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tokyo ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is a masterpiece anime with its peculiarity. This anime series is flooded with impressive characters who hold the most powerful abilities and skills.

The anime is filled with gory scenes, mass destruction, bloodshed, and murders. It is not caused by any natural disasters or accidents. It is because of the complex relationship between ghouls, humans, and ghoul eliminators.

The conflict between the humans and those who devour humans caused this destruction and consequences.

There are many characters who possess tremendous powers as they turn into a ghoul, and there are also characters who possess immense powers with their raw strength and skills i.e. without being a ghoul.

As there are many strongest characters in the series, let’s get to know who are the major characters who hold superhuman strength and abilities.

Kaneki Ken

Kaneki Ken

Kaneki is the main protagonist of the series, the father of Ichika Kaneki and the husband of Touka Kirishima. He is the only character in the series which is neither a ghoul nor a human.

In the past, he was an ordinary student who joined Kamii University and lived an everyday life. But it all got changed soon after he started dating a girl called Rize Kamishiro.

Kaneki went on a date with Rize, and everything went smoothly until she bit him on his neck. She almost killed him, but a certain uncalled situation stopped her.

Kaneki was taken to the hospital as he was severely injured. When he was treated in the hospital, Rize’s Kakuhou was transplanted into his body.

As a result, he became a human with the heart of a ghoul. In fact, he became a semi-ghoul. He came to be known as the first “one-eyed ghoul.” Soon after, he joins the Anteiku and starts living as a ghoul.

After some time, he got captured by Aogiri Tree and went through torture for a certain period, drastically changing his personality.

At a time, he got defeated by Kishou Arima and became the mentor of CCG’s Ouinx Squad as he lived as Sasaki Haise as he had lost his memory.

Kaneki, later on, turned into a dragon and possessed a considerable kagune that was out of control. However, he was extracted by the remnants member of CCG and Goat. Sadly, the remains of the dragon started releasing toxins that were a big threat to humans as ghouls.

Fortunately, Kaneki dissolved the toxins after he clashed with the dragon and Kichimura Washuu. One-eyed ghoul lived a happy married life with Touka after he saved Tokyo from destruction.

Rize Kamishiro

Rize Kamishiro

Foster daughter of Matasaka Kamishiro, Rize was a ghoul who was born into a Washuu Clan. At an early age, she escaped from the V organization and her illegitimate father, Tsuneyoshi Washuu(former CCG chairperson).

She was also hailed by the name of “Binge Eater”. She was a big threat to most of the ghouls in the town because of her eating habits.

Rize was the one who is responsible for Kaneki turning into a ghoul. She lured Kaneki into the trap by dating him by calling him on a dinner date.

When they were dating, she attacked him, bit him on his neck, and almost killed him but she didn’t succeed as some heavy steel beams crashed onto both of them because of some circumstances.

They both were taken to the hospital as they were severely injured. Unfortunately, Rize couldn’t be saved but Kaneki somehow managed to survive.

In their treatment, Rize’s Kakuhou was transplanted into Kankeki’s body. Thus, he became a one-eyed ghoul after the treatment.

After that incident, Rize was dead but not physically. As her Kakuhou was transplanted into Kaneki, she still resided inside of Kaneki.

Kishou Arima

Kishou Arima

Popularly known as the Reaper of CCG, Kishou Arima was a Special Class Investigator. He was one of the prominent images of the organization. He is also one of the most liked characters in the series.

During his journey of becoming an investigator for eighteen years, he acquired a pretty spectacular list of achievements, from leading the reputed S3 squad to single-handedly turning the events of terrible operations.

He had impressive sword powers and abilities that helped him to earn the title ” White Reaper”. However, he was different and had his own mystery that left the audience stunned when it was revealed.

Although he was one of the top members of CCG, he sided with the ghouls behind the scenes. He carried the title as the mystifying “One-Eyed Ghoul”.

He was amusingly one of the strongest characters in the series. He is overrated because of his superhuman agility, intellect, and skill surpassing any other members of CCG or ghouls.

