The Batman Who Laughs: Origin

The Batman who laughs

Bruce Wayne always thought that he would remain victorious with enough preparation no matter what. However, he realized he was wrong when he got trapped in an unwinnable war, refusing to see the obvious reality that was right in front of him.

The answer was so obvious to him that victory was around the corner. To win he needs to adapt and to adapt, he needs to sway away all the restraints with laughter.

Everything holding him back, a Batman who always wins….a Batman who laughs appears. So, let’s get to know about this vicious villain who spread his tremor all over the place with his outrageous acts.

The batman who laughs on first appearances

The appearance of Batman who laughs left all of us indulged in the depths of curiousness. Unlike the Batman that we used to see in the past, this version of batman is totally exceptional that left all of us amused.

Who would’ve thought DC had something so fascinating rolled up on its sleeves?

The Batman who laughs made his first appearance in the crossover storyline of Dark Knights: Metal before he received his own series as the main antagonist in Batman/Superman in 2019. He was also seen along with Lex Luthor in the DC comics’ year of the villain.

Talking about the appearance of batman who laughs, it’s totally sick. I don’t know if you’ve already seen it or not but if you haven’t, just give it a watch and thank me later.

He is absolutely outrageous and this makes me question myself, “Does he even lack something in his appearance as a dissident villain?”

Unlike the Batman that we were currently watching for a few years, this one is totally different in appearance. He is more like the combination of Joker and Batman and there’s a totally different reason why he looks like him.

The Batman who laughs appears to be a tall man in a black suit with a fierce smile like that of a Joker and a helmet-like stuff that covers half of his head along with his eyes. We can imagine him as the Joker in the suit of Batman.

What Happened to the Batman Who Laughs?

Just letting you know that the Batman who laughs was not the same as he is now. The reality behind the actual batman turning into a hybrid of insane Joker and mighty batman is just something else.

So, what actually caused this to happen, and who might be responsible for this? Let’s take a deep look at the evil version of our superhero, Batman.

Bruce Wayne from the Earth -22 was already something of a loose cannon but he was bound to be pushed over the edge.

He was captured by the Joker and experimented to the beatdown of his life. In true Joker style, physical pain wasn’t enough for him and as a result, he let Bruco in on his plan.

While still tied up, Batman couldn’t do anything but watch Joker proceeding to recreate the night that his parents were killed shooting multiple parents and infecting the orphan children with the toxins made by him.

And that was the ultimate chance for Bruce to break out and as the plan succeeds, he puts an end to the sick life of Joker. Well, Bruce was unaware of the fact that the clown prince had something planned for this kind of situation.

With the last amount of breath, Joker released the toxins inside of him directly into the face of Batman- that’s so of our insane clown villain.

So, the effects of the toxin started to take over Bruce gradually. Aware of this fact, Batman planned his inevitable demise and started training the Bat-family in the hopes that they could stop him.

Sadly, Bruce’s plans become useless as they don’t even get the chance to try. The training session was actually futile ending with Wayne killing the entire family with a vicious smile coming from the corners of his mouth.

What consequences did the origin of the Batman who laughs led to?

the Batman who laughs

Bruce possessed the insanity and viciousness of Joker along with the drastic superpowers of Batman following his brutal transformation led by toxins. What do you think happened next?

With relative ease, The Dark Knight ruled over the Earth -22. However, the citizens rebelling against him left him no choice but to destroy everything.

Well, having a planet with no one to rule on, the Batman who laughs is more than willing to take up Barbados’s offer when it comes to taking over the true multiverse above them.

In order to travel from the dark multiverse to the light court of owls, he trapped prime earth’s Batman and infects him with the final metal needed to make him into a portal.

They expected Barbados to emerge as the text prophesized but they were instead greeted by the robbins who tore them to pieces before making way for the Dark knights.

Gotham became home to a villainous mob after a mountain emerges in the middle of the city and the Superman gets there, there’s nothing left of the city leaving him to go it alone against the Dark knights.

Not only that but in Secret Six in 2019’s Batman’s superman run the Darkest knight needed to create dark versions of six people he needed in order to open another portal to the Dark Multiverse.

He created 6 Batarangs with teh serum of his own creation nth metal before he set out to find his victims. While he was briefly held prisoner in the hall of justice, the villain had a backup plan already in motion.

He had already infected Shazam, commissioner Gordon, Blue Beetle, Donna Troy, and Hawkman who followed our heroes to the fortress of solitude and launched an attack.

The only person left that needed to be infected was Superman, but that part of the plan was about to take an unexpected turn as Superman tried to bring down the fortress trapping the infected deep under the rubble.

Supergirl arrives to break up Hawkman and Batman but unfortunately, her presence would be the Earth’s downfall as she saves Superman from being wounded by the Batarang.

The blade slices her hand and gets infected completing the Secret Six and opening a portal to the Dark Multiverse through which the Batman who laughs could bring more yet more Dark Knights to Earth Prime.

