Top 30 Strongest Naruto Characters (Most Powerful)

strongest naruto characters

Looking back at the 23 glorious years since the launch of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto has given fans many great characters.

From amazing protagonists like Naruto and Sasuke to the badass antagonists like Madara and Kaguya; the anime never disappointed when it came to remarkable characters.

But what if we tell you that the main protagonist of this anime, Uzumaki Naruto isn’t the strongest character at all…

Although he falls in top tier, he no where near the most strongest character in the franchise.

So, who’s number one?

30. Hoshigaki Kisame

Hoshigaki Kisame has a noticeable advantage in combats, his ability to use his mind in the most challenging battles. Even though Kisame’s powers are not even comparable to his comrade Itachi’s strength; he still is a powerful character.

His Water-Style Genjutsu allows him to create a lake on land, water traps, and shark-shaped bombs which are powerful enough to blow up a person.

Kisame also possesses the iconic Samehada sword. The blade is powerful enough to cut a person in half.

The sword also absorbs chakra from other Shinobis and transfers it to its wielder; giving Kisame a upper hand during battles.

Kisame also holds the title of “The Tailed Beast Without a Tail” due to his impressive chakra ability. He was truly one of the strongest Shinobis.

He fought with Guy with full potential, the undefeated champion of Taijutsu. During the fight, he got overwhelmed and made a suicidal attack. As he didn’t want to leak any information, he summoned the sharks and trapped himself in a bubble, and sacrificed himself.

29. A (Fourth Raikage)


The Fourth Raikage A was a beast. Even his title shows how much power he was.

His dominating appearance and brute strength was all he needed be in this list of strongest Naruto characters. The Fourth Raikage had a different kind of fighting style, he had the moves of wrestlers.

Although some fans think wrestling moves are lame for anime characters, but he’s an exception.  You can watch any of his combat scenes and decide what you think of his style.

His Lightning Ninjutsu demolished enemies in minutes. It also allowed A a great amount of chakra and utilize it to its fullest. His ninjutsu helped him create a lightning shield for himself. The only known weakness of his tough armor is Amaterasu.

You might also be thinking that his armor would make him slow but you’re wrong. It gives him more agility and can move in even faster. When A’s hair starts to get spiky be careful because that’s when he starts to take things seriously.

However, his abilities are not even near the most powerful Naruto character.

28. Onoki


Despite his old age, Onoki was no joke.

The Third Tsuchikage was not someone you’d wanna mess with.

Onoki used Earth Style Jutsu which allows him to create different kinds of weapons through earth’s powers. His ability “Dust Release” allowed him to destroy anything at a molecular level. He could even make rock golem warriors that are strong enough to take down a normal Shinobi.

His Earth Style jutsu helped him to add or reduce his weight, with this power he could float or throw himself at opponents.

When he was young, he fought with Uchiha Madara and was able to stand his ground. Most fans remember how he reincarnated to stopped Madara’s meteor with Gaara.

Unfortunately, like the badass Madara is, he summoned the second Meteor which was impossible for them to stop.

27. Mu

Mu naruto

The master of Onoki and the Second Tsuchikage; Mu was one of the strongest Earth Style Jutsu users. Just like his appearance, his fighting style is also cunning yet aggressive.

Mu was also known as the Non-Person because the Second Tsuchikage has never left a single trace of chakra in a physical form.

He could notice every sort of chakras pattern even in a populated area and dodge most of the attacks while also using an offensive fighting style.

If the situation became hazardous and he somehow got trapped in a confined space, Mu could split his body into two and escape. Although this maneuver consumed a massive amount of his chakra, it was still a great skill to have.

The Second Tsuchikage had the same attacks as Onoki; Dust release. He could also manage the weight of his body according to his will, just like the old man.

26. Tsunade

tsunade naruto

Tsunade was the fifth Hokage of the Konoha village. The first thing you notice is a Diamond shaped seal located on her forehead.

The Seal on her forehead possessed a great power, it is also known as the Strength Of A Hundred Seal. It collected and preserved all the chakras which she could use or give to others whenever needed.

Not to forget, besides the seal; she possessed brute strength and quick healing powers.

