Strongest One Piece Villains | Ranked By Strength

Strongest villains one piece

Eiichiro Oda is a mastermind when it comes to crafting characters. Every character is unique and different in One Piece Universe. And one of the interesting things about the franchise is its villains, who are almost unstoppable and feared by the whole world, have been the protagonist.

Two decades have already passed since the release of the blockbuster franchise. During the journey of Straw Hat Pirates, we got a chance to experience the pirate world and new characters. The more fascinating thing in the franchise was how the villains are responsible to control the whole world.

The antagonist characters in One Piece World has always been strong, but even among them, there are some of the characters who are capable to destroy the whole marine base from the inside. And there are some who have caused great havoc in the pirate world.

Without any delay, let’s jump straight into the topic and discuss some of the most fearsome villains of the franchise.

Vinsmoke Judge

Vinsmoke Judge

Let’s start the topic with one of the greatest mysteries that was revealed in the series. In the franchise it was revealed that Sanji was just not an ordinary pirate, he was the son of the infamous pirate, Vinsomke Judge.

Vinsmoke Judge is the leader of Germa 66, and the organization is one of the most powerful organizations in the franchise.

Vinsmoke Judge was so powerful that even Big Mom had acknowledged his capability. She knew what his position was worth and was willing to wed her daughter with his son.

Vinsmoke Judge can hold the title of strong villain because he has some of the most infamous people working under him.  Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji were his children who were working in his shadows and with such force, it’s almost invincible for us to slide him out of the list.

We know that Judge was not the best father when it comes to loving a child, but he sure knew how to make them some of the strongest weapons in the world. His crew was even able to challenge the Emperor of the Sea, Big Mom.

He was also a former member of the MADS, which is famous for having Dr. Vegapunk, Caesar Clown, Queen, etc.

After looking at his state when he was captured by the Nig Mom pirates, you might think that he is a coward. You are right, but that’s because he had never failed. This shows how great his victory streak was and how powerful his organization was.

With the iconic raider suit and his spear, the villain himself is one of the iconic ones in the franchise. His first name alone is enough to shake the whole world!

Charlotte Cracker

Charlotte Cracker

Affiliation: Big Mom Pirates

Bounty: 860,000,000

We talked about the Big Mom and how she nearly ended the Whole Germa 66. The emperor of the sea herself is known for being fearsome but her sweet commanders are also something to be feared of.

Charlotte Cracker, the commander of the Big Mom Pirates is someone to be feared. We saw the first appearance of the sweet commander when Luffy and other members invade Whole Cake Island.

Charlotte Cracker didn’t waste a second to show his immense abilities. he must be one of the villains that Luffy had a tough time battling with the sweet commander. Luffy was struggling so much with him that he couldn’t beat him alone and needed assistance from Nami.

Even the captain of the Straw Hats himself praised the level of Armament Haki. With such ability, he was able to make his biscuit clones harder like steel. With great durability, Cracker also had great agility.

Cracker was also able to math with Luffy’s Gear 4 speed with ease. He became such a threat in the Whole Cake Island that for a moment it seemed like Luffy was losing the fight.

He was even acknowledged by Big Mom, so it makes sense why he is one of the strongest villains. If it wasn’t for Nami’s assistance, Luffy would’ve lost the fight and they would’ve never been able to rescue Sanji from Big Mom’s trap.

Gecko Moria

Gecko Moria

Affiliation: Thriller Bark Pirates

Bounty: 320,000,000

Gecko Moria has so much potential that he was realized by the World Government and became one of the Seven Warlords. He was a Sea Warrior and besides that, he is also one of the most experienced pirates to go out in the Grand Line.

He might be one of the antagonists who defeated the Whole Straw Hat Pirates and if it wasn’t for the Shadow Force that Luffy inhaled, he was a goner. Luffy was helpless against Gecko Moria after his shadow was stolen.

The only way Luffy was able to defeat Moria was by turning into Nightmare Luffy. Gecko Moria had some of the strongest pirates in his shadow crew. He had Oars, and the legend of the Wano Kingdom, the strongest swordsman of the franchise, Ryuma.