We’ve only just scratched the surface of this new incredible villain and his tale is far from over.

What is the mystery behind the visor of Batman who laughs?

The Batman Who laughs

The Batman who laughs and whose plans have been just so wild and so left-field that has driven him to the point of completely giving in to the Joker’s toxins.

Since Batman Who Laughs makes his appearance, we’ve always wondered about the visor that covers his eye. However, I’m glad that we finally get to know the reasons behind it, and it’s truly fascinating.

To jump into the moment when Bruce got completely given into the Joker’s toxins, he created his own visor with the Dark Metal that he collected around from Gotham City.

During that moment, he fails to realize that, as he thought of Robins as his own family even though they are not related by blood, Alfred also looks at him as his own child as well.

Well, soon after Alfred notices Bruce creating the visor, he doesn’t even see him as his son anymore and it’s like the separation is pretty crazy.

It is because when Alfred notices Bruce creating the visor, he no longer sees him as his son and immediately tries to snatch it from him knowing its negative power of it.

However, Bruce explains to Alfred that in the same way, the Batman who laughs uses this visor to peep into the Dark Multiverse like this visor allows him to peep through the membrane of the Dark Multiverse.

It also allows Batman who laughs to see people’s urges, desires, and fears. Not only that but it also allows him to focus and see what he wants to see. So, with that, said there’s still be of control using it.

And after Batman leaves Alfred using the visor and riding through Gotham City, he could see the ambitions, optimism, and dreams of different people, the same way Batman who laughs could.

Bruce also notices the toxins within him trying to beard him towards the negative side of people. Aside from that, it is also confirmed that this visor allows him to remember stuff while he’s in the loop.

Also yeah, this visor filters out the dark energy and noise in order to focus on what he wants to observe. Well, the facts about that metal visor are more amusing as we get to know more about it.

Who can defeat this newly introduced Batman Who Laughs?

So, whatever we have to this point, the Batman Who Laughs has ruled over various multiverses with disgusting insanity and superpowers. He’s in the hunger pangs of dominating everyone as he has the capability to defeat the strongest heroes in any universe.

But can someone stop this Batman who is capable of anything?

Despite the fact that he holds extreme powers and capabilities, he is not actually invincible. It’s just that he’s likely to not get defeated very easily, but there are other superheroes that can compete against his powers and overwhelm him. So who are they?


Although Batman Who Laughs is menacing, we cannot underestimate Thor. He is someone who is flooded with godly abilities that could be more than a match for Darkest Knight.

The vicious version of Bruce Wayne might have the advantage in terms of strategizing and intellect but there’s no substitute for Thor’s effective fighting experiences, which span eos, all well as the impenetrable combination of might and powers.

Thor has already dealt with multiverse-level villains like the Darkest Knights multiple times. Fighting Batman Who Laughs might not be something new for him and among the fewest Marvel heroes, he can actually defeat the hybrid of Batman and Joker single-handedly.

Ghost Rider

Johnny Blaze who’s recently taken over as the King of Hell is also the one who thrives in the dark supernatural side of the DC universe like the Batman Who Laughs.

Johnny Blaze is something that even the Darkest Knight would think twice before getting involved in the battle with him. With the terrifying army of souls, demons, and other agents of Hell along with the powers of Ghost Rider at his disposal, Goist Rider would need less struggle to overwhelm the Batman Who laughs.

If we get to see the confrontation among both these characters by any chance, it would be undeniably fascinating. Even if both of them take a one-on-one battle with each other, Johnny Blaze is a powerhouse that can outclass the Darkest Knight.

Professor X

I have no doubts about Professor X taking on the Darkest Knight as he has already encountered and defeated multiple beings that are far more dangerous than Batman Who Laughs.

If Professor X would have to take on the Batman Who Laughs, he could easily annihilate his mind with his unmatched telepathic techniques.  Charles  Francis wouldn’t care to struggle in the battle against him.

No matter how accurate his opponent’s psyche is, Professor X can easily reach out to the mind Bruce and return him back from his dark turn.

Dr. Strange

The massive knowledge of all things and unmatched cosmic is what has made Dr. Strage unparalleled. It’ll be a matter of move for Batman not directly engage in the battle against the Supreme Soccerrer as he has already dealt with universal-level threats and always comes out on the top.

Even though Batman has prep time against him, Dr. Strange has enough magic and tricks in his bag to deal with any kind of threat thrown at him.

Batman Who laughs might not stand victorious against Dr. Strange because he has a lot more to learn to battle against the Supreme Soccerrer.

Silver Surfer

Withholding the insane powers, Silver Surfer is also considered a universal-level threat as per the Nova Corps like Batman who laughs. He is deemed powerful enough to contend and even outclass the villainous version of Bruce Wayne.

Despite the fact that the Darkest Knight has the capability to use his newly gained Doctor Manhattan powers, Norrin Radd has the same level of potency and matter manipulation that can countermove attacks of Batman Who Laughs and even defeat him.




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