She could also use ethos chakra to focus it on a single point, she could focus all of her powers and strength on her punch which was powerful enough to make the ground crack.

Tsunade was also among the very few Shinobis who could use the Medical Jutsu efficiently. She saved many Shinobis from their death; remember when she saved Choji who was on the brink of death?

The seal even helps to restore energy of extremely injured people. Lady Tsunade also survived through a body split caused by Madara. This explains how strong she actually was.

25. Gengestu Hozuki

Gengetsu Hozuki

Without a doubt, the Second Mizukage of the Hidden Mist Village was the Shinobi who killed Mu.

Sadly, he was also killed by Mu at the same time.

Hozuki’s Fire Style Jutsu was so powerful that he could shoot bullets of fire or even burn land. Not only that, he could also use Water Style Jutsu. He could turn into a liquid form; one of the signature moves of the Gengetsu clan.

His Water Style Jutsu could strike opponents and create water air balloons fast enough to cause severe damage. The Second Mizukage could even make clones using water and oil.

His clones should not be taken lightly because when they explode like bombs.

After they explode, everything turns into water vapor which Hozuki can recreate those clones again, creating an endless loop of destruction.

24. Hatake Kakashi

Hatake Kakashi eyes

The Sixth Hokage of the Konoha Village, Hatake Kakashi is one of the coolest ninjas in the anime series.

Kakashi possesses a Sharingan; the gift from his beloved friend, Obito.

Kakashi was the sensei of Team 7 (Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura). Using his Sharingan, he can copy the hand signs of other Shinobis and use them as his own. He can also read the chakra of his opponents and see the perfect time to attack his opponent.

Kakashi has also fought against the strongest Akatsuki member, Pain. He showed exceptional fighting skills against Pain and became famous all over the nation.

The Sixth Hokage has always been a talented and strong Shinobi since he was a kid. When he was 12 years old he earned the title ‘Jōnin’, he also became a member of the ANBU when he was 13 years old. Although he has become quite old at Boruto, he can still beat his enemies.

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Although he lost his parents at an early age, he was able to overcome that trauma and became one of the strongest ninjas of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Kakashi can use Lightning Style Jutsu to perform his signature move, Raikiri.

The Raikiri move allows him to create a sharp blade of lightning, enough to kill a man right on the spot. Even Guy, the leader of Taijutsu, considered Kakashi his ultimate rival.

Another signature move of Kakashi was he could use the Kamui, after awakening his Mangekyo Sharingan. His new move allowed him to transport any human or object into a different dimension.

We even saw Kakashi using his Purple Susano during the Great Fourth Ninja War. Although it was just for a moment, that small moment became the fans’ favorite.

23. A (Third Raikage)

A third Raikage

A was a havoc creator, his mere presence could stir chaos.

The Third Raikage of the Hidden Cloud Village was known for his swift movements and for his endurance.

His raw strength was so great that he was able to fight with the Eight-Tailed Beast toe-to-toe. Usually, to tame a tailed Beast it needs lots of people but not for the Third Raikage; he wasn’t afraid to control the beast all alone.

A’s Lightning Release Armor is on a different level than any other Shinobi. His offensive and defensive abilities are so strong that the only person who can defeat him is himself.

He was defeated before when he accidentally pierced his body with his own finger.

22. Hiruzen Sarutobi

Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage of the Leaf Village was extremely powerful and genius. He was the pillar of the Konoha and among the very few Shinobis who could use all the Five Nature Releases. He was also an incredible Taijutsu user.

When Orochimaru reincarnated the First Hokage and Second Hokage, interrupting the Chunin Exams. Hiruzen Sarutobi showed his exceptional skills and fought with both Hokages summoned by Orochimaru who were the strongest Shinobis of Konoha.

Although he died while battling Orochimaru, Hiruzen stood his ground and fought with all he had. He could even use the Dead Demon Consuming Seal; a jutsu that could only be performed by a few ninjas who are skilled enough.

Sarutobi could also perform Shadow Clone Jutsu. Most of us remeber how he was reincarnated during the Great Fourth Ninja War and showed his skills, fearsome abilities and battle experience.

21. Orochimaru


One of the greatest villains in the series, the evil genius Orochimaru has always been a great threat to everyone.