Gecko Moria was also gigantic and just looking at how huge the pirate was, we can already assume his physical strength. Gecko Moria was not on;y strong but he was also smart. We’ve seen him using smart tactics and some smart plays.

if Moria was able to use his full strength while the whole force of Shadows, he would simply have been the greatest villain to exist in the franchise. He alone was enough to make the whole Straw Hat Pirates Struggle.



Affiliation: Arlong Pirates


Who can forget one of the most epic fights that took place at the beginning of the franchise? Arlong was a strong Fishman. He was known for having brutal strength and one of his special power was his deadly fangs.

Don Kreig was known as the strongest pirate of the East Blue but after the presence of Arlong, he inherited that title. Arlong might not be big as Big Mom or Kaidou but he sure is almost 10 times bigger than an ordinary human being. And with big size comes brutal strength.

Arlong was seen carrying a house with his bare hands while he was searching for Usopp. And if you’re forgetting then we’re talking about his strength when he’s in the land. He is a Fishman Island and when he is in the water he becomes invincible!

Arlong didn’t have any kind of special weapon or any Devil fruit power, but still, he was considered one of the dangerous pirates. Why? Because of his extremely strong jaws.

Arlong possesses the jaws of the shark. Those jaws were so powerful that he could easily bite through any kind of metal and even destroy huge boulders. Those are just a fraction of his strength.

Being a Fishman, Arlong also possesses great durability. During his battle with Luffy, he showed incredible resistance to pain. Luffy broke the noise of the Arlong, but he didn’t even flinch and turned it back to normal like it was nothing. He can even grow his teeth in no time which we saw in the battle!

The monstrous villain also has a great history with the Sun Pirates. The villain is just iconic, and when he gets angry, he goes into super-Saiyan mode. It’s better to not make him angry because he will be unstoppable when he enters that Super Saiyan mode.

Hody Jones

Hody Jones

Affiliation: Arlong Pirates


Let’s take a look at the other Fishman infamous villain.

Hody Jones already possessed incredible superhuman strength and size because he was a Fishman. Hody Jones was already a threat to Fishman island but after taking the steroids, he became something that was out of control to handle for society.

Hody Jones had the ability to launch drops of water making them effective like bullets. After taking the steroid he became so powerful and his abilities went so advanced that the single water bullet was able to destroy a bunch of layers of Stone Walls.

Even Usopp said that Arlong was very weak compared to Hody jones. he was brutal and treated his own society like trash, and besides that, he was also a true genius. Camie said that Jones was more powerful in his mind than his brutal strength.

He was also a former member of the Neptune Army and was personally recognized by King Neptune. He was a great soldier in the past and because of that experience and knowledge, just makes him more fearsome.

Hody Jones was able to go one-on-one vs the time skip Luffy, that alone makes him inherit the title ‘strong’.



Magellan was the warden of the most dangerous prison in the world, Impel Down. That alone is enough to tell how dangerous his power status is. He was known for silencing some of the infamous pirates of the world according to Bon-Chan.

Magellan possessed the power of poison and with such ability, he was almost invincible. He is truly one of the fearsome antagonists because even some of the infamous pirates like Crocodile and Jinbe were afraid of Megallan’s presence when they were on their way to escape from the prison.

During the Impel Down Arc, we could see the battle between him and Black Beard. It was surprising because just n a glimpse Magellan was about to kill Black Beard. If it wasn’t for Shiryu, he would be dead which would’ve affected the Pirate world vastly.

And don’t you forget that he was in bad health condition at that moment. We all know what kind of health condition we are talking about. Magellan constantly needs to go to the bathroom because he gets diarrhea a lot. Well, that won’t change the fact of him being the strongest antagonist character that the whole pirate fears.

After the time skip, he was sadly demoted to vice president. Although he was demoted from his former position, it still makes him one of the fearsome antagonist characters in the franchise.

Rob Lucci 

Rob Lucci 

We saw the appearance of Rob Lucci for the first time in the franchise during the water Seven Arc. He was the strongest member of the CP9. When he was just about age 13, he already possessed superhuman abilities.

He was able to eliminate almost 500 soldiers, and took several cannon balls damage, because of all these ridiculous performances he displayed, earned him the name “cruelest executioner” in the history of CP9. Well, that’s just a piece of scale we’re talking about.

