20 Strongest Devil Fruits in One Piece

devil fruits

The magnificent world of One Piece is filled with Pirates, thieves, beauties, oceans, Islands, mermaids, and many more. Yet, there’s one special thing that makes the series even more interesting, The Devil Fruits.

Sure, you have seen the characters talking about them, consuming them, and even using their powers. But what is this Devil Fruit? And which are the strongest devil fruits?
What are their strengths? And what about their weaknesses?

Well, Don’t you worry. Because all of your questions will surely be answered. In this article, we have gathered everything there is to know about these mysterious fruits.

Devil Fruits

The Devil Fruits are unique fruits with mysterious powers. In the series, they are said to be scattered all around the world. Often sought by many, these rare fruits were in high demand, even reaching millions of Belly for just a single specimen.

The origin of the Devil Fruits is still a mystery to this day.

Types of Devil Fruits

The devil fruits are mainly of three types: Paramecia, Zoan, and Logia.


Among the three Devil Fruit types, Paramecia is the most common type. Known and unknown, there are 122 Paramecia Devil fruits in the series. This type of Devil fruit allows the user to obtain superhuman powers like Shockwave generation and locking into targets.

Along with this, it also enables the user to modify their as well as their opponents’ bodies. Body modification can include having a body of blades, or the ability to split their body into pieces.


The Zoan-type Devil fruits, unlike the Paramecia type, allow the user to transform into an animal. With the unique powers of the Zoan-type devil fruit, the users are allowed to transform into hybrid forms of their species. Aside from these powers, what set the Zoan types apart from other types, is the fact that these fruits have a will of their own. That means, they can be integrated into objects and brought to life, giving them access to the standard Zoan Transformations. There are 51 counts of the Zoan-type devil fruit in the series.


With only 14 counts throughout the series, Logia-type Devil Fruits are the rarest type of Devil Fruit. It is also deemed to be the most powerful type of Devil Fruit. Its main powers are, allowing the user to create, control and transform their body into natural elements such as smoke, sand, fire, ice, lava, snow, and interestingly, even darkness. Sounds cool right?

The user gains the ability related to the element that they are using. Like, if someone were to use the Light elements, they would be able to travel at light speed. However, there exists a rather fascinating element, the darkness element. It has a unique ability to nullify the power of other Devil fruits if they come in contact with it.

Luffy’s Devil Fruit, Gomu Gomu no Mi, which was believed to be a Paramecia type, is a Zoan Type Devil Fruit.

Strongest Devil Fruits

Now that you know about the Devil fruits and their type. It’s time to get right into the list of the Strongest Devil Fruits. Let us tell you, was it hard to get this list? Of course yes! With over hundreds of Devil fruits in the One Piece world, to make a list with the strongest ones was no joke.

But worry not, because we are here to save your time and effort. As we have managed to pick out the strongest fruits and compiled them into a list.

Here are the Top 20 Strongest Devil Fruits from the One Piece realm.

1. Ope Ope No Mi (OP-OP Fruit)

Ope Ope No Mi

Believed to be the strongest Devil Fruit in the series, the OP OP Fruit is a red heart-shaped fruit that resembles a strawberry. It is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create a spherical space in which they can manipulate the orientation, movements, and physical configuration of almost everything, including themselves as well. This ability makes the user a Free Modification Human (改造自在人間 Kaizō Jizai Ningen).

The fruit grants the user the ability to apply space-altering properties to objects using the spherical area when it is awakened. The user can control objects or anybody within the area without actually being in the area. Another power is Amputate, which allows the user to slash through the enemies without actually harming them.

Law named it Radio Knife.

Where the area is a special ability, it is also its weakness. Within the area, users are allowed to manipulate anybody within that space, but outside the circle, the opponents are unaffected. The area is also stationary, meaning once created it can’t be altered.

So to make another area, the user must first destroy the previous one and make a new one. The bigger areas are difficult to notice, however, smaller areas are easily noticeable, letting enemies dodge them.

