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A swordsman like Roronoa Zoro is one of the prominent characters in One Piece. A remarkable thing about him is that he hasn’t acquired any kind of Devil fruit and is already known as one of the best. Many prominent swordsmen in the franchise hold immense power just with their swords, let’s take a look at some of them.

Swordsman uses epic techniques, some are even more powerful than the Devil’s fruit powers. That’s what makes them so much unique. One Piece is known for having some of the greatest swordsmen in the whole anime world. Now, let’s take a look at some top swordsmen who have become the faces of anime.



One of the members of Akazaya Nine. Kikunojo possesses incredible strength and was known for being an incredible swordsman. she was a member of the Akazaya Nine, which directly means that she is one of the most spectacular swordsmen in Wano country.

Kikunojo was one of the prominent members of Oden. She was known for being kind with great swordplay. After the downfall of Oden, Orochi and Kaido took control over Wano. When Orochi saw her skills and talents at first, even he acknowledged her strength and great swordsmen play.

Even when the operation Raid on Onughasima happened, she showed her extraordinary skills and defeated many gifters. We could also see her battling with the Strongest man alive, Kaido. But that was one of her mistakes, Kaido slashed her hand off, yet she didn’t give up and kept on fighting again and again.

She even gained recognization from the Straw Hat crew. Her fighting skills were truly exceptional.



Kawamast is also a member of the Akazaya Nine and the best thing is, he’s a Fishman. Being a Fishman he already possesses great strength. It is said that Kawamatsu is 10 times stronger than a normal human being. He possesses superhuman strength, and when he’s underwater he’s almost undefeatable. Let’s take a look at the incident that happened in Udon Prison.

He was kept in prison for years, and during all those years all he got to eat was some fish. His hands were tied with chains, and he was kept in a superior cell but that wasn’t enough to stop him. He was able to knock out the prison guards by the fish bones. It’s the fish bones, we’re talking about. His hands were chained, but it wasn’t a problem, he used his mouth as a gun and the fish bone as the bullet.

When he finally got his iconic sword back, he was able to knock down multiple guards and high-rank gifters. Not only he is an epic swordsman, but he also has a great level of endurance. The fish he was eating was unhealthy and poisonous, but he fought against all the odds and survived for 13 years.

Kawamastus is a great swordsman, but he can also use sumo techniques. He has a unique style, the Kappa style. In that technique, he uses his words play and his sumo skills. The endurance level and the swordplay skills this dude has is truly one of the best.



Neokomamushi is the guardian of the Whale forest and the leader of the Mink tribe. Nekomamushi has great swordplay skills, that’s why he is known as one of the strongest Minks. He is known for being the strongest during the night while his former friend, Inuarashi holds the authority during the day.

Well, Inurahi and Nekomamushi are the strongest members of the Minks tribe. They are known for being each other’s rivals and for being great swordsmen. When they fight together, it becomes a true fear for the opponents. During the radio in Onighasima, these two were able to knock down Kaidou’s potent subordinate, Jack.

Nekomamushi’s presence is enough to fill the heart of opponents with terror and his teammates with relief. Sanji felt the same and was relieved that he could put all his trust in Nekomamushi to protect his friends if the worst time comes.

Nekomamushi was also a member of the whitebeard pirates and Roger Pirates. They were acknowledged by the captain of both of these infamous pirates, which shows his worth.

Well, he also has a special ability like all the Minsk tribe do, Sulong. After seeing the full moon, he turns into a white big cat. The powers he gets from being Sulong are on a special level. This was one of the things that helped him to knock down Jack. Even if he’s injured he’s more powerful than a wild beast.

Ashura Doji

Ashura Doji

Ashura Doji was known as the most powerful samurai of the Wano. He was known for being a fearsome swordsman, he had many long battles with Kozuki Oden when he was in his prime moment. He is also one of the prominent members of the Akazaya Samurai.

He has battled with many fearsome opponents, one being Jack. During his battle with Jack, Ashura was injured, but yet he was able to break one of his hotels. When the spectators witnessed the fight, they stated that the battle was one of the highest-rated battles.

Even the Emperor of the Sea, Kaidou acknowledged the strength and swordsmanship of Ashura. He wanted him to be a member of his crew, but Ashura rejected him every time. One of the reasons why he was still alive in Wano was that Kaisou had an eye on him, and wanted to recruit him to his crew.