Lucci possesses such an incredible endurance power that it is believed he can even survive a buster call that holds the power to destroy a whole island. Without a doubt, Lucci is considered one of the most powerful villains, and he displayed this when he defeated Zoro away like it was nothing.

He is extremely strong and even Vice Admirals have proven this statement. Whenever Rob Lucci is on his solo missions, Vice Admirals never interfere because they are confident that he will survive in any kind of hazardous moment.

If Lucci and an opponent are in the same building thee the Navy will not hesitate to destroy the whole building because they are sure that he will survive that as well.

Rob Lucci is not only strong but he is also mentally prepared for any kind of fight. He even figured out the secret behind Luffy’s Gear 2 in no time. Besides that, he is also incredibly fast and has great physical stamina. He had so much potential stamina in the race that he could even go on an all-out battle with the whole Straw Hat members.



Now let’s talk about the iconic villain of the franchise, Crocodile.

Sir Crocodile is one of the main antagonists of the franchise. He made his first appearance in the franchise during the Alabasta Arc. During that moment he was a member of the Warlord of the Sea because the World Government had acknowledged the brutal power and strength of Crocodile.

Crocodile is a self-dependent person and believes in his strength more than relying on anyone. He is powerful and in addition to that, he is also mentally prepared for most of the cases. This makes Crocodile prepared for any kind of upcoming challenge and he hardly ever loses his temper. Thanks to his mental stability.

Crocodile also plans with perfection, in each plan he takes out the chance of remaining victorious and examines the situation to take out the perfect outcome. We could even see the genius plays that he made during the epic Marineford Arc.

He was able to save Whitebeard, Ace, and Luffy during the great battle between Marines and Pirates. he showed some exceptional battle skills and with his sand devil fruit power, he even saved Luffy from Mihawk. His performance was so top-tier that he has to be one of the MVPs in the war.

Crocodile is one of the dangerous antagonists of the franchise, especially because of how prepared he is from the mind.

Charlotte Katakuri

Charlotte Katakuri

Katakuri, the second child of Big Mom has shown the great potential that makes him one of the strongest antagonists of the franchise.

Katakuri is one of the three Sweet Generals and just by that, you should know that he is one of the powerful forces of Big Mom. The second child of Big Mom is so powerful that according to Brulee, he has never been defeated and has never seen knocked on the floor.

from that, you can already guess the power level that Katakuri holds. Charlotte Katakuri holds the Devil Fruit power of Mochi Mochi no Mi. The devil fruit allows him to turn into mochi and the more interesting thing about this devil fruit is that it also acts as an explosive.

He is the most acknowledged man in the Big Mom pirates. He has always been serious and has a great mindset. Besides that, he is also a ferocious pirate with a bounty of 1,057,000,000 Berries.

During the epic battle between Katakurs and Luffy, we saw one of the greatest fights to ever exist in the franchise. The fight was so intense that he knocked the captain of Straw Hats so many times, but yet he stood up and fought with all his will. When the battle started, it almost looked like there wasn’t a single chance for Luffy to win the battle, he was beaten brutally.

During the battle, we could also see that Katakuri had great respect for his opponents as well. When his little sister attacked Luffy while hiding from the corner, Katakuri was damaged brutally Luffy but after finding the truth he stabbed himself to make the battle even.

He has a calm attitude and shows no disrespect to others, not even to his opponents. He also has the observation Haki from which he can even predict the future.

Katakuri truly is one of the fearsome villains who is always loyal and filled with honor.



Queen, one of the strongest forces of the Beast Pirates.

The Beast Pirates are known for their cruelty and the power they hold, and Queen is one of the pirates who are responsible to keep a hold on such a dangerous crew. He is the headliner of the Beast Pirates and one of the strongest members of Kaidou.

We can say that he is one of the most fearsome pirates because the government has acknowledged his threat to the world and has given him a bounty of 1,320,000,000 Berrys. He is big in size and possesses super strength, which is just a fraction of his whole power.

Queen has a strong will, when Luffy used Haoshoku Haki on him, he was able to remain conscious which shows that he has great durability. Now let’s take a look at his Devil fruit Power.

Queen possesses the power of  Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Brachiosaurus, which allows him to turn into an ancient Brachiosaurus. He is already big in size but when he transforms into the ancient animal, he becomes so big that he even surpasses Big Mom in size. After he transforms into the model his powers also get enhanced and become one of the unstoppable forces of the best pirates.