Orochi mastered almost every kind of Forbidden Jutsu and has defeated the Third Hokage.

It’s like he always had a trump card with him on his sleeve. He was a member of the infamous Akatsuki group. He could even summon a snake that looks just like him, and he could even turn into a snake using the Body Replacement Jutsu.

Orochimaru was always after immortality and in the end, by using Hashirama cells and White Zetsu he accomplished his wish. With the Hashirama cells, he even learned new abilities, Wooden Style Jutsu.

During the great Fourth Ninja War, he was able to summon the first four Hokage of Konoha Village who were; Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen, and Minato, who contributed a lot of help during the great Fourth Ninja War.

Although he played an evil role in the Naruto series, he is somehow good in the new Boruto series. Yet, Orochimaru has some unexpecting plots, we can never say what kind of jutsu he will make in the future.

20. Gaara

Gaara image

The Jinchuriki of the One-Tailed Beast, Gaara was one of the powerful characters of the Naruto series. He was just like Naruto, hated by everyone, and had no friends. He was a lonely boy until he met Naruto, who became his true friend.

Gaara has the ultimate power to control sand which could guard him against all kind of attacks when he’s not fully aware. By controlling the sand he could make great defensive and offensive attacks as well.

He even had the access to powers of the One-Tailed Beast, but when he was a kid he had trouble controlling its powers and would cause havoc. But slowly, he became friends with the beast and learned to control its powers.

Gaara can even make sand clones and use them for multiple purposes. He was also the Fifth Kazekage and led the Shinobi Alliance during the great Fourth Ninja War.

19. Killer B

Killer bee

The Jinchuriki of the Eight-Tailed Beast, Killer B was more of a rapper than a fighter.

He was a skillful fighter who defeated many infamous opponents and was the first person to take full control over the tailed Beast.

Killer B was also the partner of Fourth Raikage, that’s why he has the alphabet ‘B’ on his name. No matter what the situation or who the enemy was, he was always a calm guy who wanted to be friends with anybody. Literally!

He even wanted to shake hands enemies who wouldn’t think twice before stabbing him in the back.

Although he had a kind heart, he knew many ways to mutilate his opponents in a ruthless way. He knew the Lightning Release jutsu that allows him to move in swiftly and even use deadly lightning attacks.

Killer B was also a great swordsman, he could use eight swords at once, he showed this skill when he was fighting with the deadly Sasuke. He was also the person that taught Naruto how to control his Nine-Tailed Beast and be friends with him.

18. Shisui Uchiha

shisui uchiha

Acknowledged by every nation, Shisui Uchiha was one of the talented Shinobis where everyone was afraid to come ahead of him. He was also known as the ‘Shisui the Body Flicker.’

Shisui could disappear even if you’re staring straight at him without leaving a single trace of his presence. Although his character ended quite early in the anime, fans knew he was capable of unimaginable strength. Not a single person who met him was confident enough to go head-on with Shisui because they knew how strong he was.

He could even use his Mangekyo Sharingan in its full potential. His genjutsu was at such a great level that he could use the highest level of it, Kotoamatsukami. With this level of genjustu, he could manipulate his enemies and control their mind. He was also powerful enough to summon a Susanno which acted as a great offensive and defensive attack.

Danzo noticed Shisui’s capability and tried to kill him. Shisui planned to stop the coup d’etat and save the entire clan, but died before it could happen.

His Sharingan was no joke. Before taking his last breathe, he gave one eye to his best friend, Itachi.

17. Jiraiya

Jiraiya age

The Legendary Sanin and the great sensei of Uzumaki Naruto, Jiraiya was a pervy Shinobi.

But that doesn’t mean he was not a strong character in the anime. He was given a golden opportunity for the Hokage, but he refused it.

Jiraiya was one of the wisest and most powerful Shinobis who could use the Sage mode and summon Gambunta, the powerful toad. Jiraiya was a powerful ninjutsu and the Rasengan user. He was acknowledged by everyone who battled against him.

Unfortunately, he was killed by Pain in the end. Although Jiraiya had the moment to run away from Pain, he chose to battle with them. But the six paths of Pain were too much for him to handle.

