Top 18 Naruto Characters with Unique Abilities

strongest naruto characters
With badass characters like Madara and Kakashi, its no surprise that Naruto has some the best amazing storylines in the anime verse.
Throughout the anime, you can see some great (and some not-so-great) powers and abilities. Some abilities are pretty standard while only a few can perform some.
So, which characters possess the most unique abilities? Let’s find out.

Hoshigaki Kisame

Hoshigaki Kisame

Popularly renowned by the name of Monster of the Hidden Mists, Hoshikagi Kisame was a shinobi of Village Hidden in the Mist. He was also the S-ranked missing-nin after he joined the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.
Later on, he bacame a member of a group of Rouge ninjas, Akatsuki. Kisame was a surprisingly powerful shinobi who his own master.
His master was the strongest among the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist and wielded Samehada, but Kisame killed him with ease. As a member of Akatsuki, he captivated the tailed beasts without killing them.
At a time, he effortlessly captured the Four-Tailed beast. He had more massive chakra than any other average human, surpassing about of all the members of Akatsuki and even wielding Samehada(a sword that consumes chakra and gets more muscular).
He has titled the name”Tailed Beast without a Tail.” His physical power and endurance were truly exceptional. He had enough endurance to withstand Killer B’s “Version 2” lightning.
He can even summon a shark and use Water Clone Justus, in addition to becoming capable of breathing underwater. Kisame also overpowered Killer B to his full strength.
However, he faced his grave after he battled with one of the top shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Village. He was killed only after Guy opened the seventh of the Eight gates despite not having his sword with him.
He was one of the most potential characters in the whole series with his skills and abilities at their peak. Despite being a Rouge Ninja, he was a great shinobi from the Hidden Mist Village.

Fourth Raikage

Fourth Raikage

Fourth, Raikage is the partner of Killer B (Eight-Tailed Beast). He is the strongest shinobi of the Kumogakure. He has destructible power and is capable of overwhelming many shinobi with ease.
He was so strong that he was chosen as the Allied Shinobi forces’s supreme leader even after losing his one arm. He is incredibly proficient in using both Ninjutsu and taijutsu and its combined form called taijutsu.
He is so fast that he is capable to intercept his opponent before they realize he has already approached. Thus, he was considered the fastest shinobi until Naruto made his appearance.
According to Karin, he also has chakra similar to tailed beasts. He was the one who also defeated Tsunade in arm-wrestling. During the Great, Fourth Ninja War, we also got to witness that he can dodge Amaterasu.
That left all of us fans jaw-dropped is that Raikage broke the ribcage of Susanoo. When he and Sasuke fought, Raikage attacked, and he, through his Susanoo, sobered with the flames of Amaterasu.
As a result, he lost his arm. Raikage is an incredibly powerful shinobi capable of easily overwhelming most of the other shinobi. Being one of the most potent characters in the entire series, he never lacked skills and abilities.


tsunade naruto

Tsunade is the granddaughter of the legendary shinobi, Hashirama Senju, and the former Fifth Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaf. She is also one of the legendary Sanin and strongest kunoichi of the Hidden Leaf Village.
She is exceptionally skilled and powerful and trained under Hiruzen Sarutobi. As Tsunade is a very talented shinobi, she can even summon Katsuyu of the Shikkotsu forest.
She is also capable enough to overwhelm another legendary satin, Orochimaru. She is also strong enough that the Ghost of the Uchiha himself stated that she can hold the title of Hokage.
Tsunade’s physical powers were so great that she ruptured the ground with a finger. She was potent enough to outdo Kabuto Yakusi’s skills when they fought with each other.
She even saved countless people from the Hidden Leaf Village after pain destroyed the village. She also broke the ribcage of Madar’s Susanoo.
She is among the fewest who fought and survived the Second Great Ninja War and even Fourth Great Ninja War. Because of her surprising power and abilities, she became one of the strongest characters in the entire series.