During the Raid on Onighasima, he displayed great swordsmen play and used the incredible two swords style of Oden. He managed to learn that technique, which is one of the hardest skills to learn. If Ashura was still alive, he would’ve done a big impact on the battle against Kaidou.



The man who went undercover for 20 years, just so he could get his revenge on Kaidou for what he did to Oden. Denjiro is known as one of the most powerful samurai in the whole Wano Kingdom. Even Kin’emon considered him as one of the best, he took that he was worth a hundred men in a battle. Well, when we first saw his appearance, he didn’t look that fearsome with those glasses, didn’t he?

After the death of Odem, the darkness completely devoured him and the pain changed his whole appearance. He waited all these years in patience for his crew to arrive and take revenge against Kaidou and Orochi. He even battled against Zoro and even, the greatest swordsman of the Straw Hat acknowledged his powers.

When he made his first appearance against Kin’emon and the other Akazaya nine, he displayed his great swords play by cutting the ship of Beast pirates in half. Even during the battle with Kaidou, he was able to use the two swords style of Oden. Denjiro truly is one of the honorable and strongest swordsmen of the series.



Do you remember back when we saw the first appearance of Kin’emon in Punk Hazard? Well, we could only see his torso at the time, but even his torso was powerful enough to give a tough battle to Brook. Kin’emon is the most prominent member of the Akazaya Nine and the most foolish one in a way.

Kin’emon has one of the most unique styles of using his swords. He can use the Firefox Style, and with this technique, he can make his way through any kind of explosion or fire. When he uses this technique, he can cut through any flames and make his way through them.

After the death of Oden, we can assume that Kin’emon was the leader of Akazaya Nine. He led his team straight to Onighasima, by foolish all his enemies, teammates, and even himself. He can also cut iron and even slice it into pieces.

He once again displayed his high-rated swordsman skills when he was battling against Kaidou. When Kaidou used the Flame Breath on the samurais, it almost looked over for them, but Kin’emon used his Firefox Style and sliced the flames in half. Kin’emon led his whole team to Onighasima and fought against the Strongest man in the world, this automatically makes him one of the best swordsmen in the series.



Vista is one of the renowned swordsmen in the series. He is the commander of the Fifth Division of the Whitebeard Pirates and holds incredible swordsman skills. One of the main reasons why he is considered one of the greatest swordsmen is because he has gained lots of fighting experience. Do you know when Vista has been fighting for Whitebeard pirates?

During the Wano Arc, we could see the legendary battle between Roger vs Whitebeard. In that battle, we could also see Vista in the crew. He has been gathering fighting experience and learning swordsman skills from the days when Gol D. Roger was still hunting for the greatest treasure, One Piece.

He is recognized for using the two-sword style and is considered one of the strongest two-sword style users. We could see his great swordsman play during the battle in Marineford. He was able to go toe-to-toe against the greatest swordsman alive, Dracule Mihawk. He displayed his great potential and showered the fans with his immense strength.

there’s no doubt that Vista is a great swordsman, but he also possesses great strength and incredible reflexes. During the battle in Marineford, he battled with Warlords, Admirals, and uncountable Marine officers, yet he was able to battle with all of them without getting injured. This shows, how incredible a sowrdsman he is.

Trafalgar D. Law 

law one piece

Where do we start for this guy? Trafalgar Law is the character that is feared by the Pirate World. He is the potent member of the Super Nova, which has shaken the whole pirate era with his enormous presence. He possesses the ability of Ope-Ope no Mi. With his power, he can cure almost any kind of injury.

Luffy and Jimbei are alive today only because of this guy. Trafalgar Law is such a mysterious character that he concealed his middle name from the world. When it was revealed that he has ‘D’ in his name, he shook the world once more. With all these incredible positive personas, he is also one of the greatest swordsmen of the Worst generation.

His swordsman skills are truly something to look up to. The swordplay that Law showed is truly a high level. With the power of his Devil Fruit, he can use his swordplay in a flexible order, just like he did during the battle against Doflamingo and Kaidou. He is a doctor, a swordsman, and a tremendous captain. More likely, he is a role model to the Heart Pirates.

Law is one of those characters that has achieved everything in the pirate era. He has become the warlord of the sea, defeated Doflamingo, took control over Punk Hazard, and is now on his voyage to defeat the emperors of the sea. Law has been a headache for the Marine as he always creates havoc wherever he makes a presence.