The character might not have a serious attitude like Crocodile but his bounty and powers aren’t something that you should be messing with.


Sanji vs King

Now let’s talk about the right-hand man of the Beast Pirates.

King is the right-hand man of the Beast Pirates and the most powerful crew member of Kaidou. He was solo responsible for throwing done the whole ship of Big Mom which almost killed the emperor.

Not only King is one of the most powerful members of the crew, but he is also calm and composed. King is an invincible member of the Beast Pirates who was able to go one-on-one with the first commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco the Phoenix.

King has many responsibilities in the Beast Pirates and handles most of them. We can explain how high his position is because he went to the sea and attacked BBig Mom’s ship without taking any orders or asking Kaidou. Besides his super strength and incredible mindset, King also has super abilities.

The right-hand man of Kaidou is also known as  “King the Fire” because he has the ability to create fire with the help of his ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruit. With such technique, he can destroy his enemy in close combat and just become invincible!

Kind is the badass character in the franchise, and when he was facing the Big Mom crew he didn’t even flinch a bit.



Let’s talk about the villain who is also known as the ‘God’.

Enel was the “God” of the Skypiea and by God, we should already grasp the idea of how powerful he must be. The power this guy possesses is just incredible. With his incredible Devil fruit power, it is almost impossible to beat him.

There isn’t a single sign of weakness in Enel because he has everything he needs. He has peed, accuracy, power, and everything a man needs. Enel is on a different level than the pirates, we can assume that there are simply few people that can counter Enel, and luckily one of them is Luffy.

Luffy is a rubber man and because he is rubber the electricity won’t affect him. That was the only thing that kept Luffy alive and he was able to defeat the God of Skypiea.

Enel demonstrated a small fraction of his power to Zoro, Sanji, Robin, and the rest of the members. The only pirate that he couldn’t defeat was Luffy and because he lacked experience, he faced defeat.

Enel isn’t only powerful in terms of battle and his Devil Fruit, but he is also aware of his surroundings and gathers knowledge from them. Enel truly was the fearsome god of Skypiea who had taken control over Sky Island.

Donquixote Doflamingo 


Doflamingo has to be one of the iconic and fearsome villains of the franchise. He is so fearsome that he gained the nickname “Heavenly Demon.”

The list of Doflamingo has so many pages that it keeps on getting stacked and stacked. his powers were recognized by the World Government and he was approved as the Warlord of the Sea. Well, the story of his achievement just doesn’t end there.

He has been one of the important figures of the underworld. After the Marineford Arc, it was revealed that Doflamingo is a much bigger deal than just being a warlord. He was the king of Dressrosa and not only that, but he is also a member of the Celestial Dragon.

Doflamingo is the mastermind behind the whole criminal activities. He was taking control of the whole Kingdom and was the person behind the SMILE factory. He was the main person behind the whole construction of SMILE Devil Fruits for Kaidou.

Doflamingo is a powerful figure, he knows the secret of the Celestial Dragon and because of that not even the Navy or the World Government can do anything about that. He is known as the Heavenly Demon in the franchise for a reason. He is known for being immensely powerful, ruthless, and a mastermind.

Doflamingo has the ability to create threats from his hand. He has developed so much in his Devil Fruit that he has awakened his Devil Fruit. With the awakening version of the fruit, he can turn anything into a string just by touching it.

One of the signature moves of Doflamingo is that he can cage a whole Kingdom using his unique abilities. He can also make his own clown and use others like peppers. His Devil fruit is immensely strong, but the list just doesn’t end there.

Doflamingo is one of the unique people who can use Conqueror’s Haki. He was one of the strongest opponents that Luffy came across. Thanks to Law and Luffy’s alliance, they were able to beat the Heavenly Demon, Donquixote Doflamingo.



We’ve kept talking about the pirate antagonists, and now it’s time for some of the Marine members.

Being in the position of an admiral, we can already assume how powerful Kizaru is in reality. He has the authority to call the Marine’s greatest weapon to ever exist, Buster Call and he has even the power to remove any Sea Warlord he wants.