He also fought with Kaneki. When they both clashed with each other, Kaneki broke his Quinx but he still continued the fight. Kaneki said him to give up as he had no choice of winning.

After that Arima lowered his Quinx and asked Kaneki if he had the intention of killing him or not. When Kaneki answered him, he gazed up to the sky and pondered that no one could defeat him all of these 18 years.

He again interrogated Kaneki if he will finish him or not but his answer was the same. Then, Arima slit his own throat with Owl and collapsed towards Kaneki.

Lastly, he confessed all of his secrets, including the major secret that he was a semi-ghoul without any kagune. He also revealed that Washuu clans were ghouls and made a final wish to take credit for his death.

Eto Yoshimura

Eto Yoshimura

The founding leader and ruler of the Aogiri Tree, Eto Yoshimura, is an infamous One-Eyed-Owl. She is the ghoul who killed Akira’s mother and Mado’s wife.

The real identity as a human is Sen Takatsuki. During the time of the ending of the first series, it was exhibited that she is the daughter of a human called Ukina and a ghoul called Yoshimura who owns a cafe called Anteiku, where Kaneki works.

As her father is Yoshimura, we wouldn’t be fazed by her being strong. It seems that she is even superior to her father in terms of raw strength.

She has a very sadistic and insane nature that hints to us that she shows no mercy about killing any humans or ghouls. Her ruthless behavior motivates her to cause destruction and suffering as much as she can.

She has the ability to get back into life, although she is defeated numerous times and her body is used to form Taxidermied Owl.

Thanks to her terribly powerful skills and regenerative abilities,  she can fight most of the strongest characters in the series, such as Kaneki Ken and Kishou Arima.

The Ukaku kaguna she possesses can transform into different limbs and organs that grow from her back, allowing her to attack multiple enemies at once effortlessly.

As she has impressive control over her kagune, she also has the ability to detach and fire projectiles. With the help of her Kakuza, she can even wipe out numerous opponents at close range which is awfully menacing.

Kuzen Yoshimura

Kuzen Yoshimura

Yoshimura is the anime series’s supporting character who is the cafe’s manager, Anteiku. He is also a ghoul that helps other ghouls by letting them know how to take care of themselves.

He is also the biological father of Takatsuki Sen. He is the one who assisted Kaneki on how to live as a ghoul. He consecutively attempted to cover up the realistic behavior of Owl under the moniker of One-eyed Ghoul.

Yoshimura is one of the greatest ghouls of all time, and he is skilled enough and holds immense strength capable of overwhelming many formidable ghouls.

He was one of the members of  CCG as the Non-Killing Owl and he is also opposed to his own daughter(One-Eyed Owl), who is completely ruthless.

He is one of the most liked characters who try to maintain peace and harmony between both ghouls and humans. However, he is not the one to be overestimated, although he looks old and kind.

Kuzen is powerful enough to overwhelm most of the ghouls like a piece of cake. He possesses the ukaku kagune that enables him to projectiles at his enemies in a flash. His kakuza also protects him from his opponents by forming two sharp blades on his shoulders, unlike other ghouls.

Being rated as an SSS-Grade ghoul by the organization CCG, Kuzen is powerful enough to battle against Shinohara, Juzo Suzuya, Koori Ui, and Kousuke Houji time.

This ends our concerns about how powerful Yoshimura actually is as the same crew above was successful to defeat Kaneki earlier.

Nimura Furuta

Nimura Furuta

The former position holder of Bureau Director of the CCG, Nimura Furata, was the primary antagonist of the series. He was a formidable opponent who was involved in various organizations in the series.

Souta Washuu-Furata, the illegitimate son of  Tsuneyoshi Washuu is the real identity of Nimura Furuta. He is responsible for influencing most of the major events in the series.

He used to infiltrate any organization to further his achievements. He also simultaneously became the head of CCG by detaching its former ruler and declaring himself as the Washuu King.

Furata was a detective semi-ghoul since he was born and has impressive physical powers. However, he has a very short lifespan.

