the kind had ordered Thors to come back to the kingdom.

When Thors decided to decline the offer, they threatened to kill all the villagers and destroy everything they had. Thors had no choice but to go with them so he made this important decision and started his voyage but while he is on his journey, the young Thorfin hopped in secretly inside his father’s ship.

As the journey continues, they reach a point where Thors and his crew get attacked by Askeladd’s warrior. Jomsviking warriors bribed the warriors. Thors is already done with violence and he decides not to wield his swords and guess what? He actually knocks out most of them.

This was an impressive play by Thors but indeed, the numbers weren’t enough. Askeladd’s warrior took hostage of Thorfin after he tried to help his dad out. To protect him, he sacrificed his life. A hail of arrows was showered on him, the greatest known warrior was then cold dead.

The rough journey of Thorfin finally started. He wanted to avenge his dad and was willing to kill Askeladd at any cost. He followed their ship, he was on his own voyage to take revenge for his father. He wasn’t strong like his dad but he sure didn’t know when to give up.

He tried every day and dueled with Askeladd in order to beat him. He made a deal with him, and the deal was that he would remain a member of the Askeladd’s band until one day he would be strong enough to defeat him.

He would do anything Askeladd would say just so that he could get a chance to get a duel with him and avenge his father. We all remember him as an innocent kid who liked to play with his friends.

Well, the Thorfin that we knew isn’t there anymore. Now he has a different personality. The burning flame of revenge has changed him completely. He has been blinded by revenge and wants to take the head of Askeladd anyhow. He was a kind kid once and now he has become violent, he doesn’t show any kind of empathy, and has become a ruthless little monster.

Vinland Saga Season 1 Ending Explained

We’ve already explained the rough journey that Thorfinn goes through. The kid went through some rough adventures and adapted a violent personality. He chose the path where violence was a must and nobody forced him to take this path, it was Thorfin’s decision.

Thorfin knew that his dad hated violence and even died for that, but that didn’t stop the burning rage of vengeance in Thorfin’s heart. He sought revenge and wanted war, which eventually ended that we couldn’t even imagine. Let’s take a look at the events that take place in the finale.

The final of Vinland Saga is taken place in York. In York, there is a presence of King Sweyene in the Imperial Council but as the council starts to move on, things start to look pretty chaotic for Askeladd. While King Sweyene is preparing for the Imperial Council, an attempt of assassination is done on Canute, King’s son.

In the Imperial Council, Sweyne talks about who will be Denmark’s next conqueror. King Sweyne talks about these events with the elders and even discusses the successful Viking conquest of England. The King then starts to announce the name and gives them medals for their incredible work.

The King even talks about the brave work that Canut and Thorkel did it together. The King then orders his men to avenge the humiliation of King Harald. After this announcement, Askeladd finally thinks that his strategy has worked, abut when the King reveals that he plans to attack Wales in spring, his reaction shares some other emotions. King Sweyn attempts to take this decision because he thinks the land is plotting some rebellion against them.

Meanwhile, Thorfinn causes some havoc in the street. He gets into a fight and creates chaos. He is then arrested by that resident’s officers and taken back to jail. While in jail he meets up with  Leif Erikson who offers Thorfin to return to his homeland, Iceland.

Back in the Imperial Council, Floki takes a look at the reaction of Askeladd. For a certain time, after hearing the news of his homeland getting under attack, he lets his guard down and lets others see his reaction. After hearing about this news Kings finds suspicious and thinks that Askeladd is related to Wales.

After the event, the King summons the brave warriors who take part in saving the prince. Askeladd goes in front to receive the award and the King asks him a difficult question. He tells Askeladd to choose between Wales and Canute. This was a pretty tricky situation for him because if he chose Wales, Canute would get killed, and if he decided Canute, then his homeland would get invaded.