The swordsman play that Law showed in Dressorsa was truly incredible. Vice Admiral, Issho had a tough time while he was facing the leader of Heart Pirates. More impressively, he was able to juke Issho and Doflamingo, and my friend, no normal pirate can even think about doing such a tremendous escape.

Trafalgar Law has numerous qualities. Aside, from his sowrdsman skills, the G-5 Marines shake with fear when they witness his presence. And if you didn’t know, G-5 Marines are the most brutal group of Marine. The pirate has acquired many successes in his voyage, even higher bounties than Luffy at some point. Trafalgar Law truly is a prominent character of the franchise.

Charlotte Linlin / Big Mom

Big mom

Big Mom is barely known for being a swordsman, and do you know why? She barely needs to use her sword to defeat opponents. Now you can imagine yourself, imagine how many powers she possesses. Although she doesn’t use her sword much, when she does, she becomes the most fearsome opponent of the series.

She uses her sword only when she is about to face some fearsome opponents like Kaidou and the pirates from the Worst generation. Just with a single swing from her sword, she possesses the ability to destroy a wide area. We have witnessed her sword plays multiple times, during the Whole Cake Island rampage and in Wano Arc.

When Big Mom takes her soul sword out, you should imagine all the good things you’ve done in your life to enter heaven. Her presence is enough to arise fear and tension in the air. If Big Mom sets her foot on an island, then people should start running more than battling with her.

The worst thing to do to Linlin makes her mad. Do whatever you want, but keep her happy because when she starts to rampage, she holds the capacity to destroy a whole island. We have already witnessed her ramage during the Whole Cake Island, you should already know by now…



The Strongest Creature Alive, Kaidou holds this title because the power that he holds is out of the power chart. The size of this guy is almost like a giant. He is tall and strong, every girl’s dream boy. Jokes aside, he is a powerful creature that rules over the Land of Wano.

You must be eager to see what kind of swordsman he is, worry not because when he swung his weapon against Big Mom, the whole heaven collided into half. This phrase is enough to make your jaw drop, if it’s not enough then there was an occasion where he sank nine ships. The power that Kaidou holds is truly high-rated.

Do you remember the moment when Luffy faced his first defeat? It was against Kaidou. He swung his weapon one time, and the captain of Straw Hat was unconscious, lying on the ground. Even if the Akazaya Samurais, the best swordsmen of the Land of Wano were only able to injure him once. ONCE!

This will probably answer all your queries on why the captain of Beast Pirates is considered one of the best sowrdsman in One Piece. Every time Kaidou has swung his sword against some great opponents like; Shanks and Edward Newgate, the heavens collide in half.

The creature has even tried to kill himself but has failed multiple times. Kaidou wants to die in honor just like Whitebeard and Roger did. But whoever he tried to do that, he fails. Maybe because he is the strongest creature alive in the world, he just can’t die.

Issho / Fujitora 


We’ve kept talking about ‘pirate’ swordsmen, now’s the time for some ‘Marine’ action! Vice Admiral, Isso is the most fearsome marine swordsman. This guy is blind but can feel their presence and cut the enemy in half. And the reason why hes’ blind is far more interesting than you can imagine.

Issho made his first appearance in the franchise during the Dressrosa Arc.  When we saw him for the first time, he was just a blind gambler, but as we started to witness more from him, he wasn’t just any gambler. He was the Gravity Devil Fruit user, Fujitora, the new vice admiral.

During the arc, his powers were so immense that he defeated Law and Zoro, and ‘if’ he wanted he could also end the whole pirate career of Luffy. Fujitora fights for justice, and he knew what Luffy was up to, so chose not to stand against Luffy nor did he support him in any way.

He is a blind guy but was able to defeat some of the greatest swordsmen. Imagine if he still had his visions, he would’ve easily been the best swordsman after Roger and Whitebeard. The more interesting thing about the Vice Admiral is that he blinded himself. He was tired of seeing all the violent things in the world and decided to get rid of his visions.

Even Sakuzaki was aware of his powers, so he sent him with a few marine officers to handle Straw Hat pirates and Dressrosa. There was even a moment where Doflamingo stated that he is a monster in terms of strength. Issho was also able to battle with Sabo, the commander of the Revolutionary Army.

Fujitora has to be the most skilled swordsman from the Marines. Although he is blind, he never considered that as his disadvantage. The only time he regretted blinding himself was when he wanted to see Luffy’s kind face.

