Taylor Hawkins’ Legacy Lives On Through Jane’s Addiction, Eric Avery Explains

According to Jane’s Addiction‘s recent Rolling Stone Australia interview, it seems like Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters’ late drummer played an instrumental role in healing the rift between founding members Perry Farrell and Eric Avery. The iconic alternative rock band is set to return to Australia this week after over a decade, with Avery back in the band after a 12-year absence, and the reconciliation between Farrell and Avery was made possible by Hawkins before his tragic passing last March.

The relationship between Perry Farrell and Eric Avery had long been strained, with Avery departing from the band in 1991 before briefly rejoining in 2008. Their tumultuous past made the reunion seem unlikely, but the recent tours with Avery, Farrell, and drummer Stephen Perkins have shown a renewed chemistry and friendship among the members, which Perry could only describe as ‘tight.’

The role Taylor Hawkins played in bringing about the reconciliation became even more clear when Farrell and Avery were asked why they considered Hawkins to be the planter of the seed of peace between them, as the drummer was the one that facilitated a conversation that later sparked a phone call from Perry.

Eric Avery and Perry Farrell’s words about Taylor Hawkins read:

“The seed was really planted by Taylor as an intermediary between Perry and me. He facilitated a conversation that Perry and I had, which was one of the best conversations that [we] had in decades. [Farrell interjected] Except for maybe when we first were hanging out and just dreaming.”

He added:

“That sort of planted the seed of the rapprochement and building bridges. Then, when Perry reached out some months later to talk to me about touring, I thought he was reaching out because he wanted to do a song about Taylor or something.

I didn’t know why Perry was reaching out, and I just assumed that it was about our shared love of Taylor, so I feel like his spirit is just all over this, and the fact that he so desperately wanted us all to play again. He really wanted Perry and me to connect again; it’s all just his wish for Jane’s Addiction has come to fruition.”

As Jane’s Addiction prepares for their Australian tour with renewed camaraderie, it’s evident that Hawkins’ spirit lives on, not just in their music but also in the friendship he helped rekindle between Perry and Eric. Fans can look forward to witnessing a revitalized band that has come together once again with a little nudge from their late friend to continue their journey as Jane’s Addiction.

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