Tom Hanks Gives His View on If He Is Going To Join The MCU

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks, one of the most popular actors gives his review on if he is ever going to join the Marvel Universe. He has given his opinions on the MCU and the possibility of him acting as one of the characters of the MCU. Let’s see what the two-time Oscar winner has to say about this topic.

We have seen MCU with some of the greatest actors being as one of their characters. It’s not that there are only hit actors in their industry because many of them have also refused to work for the industry. This time it looks like MCU are collecting some of the Oscar-Winning Actors in their industry.

The MCU has put some talented top-level actors like Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth. But by the time MCU had released one of their biggest movies; Avengers: Endgame in 2019, they were securing new actors for their industry, and this time they were seeking Oscar-winning actors.

They are looking for some biggest faces of the in Hollywood, which will automatically give the movie a great start because of those blockbuster faces. MCU has promised some great actors and among them, it looks like Tom Hanks is going to be one.

Well, the uncertainties will always rise up but there are always big shots playing a role in the MCU. It’s almost impossible to refuse the offer of MCU because who wouldn’t want to be a part of their industry whether they have a small role or big role in the movie? It’s hard to believe that anyone would want to refuse the offer.

Speaking of that, Tom Hanks has shared his view on playing a role in the MCU during an interview with Josh Horowitz and the Happy Sad Confused Podcast. He was there to promote Pinocchio, his new Disney live-action movie.

During the interview, he was asked about joining the MCU. He stated that Marvel has never approached him with any kind of proposals, neither they have contracted him to any of their new projects and Hanks has no problem being open with this statement.

He surprisingly made a comparison between the legendary director John Ford and MCU. Hanks said “You can maybe say that the John Ford universe of westerns is not that different, perhaps than the Marvel universe of motion pictures. If it’s a bodacious John Ford western, would you do it?” Hanks then said, “You might do that.” 

Although Marvel hasn’t approached any kind of role for Tom Hanks, he wants to be a part of it. He isn’t desperate or anything for the role but he will be happy to be a part of the MCU. Hanks even said that he has admired the work of the MCU industry even though he hasn’t watched every movie by Marvel.

“Look, I haven’t seen them all, I’ll give you that right now. But the ones I’ve seen, I’ve never come away from it without thinking ‘There’s a couple of great performances in there, man, those people really gave their all,'” Hanks added more “I don’t know how they do that, I do not know. And then, after that, it’s like, ‘Did they examine the theme that I wanted to be seen?’ And I can tell you, all of them are quite good, Josh, they’re all quite good.”

There might be few chances of us seeing Tom Hanks in the MCU and there are also some chances of seeing the two-time Oscar winner meeting with Kevin Feige (president of the Marvel Cinematic Universe) now that he is back in Disney for Pinocchio. 

So, don’t lose your hopes because Kevin might look for some fittable role for Tom Hanks. But there are many opportunities for Hanks to join the MCU. One of the biggest times when he could’ve been a part of the MCU was when he got a proposal to play the character of Uncle Ben for Tom Holland.

But as we all know, this wasn’t possible because there were some chances of making changes in the Spider-Man 4 because of the MCU’s Spider-Man Trilogy. Well, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a big world so there are many characters that Hanks can fit in.

He can play the role of Professor X or even do some voice acting for some characters like Galactus. There are multiple choices of roles for Hanks to play ‘if’ Marvel can convince the face of Hollywood to join the MCU.

When Will Tom Hanks Join the Marvel Universe?

Are there any actors who are more accomplished than Tom Hanks? He has won some of the greatest awards like the Best Actor awards and the one that we’ve kept bragging about, the Oscars. If we start counting on the awards he has got nominated, it’ll take some time. Anyways, he is the most fitting actor we’ve seen so far.

Looking at the statements he has made, we can be sure that he’s interested in the Marvel Universe. He has been one of the most iconic characters, so it will be quite stupid for Marvel to let that opportunity slip away that opportunity.

Either way, Hanks seems committed to working on the new project. He even loves the work of Marvel, they have the perfect opportunity to secure the face of Hollywood. Although he hasn’t got any approaches from the MCU, they shouldn’t do any late anymore and start the work up.

Right now, Marvel is working on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. It’s possible that after the finish of this project they might get into new ones where they can find a fitting role for Tom Hanks. We might see Hanks as a Marvel Character in their upcoming movie or stories. We need to believe in Hanks and MCU!


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