The previous owner of The Ope Ope No Mi fruit was a certain famous doctor who used it to perform operations and save lives. In the present day, Trafalgar D. Water Law holds its power as he was force-fed the fruit by Donquixote Rosinante.

2. Soru Soru No Mi (Soul-Soul Fruit)

Soru Soru No Mi

The Soru Soru No Mi or the Soul Soul Fruit is a Paramecia-type Devil fruit. Just like the name suggests, the fruit allows the user to interact with human souls and even manipulate them.

It is very similar to the Kage Kage no Mi.

The current wielder of this fruit, Big Mom, uses the power of Soul Manipulation. She uses it to manifest and draw out the souls of people who feel fear. With such techniques, one can extract, manipulate and even infuse the souls of living beings into objects.

Once it surrounds a target, the user can easily take out their soul just by grabbing it. The user can decide the amount of lifespan they wish to take from the victim, be it a decade or just mere seconds of their lifespan. Remind you, the user can even take enough years of the victim’s lifetime, instantly killing them.

It is considered one of the strongest devil fruits to exist in the One-Piece world. However, with great powers comes some weakness. The soul fragments cannot be infused with living beings or dead bodies. Since the fruit powers work by emotions, the target must be afraid and feel fear for the user to extract their souls.

The homies, when experiencing extreme fear, instantly die and wither away. Since it is such a strong power, it also comes in exchange with the user’s lifespan. If the user wishes to get more powers, they have to give a certain amount of their life span as well.

Homies are non-living object which comes to life by using soul fragments.

The fruit was formerly eaten by Carmel, but later on, it was transferred to Charlotte Linlin, “Big Mom”. Big Mom used the devil fruit to collect a month’s worth of lifespan from the citizens and infused them into the objects to make the country of her dreams.

3. Goro Goro No Mi (Rumble-Rumble Fruit)

Goro Goro No Mi

The Logia Type Devil Fruit, Goro Goro no Mi or also known as the Rumble Rumble Fruit, is among the top strongest fruits to exist. The fruit enables the user to create, control, and alter lighting according to their wish. The user of such powers is called the Lightning Human (雷人間 Kaminari Ningen).

The Logia-type fruits possess a special power that enables the user to transform into the elements. Hence, the users of Goro Goro no Mi can transform themselves into lighting. While controlling the amount of electricity they release, they are also able to regulate its voltage, with a maximum of 200 million volts as an output.

The user becoming electricity allows them to move at a lightning speed. This proves very advantageous on the battlefield, as they can zip into and out of sight in just mere seconds. They are also able to dodge attacks quickly and cover larger distances instantaneously.

Even the mightiest have flaws, just like the strongest devil fruit Goro Goro no mi. Since it is a lighting type, it is weak against rubber, which is a natural insulator. There’s one fruit in the series that is believed to be the natural enemy of Goro Goro No Mi’s users. Yes, it’s Luffy with his Gomu Gomu no Mi.

Match made in Orchards, isn’t it?

Enel found Goro Goro no Mi six years before the start of the series, making him the current owner of the fruit. Owning such powers, led him to destroy his homeland and develop a god complex.

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4. Bari Bari No Mi (Barrier-Barrier Fruit)

Bari Bari No Mi

Bari Bari no Mi is another Paramecia Type devil Fruit that has made its place on our list. The Devil fruit is also known as the Barrier Barrier Fruit. Just from the name, you must have guessed its power. Yes, you guessed it right, the main power of this fruit is to create barriers.

The fruit allows the user to create barriers, earning them the title of Barrier Human (バリア人間 Baria Ningen). The fruit’s power enables the user to create invisible or visible glass panes as a barrier. Using the barriers, one can defend themselves against attacks from the front and back. The unbreakable walls have great defensive powers. It can withhold powerful punches. Even extremely powerful sword slashes are deemed weak against such barriers. The barrier is designed as a shield that can be launched forward to attack and even deflect the attacks from enemies right back at them.

According to Oda, the barriers created can cover a range of 50,000 Bari Baris.

