The one AC/DC song Angus Young regrets making

AC/DC’s Angus Young is not a man who appears to have lived a life full of regrets. Despite being in his 70s, he’s more than content to still parade around in a school uniform on stage, yet, there’s one song that he wishes the band never made.

They are your archetypal stadium rock band, and you know what you’re going to get from AC/DC, with consistency being their prized strength. Songs that shift away from the Australian band’s seismic formulae are few and far between. They specialise in gigantic riffs and even more magnanimous choruses designed for 50,000 to belt out at the top of their lungs.

Naturally, they were still finding their feet during their early years, and the band were yet to become the iconic institution we visualise AC/DC as in 2021. The group’s debut album, High Voltage, was experimental, albeit by their standards, and it certainly wasn’t avant-garde. One song in particular on the record sends shudders across Angus Young’s body.

“On our first album, High Voltage, we did a love song called ‘Love Song’. That was very different for us,” he told Vulture in 2017. “I didn’t know if we were trying to parody love songs of the time, because Bon [Scott, the band’s then-vocalist] wrote the lyrics. I don’t even remember what the words are.”

To give you a glimpse at the lyrical content of ‘Love Song’, take a look at the final verse: “If you leave me you’ll make me cry, When I think of you saying goodbye, Oh the sky turns to a deeper blue, That’s – that’s how I’d feel if I lost you.”

Young further tried to explain why the group made the track and admitted it was in a bid to gain airplay. He said: “I remember that song because the guy who worked for us at our record label told us that’s what was on the local radio at the time – very soft music. His thought we should release that song, because it’ll probably get some airplay. I remember thinking, ‘Who in their right mind would want this to go out?’”

He added: “We were very fortunate, though, because all of the radio stations who had seen us live knew this was not who we were. So these stations started to flip the record over and play the other song, which was a cover of a blues standard called ‘Baby, Please Don’t Go’. We actually scored a hit from the B-side. That was the one saving grace of the song.”

If ‘Love Song’ became a hit, maybe AC/DC would have dipped into that side of their persona, and the world would be bereft of their mighty vibrations, but thankfully fate put the group on their rightful path to global domination.

Listen to ‘Love Song’ below, and count your lucky stars that AC/DC turned their back on this mushy brand of music.

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