16. Izuna Uchiha

izuna uchiha

The person who discovered the true powers of Mnagekyo Sharingan, Izuna Uchiha is also the younger brother of the greatest Uchiha, Madara. Izuna was a really powerful Uchiha, he had fought in numerous wars.

He participated in the war against the Senju clan and battled toe-to-toe against the second Hokage Senju Tobirama; who created the Flying Raijin Jutsu.

He was a great opponent who gave me a very hard time to Tobirama but unfortunately his abilities weren’t at the same level as the second Hokage. Tobirama proved to be more overpowered than Izuna and killed him.

15. Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikaze

The Fourth Hokage was one of the coolest and most powerful Shinobis in the series. A kind person with a fierce ninja hiddle inside; Minato was not someone enemies would want to face in battles.

He was also known as the Yellow Flash of the Konoha, and that name was enough to shake the enemies full of fear.

Minato’s signature move that he adopted from the Second Hokage, Flying Thunder God Technique is probably the most badass jutsu of the whole series. He mastered Tobirama’s technique and utilized it using his kunai, adding a phrase to it.

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He has also saved the whole Konoha from the Nine-Tailed beast, Kurama, and Obito.

Minato was the pillar of Konoha; even when he was reincarnated during the Fourth Ninja War; he saved thousands of ninjas by teleporting the energy bomb of Ten-Tailed Beast using his signature move.

He is the creator of the Rasengan and the person who can use the Dead Demon Consuming Seal. Surprisingly, Minato didn’t have any famous family members or was from a renowned clan. He trained and became the strongest.

14. Tobirama Senju

Tobirama senju

The creator of the Flying Thunder God Technique and the second Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village, Tobirama needs no introduction to fan.

He is known for making fierce jutsus and was the assistant of the First Hokage.

Tobirama was wise and the ninja who executed the Uchihas. He didn’t only create the Flying Raijin, he also created the Shadow Clone Jutsu, another signature move of Naruto. Tobirama’s jutsu is a great use for both good and evil ones, and especially for Orochimaru.

When Tobirama was reincarnated during the Fourth Ninja War, we saw how powerful the second Hokage was while fighting with Madara and Obito. But Tobirama isn’t just a creator of jutsu, he was a master at using Water-Style Jutsu.

Tobirama was strong enough to take on any kind of opponent and he was the man who killed Izuna.

13. Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha, the head of the infamous group Akatsuki, was the main threat that started the Great Fourth Ninja War.

The story behind his past is one of the greatest stories in the history of the Naruto series because he was saved by Uchiha Madara.

Madara saved Obito but the young boy got under bad influence and was manipulated by the Uchiha. Although Madara granted him powers, it wasn’t used for any good purpose. He became powerful and walked on the path where Madara wanted him to walk.

Being an Uchiha, he can use the Fire Jutsu with its full potential. But not only that, he had the Mangekyo Sharingan, he could use Kamui and take any object or place to a different dimension.

During the great Fourth Ninja War, he became the Jinchuuriki of Ten-Tailed Beast. He was nearly unstoppable with his new form, he possessed the power to wipe up all the Shinobis.

12. Nagato

Nagato Rinnegan

Pain has always been one of the most significant characters to ever exist in the series. Born with Rinnegan and filled with power, Nagato is the Shinobi that killed Jiraya and Kakashi when the Akatsuki invaded Konoha.

Nagato is the user of six paths. With such powers, he was able to destroy the whole village, from far away from it because his rinnegan allows him six visions and with that help, he was able to control pain and the other 6 members of the Akatsuki

The six paths of pain are:

Deva Path: With this path, he can use his signature move, the repel and attract attack

Asura Path: This path allows Nagato to modify his body and turn it into various kinds of weapons.

Animal Path: Animal Path allows him to summon some more powerful monsters than animals.

Human Path: This path allows him to consume the souls of his opponents.

Preta Path: This path allows Nagato to absorb the chakra of his opponents. He can even absorb any kind of ninjutsu with it

Naraka Path: This path can steal the souls of others but he can also revive them, as he did to the Konoha people, including Kakashi.

When Nagato combines all of his six paths into one, into his true self then he can use all of those powers according to his will. A pure madness.