The barriers created using this fruit’s power have some weaknesses. The barriers are not soundproof and can be destroyed if the user is ambushed and directly attacked by a fast enemy. Another weakness is that the user can only create one barrier at a time and there’s a limit to the area that it can cover.

The fruit was first devoured by Kurozumi Semimaru, and currently, Bartolomeo is its owner.

5. Gura Gura No Mi (Quake-Quake Fruit)

Gura Gura No Mi

Another Paramecia Type Devil Fruit to secure its place among the strongest fruit. The Gura Gura no Mi is one of the most feared fruits in the series. Because of its powers, it is dangerous enough to destroy the whole world. It is also considered to be the strongest Paramecia Type Devil fruit, with its powers on a par level with that of a Logia Type.

The fruit gives massive strength to the user, enabling them to create huge shockwaves, which can travel in any medium. This fruit’s power allows the users to create vibrations or tremors. Thus, the users are called Tremor Human (震動人間 Shindō Ningen). The users can control the strength of vibrations, making it easy to wipe out the enemies.

This devil fruit surprisingly doesn’t have much of a weakness. However, because its shockwaves are strong enough to destroy the whole world, enemies along with allies can get caught up in their way. So, the user has to be careful and fight off enemies away from their friends. This could put the user at a bit of a disadvantage.

It was first consumed by Edward Newgate or better known as The White Beard, making him the strongest man in the world.

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6. Pika Pika No Mi (Glint-Glint Fruit)

Pika Pika No Mi

The Pika Pika no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit. Enabling the users to create and use the light at their will, this fruit turns the users into a Light Human (光人間 Hikari Ningen).

Because it is a Logia Type devil fruit, the users can transform themselves in the Light. Due to their transformation into Light themselves, they can move at the speed of light and transport themself using reflection.

The users can utilize light-based attacks such as shooting laser beams and causing massive explosions. With moves as fast as the speed of light, the users can easily dodge any attacks.

The weaknesses this fruit’s powers have is not muchly noticeable compared to its immense abilities. The first one is that it can only travel in a straight line. So if the opponent is not in the zone, they can easily dodge the attack. The other one is, that the opponent has little chance of defeating the user, as the user takes a few seconds to go into light speed. Since it is a light-based power, the opponent can also use their spiritual energy to divert the attacks.

Borsalino (Admiral Kizaru) ate the Glint Glint Fruit and got its power.

7. Magu Magu No Mi (Mag-Mag Fruit)

Magu Magu No Mi

The flame-like-looking devil fruit Magu Magu no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit. Just like its appearance, it allows the user to create and transform magma for their use. It is also considered a strong fruit, as it already belongs to the Logia type.

The fruit was first shown during the Summit War of Marineford. Its unique abilities to create and tame magma turns the user into a Magma Human (マグマ人間, Maguma Ningen). With the help of the fruit’s power, the user can use magma and become magma themselves. Because the users can themselves become magma, close combat against them is useless. Similarly, weapons such as swords are no match for it, as they would melt as soon as they touch the magma body.

The user of this power is not weak against anything specific. However, if they come in contact with the Seastone, they are weakened, which allows the opponents to land an attack.

Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, formerly known as Admiral Akainu, had consumed this fruit.

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8. Nikyu Nikyu No Mi (Paw-Paw Fruit)

Nikyu Nikyu No Mi

Just as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover, don’t be so quick to judge the fruit by its name. The Paw Paw fruit might sound like a cute spell cast by a cute little fairy. Well, it’s not the case here. Belonging to the Paramecia Type Devil Fruit, the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi allows the user to repel everything on its premises.

The users possessing these fruit’s powers are called Paw Human (肉球人間 Nikukyū Ningen). They possess the unique ability to push anything they touch into a paw-shaped bubble and send it flying at a high speed. They can use their powers on almost everything including, humans, objects, and even gasses. This power also acts as a great defense on the battlefields, as users can send the opponents flying.