He has superhuman strength, speed, and regeneration abilities. He also possesses an incredibly powerful kagune, and that kagune has the capability to manifest one large mass or various tentacles.

He lacks mercy and is a pitiless ghoul who doesn’t hesitate to kill anyone who gets in his way. He is very genius and one step ahead when it comes to creating cunning strategies.

Nimura can direct multiple plans that leave his opponent no chance of countering him. More than just his physical powers, his devious schemes are to be most awarded of before facing him.

Seidou Takizawa

Seidou Takizawa

Seidou Takizawa is a classmate of Akira  Mado and a former Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator in the series. He was assigned the task to investigate the gourmet along with Kousuke Houji.

He suffered from a bad psychological state and had the problem of inferiority complex which caused him to take part in conflict with his own friends.

Takizawa has wielded the kakuhou of Yoshimura but he doesn’t have proper control over it. However, he can still have drastic power with him granted by ukaku kagune.

With the help of the kagune that he possesses, he is able to shoot out numerous spikes from his shoulders and he can even fire crystal-like bullets several distances away.

His ukaku kakuja rewards him with giant blades and a protective mask that helps him battle with his opponents. However, it decreases his mental stability.

He is so powerful that he showed that he has enough capability of wiping out entire CCG squads with ease by himself.

Seidou is assumed to be dead after he clashed with Tartara but he was taken by Dr. Kanou to experiment. Later, he was transformed into a one-eyed ghoul known as Owl and became one of the leading members of Aogiri Tree.

However, he killed Tarara and was compelled to leave the Aogiri. Soon after that, he joined the organization called Goat to help them create peace and harmony among humans and the ghouls.

Juuzou Suzuya

Juuzou Suzuya

Juzo Suzuya is the leader of the Suzuya squad currently and he is also a Special Grade Goul investigator. He was responsible for the investigation of Binge Eater. He is only 19 years old at the beginning of the series.

This demonstrates to us how powerful he is. He was the first one to be assigned to the 20th ward and13th ward and also investigated the Nutcracker Ghoul with his squad. He was the strongest detective of the CCG according to Nimura Furata.

He was also known as the next Arima who is responsible for the safety of Tokyo. He is an extremely skilled and proficient fighter who has shown his capability to fight against the potent ghouls in the series.

Suzuya is shown to be potent enough to battle against the ghouls who are incredibly skilled and fast. What’s more fascinating is that most of his opponents get into trouble while keeping track of him because of his swiftness.

He is also surprisingly proficient in using swords and different kinds of quinque. He is pretty badass as we got to see him fighting against two one-eyed ghouls effortlessly.

Suzuya’s endurance is also something else. As he was tortured by Big Madam on daily basis, he has impressive tolerance for pain.

This caused him to ignore the pain. Thus, he doesn’t even get flinched by injuries no matter how bad it is, and continues to battle against his opponents.

This is why he is ranked Tokyo Ghoul among the strongest characters in the series.

Matasaka Kamishiro

Matasaka Kamishiro

Matasaka Kamishiro is an SS-rated ghoul who took care of Rize Kamishiro as her foster father while she was escaping from V. He is also the former leader of the ghouls in the 6th ward.

He is also the former leader of the ghouls in the 6th ward and later became one of the most prominent images in Aogiri Tree soon after he got out of prison.

Sacchi is a terribly powerful ghoul. He crushed the ground around him with a single foot when he first fought with Kaneki Ken.

With a single swing of his arm, he was able to destroy a bridge when he was approached by Kishou Arima. He also slammed Kaneki through one floor of Kanou’s lab with little effort.

He doesn’t rely much on his ghoul abilities as he is skilled in martial arts. He mostly gets engaged with his opponent in hand-to-hand combat.

Matasaka has demonstrated to us how powerful as he almost defeated Ken Kaneki on two different occasions. He has incredible physical strength, skill, and techniques which remarkably proves him one of the strongest characters in the series.

In addition to his brutal strength, he also has a kagune called orca that grants him an advantage in fighting his opponents. His kagune is superior to standard bikaku kagunes in terms of power and size.