Kizaru is one of the backbones of Marines and is considered one of the most powerful figures of the Navy. He is truly one of the fearsome antagonists of the franchise because of the havoc he created in the Sabody Arc. Let’s take a look at some of those moments.

When Kizaru arrived at Sabody, his mere presence was enough to make the whole Pirate run for their lives. Not even the pirates from the Worst Generation were able to defeat him and the Straw Hats were also helpless in front of Kizaru.

With his incredible Devil Fruit power, he can travel at the speed of light and even shoot beam guns. He showed a fraction of his power in Sabody and almost killed Zoro. If Rayleigh and Kuma weren’t there, the Straw hat pirates didn’t even have a slim chance of surviving from there.

In just a blink of an eye, Kizary defeated five Pirate Crews from the Worst Generation with a smile on his face. They weren’t even a competition for the Marine Admiral.

Even during the great Marineford War, he showed his exceptional powers and defeated many pirates. He fought with an Emperor of the Sea and some of the greatest pirates like Marco but remained uninjured. Not even a single wound was seen on his body.

Kizaru truly is one of the epic antagonists of the franchise, who destroys everything with the beam of light that comes his way.



Aokiji is also one of the backbones of the Marines. He is an Admiral of the Marines and being in that position he has the authority to make the buster call and has complete authority over soldiers.

His powers and capabilities are so immense that it was recognized by Sengoku himself. After Sengoku made the announcement of his retirement, he personally suggested that Aokiji become the next admiral of the fleet with the Commander-in-Chief of government.

Aokiji was considered one of the most powerful members of the Marines that had the potential to change the wave of the battle. He was an important figure to the Marines and Government.

Unfortunately, Aokiji left the Marines after having an epic battle against Akainu. Although he left the Marines, he is still considered one of the strongest antagonists. He showed a fraction of his power during the Marineford Arc and even at the moment when the Straw Hats encountered the admiral for the first time.

When the Straw Hats met Kizaru for the first time, he frizzed Luffy and for a split second, it almost looked like he was about to meet his fate. He even fought with Jozu and showed an exceptional battle against the commander of the Whitebeard Pirates.

Even the Heavenly Demon was aware of the power that Aokiji possessed and backed off when he appeared in Punk Hazard. His mere presence is enough to make pirates get shiver on their spines!


Akainu might just be the most hated antagonist of all time by the whole One Piece fanbase.

Akainu is one of the cruelest Marine admirals that shows no mercy to any of the pirates. He strikes straight into the heart of the pirates and makes them pay for the price they did. His presence alone is enough to fear some of the greatest pirates of the franchise like Black Beard.

Everyone who has watched One Piece knows what Sakuzaki is capable of. He was the MVP member in the Marineford Arc for the Marines. He was the one that killed Ace and gave deeper wounds to Whitebeard. He even severely injured Jimbei and Luffy, if it wasn’t for Trafalgar Law’s presence in the war, they were a goner.

After the Paramount War, he got promoted and took the position of Sengoku and became the next Admiral of the Fleet. To gain the position of Sengoku he battled with Aokiji and eventually won. He was able to defeat one of the strongest Admiral which makes him just invincible.

Not only Akainu is strong physically but also knows how to do mind games with others. he manipulated Squard and made him stab right in the heart of Whitebeard. He even manipulated Ace and made him turn back.  This was the main reason why Ace got killed.

Besides his extraordinary powers, he also possesses the power of Magma. With such Devil Fruit, it was almost impossible to defeat him. He could even create magma, and volcanic eruption and van even survive in any kind of disastrous event.

Golden Lion Shiki

Golden Lion Shiki

Golden Lion Shiki, a rival of the King of Pirates, Gol D. Roger.

Golden Lion Shiki was one of the fearsome characters back in the time when he was in his prime time. He was also a member of the Rocks Pirates which is known as the strongest pirate crew to ever exist in the franchise.

Just being a member of such an infamous crew, gives us a hint of how powerful he is. He was considered as a powerful villain back in the era of Gol D. Roger which is much more impressive because there were only a few pirates who held that title.

Shiki possessed enormous power and was considered as the rival of Pirate of the Kings, Gol D. Roger. Being the rival of the King of Pirates means something spectacular and powerful. During his prime time, he was at the same level as of Whitebeard and Kaidou.