Master of Earth Style genjutsu, Onoki is the third Tsuchikage of the Hidden Stone Village. Although he is pretty old, he is someone who is not to be underestimated.
The older man has a massive collection of skills and powers that can easily overwhelm many formidable shinobis. He can form various kinds of earthen weapons and entities within them.
He can even create sentient stone golems and can add or lessen the weight of any beings or objects. He reduced the weight of the meteor that Madara dropped on his ally forces.
Despite he is above 80 years old, he is considered one of the strongest. He also can pulverize anything into dust. His Dust Release Jutsu is so powerful that it was able to destroy a whole island and a massive jungle in one attack.
He even petrified one of the clones of Zetsu during the five Kage meetings and also confronted Deidara. He is powerful enough to carry a whole island to the far coast of the Land of Lightning.
His immense power and abilities proved him as one of the strongest shinobi despite being old.



Previously held the position of Second Tschikage of the Hidden Stone Village, Mu was the master of Onoki. He was entitled to the name “Non-Person” because of his unnoticeable chakra signature.
As he held the title of Tsuchikage, he was not any normal person. He was exceptional shinobi with astonishing skills and abilities. He was powerful enough to kill the second Mizukage in exchange for his own life.
He had an unbelievable seasoning ability that he could sense chakra over many kilometers. He could also erase the presence of his chakra making himself invisible.
Mu was also very proficient in kenjutsu and could use Dust Release just like Onoki. He is the one who taught 3rd Tsuchikage to use Dust Release Jutsu. He could even make his body light and fly.
He had the power and capabilities to defeat numerous strong opponents. He could even destroy anything and turn anything into dust with his ability of Dust Release.
Mu can even split his body into two halves one can escape from the harsh situation while the other can fight continuously. However, the energy also gets split as soon as the body gets splitter.
His overflowing abilities and techniques were feared by the shinobi all over the world as he could take down most of the other shinobi in a short period of time.

Gengetsu Hozuki

Gengetsu Hozuki

Gengetsu Hozuki is one of the strongest shinobi and was the second Mizukage of the Village Hidden in the Mist. His technique was insane but lethal at the same time.
He was so powerful that he alone almost killed/injured the major portion of the Fourth Division himself. He was potent enough to give a hard time to the kazekage of the Hidden Sand Village, who was the most powerful member among all the five kages.
The fact that he killed the second Tsuchikage leaves us no question that he is incredibly powerful. Imagine how powerful he was, he was able to eliminate a shinobi capable of turning invisible along with the power of destruction.
Even Gara stated that he is the most powerful among all the four kages revived by Kabuto. His power was on an extreme level as his explosion of Ninjutsu destroyed the pyramid formed by Gara full of seals.
Gengetsu Hozuki Gengetsu Hozuki is one of the strongest shinobi and was the second Mizukage of the Village Hidden in the Mist. His technique was insane but lethal at the same time.
He was so powerful that he alone almost killed/injured the major portion of the Fourth Division himself. He was potent enough to give a hard time to the kazekage of the Hidden Sand Village, who was the most powerful member among all the five kages.
The fact that he killed the second Tsuchikage leaves us no question that he is incredibly powerful. Imagine how powerful he was, he was able to eliminate a shinobi capable of turning invisible along with the power of destruction.
Even Gara stated that he is the most powerful among all the four kages revived by Kabuto. His power was on an extreme level as his explosion of Ninjutsu destroyed the pyramid formed by Gara full of seals.
Capable of surprising numerous formidable shinobi, Gengetsu was considered one of the mighty shinobi with amusing skills and abilities.

Kakashi Hatake


Renowned by the name of Copy Ninja, Kakashi Hatake is the former Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. He is the apprentice of the late Namikage Minato and the biological son of Sakumo Hatake(White Fang of the Leaf).
He is one of the strongest shinobi produced and has contributed a lot to saving the Hidden Leaf Village. He was an exceptional kid who became chunin, jonin, and even chunin when he was young age.
He is so skilled that even the S-ranked member of the Akatsuki clan admired him. He is the inventor of Chidori who later passed his skill to the sole survivor of the Uchiha clan. He is the one who assassinated one of the strong members of Akatsuki, Kakuzu.
He obtained Sharingan from his late friend Obito and was able to copy any ninjutsu. He even copied Rasen from Naruto which he trained for months to learn after subsequent harsh training.
He is an exceptionally talented ninja with impressive skills and abilities. When he has his Sharingan, he was able to use Kamui, Mangyeko Sharing, and Susanoo.
His special move Chodi is powerful enough to kill an opponent with a single blow to the chest. Not only that, but Kakashi is also familiar with and highly skilled in using various kinds of weapons.
He even killed Zabuza who was the most formidable opponent he faced in his entire life. Kakashi Hatake is an incredibly proficient shinobi who once held the title of Hokage.
Thus, he is also considered one of the strongest in the entire series as he is flooded with varieties of skills and abilities.