His monstrous power and abilities ensure that only the most proficient and powerful characters match his potency or defeat him.

Roma Hoito

Roma Hoito

Renowned by the nickname “Gypsy”, Roma was a ghoul who once invaded into the Anteiku for the Clowns. She used to work as a simple waitress at the Anteiku cafe.

But she is revealed as one of the powerful ghouls who founded the organization named, Clowns(a group of ghouls who cause uncalled events for their benefit).

She was innocent in appearance and childish in behavior but she is a devilish ghoul who faced the Tsuneyoshi Washuu at earlier times.

She can withstand huge amounts of torture and has impressive regenerative abilities as an SSS-rated ghoul. Despite her old age, she looks very young because of an enormous amount of large blood cells.

Not only the raw strength, but the power of kagune she possesses is also quite impressive. Her kagune can form up topo eight tentacles and has the capability of launching both aerial and underground attacks.

When she was just a child, she consumed a massive amount of flesh. Thus, she is able to evolve with her kakuza and transform into an enormous form including a large mouth.

She also has the ability to detach her kagune and has incredible power and ghoul physiology to the extent that she held the appearance and vitality of a teenager despite being similar to the age of Tsuneyoshi Washuu.

Her kagune power, regenerative ability, and surprising endurance have successfully led her to be one of the strongest ghouls in the series.



Noro was one of the leading figures of Aogiri Tree and a close subordinate of the One-Eyed King. He has entrusted the responsibility for raising Eto to Yoshimura in the past.

He is also known by the name of Noroi. He was quite a standard ghoul once but because of some events, he got changed into an introverted yet dangerous character.

We don’t know what occurred during the event that changed him, but he surely got changed into a terrifying ghoul. The event made him one of the most formidable opponents to one he faces.

Along with Tatara and Seidou Takizawa, he was also classified as one of the SS-grade ghouls by the CCG. He has impressive regenerating power that heals fatal damage in no time.

Because of his extreme tolerance ability, it seems that he feels no pain. He remained unfazed by various complex and life-taking injuries. He was a ruthless ghoul who fights with his opponent mercilessly.

Noro also possesses bikaku kagune with a very thick mouth with the help of which he was able to eliminate the forces of CCGs and even destroyed their computer system with ease.

He also effortlessly defeated the Quinx squad and Kuramoto squads. Noro’s kakuja was quite exceptional than any other kakuza that helps him to fight with the opponent rather than providing him shied.

He was an incredibly powerful ghoul as he was able to wound Takizawa mortally. Thus, he is also considered one of the strongest characters in the series.



Uta is a ghoul who is one of the members of the Clowns. He also owns HySy ArtMask Studio, a shop selling masks worn by various ghouls in the series. CCG detectives also know him by the name of  No Face.

He was once a crazy murderer who was obsessed with pain and suffering but he changes later on and becomes a sympathetic individual and mate of Itori and Renji Yomo.

Uta has immense power and abilities along with terrible regeneration ability and speed. He was so potent that he was also renowned as the peacemaker of the 4th ward in his teenage.

As a ghoul, he possesses a kagune that helps him to launch attacks on his opponent that are several distances away. He can even unleash six of these tails that are equally powerful.

He also has an insane kakuza that transforms him into a monstrous form, granting him various humongous arms dispersing from his shoulders and black flesh covering most of his face.

Power of kakuza and kagune aside, he also has superhuman regenerating abilities. We have got evidence that he was able to heal from the injuries he got after getting stabbed by quinque knives in his face multiple times.

He also has the ability to create a clone of himself and even shapeshift. He was so good enough on shapeshifting to fool Juzo Suzuya by turning and voicing as Yukinori Shinohara.

Uta is also unpredictably swift. He could avoid the relentless attack of Hikaro with his quinque effortlessly.

Amon Koutarou

Amon Kotarou

The last partner of Kureo Madou, Amon Katorous is the former First Class Ghoul Investigator. The other officers of CCG highly appreciated him before he reappeared as a one-eyed ghoul hybrid.