Roronoa Zoro 

Zoro killer

The pirate hunter, Roronoa Zoro is a prominent member of the Straw Hats and is renowned for using his iconic three-sword style. When we saw the first appearance of Zoro in the series, he was already feared by many pirates because he was a pirate slayer. He was the famous swordsman of the East Blue, and now, the whole Pirate World knows his name.

Zoro’s swordsmanship is also acknowledged by Mihawk, the greatest swordsman of all time. But many years have passed since that incident, and now he might be just a level below Dracule Mihawk to become the greatest swordsman of all time. The swordsman’s persona is very different, he is not the type of a character to stay in someone’s order. He has the potential to become a captain.

If we take a look at the current events, the raid on Inighasima, then we can see the potential and the powers that Zoro has unlocked since the beginning of his journey. The fans were shaking when they witnessed Zoro using the Conqueror’s Haki for the first time.

He has owned all his reputation by his mere strength. He has trained his whole life, without depending on anyone else, so he could conquer his dream. Roronoa Zoro is also considered the Right-Man of Straw Hat Pirates because of the immense power he has, and he was the first member of Straw Hats.

Zoro has also won the battle against the legendary samurai of Wano, Ryuma. Although he was just a corpse, he was able to remain victorious and acquired the legendary sword, Shisui. He was also able to injure the Emperor of the Sea, Kaidou. Just for you to know, it took all nine members of Akazaya Nine member to wound Kaidou by attacking at once.

Without a doubt, Zoro is a potent character of One Piece. Without Devil Fruit, he only trained hard, exceeding his dreams to be the person that he is in the present day.

Silvers Rayleigh 

Silvers Rayleigh

The Vice Captain of Roger Pirates, Silvers Rayleigh has much more capability than you can even imagine.

Rayleigh is also known as the Dark Knight in the Pirate world for a reason. He was one of the most fearsome pirates in the world. Every infamous pirate is afraid of Rayleigh and his sword. We could see his amazing wordplay skills during the battle between the Worst generation Pirates vs Kizaru and PX-5. We all are aware of the power that Kizaru holds, but Rayleigh was still able to stop the logia user.

He was the one that save Zoro from Kizaru. He was also the one that taught Luffy to use all three types of Haki. Rayleigh is truly a talented individual who can take on any opponent with ease. Not to mention his Haki, he can use Haki at a high level and use all three types of them.

The Dark Knight is a powerful and experienced swordsman. He gained the name ‘Dark Knight’ because of how detrimental he is. Not only he was able to stop Kizaru, but he was also able to stop the first commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco. As we’ve mentioned before he can use high-level Haki and with its power he can even control the Haki and make a barrier from it.

During the Wano Arc, we could see the flashback between Roger vs Whitebeard, and during that battle, Marco was making a charge to attack the Dark Knight, but he stopped him with a single finger. This shows us how talented the Dark Knight is and the mastery that he has done in his Haki.

While h was teaching Haki to Luffy, he again displayed his powers. He was able to knock out a wild elephant with a smile on his face. Using his haki he could also show the location of the wild animals exactly, and tell the power levels that he had. If we will get to see more of Rayleigh’s actions in the future then we can witness his tremendous power.

Kozuki Oden

Kozuki Oden

The greatest samurai of all time, Kozuki Oden!

Oden was known as the strongest samurai in the Land of Wano. He has exceptional skills and was known for being the legendary leader of the Akazaya Nine. Oden might be the only person that had been the crewmate of both Whitebeard Pirates and Roger Pirates. His swordsmanship was acknowledged by both of these infamous pirates.

The legendary samurai has also discovered One Piece already. The legendary samurai was so powerful with his two-sword style that even the Strongest Creature Alive was scared of him. Even during the fight, Oden portrayed his amazing two-sword style technique. He annihilated hundreds of Kaidou’s subordinates, and he was the only person that was able to give the Emperor of the Sea a serious blow.

If Oden didn’t get distracted during the battle, there was a high chance of him winning the battle against Kauidou. He was a great leader and taught the Akazaya Nine Samurais to be great swordsmen, that’s why they are on our list today.

When Roger met him for the first time, even he was excited to battle with him. He was well known and respected by both of the pirate crew. Oden’s swordsman was passed to the Akazaya members, and during the battle with Kaidou, we could see them using the same two-sword style of Oden to cut Kaidou.

