MCU Reveals that Thanos Will Join Marvel Once Again


Thanos has made a great impact on the industry and on its fans after his extraordinary performance as the strongest villain in MCU. He made his first appearance in the MCU at The Avengers in 2012. The fans have loved Thanos since then. His incredible story when he was about to attack Earth by sending Loki was truly a loved one.

Since then, the Titan has appeared in many movies of the MCU. He has made his appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy. This gained him a lot of fame but the real performance of Thanos was in Infinity War and Endgame.  

When Marvel released Thanos, the mad titan took no time to show his extraordinary talent and his immense power. He became the fan-favorite villain of all time. He was officially known as “big bad” in Marvel Studios.

The Mad Titan absolutely made his remark on the studio and even on the characters of Marvel. That was until Tony Stark came into action and sacrificed himself to save the world from Thanos. With the click of his fingers, he made the Titan disappear in the thin air forever.

And as we’ve mentioned earlier, Thanos is the most powerful character in Marvel, so can you believe that he was defeated just like that? The prominent characters often make their comeback somehow, maybe we’re about to see a comeback of Thanos now. We can be sure because Jim Starlin himself has shared his thoughts on this, let’s take a look at what he has to say.

Jim Starlin’s thoughts on Thanos’s comeback

Thanos Jim Starlin

The Legendary comic writer, Jim Starlin is known for his exceptional work in the Marvel World and in DC. His works are appreciated by both industries, which makes him one of the best. Well, he is best known for making the famous villain of Marvel, Thanos. Recently he shared his thought on the comeback of Thanos on Marvel again, let’s see what he has to say,

“Well, I think he probably hits a nerve. He raises questions that a number of us have thought about. He’s also just a badass character. I don’t think anybody thinks we’ve seen the last of him. Disney made a shitload of money off of him and there’s probably a shitload of money still to be made. So my fingers are crossed.“

Jim Starlin also gave his thought on how Thanos can make his comeback in the MCU and how they can make it possible.

“I’ve heard Marvel may want to use some other characters I’ve done. I think they’re running out. Now that they’ve got this multiverse, there’s the possibility of bringing back Thanos. And with Thanos, that opens up possibilities for other characters. There are a few that they haven’t used, like the Blood Brothers. (Iron Man villains)” 

As Jim Starin has said, not only Thanos but there is a possibility for us to witness other characters. With Jim Starlin’s thoughts, we can be more strongly and believe that Thanos can make his comeback to the MCU once more.

Well, we can be sure that Thanos will return as King Thanos because Avengers announced it at D23 on Thanos’s appearance once again. Let’s take a look.

Thanos is coming back, Marvel announcement at D23

It is stated that the fans will again see a familiar face in Marvel. We’ll get to see Thanos back again, but it’s not the one that we’ve seen before. This time the Mad Titan will return as King Thanos, who will make his appearance from the reality where the Mad Titan had won the war against the Avengers in the Infinity War.

The announcement was made at D23 which was held in the past week. During the event, we had some big faces of the Marvel industry, There was the presence of Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, Director, and producer extraordinaire Jon Favreau, and Mark Ruffalo, the Hulk himself.

In the event, they revealed much interesting news on the new version of Thanos. They gave a hint about how the story is going to be based. King Thanos is still on his quest to wipe out the existence of half of the universe and goes on a deadly battle with the Avengers.

Well, it’s not only Thanos’s face that’s going to be new on their project. We might also get a chance to see the appearance of Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield with Toby Maguire. It is possible that we will once again see this trio. There is a high chance that we will see the trio again because there will be many other characters from the different multiverse.

One thing is sure, we’ll get to see many Marvel characters in their upcoming project with Thanos as the center of attention. Even Feige said that “We’re bringing the Multiverse to Avengers Campus.”

They shared their concept on their social media. In that art, we could see some famous characters. We could see that King Thanos was fighting against many Marvel heroes, including Man-Thing, Werewolf by Night, Daredevil,  MCU versions of Captain Carter, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and both versions of Captain America.

At the D23, they made sure to notify that many new characters will arrive in their new project with King Thanos, who was created back in 2017-18 in the Marvel Comics by Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw.

In the comic, he was able to defeat all the Avengers. He waited for the Avengers to grow old and become weak while he grew stronger. Will the new project have the same plotline?

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