Ted Nugent Threatens To Cancel Kevin Bacon If He Doesn’t Apologize To God

Ted Nugent recently chatted on his Facebook show, ‘The Nightly Nuge,’ targeting Kevin Bacon while discussing why the actor should be begging for forgiveness before God.

Well, Ted is back at it again, criticizing whoever he deems ‘unfit’ and never holding back while doing so. His latest honorary target was Bacon, who recently shared a video on Twitter dancing with his wife while wearing a white shirt that reads ‘Drag is an art and drag is a right‘ on it.

Kevin’s video comes right after multiple states took ‘legal precautions‘ against the drag community, making it illegal for performers to book shows and take the stage in their drags publicly, and the actor is not the only one who has stood up against these recent legislations, as Paramore singer Hayley Williams also shared her demise through Instagram.

However, Nugent seems content with the recent bans, as the rocker slammed Kevin for supporting and defending the drag community, who he claimed ‘groomed children for sexual fantasies.’ He then discussed how disappointed he was with the actor while snidely encouraging him to ask for forgiveness before God since Ted now seemed to be on a mission to ruin his career.

The guitarist’s words on Bacon’s support for the drag community while defending that ‘drag is an art:’

“Isn’t that a shame? Anybody would think what is turned into a violent subculture, drag queens and gender-confused mentally ill people murdering people and abducting children for sexual fantasies, grooming children for sexual fantasies, and Kevin Bacon, this great actor who often makes sense, considers sexually grooming children an art.

Shame on you, Kevin, you have lost your way… You need to get on your knees, son, and ask God for forgiveness because I might go out of my way, badmouthing, and see if we can put Kevin out of business.”

Ted seemed disappointed with Bacon, as he deemed the actor ‘great’ at his job, though it appeared that he would have none of his recent remarks regarding the drag community. So, the rocker encouraged Kevin to get on his knees and ask for forgiveness before God because he would be doing everything to ruin his career.

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