Hiruzen Sarutobi

Hiruzen Sarutobi was the Third Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaf and the tutor of all three legendary Sanins. Hailed as the “God of Shinobi”, Hiruzen was so skilled at a very young age holding the title of Hokage.
He had immense chakra and was powerful enough to crack a stone molding it. Despite being old, he had impressive sharp reflexes capable of defending himself from his opponents.
He was highly skilled in terms of Ninjutsu, nature transformation, Buki Jutsu, and Fuinjutsu. He was aiming for the fewest shinobi who could use all five elements and use them efficiently.
Before his death, he fought with Orochimaru along with the late Hashirama and Tobirama. When Orochimaru reincarnated both of the previous Hokages, it was a 1 vs 3 battle.
Despite having the disadvantage of being old, Sarutobi managed to seal both of the Hokages along with Orochimaru’s hand in exchange for his life.
Thus he is one of the strongest characters in the series who had amusing skills and abilities. With those techniques, he trained three of his apprentice who later became the Sanins and one of them even became the Hokage.

Third Raikage

Third Raikage

The third Raikage was the former Raikage of the Village Hidden by clouds. He was presumed as the strongest Raikage the village ever had. He was also the adoptive father of Killer B.
He was so strong that he could combat ten thousand ninjas alone. He had monstrous power capable of fighting with 8 tailed beasts alone. Like his son, he was able to eliminate many opponents in a single move.
Unlike taijutsu, he used to battle with his opponents like he is actually wrestling in the ring. Given the title, Raikage was so swift and powerful that he even dodged Naruto’s Rasen shuriken.
His raw strength and speed were truly appreciated. It is also revealed that he fought ten thousand ninjas continuously for three days to let his friend escape.
His defense leaves us no question as he could withstand the most fatal attacks and doesn’t even flinch. Nothing has been able to hurt him except himself.
He got an injury on his chest after he collapsed into his hand due to exhaustion from the battle against the eight-tailed beast. He himself was a beast with unbelievable endurance and skills.

Shisui Uchiha

Shisui Uchiha

Renowned as the Shusui of the Body Flicker, Uchiha Shusui was one of the members of Anbu from the Village Hidden in the Leaf.
Even though Shusui is not much seen in the series and only a few glimpses of his abilities are shown, it is more than enough to consider him as one of the strongest.
He was the most talented and renowned from the famed clan, Uchiha. Even Danzo stated that he was the powerful Uchiha of his time.
His power and abilities made him a jonin 4 years after he became shinobi and eventually became captain of his squad. He was the most feared shinobi as an entire squad of Kiri-nin escaped after they sensed his presence instead of confronting him.
With his special technique, “Shusui of the Body Flicker”, he could fade out of sight without any sign of his presence or indication of where he was going next.
He was even undetectable by the sensor ninja and could outpace many of his opponents. He also had incredible taijutsu skills as he defeated Itachi multiple times while practicing.
He was truly a gifted child. His Fireball Jutsu was so massive that many Anbu -level water releases had to make an effort to counter it. He also had impressive skills of his Sharingan as he succeeded to awaken Mangyeko Sharingan and even use Susanoo.