11. Uchiha Itachi

Itachi uchiha naruto

Itachi Uchiha, the man who slaughtered every member of his clan except his brother, is one of the wisest and most powerful characters in Naruto.

Itachi possesses the gift from the Uchiha Clan, Sharingan that allows him to use genjutsu. But Itachi possesses Mangekyo Sharingan which allows him to use the high level of genjutsu.

The Uchiha can also use Amaterasu, one of his signature moves4. Amaterasu, also known as the black flames, is impossible to put out. When an opponent is battling with Itachi they should better not look in his eyes or they’ll realize what fear is.

Itachi is one of those few Uchiha who can use Sharingan to its full potential. Even his susano possesses two powers, ita shield that repels all attacks and Totsuka the sword, that can trap his opponent in the world of Drunken Dreams

Uchiha Itachi can also use one of the greatest techniques of Uchiha, Izanami. A powerful genjutsu where his opponent will be trapped in the genjutsu unless he changes his persona and accepts his defeat.

10. Might Guy

might guy

The rival of Kakashi who is a master in using Taijutsu, Might Guy is probably one of the least expected characters that proved to be one of the strongest shinobi of Konoha.

Might Guy will make jokes and play a silly character but when he starts to get serious, you should start to pray because there’s almost no chance that an opponent will live after he starts to fight for real.

Guy has always done rough training throughout the series, due to the tough practice he has developed immense raw strength and great endurance ability. He has also opened the 8 Gates, which gives him ridiculous strength and great speed.

When the gate starts to open one by one, his strength and speed start to boost up. He showed how much raw strength he has when he fought Kisame and the greatest villain of all time, Uchiha Madara.

While battling with Kisame he overpowered him so much that the only way Kisame saw to escape was by killing himself. While fighting with Madara, Guy opened his eight gates and became so powerful that he almost killed Madara, the Uchiha whose ‘Susano’ was enough to defeat every Kage of all the nation.

Madara became so impressed with Might Guy’s power that he praised him.

“I, Madara, declare you the strongest”

                                     – Uchiha Madara

When Guy opened the 8 gates he became so powerful that he could even make attacks using air pressure. Truly, the master of Taijutsu is one of the strongest characters in Naruto that almost killed Madara with his raw power.

9. Indra Otsutsuki

indra otsutsuki

The older son of Hagoromo Otsutski, Indra Otsutsuki was a wise and disciplined person since he was a kid. He was also the founder of the Uchiha Clan and the inventor of Ninjutsu.

Indra possessed Hagoromo’s visual powers (Dojutsu) and chakra. He always studied harder and practiced more to enhance his abilities, but as they say “The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.” It didn’t take long for Indra to become a villain.

Indra awakened his first Sharingan when his beloved pet died trying to save his little brother, Ashura. But behind this tragedy, Black Zetsu was pulling strings. Black Zetsu successfully manipulated Indra and the kind-hearted brother slowly started to walk on the wrong path.

It was time for Hogoromo to select his successor, and he decided to assign his Indra and Ashura to a task. Eventually, after the task was completed, Hogoromo chose Ashura as his successor. Indra got so mad that he killed his supporting friends and activated Mangekyo Sharingan.

Then Indra challenged his brother and his father. He enabled the Uchiha’s signature move, Susano, and showed his reckless power. Indra also displayed his higher version of Amaterasu, Hinokagutsuchi.

The creator of the Uchiha clan was powerful enough to challenge his father, Hogormo, and had the Sharingan which was powerful enough to see through the movements of every opponent. Indra was clearly one of the most powerful characters in the series.

8. Ashura Otsutsuki

Ashura otsutsuki

The Second Son of Hogoromo, Ashura Otsutsuki was a clumsy and carefree child. He wasn’t serious like his brother, but he was a helpful and friendly child. Ashura possessed  Hogoromo’s power and life force.

When his father chose him as his successor, he was shocked, but Indra was speechless. Indra tried to kill Ashura and challenged his father, Hogoromo. He enabled his Susano and started to attack but Ashura didn’t hold back.