He was once a part of 0.01% of humanity who had enough potency to rival the ghouls. He used to train relentlessly by weight lifting which gave him enough power to wield a heavy quinque, konkaku.

While he worked along with Kureo Madoi and Akira Mado, he achieved the position of First-Class Ghoul Investigator and was promoted to Special class soon after he died apparently.

However, he made his comeback after failing the experiment and got known by the name of Floppy Owl, as he became a semi-ghoul leaving him a kagune that was not much developed like that of other ghouls or semi-ghouls.

Because of his unstable Rc cells, he failed the CCG experiment. Thus, he was discarded by Dr. Kanou. However, he is superior to most pure ghouls in powers and abilities.

He can even launch fast projectiles that are powerful enough to leave holes in his opponent’s body with the help of his kagune. He also possesses kakuja, which grants him a disfigured armor that transforms his head into a monstrous look.

Although he is mortally wounded, he is capable of overwhelming many formidable ghouls like Ginkui, Takizawa, Touma, and Higemaru with ease.

He also has the ability to shatter the most powerful kagunes with a single touch. Not to mention he is the strongest but he is remarkably one of the strongest characters in the entire series.



A former member of the Chinese Ghoul Organization named Che She Lian, Tatara belonged from China and was a leading figure in Aogiri Tree. He was also directly connected with the One-Eyed King and was a trusted co-worker of the late Kishou Arima.

Given the position of spoke person of the terrorist organization, he is shown as the one who torments the prisoner. He also helped the terrorist organization by attracting more ghouls.

He holds immense powers and abilities in addition to kagune similar to other ghouls. He is one of the best fighters in the series who has demonstrated himself as a formidable opponent time and again in the confrontation.

Tatara is shown to be capable of wiping out a whole squad within a few seconds. This shows that one can’t last much against his merciless potency and skill.

Tatara’s brother successfully killed 15 special investigators effortlessly and it is also believed that he is stronger than his brother. Imagine how terrible power he actually holds!

In addition to superhuman power and abilities, he also possesses an unknown kagune that is powerful enough to wipe out the entire squad of CCG investigation before they approached Seidou.

His kakuja is quite muscular scaly armor, along with two elongated hammers on his back and a tail. The amusing fact of his kakuja is that it can even create flames.

Akira stated that the flame was about 4000-degree Celsius and he can even change the sum of the flames produced by him. With the help of it, he could eliminate many opponents at a single time.

His surprising swiftness, power, and skills are the reason that has helped him to be one of the strongest characters in the entire series.

Ayato Kirishima

Ayato Kirishima

Renowned by the name of Black Rabbit, Ayato Kirishima is the biological son of Arata and Hikari Kirishima. He is also the brother of Touka Kirishima.

Both Ayato and Touka grew along with each other in the 20th ward. But unlike Touka, he abandoned the ward and started to wander by himself. Soon after that, he started to cause consequences and havoc in different wards.

Ayato was pulled into the Aogiri tree as soon as Tartara’s eye caught him. Before the downfall of the organization, he served there as one of the prominent figures. He became a member of Goat later on.

He is an extremely powerful ghoul and holds immense power and capabilities than any other normal human. He was powerful enough to wreak havoc on the different wards by himself in his childhood.

As a ghoul. he possesses ukaku kagune that grants him extreme powers. He can harden his kagune as he wills, he can even make it sharp enough to detach a human head from the body.

His kagune is his trump card for him. He can even shoot the crystalized bullets with the help of his wings. In re: it was shown that he was capable of forming another wing and controlling it skillfully.

He also has superhuman endurance as he survived after having half of his bone broken and getting slammed through various floors of the building by Kaneki Ken.

In addition to the capability of fast regeneration, Ayato also has an amusing sensing ability. He is superior to Hinami Fueguuchi in terms of sensing ability.

Ayato is an exceptional character with overwhelming power and capacities. Thus, he is considered as one of the most proficient figures in the entire series.