Killer B

Killer bee

Killer B is the latest Jinchuiriki of the Eight-Tailed Beast. He is a shinobi from Village Hidden in the Clouds and partner of the Fourth Raikage. Thanks to the power of the Eight-Tailed Beast, he has incredible power and endurance.
He is also known as the guardian of Kumo and he even defeated team Taka by himself. When he was at a small age, he used to complete missions with his partner A rather than by being in a team.
Killer B has a good relationship with Gyuki, thus he has access to gain chakra and its power. As a Jinchiuriki, Killer B possesses a massive amount of strength and chakra so he is immune to damage as it heals easily.
However, Killer B was not powerful because of his Jinchiurik. According to Namikaze Minato, he was strong shinobi even without the tailed beast inside of him. Killer B even has Kenjutsu abilities since he learned them in childhood.
He use to wield two swords in his childhood but as of now he has developed and polished his sword skills. He can wield 7 swords and use them proficiently.
His kenjutsu could overpower most of the swordsmen, even the ones who possess Sharingan. He also possessed Samehada later on and used it to cut the chakra.
Killer B contributed a lot to the Great Fourth Ninja War by successfully defeating many reincarnated opponents. His powers, skills, and techniques in addition to Jinchiuriki’s powers are the reason why he is also considered one of the strongest in the series.



Orochimaru is the legendary Sannin of the Village Hidden in the Leaf along with Jiraya and Tsunade. He is the one who killed the Third Hokage and also the former member of the Akatsuki clan.
He is also recognized as one of the strongest whose skills and abilities are exceptional. He was capable enough to be nominated as the candidate for the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.
After the destruction he cause in Konoha, he was feared by all. His overwhelming power left the village crippled for many years as he killed the Third Hokage.
He is capable enough to wield the legendary sword of Kusanagi which helped him to battle against his tutor while wielding his mighty bo-staff. He is powerful enough to temporarily stun Naruto’s Four-Tailed Beast form with a single punch.
He can summon a snake that has eight different heads capable of causing mass destruction. He has even modified his body and he can transfer his soul and physical essence to another body.
As a result, he gets reincarnated in another body. Thus, Orochimaru is physically dead. However, after he got hold of White Zetsu, it seems that he possessed immortality as well as a wood release because of Hashirama’s cells.
Carrying the ambition to master all the Jutsu, Orochimaru has mastered a lot of Jutsu. Thus, he has a massive amount of abilities with amusing strength.


Jiraiya age

Trained under the direction of Hiruzen Sarutobui, Jiraya is one of the greatest shinobi of the Village Hidden in the Leaf. He was also renowned as one of the legendary Sanins.

He was the one who trained Naruto and his father, Yellow Flash of the Leaf. He was also known by the name of Toad Sage as he trained in the field of Senjutsu under the Great Toad Sage.
He was one of the exceptional shinobi who had different skill sets than normal shinobi. With his incredible skills and abilities, he was able to get mastery of spiky hair, Rasengan, Fire Style, sage mode, tar attacks, and toad summoning Jutsu.
Jiraya is very courageous and remains unflinching even if he faced overwhelming opponents. He never showed signs of fear and faced his opponents calmly with his surprising skills and techniques.
He was powerful to be in the position of Hokage and was the strongest among all of the three Sanins. Even the pain who was capable of destroying the whole village feared him.
He was given the title ‘Sannin’ by no other than Hanzo who himself was the dangerous shinobi of the Village Hidden in the Rain.
Jiraya single-handedly defeated three out of six paths of pain and he could’ve even defeated all of them if he knew their secret of them.
He was simply brilliant and most appreciated for his incredible strength. He also held the fight and almost trapped Itachi Uchiha in his toad but he escaped from there with the help of Amaterasu.
Because of his incredible power and abilities, he is also ranked among the strongest characters in the Shippuden series.

Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto is one who worked under Orochimaru as his spy and successfully mastered Sage mode later on. He is the responsible one who reincarnated all the dead shinobi back to their life in Great Fourth Ninja War.
He is an unpredictably powerful shinobi because of whom all the shinobi forces almost met their end. He is as strong as the Fifth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.
His sage mode is superior to that of both Naruto and Jiraya. In fact, he is almost invincible with Orochimaru’s Substitution Jutsu and the water Jutsu of Suigetsu.
He is capable of absorbing any opponents he comes across and battling with 2 beyond Kage level and regenerating after an injury.
He is immune to most of the physical attacks and we also get to witness that he succeeded to withstand the fatal attacks of Uchiha Sasuke.
Kabuto is already beyond Orochimaru in terms of different techniques and abilities. He doesn’t even get affected by Mangyeko Sharingan as he has a lid in his eyes that protects him from genjutsu.
Yakushi has numerous power and capabilities that is undoubtedly impressive and he’s even capable of overwhelming many high-ranked shinobi by himself.
Thus, he is also considered one of the strongest characters in the entire series.

Uchiha Obito

Obito Uchiha

Popularly recognized as Tobi, Uchiha Obito is one of the team members of Team Minato. He was a good friend of Hatake Kakashi and Rin Nohara.
He was one of the Strongest Uchiha to ever live who manipulated the whole Akatsuki and managed to destroy Konoha. He was a major antagonist that led Naruto to do major character development. But what if I told you someone was behind him as well?
Obito was the person who declared the greatest fourth Ninja War. During the Ninja war, he showed exceptional skills and abilities by putting his whole body into a different dimension, also known as Kamui.
This skill allowed him to move into a different dimension and can be used as teleportation. This ability was so invincible that even the mighty Fourth Hokage, Minato had trouble battling with him.
Besides his special ability Kamui, he also once became the Jinchuiriki of the Ten-Tailed Beast and just like Naruto, he could inherit the power and abilities of that tailed beast.
This power was so broken that all four Hokage and Team 7 had to work together to defeat him. Being one of the greatest shinobi to ever live, he had surprising skills and abilities.

Izuna Uchiha

izuna uchiha

Izuna Uchiha was one of the strongest shinobi of the Uchiha Clan. He was the little brother of the Ghost of the Uchiha, Madara. Both of them were the strongest among their clan.
Izuna was presumed to be the most powerful alongside his brother and was the first one to awaken Mangyeko Sharingan. He was equal to Madara in terms of power.
His power and skills were good enough to clash against Tobirama. Both Madara and he used to be the rival of the Senju brothers, Hashirama and Tobirama.
As Izuna was the first one who used Mangyeko Sharingan, he was not a normal shinobi. He had massive chakra even for Uchihas.
He was able to release his clan’s signature technique, Fireball Jutsu which was strong enough to disperse a Water Dragon Bullet Technique.
He and his brother Madara clashed with Hashirama and Tobirama and during their confrontation, Izuna lost his life after he couldn’t keep up with Flying Thundergod Technique.
Izuna was truly exceptional and flooded with different skills and techniques. However, he was quite strong, he was not strong as his brother, Madara who was completely monstrous.
Because of his insane skills and abilities, he was the most feared and considered one of the strongest characters in the series.

Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikaze was the Fourth Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaf and the biological father of Uzumaki Naruto. He was also the apprentice of one of the legendary Sannin, Jiraya.
Because of his teleportation ability, he could travel several kilometers away in an instant. Thus, he was popularly known as the Yello Flash of the Village Hidden in the Leaf.
He was exceptionally strong and skillful, thus he was able to surpass his own teacher at a very young age and became the Hokage of Konohagakure.
He was so strong that he singlehandedly wiped out one thousand shinobi of Inokagure. Minato was the one who also saved the Hidden Leaf Village from the rampage of the nine-tailed beast.
The Fourth Hokage was incredibly skilled and many other shinobis used to get startled even if they hear his name.
He was also the founder of the deadly technique, Rasengan.
Many of the strongest shinobi came from the most prestigious clan, but it was different in Minato’s case. He was just raw remarkable talent from a normal clan without any Kekkai Gakkai techniques.
What’s more outstanding is his space-time barrier. With the Flying Thunder Technique that he stole from Second Hokage, he was able to move the location of anything marked by him.
He could even teleport the projectiles and explosions. With his specially marked Kunai, he could teleport anywhere he threw his kunai.
Minato’s body flicking technique with his raw speed and power was so incredible that he could outdo three of the Kage-level Ninja single-handedly.