Back in the early era, he even fought with the greatest force of Marines; Garp and Sengoku. Imagining such a battle can give us a little glimpse of how dangerous Golden Lion Shiki was.


black beard

Let’s take a look at some of the Strongest emperors of the Sea, Marshall D. Teach.

Blackbeard is one of the strongest Emperors of the Sea and one of the most unique characters of the whole franchise. He is unique because he has done the impossible thing in the franchise, possessing two Devil fruit powers.

Blackbeard started his journey by becoming a crew member of the Whitebeard Pirates. Eventually, he killed a commander of the ship and stole his Devil Fruit Yami Yami no Mi. With such Devil Fruit, he got the powers of Darkness. With such power, he was also able to defeat Ace which made the World Government acknowledge him.

The Government acknowledged his powers and became the Warlord of the sea. But during the Marineford Arc, he did something that no one was thinking of. He killed Whitebeard and stole the most powerful fruit, Gura Gura no Mi.

He stole the ability from Whitebeard and became the new strongest person to exist in the world. After defeating Whitebeard he became a threat to the world and also the new Emperor of the sea.

Shanks already knew that Blackbeard was a threat to the world and even advised Whitebeard to stop ace from chasing Blackbeard. After becoming an Emperor of the sea he considers himself “The Most Powerful Man on Earth”.

The fact that he has Devil Fruit makes him one of the strongest antagonists of the franchise. One devil fruit makes the whole world split in half and another one has the capability to nullify the power of other Devil Fruit users.

After the great Paramount War, he even recruited some of the strongest infamous pirates from the Impel Down. He recruited some of the dangerous pirates who were kept on level 5 of prison because of how dangerous they were. Oda has never revealed why Blackbeard has the power of two Devil fruits.

It is impossible to have two Devil Fruit powers with a user because it is known that people who consume two Devil Fruit will die. According to Marco, Blackbeard has the capability to take two Devil Fruit because of his abnormal type of body.

Charlotte Linlin 

Big mom

One of the most powerful and frightening pirates of all time, Charlotte Linlin, also known as, big Mom.

Big Mom is the Emperor of the sea, and by being the emperor of the sea it is common for her to be one of the strongest pirates to ever exist in the whole franchise. Big Mom was already considered one of the most dangerous characters when she was just a kid.

She was so dangerous that she defeated the strongest giants of the Elbaf. She is filled with monstrous strength. Even the Five Elders discussed the strength of Big Mom. They said that Big Mom is one of the few who has the power to stop Blackbeard.

Her mere presence is enough to fill the whole surrounding with fear and danger. When the Straw Hat members faced Big Mom for the first time, they recognized the incredible power that she possessed and feared that they could be crushed into pieces if they’ll fight without thinking.

Even when she made her presence in the Onighasima, she was called as “Strongest Woman in the World” by the subordinates of Kaidou. Big Mom has shown her ferocious presence during Whole Cake Island. From that Arc, one thing we knew about her was she could be an extremely dangerous person if she loses her temper.

When Big Mom losses control of herself, she becomes so ferocious and powerful that her own subordinates are afraid of the outcome. When she becomes mad, she holds the power to destroy a whole island. Her strength is something that makes the pirate run for their lives. She is known for destroying entire countries just for candy.

She has a great love for candy and if anyone tries to deny giving her them, she’ll do anything to get them back. She is a great threat to the world, but her pirate clan is a much bigger threat because she has some powerful characters like Katakuri, Smoothie, Charlotte Perospero, and many more.

Besides her pirate clan and her strength, her Devil Fruit is just dangerous as Whitebeards. She possesses the power to take souls and give souls. such power is a danger because she can give souls to any living beings and take a big benefit from it. Prometheus and Zeus are the results of her dangerous Devil Fruit power. 

Big Mom is also a big shot in the New World and possesses many large territories such as Fish-Man Island. She almost possesses all information about the New World, and with such advantage, she can gather the advantages and disadvantages of those pirates and even research if they are threat to her. That is the main reason why she knew about the Germa 66 organization and used Sanji to her advantage.

The Emperor of the Sea is so powerful and dangerous that even demons will have to attend in her Tea Party if they get invited. She was sure a fearsome character of the franchise.



Kaidou, the Emperor of the sea is the second strongest Emperor after Whitebeard.