Giving massive strength to the users, this power however comes with a price. You see, its power can only be used when bare-handed. That means, if the users’ hands are occupied, they can be taken by surprise and attacked.

Bartholomew Kuma ate the fruit and gained its powers. The paws are permanently engraved into his hands, so he used gloves to hide the powers when not in use.

9. Yami Yami No Mi (Dark-Dark Fruit)

Yami Yami No Mi

The Yami Yami no Mi or also known as Dark Dark Fruit is a Logia-type Devil Fruit. This light purple, pear-shaped fruit is believed to hold the evilest powers among the devil fruit. Creepy.

The users turn into Darkness Human (闇人間, Yami Ningen), after possessing its powers. It gives the users a unique ability to control darkness and gravity as well. It also has a unique power to nullify other devil fruits. The black smoke-like thing is used to demonstrate the darkness, which absorbs any physical matter and any type of attack as well. The users can also use the unique property of gravity to their advantage by pulling their enemies towards them and attacking them.

Being a Logia type, the users can turn into Darkness using the fruit’s power. By using the darkness, they can suck everything. However, if the user fails to quickly absorb the attack, they can get hurt easily. Another weakness to add is that to nullify other Devil Fruit powers, the user must be in contact with the other devil fruit users.

10. Tori Tori No Mi (Bird-Bird Fruit)

Tori Tori No Mi

The Tori Tori no Mi is a Mythical Zoan-Type Devil Fruit that gives the user the ability to transform into a phoenix. The Zoan-type Bird Bird fruit enables its user to transform into a phoenix or a human-phoenix hybrid according to their wish.

The fruit gives the users immense physical strength, enough to go up against two Ancient Zoan-type Users. With its bird features, the users can fly in the sky and with sharp talons on their feet, can slash their opponents. The fruit also gives the power to use the Flames of resurrection, which helps the user to heal their injured body.

The weakness of this fruit’s power is that the user cannot entirely heal their injuries. They can somehow heal the bigger wounds but smaller ones are left untreated. Because it is such a powerful ability, it takes up a lot of the users’ stamina, leaving them physically drained.

It was Marco who ate the Tori Tori no Mi.

11. Mera Mera No Mi (Flame-Flame Fruit)

Mera Mera No Mi

The Mera Mera no Mi looks like a fireball with its round shape and orange-flamed shaped swirl patterns. It is a Logia-type Devil Fruit. Mera Mera no Mi allows its users to create and tame the powers of the fire element.

Just like the other Logia Type fruits, allowing users to produce and become the element, are the major strength of the Mera Mera no Mi. The powers can be used to create fire-based attacks and increase the force of physical attacks as well. The Fruit also allows the user to gain some resistance against most of the heat-based attacks. The users after becoming the fire element can burn their opponents if they ever approach them nearby.

The Mera Mera no Mi doesn’t have any particular weakness. However in comparison to a similar kind of fruit, Magu Magu no Mi, it is a bit weak. Since magma can neutralize the intangibility and heat immunity of Mera Mera no Mi, the user can become vulnerable and burned.

Portgas D. Ace was its previous owner. Later it was eaten by Sabo.

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12. Hie Hie No Mi (Ice-Ice Fruit)

Hie Hie No Mi

Logia-type Devil Fruit, Hie Hie no Mi bestows the user with the ability to produce and control ice as they desire. The fruit turns the users into the Freezing Human (氷結人間 Hyōketsu Ningen).

The Devil fruit allows the users to alter the elements of ice. Creating, controlling, and becoming ice themselves. The users can freeze their surroundings. Being able to control a large amount of ice is also one of its powers. The users of this devil fruit can travel great distances and move at high speeds by turning their bodies into ice. If touched in sensitive areas by such users, the victim can die because of the instant permanent damage to the tissues.

The only downside to this fruit’s power is that the user must come in contact with the opponent to freeze them. So unless one is in close contact with the user, they are safe.

Formerly known as Admiral KUZAN(AOKIJI) ate the fruit and gained its powers.

