The Woman Who Refused Mick Jagger

When it comes to naming the womanizers of rock, the name Mick Jagger might indeed find its place in anyone’s top five list. He’s a figure who, perhaps, helped form the stereotype that rock stars should at least have two different affairs at the same time, and if that sounds exaggerated, just go and search for Jagger’s dating history on any average website.

I mean, even those articles won’t help anyone understand how much Mick might be generous when flirting with people since any information you’ll probably come across in his dating history is only made up of his famous relationships and notable affairs, and those still don’t change the fact that there were probably hundreds of flings that went unrecorded and unnoticed.

Well, as it seems that his charms could work on anyone, and he usually gets what he wants, it also appears that he’s not always in luck. At least, he couldn’t really find his way with fellow musician Carly Simon, who once described the attraction between her and the Rolling Stones frontman as something ‘electrifying.’

So, you might be wondering how Mick wasn’t able to date Carly; that’s a bit complicated. Simon, who made people wonder who she might be referring to in her hit piece, ‘You’re So Vain,’ for decades, wasn’t like Jagger’s usual flings since she did resist his charms and, well, she was also about to get married.

At the time, Mick had just gotten married to his then-wife, Bianca, before he came across Carly, the fiancee of none other than James Taylor. So, with the pair already committed to other relationships, Jagger perhaps found the situation arousing since the thrill of the hunt was something he always carved for. You can check out how he tried persuading Angelina Jolie for years.

So, when he provided backing vocals for ‘You’re So Vain,’ it was all his wife, Bianca, needed to see something was going on since Mick never featured in any other artists’ tracks as a backing vocal. Well, along with that, Mrs. Jagger was also furious since she claimed to have found love letters between Simon and her husband, so she decided to give a call to Carly’s fiancee, James, only two days before the pair’s wedding.

Carly later recalled how Bianca told her fiancee that she and Mick were having an affair and advised the singer not to wed Simon in her memoir, ‘Boys In The Trees.’ Luckily for her, James dismissed the worried Mrs. Jagger’s claims, saying he trusted his fiancee, and went on to marry her anyways.

Simon on how Mick didn’t have his way with her and why Bianca gave a call to James, warning him:

“If Mick could have his way [with me], it would be Romeo and Juliet tragic. We couldn’t have each other. [Then] James and I were in bed, getting ready for the big day, when the phone rang, and James answered. It was Bianca Jagger.

She told James he shouldn’t marry me because her husband and I were having an affair. She muttered some things I couldn’t believe she was saying. Then James said, ‘I’m sure that’s not true. Carly has told me about it, and it s not what you think. I trust my wife-to-be. I trust Carly.”

The singer never accepted that she was anything beyond a friend or a simple flirt with Jagger, as the Rolling Stones rocker continued to send her flowers and sweet sentiments even after she married James. Still, we’ll never know how far their relationship went, whether ‘You’re So Vain’ was really written for Jagger, and whether he did have his way with Simon in the end.

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