He is one of those few pirates who tried to battle with the Strongest man alive, Whitebeard, which is something you’ll never even dare to think. He has even countered with Kaidou and battled with Gecko Moria when he was at his prime moment. He eventually won the battle against the man who had the ability to control all the shadows.

Even the Five elder had recognized the fearsome power of Kaidou and mentioned him as one of those few pirates who had the capability to take down Blackbeard. Not only he was recognized by the Five Elders, but he was also recognized by some of the powerful pirates such as Donquixote Doflamingo and Trafalgar Law.

Doflamingo is one of the infamous pirates, who possesses a great threat to even the Celestial Dragon. Even an infamous pirate like that was afraid of Kaidou and his presence. Trafalgar Law also stated that Kaidou can easily assassinate Dofmalingo, a world-class pirate.

Even after the alliance with Straw Hat Pirates, Law was unsure about their win against Kaidou. He told that the chances of remaining victorious against the Emperor of the sea were only 30%. Even after the alliance of two Worst Generations Pirates, the percentage of the winning was slim which shows his extraordinary powers.

“The Strongest Creature Alive” Kaidou holds this title and he was called this because he was simply unkillable. He jumped from Sky Island and didn’t even get a scratch on his body. If some pirate managed to bleed Kaidou then they can consider that as their victorious moment of life because that is simply impossible.

Kaidou showed his small fraction of power during the great Onighasima War. He knocked out Luffy just by a single normal blow, and when the captain of the Straw hat used his strongest abilities, he didn’t even flinch. Warlords of the sea are considered some of the strongest pirates of the franchise but for Kaidou they are nothing but ants.

He even has the capability to go on toe-to-toe against Big Mom. When both of these characters battled against each other, the whole heaven split in half, just like when Whitebeard and Luffy wielded with each other. Besides his enormous physical strength, he also has the Devil Fruit that can grant him a monster form.

He can even lift a whole island like Ongishasima using his ancient Devil Fruit powers. Kaidou has some of the strongest characters in his fleet. Some of the greatest pirates that work under Kaidou are King, Queen, Jack, and more. He partnered with Ceaser Clown and Doflaming and managed to produce hundreds of artificial Zoan Devil Fruits.

With the such experiment, he has an army of five hundred Zoan Devil Fruit users which he calls Gifters. Kaidou truly is a fearsome character that even the Admirals, the biggest weapon of Marines fear.

Rock D. Xebec

Rock D. Xebec

Now let’s take a look at the strongest antagonist in the franchise, Rock D. Xebec.

Rock D. Xebec has to be the strongest character of One Piece. Back in the time, he was known as the strongest pirate of all time. He was one of the most frightening pirates and the best part is that he had some of the most fearsome characters on his crew. His crew members were Edward Newgate, Charlotte Linlin, Kaido, Shiki, John, and some of the most fearsome characters of the franchise.

Rock D. Xebec was the most frightening character and one of the mysterious ones as well. The most frightening thing about this pirate is that he even had a D on his name, and people who have a D in their name are known as the strongest people who can even challenge the Gods. \

During his time, he was the biggest threat to the World Government. He was so powerful that he even attacked the Celestial Dragons which normally pirates can never even dream of it.

he is so powerful that not only the force of Marine was enough to stop the Pirate Crew. After attacking the Celestial Dragons, the Marines needed to take some action. They couldn’t let this moment slide and assigned Garp for the work. Garp knew that Xebec was a monster and they had no chance of defeating him, so he made an alliance with the infamous pirate, Gol D. Roger.

Because of the alliance, Gol D. Roger and Garo succeeded and defeated the infamous pirate of all time. This battle was the reason why Garp is known as the Hero of the Navy to this day. This explains how powerful Rock D. Xebec actually was, a true monster.

Xebec might even have a Devil Fruit and many fans believe that it was Goro Goro no Mi, the Devil Fruit that can manipulate and create lightning. He didn’t only have the fearsome Devil Fruit power, but he also had the strongest crew of all time who was known for killing their own crewmates.

Rocks were the captain of all three Emperors of the Sea, who are known as the strongest pirates of all time. This gives us a hint at how powerful the pirate might have been during his time. Fascinating, isn’t it?



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