Might Guy

might guy

Might guy is jonin of the Village Hidden in the Leaf. Despite having the disability of using Ninjutsu, he is one of the greatest ninjas in the entire series.
He is a proficient Taijutsu fighter and the tutor of Team Guy. He was so powerful that even Madara Uchiha himself declared him the strongest even though he lacked Ninjutsu abilities.
Guy trains each and every day relentlessly which is why he has monstrous strength. He can surpass most of the characters in the series in terms of physical power and abilities.
He is the perfect example of a late bloomer as he couldn’t even perform the techniques that others could at his early age but came up with a technique that no other could perform.
Guy has a special ability named Eight Inner Gates that helps to defeat the most powerful opponents. Unleashing each gate grants him monstrous power.
As the number of gates increases, more power and strength are gained by him. If you see him using this technique against his opponent, you’ll go crazy.
With the help of Gate of Death: Gate Eight, he almost killed Uchiha Madara. With the terrible power of the Inner Eight gate, he managed to cause a fatal injury to the overpowered Ghost of Uchiha but eventually got turned into ashes.
Thanks to Naruto, he saved Guy with his insane healing power. However, he lost his legs permanently.
Guy’s terrible ability and power shook the entire shinobi world, this is why he is renowned as one of the most powerful shinobi in history.

Uchiha Sasuke

sasuke Rinnegan

The greatest rival of Uzumaki Naruto and lone survivor of the Uchiha Clan, Uchiha Sasuke is the mighty shinobi who saved the whole world along with Hero of the Hidden Leaf.
He is also the biological son of Uchiha Fugaku, Uchiha Mikoto, and sibling of Itachi Uchiha( a disclosed savior
of Konohagakure).
Being one of the heirs of the Uchiha Clan, Sasuke has fascinating skills and abilities in addition to possession of the Sharingan, dojutsu Kekkei Gekkai that only Uchiha possess.
Likewise, his brother, Sasuke is also considered the Natural PProdigy of the Uchiha Clan. He is way too exceptional than others and only a few of the characters in the entire series match his powers.
He was inferior to every child of his age in terms of strength, techniques, strategy, and combat. From an early age, he has been praised by all of the people in the Hidden Leaf Village because of his amusing skills and powers.
Sasuke is incredibly skilled and we all got evidence of his amusing potency and skills when he fought with numerous enemies in the series.
As he is one of the Uchiha, he also possesses Sharingan and as the storyline progressed he evolved his Sharingan powers.
He is so proficient that he succeeded to awaken the Mangyeko Sharingan, Susano, and even Rinnegan. Only the fewest people can awaken this ability and he is among them.
Because of his amusing power and techniques, he is remarkably known as the most powerful shinobi in the entire series. One must be ready to sacrifice their life before battling with him.

Uzumaki Naruto

Naruto whiskers

 The biological son of Namikaze Minato and Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto is the Seventh Hokage and Hero of the Village Hidden in the Leaf. He is also the one who became the Jinchiuriki of Nin-tailed fox on the day he was born.
He became popular all over the world by the name of “Saviour of the World” as he was the prominent figure who turned the sides of the Fourth Ninja War by defeating Kaguya and saving the whole world from Infinite Tsukuyomi.
We don’t have the least expectation from the savior of the world. And yeah, he exceeded our expectations when he defeated Kaguya with his “Harem Jutsu”.
Naruto is an exceptional ninja who has struggled a lot to gain immense power. His abilities are unbelievably powerful and unmatched.
With his fascinating capabilities, he became the strongest shinobi in the world. He ended the fate of many formidable opponents by defeating them.
Among his abilities, the overrated ones are Shadow Clone Jutsu, Harem Jutsu, Nine-tail transformation, and Sage mode. Because of the tremendous power of his various transformation, he is flooded with different capabilities and techniques.
In the early episodes of the series, the Hero of the Hidden Leaf is not much stronger and more skilled but as the story progresses, he comes to be known as the most powerful and proficient character in the entire series.
With his overwhelming skills and abilities, Naruto Uzumaki has succeeded to defeat many dominant characters such as Pain, Kaguya, Gara, Madara, Orochimaru, and many others.
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