Best TV Shows Like The Last Kingdom In 2022

The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom is one of the most entertaining and popular Netflix originals, it sure is a movie filled with adventures and battles because it has a genre of; History, Historical film, Historical Fiction, Costume drama, and Action fiction.

If you have finished watching all five seasons and you want to fill the void left by this movie, then you are at the right place. We still have plenty of movies that are just as best, like The Last Kingdom.

Let’s get started! But, SPOILERS!!

The Musketeers

the musketeers

The Last Kingdom is adapted from historical books, and so is The Musketeers. The movie contains three banging seasons.

The Musketeers is adapted from, The Three Musketeers, a french historical adventure book written by Alexandre Dumas. The movie contains historical events same as The Last Kingdom.

We will get to see amazing swordsmanship, the battles aren’t that violent, but you will love it when the Three Musketeers work together.



The Kinghtfall, another great movie related to history, though everything might not be based on real, it displays to us the great events that occurred in the early 14th Century,

We can see the events of the Knights Templar, a society of Christian Knights. The moments of history that we will see in this movie will give us the same vibe as The Last Kingdom.

We will get to see many mysteries, affairs, bloody fights, and gory violence during battle scenes, which makes it similar to The Last Kingdom.

Knightfall has two seasons, and we’ll assure you that you’ll have fun watching this series.



This movie is all about the historical events, which took place in ancient times.

The series takes us back to the time when there was the Roman Empire, and we can see all the sacrifices and wins they had to make, to reach the top.

The fights and battles in this series are similar to The Last Kingdom.

The battles in Rome are speechless, they also have betrayals and heartbreaking moments, but they have furious and breathtaking moments in battle.

Just as in The Last Kingdom, Rome has a combination of fiction and history. Without a doubt, you’ll get the same chills when you watch Rome.


Jason Momoa, who got famous because of his outstanding performance in Game of Thrones, is starring in Frontier.

In this series, we see a historical moment that chronicles the North American fur trade in late 1700s Canada, and the hero is on his path to destroy it while the citizens of Europe are trying to move to North America.

The surroundings and environment might not be the same as in The Last Kingdom, but the epic fights, battles, violations, and emotion shows the same scenario, and this series is also short with only 18 episodes, so you’ll finish it in no time.

Troy: Fall Of A City

Troy Fall Of A City

The story of Troy: Fall Of A City, is based on tales in Greek mythology, and we also get to look at how the Kingdom of Troy gets destroyed during the Greek Empire moment. ( based on the fictional story )

The series starts with a story, a story between Paris and Helen’s affair and how that became a part of the unimaginable war, like The Last Kingdom, this series has brutal and violent battles, and shows us how a single man is defending himself alone, like a legend.

Troy: Fall of a City has a single season, but it is enough and full of ancient battles and moments.



Arminius, son of a superior German tribe, gets raised in Roman power, and just like Uthred, who is the son of the nobles, despite being in the upper class, gets raised by a Viking clan.

Many fans think that Barbarians is just a copy of the Vikings, but that’s not the case, it shows a great war between the German empire and the Roman empire, which shows that it has its own platform and has an incredible story.

“The Last Kingdom” and “Barbarians” are similar in their wars and battles. Barbarians are known for Romans vs. Germanic tribes battles, and The Last Kingdom is known for English vs. Viking battles.

Black Sails

Black Sails

You might be thinking about how on earth, Pirates and Vikings are similar to each other but don’t go at their faces, look at their raids, just like Vikings, the Pirates raid on the sea.

The similarity between The Last Kingdom and Black Sails is the raids that take place, just like Vikings, where they invade England.

Black Sails is all about the war known as Pirate-Maroon War, where all the pirates fight together at the same time. This series is also popularly based on Treasure Island, a novel by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The battles and epicness of this series are similar to The Last Kingdom, and just like The Last, it is also a fictional story of history.

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders

A group of men wearing Tuxedos, how can they be the same?

Good Question, but there are tons of similarities between The Last Kingdom and Peaky Blinders.

Like the Last Kingdom, Peaky Blinders is also a fictional drama based on historical moments, and they have an iconic story of their own. Their story follows like this, a family of gangsters, trying to take control of the city.

The story of Peaky Blinders combines violence, fights, romance, drama, and also politics, the aura this series gives is the same as The Last Kingdom.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo

The movie first failed to make a good attempt, and Netflix lost $200 million but, over the years, spectators are giving good feedback about the series.

Marco Polo is a great series to watch after The Last Kingdom. We can see amazing historical moments of China, on how Marco Polo made the first trade establishment between China and Italy.

The series is inspired by Marco Polo’s early years in the court of Kublai Khan, the Khagan of the Mongol Empire and founder of the Yuan dynasty.

Like The Last Kingdom, Marco Polo has a lot of political drama and beautiful scenario moments. The series is worth watching. ]

Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones is not based on historical moments, but everything in this series is fictional, so what are the similarities?

Famous battles and action moments made The Last Kingdom popular and created a huge fan base, like that, we find the same kind of medieval-like action in Game Of Thrones.

Despite having mythical creatures like dragons, Game of Thrones has a great combination of political moments, romance, and great actions.

Better go watch it right now, or you’ll regret it later.

The Witcher

the witcher

Like Game Of Thrones, The Witcher is full of fictional moments, the series doesn’t contain any historical moments, but we have this series on the list for a reason,

Though the series is full of monsters and monsters, did we mention monsters? But don’t worry, we also have hunters, so it contains great action, just like The Last Kingdom.

Except for monsters, the series also has romantic, melancholy moments, and political moments, which makes it similar to The Last Kingdom.

The Witcher also displays a powerful trio of people walking the countryside, which is similar to Uhtred and his merry band.



Vikings, this series almost perfectly matches with The Last Kingdom, it premiered two years before The Last Kingdom,

Vikings is an inspiration from the sagas of Ragnar Lothbrok, a notorious Norse hero who became a Scandinavian King. The historical moments and actions on the battlefields are very relatable to The Last Kingdom.

This series also has many strong women, who challenge their patriarchal society by raising their voices against decisions made by the males and becoming strong leaders themselves.

Vikings are the perfect replacement for The Last Kingdom.

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