Although Oden has already died, the true terror of his attacks is still alive in Kaidou’s mind. Whenever he is about to face some kind of serious sword attack, like when the Akazaya Nine Samurais attacked him, or even Zoro, he gets a flashback of Oden. This shows how exceptional swordsman Oden actually was.

Dracule Mihawk 

Dracule Mihawk

Let’s talk about the best swordsman in the world, Dracule Mihawk.

He is the most feared swordsman in the world. Currently, he holds the title that Zoro is chasing. He is also known as “Hawkeye” and if you take a good look at his eye then you can find the reason why he is known as Hawkeye. Hi is called by that name because of his intimidating gaze.

Dracule Mihawk currently holds the record with zero losses in any kind of battle. He has a big black sword, named Black Sword. It is stated that his sword is known as the best Sword in the world. When Zoro battled with him for the first time, Mihawk defeated him with a kitchen knife because he wasn’t worth getting cut from the great Black Sword.

The Hawkeye is feared by most of the pirates and Marineford because they acknowledge the power that he holds with his Black Sword. The Government was smart enough to pull him on his side. He’s the best swordsman in the world, so it was obvious that the Marines wanted him on his side.

He even displayed his incredible swords play during the Marineford war. He was able to go against some of the infamous pirates of the world. But Mihawk is also known as the honorable sowrdsman of the world. As soon as Shanks made his appearance in the Marineford, he left the battlefield because he was only told to battle with Whitebeard Pirates, not with Red-Haired Pirates.

Well, Mihawk and Shansk know each other since they were kids. They used to have battles with each other and are considered each other’s rivals. It is stated that their battle is considered one of the most memorable moments in One Piece. A rival of the emperor of the sea is something to be proud of.


Red-Haired Shanks

Captain of the Red-Haired Pirates, Shanks has a single hand but is considered as one of the strongest swordsmen in the One Piece world.

Shanks, also known as The Red, is so powerful that although he doesn’t have any kind of special ability like other infamous pirates, he is the Emperor of the sea. He doesn’t have any kind of Devil Fruit power, and he is also not a giant in size like Big Mom and Kaidou. It’s crazy that this man has a single hand and a single sword, but the whole world is afraid of him.

Doesn’t this amaze you? How is he even an emperor of the sea without any specific qualities? Well, he has some specific qualities. He can use the Haki at a high level and is a great swordsman. There was a moment when Whitebeard and Shanks clashed with each other, and the heavens collided in half.

Talking about his Haki, when Shanks entered the boat of Whitebeard Pirates, his Haki was so enormous that other people started to faint because of it. He even displayed the level of his power during the Marinefoird war. Ace died during the Marineford War and even the captain of Whitebeard Pirates died during the moment, but still, the war didn’t end.

Then somebody unexpectedly makes his entrance, the Red-Haired Pirates. Shanks makes his appearance in the War, he states that he will not let others violate the death of Whitebeard and Ace. He announces that the war has ended, and it actually ends. He even challenged the Black Beard Pirates at that moment, but they were aware of his presence and backed off.

Shansk barely makes an appearance in the series, but whenever he does, it gets the whole fanbase excited. Even in the One Piece Film: Red, we could witness his great swordplay in it. Haven’t watched the movie yet? You’re missing something extraordinary.

Edward Newgate / Whitebeard

Whitebeard height

Whitebeard, the pirate who was known as the “Strongest Man in the World” and, after Gol D. Roger’s death, the “Man Closest to One Piece”.

Edward Newgate was the Emperor of the seam and it is stated that he holds the power to split the earth into half. He possesses the Quake-Quake Devil fruit power, and with that ability, he could raise earthquakes whenever he wanted to.

He was the most feared pirate by the Marines, even Shengoku was aware of the ability that he possessed and was afraid because of it. Garp and Shengoky both were aware of how dangerous swordsman Edward Newgate is because just with a single swing of his sword, he could raise multiple tsunamis and make cracks in the earth.

Edward Newgate was stated as the King of the Seas because of how dangerous he was. We all remember that when we first saw the appearance of Whitebeard in the series, he was taking some medical treatments. He was getting old and slowly getting weaker. Only if he was able to give his 100%, he could’ve destroyed all the Marine forces single-handedly.

It is said that during the epic war in Marinwford, he didn’t even use half of his power. During the flashbacks of Oden, we could witness the epic clash between Whitebeard Pirates and Roger Pirates. When Roger and Edward swung their sword at each other, their Haki clashed with each other and their sword didn’t even make a contact.