We saw Ashura using Rasengan but he used a ball of chakra, where he put Rasengans inside them. Although Indra was much more powerful than him, with his friends and father’s help he was able to use the most prominent Wooden Style jutsu, Shinshu Senju.

With the help of his beloved friends, Ashura easily overwhelmed Indra and defeated Indra. Later Madara and Sasuke got reincarnated from Indra’s soul, and Naruto and hashirama got reincarnated from Ashura’s soul.

7. Hashirama Senju

Hashirama Senju

Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage of the Konoha Village has always remained a legendary shinobi. He is also the founder of the Konoha Village. When the war ended, Madara and Hashirama, both established Konoha making it a sign of peace between both clans.

The First Hokage is one of the most incredible Wood Style Jutsu users, he can create a whole forest, golems, and even dragons using his jutsu. It is said that he has even controlled every-tailed Beast with the help of his jutsu, his signature move. And don’t you forget about his capability of using Sage Mode.

Hashirama is the only person who defeated Madara and the battle between them was far beyond epic, it was a legendary battle. The First Hokage defeated Madara by using the most powerful Wooden Jutsu, Shinshu Senju.

During their legendary battle, Madara created a powerful Susano with Nine-Tails and on the other hand,  Hashirama created a humongous statue with hundreds of hands behind it, it almost looked like a god statue. The clash between those shinobi was legendary. Eventually, Hashirama overpowered Madara and defeated him.

When The first four Hokage’s got reincarnated during the great Fourth Ninja War, we saw how Hashirama’s chakra was overflowing his body when he lifted his finger. He is truly the God Shinobi.

6. Uchiha Madara

uchiha madara

The greatest villain in the history of the Naruto series, Uchiha Madara is considered the most powerful because of his exceptional talents and skills.

Uchiha Madara is the mastermind behind everything. He was the one behind the birth of Akatsuki and the person behind killing Rin and manipulating Obito to become evil. With such smartness and power, the only person that can defeat him was Senju Hashirama.

When Madara got reincarnated, he killed hundreds of shinobi like he was playing with a toy. This was one of the most badass moments you’ll ever see in Naruto. His Mangekyo Sharingangives him access to create a strong Susano which is powerful enough to defeat all the five Kages.

His powers are so immense that he can summon a meteor from the sky and use a higher rank of Fire Style Jutsu, which can destroy a village in the blink of an eye.

Madara is Jinchuriki of the Ten-Tailed Beast and he also possesses Rinnegan, the power that can defeat the Gods. With Rinnegan he can also use Six Paths, which allows him to use different kinds of abilities.

Madara can also use the Infinite Tsukuyomi, an extremely powerful genjutsu that traps all the people in its illusion, in their dream world. He is and will be the strongest opponent in the Naruto Series.

5. Ten-Tailed Beast

ten tailed beast

The most powerful-tailed Beast of the series, Ten Tailed Beast is one of the strongest beings that can wipe out an entire nation without facing any difficulties. The Beast was so powerful that it could’ve annihilated the whole shinobi alliance if Madara hadn’t planned the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Ten-Tailed Beast can even summon his own army, he can produce small beings using their own body parts and make an army of them. The Beast can also generate a Beast Bomb, and when it was used during the War, it was still in its weak form.

You can imagine how powerful the Beast is if he had adopted its final form, it would’ve been unstoppable to stop him because it took the whole alliance just to stop the Beast from causing havoc.

4. Uchiha Sasuke

Uchiha Sasuke

Uchiha Sasuke plays a very important character in the series. Sasuke plays the role of an antihero in the series. It is said that the only person that matches with Naruto in a battle is Sasuke. He is also a member of Team 7 and the only Uchiha left.

Sasuke has always been a smart and powerful shinobi since he was just a kid. He loved his brother more than anything but when he learned about the fact that Itachi killed his mom and dad, the relationship between them never remained the same.

The Uchiha can use Fire and Lightning Style Jutsu. And not to mention, his Sharingan will always be a great threat to the world, and after receiving his brother’s eyes he can also use Amaterasu, the inextensible black flame.

During the Great fourth Ninja War, Sasuke achieved Rinnegan, After achieving the Rinnegan, he got access to Six Paths and also gained the ability to teleport, more like swap places with something else.