The decision is pretty hard for Askeladd. He can’t choose either of them and does something unpredictable. He stands up and scolds the King, then reveals his true identity, Lucius Artorius Castus. Every man in the council finds this unbelievable, and their face is full of stunners.

Askeladd reveals his identity as the heir to ruling Britannia, Lucius Artorius Castus. Askeladd is pumped up in a rage, Floki makes a move to save his King but bow it is too late. He drew his sword and beheads Kind Sweyne. Before anyone could even take a step, Askeladd kills the King.

Everyone gathers to attack Askeladd and Canute notices that he is protecting him from the Danish soldier. Then another shocking move is made by the prince; he kills the man that was trying to protect him. He kills Askeladd.

Thorfin has been freed from jail and is on his way to the council. He notices havoc being caused in the Council and when he finally takes a peak, he sees Askeladd on the ground, dead. He is stunned and can’t believe that the person he has been trying to kill for so many years has already died.

He tells Askeladd that he can’t die. He can’t die because he hasn’t killed him yet. Then Askeladd gives his final words to the young warrior “In the future, after I die, how do you plan to live your life, Thorfinn?” Askeladd dies in Thorfinn’s arms.

Thorfin simply can’t take his expressions out, all the years that he spent trying to take revenge, all these years that he went through the tough time, all those battles for nothing. The pain that he went through is just unimaginable. After knowing the culprit behind this was Canute, he jumps on him and attacks him.

Canute somehow survives the battle and stands up. He stands up and announces that he will be the new ruler, he will continue the legacy of his father. Everyone supports the decision of Canute. Thorfin gets captured by the new King and is taken away. That’s how Season 1 finally ends.

This is how the Season 1 of the Vinland saga finally ends. Now, let’s take a look at some key moments that happened in this Season 1.

Askeladd, The lad covered in ash

Season 1 didn’t only focus on the character Thorfinn; another prominent character of the series was no other than Askeladd. The season was made perfectly by adapting the stories of these two characters and when the authors finally unraveled the secret, the fans couldn’t believe what they were witnessing.

Askeladd was some of the most incredible and intelligent characters of the series. The character was portrayed perfectly, he was a true warrior and was true to his words. He is a type of man that was willing to give up everything to continue his ambitions.

he even took Thorfin under his wing. Although the circumstances were different it almost seemed like it was a part of his plan. He wasn’t always a warrior in the beginning. He was a son of the slave and a bastard son.

The little boy who was covered in ash also had a burning rage for revenge for what they did to him and his mother. He wanted to get the people that did bad to him and his mother.

Thorfin’s struggle

The young, smiling, and innocent kid has a real character change in the series that no one had ever expected. His father sacrifice his life trying to protect him and the killer was no other than Askeladd’s band. He spent ruthless years just to kill Askeladd and destroy his band.

Each time he would ask for a duel with him, and though he lost every time, he would never give up. The flame of revenge blinded him and all he could see was his kind father getting murdered.

Because of the struggle he even changes his personality. He was a more high-tempered, rude, and chaotic person. The struggle that Thorfin had to face was truly sad and the path he chose to follow was an adventure of sorrow and vengeance.

Thorfin left his family, friends, and his childhood to avenge his father but in the end, it was all for nothing. Askeladd got killed by Canute and all the years he struggled through were wasted. He shed blood, and went in deadly battles but in the end, the person he wanted to kill was stabbed to death.

The End of the Prologue

The world of Vinland Saga is ruthless, there is violence everywhere, and selfishness rises everywhere. But Season 1 of the series has taught us some incredible life lessons. They taught us that you can also become a hero without having to do any kind of violence. They taught us that a true warrior isn’t the one who has strength and has killed many.

A true warrior is a person that lives a life beyond hating, a true warrior is a person that knows how to forgive. The series first season ended with some fantastic plots that nobody would’ve expected it.

In the end, the person that Thorfin hated the most told him to move on, and move on to a future where are no battles. Season 1 portrayed an adventure that even in a world full of swords, you can always find a rose.

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