13. Uo Uo No Mi (Fish-Fish Fruit)

Uo Uo No Mi

One of the strongest fruit in the series is the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu. The Mythical Zoan type devil fruit has a blue exterior with overlapping scales. Each of the scales has an oval in the middle that bears a signature Devil Fruit spiral at the bottom.

The mythical devil fruit allows the users to alter their bodies into a hybrid or a full version of Azure Dragon. The transformation gives immense physical abilities to the users allowing them to cause severe damage to the surroundings. On top of having great physical strength, the users are also able to move very swiftly.

The huge size of the dragon body sure is very advantageous in fighting off the foes, but in enclosed spaces, it makes it difficult to fight efficiently. Moreover, the massive body creates many openings, making them an easy target.

14.Gasu Gasu No Mi (Gas-Gas Fruit)

Gasu Gasu No Mi

The Gasu Gasu no Mi is a Logia Type Devil fruit and is considered one of the strongest Devil Fruit in the series. It enables the users to create and manipulate the gas element at their will.

The main ability of this fruit is that with its help the users can change into a gas-like form, enabling them to float, fly and reach places that are difficult for normal human beings to reach. The gas that the user produces is very poisonous and explosive. Since the users can manipulate any gas in the given location, they can kill their opponents by removing the oxygen from the area.

The Gas Gas Fruit has a weak defense against fire and the amount of gas that the user can control is also limited. Since the region of control is limited, this leaves the user in a vulnerable position, open for attack.

Caesar the Clown ate it. He went up against Luffy and his crew using his Devil Fruit’s power.

15. Zushi Zushi No Mi (Gravity-Gravity Fruit)

Zushi Zushi No Mi

Another Paramecia-type Devil fruit, Zushi ZUshi no mi is also considered to be one of the strongest devil fruits. The users can create and manipulate the gravitational forces.

The consumers of the fruits are granted the special power to manipulate the gravitational forces of extreme force. With just a small force, the users can move anything and everything. They are also able to deflect flying attacks such as debris and even massive battleships. The gravitational force is very dense and powerful, as the users can bring asteroids from space into the battlefield.

Despite having such incredible powers, the users are still vulnerable to direct attack. Users when they are attacked directly, the gravitational force gets disrupted. Furthermore, the people who are strong enough to maintain their grounds, can withstand the devil fruit’s powers.

Issho or better known as Admiral Fujitora ate the fruit.

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16. Ito Ito No Mi (String-String Fruit)

Ito Ito No Mi

The Ito Ito no Mi or the String String Fruit is a Paramecia-type Devil fruit. Even being a Paramecia type, this devil fruit sure holds great powers. The fruit enables the user to make strings and use them according to their wish. This power makes the user turn into a String Human (糸人間 Ito Ningen).

This fruit is first seen in the Jaya Arc but remained a mystery for a long time. The unique powers of this fruit enable the users to produce and use white, thin wafer-like razor-sharp strings. The strings can be attached to almost any surface, including clouds.

Unbelievable right? But it’s One Piece.

The strings, when attached to objects or living beings, turn them into puppets, making the user easily manipulate them. Compressed strings can be used for whips and bullets and even a spider web defense.

One of the weaknesses of this ability is that the user cannot use it mid-air or in an open space. The strings are also unable to cut the Sea stone. The strings are all connected to the user, so if anything happens to them, the strings disappear.

It was consumed by the former Warlord of the Sea Don Quixote Doflamingo.

17. Hobi Hobi No Mi (Hobby-Hobby Fruit)

Hobi Hobi No Mi

The name Hobi Hobi no Mi or Hobby Hobby Fruit sounds like a fun name for one of the strongest devil fruits. But its powers are no joke. This Paramecia-type devil fruit has abilities to transform humans into toys. Also, it provides the user with eternal youth.

The main ability of this fruit is to allow the users to transform any living creature into a toy just by touching them. The victims are forced to follow the users’ orders as they are bound by a contract. The contracts bind them with the user and make them lose their physical strength. The user of this power also can transform the victims into any toy that they want.