Donato Porpora

Donato Porpora

Donato Popora was renowned as a priest who ran a Catholic orphanage and devour them under his care in the past. He was a Russian ghoul who was also the foster father of Amon Kotarou.

He was a Russian Ghoul and a prisoner previously. In the 23rd ward of the ghoul detention center at Cochlea, he had a distinctive treatment. However, he was freed during the event of the Third Coochlea Raid.

He was also popularly known as Crown by the Clowns. Likely to other ghouls, Donato is swift, proficient, and tremendously powerful than any other human.

He also possessed koukaku kagune and he was capable of launching attacks up to a certain range. However, he could extend his kagune to perform long-range attacks with greater force.

Despite the heavy weight of the kagune, Donato was able to attack his opponents swiftly and deal serious damage. He can even use his kagune by detaching it.

He was so swift that he seemed to disappear in the air. Not only incredible swiftness, but he also possessed impressive regeneration ability.

Porpora can even make four clones of himself at a time. All the clones that he created can function individually and make other clones. However, he can only form 10 clones of himself with his real body.

Donato also has very high intelligence and could gather information inside the prison too. He also could read others’ minds easily and predict what others were thinking.

His monstrous powers, capabilities, and techniques are the major thing that has led him to be one of the strongest characters in the Tokyo Ghoul series.

Hinami Fueguchi

Hinami Fueguchi

Known by subject 745 and daughter in the files of CCG, Hinami is the biological daughter of Ryouko Fueguchi and Asaki who was assassinated by the ghoul investigators.

After the death of her both parents, she shared the adopted sibling relationship with Touka Kirishima and Ken Kaneki. The CCG attempted to eliminate her but the information about her was not leaked much.

As a result, the CCG ghoul investigators remained unsuccessful to eliminate her. After some time, she joined the group of Kaneki Ken.

It was also shown that she, later on, became one of the members of the Aogiri Tree. She serves as a strategy maker or leader when necessary aside from her primary duty of gathering information. She is also known as the Yotsume in the Aogiri.

However, she was captured by the CCG and taken to the Cochlea but she succeeded to escape after Kaneki released her after a few months. She is currently a member of Goat, an organization founded by One-eyed King.

Along with enhanced sensing ability, she was gifted the power and ability of both koukaku and rinkaku kagune by birth. She can use this kagune to defend herself or fight her opponent.

Her rinkaku kagune provides her powers enough to defeat many ghouls. She is capable of forming 4 tentacles and has incredible control over them.

Her flower petals shaped koukaku kagune were potent enough to resist the explosion of one of the higher minds. Her kagune which is covered in spines provides her a great advantage in the battle with her opponent.

Hinami is one of the best fighters in the series, fueled by the trauma of the murder of her parents. She can give a very harsh situation to her opponent with her skills and capabilities.

Touka Kirishima

Touka Kirishima

Touka is the wife of the main protagonist, Kaneki Ken, and the biological mother of Ichika Kaneki. She is also the daughter of Arata and Hikari Kirishima and a sibling of Ayato Kirishima.

She was the former waitress of Anteiku and studied at Kiyomi Highschool. During the: re, she returned as the manager of the Anteiku after the Operation of Owl Suppression.

Touka joined the Goat to stop the ongoing destruction. She shifted to the 24th ward along with the other members of the new organization she joined.

During the same time, she developed feeling for Kaneki and lived a happy life with her daughter Ichika and Kaneki after the successful protection of Tokyo.

She is an incredibly powerful ghoul with superhuman capabilities and techniques. She possesses the ukaku kagune that provides her with fierce powers.

Touka can control her kagune with ease. It gave her the ability to launch projectiles as she willed. her kagune was powerful enough to resist the projectiles of Mougan’s and Kiyoko Zebisu’s higher mind.

Her kagune is capable of producing electricity that helps to launch powerful attacks which can cause massive injury to her opponent. She is powerful enough to fight against Shuu Tsukiyama.

Aside from the power of kagune, she also has impressive swiftness as Tsukiyama couldn’t locate her for a certain amount of time.

She also has remarkable endurance as she was able to remain conscious even after the kagune was devoured by Ayato Kirishima in the battle at the 11th ward.