Team 7 finally defeated Kaguya with the help of Sasuke. But the final showdown between Sasuke and Naruto was still left, when the final battle began, the battle was like never before.

He was able to use Chibaku Tensei and sealed all the tailed Jutsu. Naruto and Sasuke fought so viciously that, until they had left a single drop of stamina left with them, they were still trying to throw punches at each other.

Eventually, Naruto won the battle and made him realize how the world with friends is better than a lonely world.

3. Uzumaki Naruto

Uzumaki Naruto

Naruto was always lonely since he was a kid, except for choosing the same path as Sasuke, he decided to move on with it and with all that pain and hatred he slowly started to do a lot of progress in the series.

He was always determined to become the Hokage, to achieve the goal he trained daily without questioning his weakness. He started to master his Shadow Clone Jutsu, his signature move. It was a hard move to learn because the user’s chakra splits between its clowns.

Slowly he learned how to use Rasengan with the help of his sensei, Jiraiya. During its practice, he failed almost every time but he never knew how to give up. He kept training until he mastered it. After mastering it, he started to make different versions of Rasengan.

After Jiraiya’s death, he never learned how to use the Sage Mode, making him stronger than he ever was, with that power he was able to defeat Pain and save the Konoha Village once again. Nothing less, he also learned how to control Kyubi’s power and they became great friends with each other at the end.

Naruto learned how to use Kurama’s power with the help of Killer B and started to use the Nine-tailed Fox’s immense powers. Kyubi granted him his powers, and then he was able to use Tailed Beast Bomb, got a massive amount of Chakra, and became more powerful than ever.

During the Great Furth Ninja War, Hogoromo granted him chakras from every Tailed Beast and then he was able to control all the natural energy and use it to its full potential.

With his new power, he was able to defeat Kaguya with a different version of Rasenshuriken with the help of different Tailed Beasts. He overpowered Kaguya and sealed her forever. Thanks to his determination to never give up and his Sexy Jutsu.

2. Hagoromo Otsutsuki

Father of Asura and Indra, Hagoromo Otsutsuki is one of the strongest shinobi in the ninja world. He is the person that gave powers to Naruto and Sasuke, and the sage of Six Paths.

Hagoromo Otsutsuki

Hogoromo is a very powerful shinobi who created Ninshū which is known as Ninjutsu in the modern world of ninjas. He taught the people how to control their chakras and use them effectively.

He is also a user of Chibaku Tensei. He and his brother, Hamura worked together and sealed their mother away. She was the most powerful villain of the series, we can imagine how powerful he had to be to seal her away.

In his last moments, Hogormo made the Ten-Tailed Beast split into nine different beings. Hagoromo hasn’t got much screen time in the series but we can definitely tell how powerful he is.

He has played major parts in the series, he gave power to his second son, Ashura to win over Indra who was going to destroy the whole Valley. If Indra had won that day, the future would have definitely changed in a bad way.

Hogoromo again helped Naruto and Sasuke by giving them new powers to win over his mother, Kaguya. He gave Sasuke Rinnegan and Naruto great chakra powers, where he was able to control every chakra in nature.

1. Kaguya Otsutsuki

The most powerful character of the series, Otsutsuki Kaguya, the main villain of the series. Kaguya was so powerful that it almost seemed impossible to kill her.


Kaguya had consumed the Chakra Fruit, this gave her a mass amount of chakra and many powerful abilities. She has Byakugan on both her eyes and possesses Rinne Sharingan over her forehead, with its powers she can cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi on other people.

She can also transform into the Ten-Tails and use its power. There’s just no limit to her power. If she wants then she can travel from one dimension to another using her Rinne Sharingan.

Even her hair is powerful enough to kill a person. She can shoot needles from her hair and kill a person. Kaguya can even projectile bones from her hands and shoot them at a person, this attack will turn the person into a pile of ash.

The most powerful technique of Kaguya is the Truth-Seeking Ball, this is the house of each chakra nature. With this power, she can wipe out everyone that comes in contact with this explosion.

She was so strong that Naruto and Sasuke realized that it was impossible to kill her and the only way to stop her was by sealing her once more. Kaguya is without a doubt, the strongest and most powerful character of the series.

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