The scary part about this power is that, once the victims turn to toys they are forgotten by the people around them. However, the toys still have their own identities intact. The fact that the victims are forgotten, makes it easier for users to enslave them.

This fruit does have some effects on the user, as it halts their aging process. This affects the transformed toys as well. Their aging process also stops right after they transform. The toys are enslaved to the users as long as they are bound by the contract. However, they can escape being slaves, if they run away of their own free will before the contract is made. For the abilities to work, the users must touch the hands of their opponents, or else it won’t work.

Sugar ate the Hobi Hobi no Mi fruit.

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18. Chi Chi No Mi (Blood-Blood Fruit)

Chi Chi No Mi

The Logia-type devil fruit, Chi Chi no Mi is always included in the list of the strongest fruit in the series. The users of this fruit are able to manipulate their own blood and the blood of others as well. It possesses powers that are unique under Logia Type.

The users are able to change their body into the blood element, meaning turning their body into a liquid form. In battle, the users are able to control the blood of their opponents within a radius of 500m. The number of opponents that can be controlled, can be easily increased by more training and perfecting the devil fruit’s true powers. Using the fruit’s power, the power of other devil fruits can be stolen.

The Chi Chi no Mi is weak against Ice and Fire based attacks. Since it is a blood-based power, the user has to draw lots of their own blood to fuel the attacks. Prolonged use of the blood attacks makes the user weak and drained.

Currently, Dawn wields the power of Chi Chi no Mi fruit.

19. Ishi Ishi No Mi (Stone-Stone Fruit)

Ishi Ishi No Mi

The Ishi Ishi no Mi  or Stone Stone fruit is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit as well. Because it allows the users to merge and use stone according to their will, the users are turned to Stone Assimilation Human (岩石同化人間 Ganseki Dōka Ningen).

You might be thinking that since it has a stone element,it might be a Logia Type Devil Fruit.  Well,it is not a Logia type. In the Logia type, the users are able to become the elements themselves. However, the Ishi Ishi no Mi doesn’t provide its users with powers such as body transformations or creating stones from their bodies. Hence it is not a Logia type.

The Devil Fruit gives its users the ability to merge and incorporate with any kind of stone. The user can control the stones and make the stones flexible. It enables the user to reshape and stretch the stone according to their desire.

The weakness of this fruit is that the user must combine it with stones in order to control it. Since the fruit is not a Logia type, the user cannot transform their body. So when merged with the stone, if the users are in mid-air, they are vulnerable to attacks. The stones under the control of the users are less strong than the normal ones, so a strong opponent can easily destroy them.

Pica ate the Stone Stone Fruit.

20. Bara Bara No Mi (Chop-Chop Fruit)

Bara Bara No Mi

Paramecia types are certainly among the strongest types of devil fruits. Here the last devil fruit on our list is Bara Bara no Mi or the Chop Chop Fruit. Allowing the users to split their bodies into pieces and controlling the individual parts, this unique ability turns the users into Splitting Human (バラバラ人間 Barabara Ningen).

The user becomes completely immune to damage from being cut, slashed, or pierced after they achieve the powers of Bara Bara no Mi. Instead of being injured or dying, the user’s body splits into pieces that the users are able to control. This is very helpful in reattaching the body or to come up with unique attacks. Along with such unique abilities, the users are also able to lift objects, even heavier objects by the levitation effect granted by the fruit’s powers.

Being immune to slashes and cuts, the users of this fruit are still vulnerable to other forms of attacks such as punches and kicks. Also, the user can still feel their separated body parts, so if something painful were to happen to the pieces, the user feels it. The area within which the separated pieces can be controlled is also very limited.

Buggy ate the Bara Bara no Mi fruit by accident.

So there you have it, the strongest fruits in the One Piece World. Each Devil fruit has its own unique powers and abilities. However, one thing that is common among them, is the fact that they all are susceptible to the standard Devil Fruit Weakness, Water.

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