Yukinori Shinohara

Yukinori Shinohara

The first partner of Kureo Mado and the last partner of Juzo Suzuya, Yukinori Shinohara is a special class Ghoul Detective and Investigation Commander in Division I.

Along with Suzuya Juzo, he was assigned to the 20th ward to investigate o the Binge Eater. At the CCG Academy, he was presumed to be the advisor of Amon Koutarou.

Holding the position of special class investigator, he was not a normal detective. He has incredible power and abilities. He has defeated numerous ghouls and has trained many to deal with ghouls.

Not only defeat, but he has also taught many how to eliminate a  ghoul. He has overwhelmed many powerful ghouls till now and has made a powerful quinque out of them.

Despite not being a ghoul, he has impressive physical powers granted by his bulky body. He uses a quinque that matches his overpowered spirit. Like Arata, he also wears armor that physically strains him.

His quinque is made up of an S-rated ghoul named Demon Yamada whom he defeated single-handedly. His koukaku quinque was made as armor rather than a weapon giving him potency enough to battle against SS or SSS class ghoul.

This armor provides him more protection rather than normal armor from the fatal attack of kagune le by ghouls. This armor can also be set to higher levels to be more powerful costing its users stamina.

Shinohara’s fighting skills, immense strength, armor, and determination have made him one of the strongest characters capable of defeating many high-ranked ghouls.

Yakumo Oomori

Yakumo Oomori

Renowned by the name 13th wards Yamori, Yakumo Oomori was the executive of the organization named Aogiri Tree and a founding leader of the White suits.

He was also known by the name Jason because of his ruthless and merciless act. He was a surprisingly powerful ghoul who was rated S-graded.

He had immense power and physical strength in addition to great agility as he consumed many other ghouls. He was so powerful that most of the ghouls were threatened by him and no one in the 13th ward dared to oppose or ill speak of him.

Being a ghoul, he also possessed kagune. He possessed rinkaku kagune as its user and gained additional strength and regenerative powers. He also mastered his kagune to the extent that he could change its shape.

He also had Rinkaku Kakujawhich granted him more powers in his punch by setting additional flesh into his spiky tentacles. This armor also helped him to regenerate his wounds much faster.

He has superhuman strength as he was strong enough to destroy the wall by overpowering and slamming Ken Kaneki towards it.

As one of the antagonists of the series, he had terrifying power capable of overwhelming many ghouls by himself. Thus, he is also regarded as one of the strongest characters in the series, Tokyo Ghoul.

Renji Yomo

Renji Yomo

The old friend of Uta and Itori, Renji Yomo is also the right-hand of man Yoshimura. He is also known by the nickname “Raven” because of his mask and eating behavior.

Along with Touka Kirishima, he returned to the cafe as the manager after the Owl suppression mission in Tokyo ghoul: re. Likewise, Touka also shifted to the 24th ward after joining an organization named Goat.

He is one of the powerful ghouls capable of battling against many formidable ghouls. He also has impressive abilities and skills that catch the audience’s attention.

As a ghoul, he also possesses a kagune. He holds the power of ukaku kagune that rewards him with humungous strength and capabilities. He can transform with two wings on his shoulders.

With the help of his kagune, he can generate an electric aura around his body that helps to generate electric powers that can be useful for both attack and defense.

He also has superhuman strength as he is potent enough to stop Naarukami’s attack that would’ve slashed his body at point blank.

Renji also has amusing endurance ability. He was able to withstand the attack from Kaneki’s kagune that cut his abdomen and was unfazed about the injury. He also regenerated quickly after that.

He is also shown strong enough to block late Kishou Arima’s attack with his bare hands. He wasn’t even flinched by Arima’s fierce attack. This demonstrates to us how powerful actually as he was able to block that attack from the strongest character in the entire series.

Renji is one of the best fighters in the series who has the potential to defeat many opponents with ease. His skills, agility, power of kagune, durability, and strength prove him as one of the strongest characters in the series without a doubt.












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