The four emperors are the strongest Pirate in the World, and even among them, Whitebeard was the strongest Emperor. The Marines were so scared of Whitebeard Pirates that they summoned all the seven Warlords of the Sea, and their strongest top three Admirals. He was truly one of the strongest characters of One Piece.

Even during his ending moments, he was shot by 152 times, hit by 46 cannons, and had 267 sword wounds, but still, he never fainted. Even after his death, he was standing up like a proud pirate.

Edward Newgate was a potent character of the franchise, just with his single presence, he could’ve made his opponent’s spine shiver. If only he didn’t have any health issues, he would’ve already found One Piece by now. The “Strongest Man in the World” with the best swordsman skills.

Gol D. Roger 


The King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger. The only person who has ever found One Piece.

Gol D. Roger is the most renowned character of the franchise. He was the leader of Roger Pirates, the only crew that has ever been to Laugh Tale. He was the pirate that ignited the whole Pirate Era. Every single pirate was aware of the power that Roger had, he was simply one of the most exceptional and strongest pirates in the world.

Roger’s crew was known as the most fearsome crew of all time. If it wasn’t for Roger’s swordsman skills and Garp’s power then they wouldn’t have been able to defeat Rock D. Xebec.  They were able to defeat the most infamous pirate in the world, and because of that even Garp even earned the title ‘Hero of the Marine’.

We didn’t see any kind of action of Roger and his swordsman skill for more than twenty years in the franchise, but we were finally able to witness his great power during Oden’s flashback in Lando of Wano. It seemed like he and Whitebeard were almost equal in terms of strength. When both of these pirates clashed with each other, the whole ground got torn.

Roger can use his Haki at a high level, that’s one of his special moves. He didn’t have any kind of Devil Fruit powers unlike, Whitebeard, who possessed the power to destroy the whole world. The only thing that could’ve made him powerful was his haki and his great swordsmen skills. With these two prominent qualities, he conquered the whole Pirate World.

The level of performance that Roger gas displayed is one of the best. His mere presence was enough to tell the opponents that they were going to meet their fate. Roger was not only the King of the Pirates, but he was also a father.

Roger was the father of Portgas D. Ace, who died during the Marineford War. Just like his father, even Ace impressed the whole world just when he was 17 years old. Roger believed that his son would’ve been one to take his title, but things never go as planned, does it?

Gold Roger was an exceptional pirate, even Garp and Sengoku acknowledged his skills and respected him, even though they were from different parties. The King of the Pirates, just with his swordsman skills and high-level haki, is truly an incredible thing to witness.

Shimotsuki Ryuma 

Now’s the final time for the strongest character of the franchise, Shimotsuki Ryuma.

Ryuma is one of the most legendary samurai from the Land of Wano. When we’re talking about the strongest swordsman, not a single character can go against this samurai. He was so powerful with his swordsmanship that he was also known as Sword God. Now imagine, why he is known as the Sword God and is on the top of our list.

Well, we haven’t seen the prime Ryuma in action. during the Thriller Park arc, we could see him in action. He defeated Nami, Usopp, and Chopper with just the blunt side of the sword. He was battling with all the Straw Hat members and even defeating them, but what if we tell you that it was not even a fraction of his power?

Do you remember the time when Brook’s shadow was within Ryuma’s possession? When he was battling with Zoro, it didn’t seem anything special about the legendary samurai. It didn’t look like he was powerful because he was adopting the techniques of Brook and not himself.

It is stated that Wano country and its samurai are some of the most fearsome things in the franchise. Do you know why they are feared by the Government and the world? Because of Ryuma and his swordsman skills. We haven’t seen the real appearance of Ryuma but he has some muscular figures. He has a powerful body and with that power, he can amplify more power and strength to his sword.

Ryuma even possesses the “power of destruction”, an attack of his superhuman strength. With this power, he can perform long-range attacks with his sword and injure his opponents. Ryuma possesses immense power, and often when such powerful swordsmen like Zoro and Ryuma battle with each other, the battle ends quickly.

When Ryuma was in his prime moment, he was feared by the whole world. Even the sword that he uses, Shisui is considered the National Treasure of the Land of Wano. Even Oden’s daughter, Hiyori was willing to give her father’s legendary sword Enma, to preserve Shisui.

Shimotsuki Ryum was the strongest swordsman to ever exist in One Piece. Far stronger than Roger or Mihawk.




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