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The Boys Comic

The Boys has been the fan-favorite series of all time. In this series, you’ll find some outrageous and unexpected moments. The TV series of The Boys is actually adopted from the comics and the comics are actually just too much vulgar to explain. The ending… man! you’re just not gonna believe that one. Let’s take a look at the ending.

The TV series The Boys ended in Season 3 and the fans are waiting for the next season. We can be sure that the story will adapt from its comics because till now, they haven’t made some major changes. They might do a few changes to the TV show and we’ll find out when the Season will air, but right now let’s talk about the comics.

In the comics, there are many twists and turns. Well, the ending is like that as well. And if you’re here because you needed an explanation on this topic then, you have come to the right place! Without a due let’s start.

Black Noir reveals his true identity at the end 

black noir

We all remember how the series started right? And how can we forget the adventure of Billy Butcher who wants to destroy the Homelander for what he did to his wife… Butcher is willing to cross any length to take his revenge. After the event that took place in Season 3, it almost seems like Butcher’s personal grudge has finally come to an end.

Although his chase seems to come to an end in the TV series, the comics take a different place. The comic doesn’t end in the same way as the TV series has ended. The comic still has Homelander and Butcher beef going on.

In the comics, the two rivals are going on a one-on-one battle with each other and that’s where the surprise comes in. In the TV series, Homelander kills Black Noir but in the comics, he is still alive and makes his appearance during the fight between Homelander and Billy Butcher.

Blac Noir appears out of nowhere in the battle and reveals something unbelievable. He surprises everyone and removes his mask. And underneath the mask, it is no other than Homelander himself. He then explains that he is actually the clone of Homelander. To make you clear, the Black Noir from the series and comics are completely different people. He is not innocent like he was in the series, he is a more chaotic criminal in the comics.

In the end, Black Noir reveals his real identity and kills Homelander when they battle each other. The supes have a powerful battle with each other. Black Noir manages to kill him but he himself founds in a wounded state. Butcher reads the situation and knows that this is the perfect opportunity to take down his wounded opponent, Black Noir.

As Black Noir was vulnerable, he was able to take the opportunity and took revenge on Black Noir. Butcher has now finally defeated the biggest enemies of his life. You might have thought that Butcher has finally conquered his quest and now is gonna end peacefully but Butcher has some other plans.

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How Does The Boys Comic Book End? 

Billy Butcher has been one of the prominent characters of the series. He was always walking on a path that would be really dangerous, almost self-destruction. After killing Black Noir it seemed like he was finna;y gonna live peacefully but he realizes that his beef with the supes hasn’t ended yet. He doesn’t the burning revenge him for supes extinguish but burns more.

Butcher starts to do deep into his thoughts and thinks that the world would be better if there weren’t any supes left. he doesn’t care if the supes are on the good side or the bad side, he just wants to kill each one of them. He had always grasped the mindset that supes would be bad and always gave priorities to the bad supes instead of the good ones.

One reason why he wanted to end the whole supe thing was that there was still that moment where another supe like Black Noir or Homelander could’ve popped up and the history would repeat again despite all of his hard work. Butcher was fed up with his thoughts and chose to start violence.

Butcher finally came to a conclusion and decided to kill everyone who was supes. He started using some chemical weapons and hunting down those people who possessed Compound V in their genes. He started to hunt them down because he wanted to make sure that not a single supe would get produced from those genes.

Butcher was alone walking in the path of destruction. He was willing to go at any measures to make sure that his plans would work and end every living supes. The rest of the crew had no parts on this. The rest member of The Boys; MM, the Female, Hughie, and Frenchie were trying to stop Butcher from assassinating the lives of innocent.

They were all trying to stop him and Butcher was willing to go to any lengths and this didn’t stop him from killing his own allies. The member of the Boys couldn’t stop Butcher from his criminal plan and he killed all of his allies except Hughie. The only member alive from The Boys was now Hughie.

Butcher was going on a killing streak and the only person that could prevent that from happening was Hughie. It was ironic because he was the person that it begin and it was him that had to make it end.

Hughie had always been one of those people that had the least trust in Butcher. Honestly, he never wanted to be a part of Butcher’s plan. He didn’t want to get dragged on his plan but he got dragged deep down into his personal issues. And the only thing to end this was by killing the person that showed him the ray of hope once.

At this point, we can see how The Boy’s ending is gonna happen. It will be one of the events where the protagonist will suddenly turn into the antagonist and it will leave the whole world in shock. But if the fans give a little more concentrate on the character Butcher then we can already see his evil plans from the start.

He was in the rage of revenge and was walking on the path of destruction. He wanted to kill the supes and dragged all other members with him and risked their life. In conclusion, Butcher’s plan was to complete his goal no matter what the sacrifice was. He was ready to cross all the lengths from the start.

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The Boys Might Adapt Its Comics Ending

There are many differences between the character of The Boys in the TV series and in the comics. There is a whole different persona and character of these characters. Although there are lots of differences between these two platforms, we might get to see a similar ending in the live-action version, as in comics.

We might get to see the same ending in the Amazon Prime series. At the end of Season 3, they gave us a different view of Billy the Butcher. Billy was now becoming the monster that he wanted to become to destroy the Supes. He finally had the opportunity to become that person after taking the different version of Compound-V, V24.

After taking the different version of Compound-V, V24, he gained the powers of supes for a limited time. After taking the V24, he gained supernatural powers, then he realized that it was possible for him to beat other supes so it kinda became an addiction for him.

After taking the V24, he was able to battle with Homelander one-on-one. We all know the hate that Butcher had for Homelaner, it grew so big that he was willing to cause damage to Ryan, the innocent boy, and his friends as well. He was so concerned about defeating Homelander that he was willing to give up his whole friend group.

He was so willing that he even tried to team up with Soldier Boy to defeat Homelander. Although he knew that MM had personal issues with Soldier Boy, he didn’t give a damn and was only thinking about his personal revenge. He even revealed that he wanted all the supes to die, it didn’t matter to him whether they were good or bad, he just wanted all of them dead.

By judging the character of Butcher and the path that he is taking, it doesn’t seem like he’s in a different state than he was in the comics. He has already started to use his crew as tools for his personal matters. He doesn’t give a shit about their feelings and only focuses on his revenge.

The path that Butcher has chosen is much more chaotic and the fact that he is going to kill all the supes in the world will include the teenage boy Ryan as well. The young boy is the main threat to Billy Butcher. He knows that the boy is innocent and he loves him so, he is even ready to alienate him. he is ready to take those ruthless steps because he doesn’t want the young boy to follow in Butcher’s footsteps.

We’ve already noticed the character of Butcher and how ruthless he was in the comics. he only cared about his revenge and didn’t give a single thought about his friends or other innocent people. He was so messed with his own thoughts that he dragged all his friends and all the member of The Boys.

Billy Butcher of the comics was walking on the path of self-destruction and the Butcher from the series looks no different than from the comics. And Butcher’s character development was shown for a whole Season in the series. Season 3 has ended and it looks like the series will have 5 Seasons in the end we might get to see the antagonist.

It’s possible that the series might adopt the comics, but still, Homelander has killed Black Noir. Things are kind of unsettling at the moment but looking at the slow personality and character change of Billy Butcher, we might get to see the same chaos.

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