25 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters

Every character in Demon Slayer has displayed their unique and special attacks, but there’s always that one person at the top that is known as the ‘Strongest One.’ Let’s take a look at who is that character.

Demons and Slayers both are powerful in terms of strength, so let’s take a look at the top 25 strongest characters of the series.

25. Enmu


Enmu is the Lower Moon 1 Demon, no wonder why she is one of the strongest demons. She can easily give a hard time to the Hashira’s hand after receiving the blood from the greatest Demon of all time, Muzan has gained more power and strength.

Like every strong Demon, she also has a very strong regenerating ability. His powers are way more exceptional than the regular demons. He has proved his strength when he fought with the Flame hashira, by putting them all to sleep using her abilities.

Enmu can even infuse with large objects like a train. He can control the whole train as his body part and while a user is sleepy, she can hypnotize them making them lost in their dreams.

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24. Kaigaku


Although Kaigaku is a demon, he can use Thunder Breathing techniques which makes him more powerful in terms of strength and more deadly.

Kaigaku died while fighting with Zenitsu but during his final moments he said that if he had only one year to train himself with his new demon powers he could’ve taken down the unconscious Zenitsu with ease.

The Demon learned the Thunder Breathing Style from his sensei. He didn’t master the first style of Thunder Breathing but was able to perform most of them.

23. Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho

Without a doubt, Shinobu is one of the most powerful Hashirain series. She is the only Hashirawho can’t kill a demon but don’t you dare look down upon her!

She is a very powerful Hashiraand she displayed her true abilities when she fought with the Upper Moon 2 and using her deadly powers she sealed her on the wall.

Shinobu uses an Insect Breathing style, such power helps her to give powers to insects with her deadly blade. She can coat her sword in poison enough to kill a demon at a certain moment.

22. Mitsuri Kanroji

mitsuri kanroji

Mitsuri looks like a cute and helpless girl but guys don’t fall for her looks because she has muscles big like bodybuilders. Her muscles are eight times thicker than those of a normal human being. She eats the food of three sumo wrestlers!

Mitsuri is so powerful that she can hold the attacks of Upper Moon demons and like the wielder, her sword is thin and super flexible which only she can use to its full potential. Although she might look like a tough and slow woman now, she is one of the fastest hashira.

The flexible joints and soft spot of her muscles allow her to move at a swift speed. During her battle against the Upper Moon 4, she overpowered the demon and forced the demon to use his Demon Blood Art.

When the Demon awakened his Blood Art, she increased her speed more. Although she is not the fastest Hashirashe is strong enough to give a final blow to the demons. She is one of the powerful Demon Slayer characters without a doubt.

21. Kanao Tsuyuri

kanao tsuyuri

Tsuyuri’s eyesight is one of the exceptional things in the Demon Slayer series. She can predict the opponent’s next movements and the attacks of her opponent.

She can observe her opponents’ muscles, joints, and the movements of their eyes and predict their next attacks. With such ability, she can play a defensive role and do counterattacks effortlessly.

When she battled with the Upper Moon 2, the Demon even complimented her abilities because of her incredible foresight-seeing ability. She showed some exceptional ability when she fought with the Upper Moon 2.

She was able to avoid Doma’s (Upper Moon 2) cold fog by controlling her breath. She is also way more skillful as she has complete control over her physical powers. But this makes sense because she uses the Flower Breathing technique.

Such a breathing style allows a user to do close combats without harming their lungs. It’s possible that she learned the Flower Breathing technique with Kanae Kocho.

20. Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu may look like a weakling coward but he is one of the strongest demon Slayer characters that can behead a demon in a blink of an eye. Now, he has made more progress on his hearing abilities, now he can grow stronger than ever.

Zenitsu has made great progress in his ability, now he can hear the inner thoughts of his opponents and sense them without any problem. He can differentiate between a sound of a human and of a demon. With such insane ability, he can locate demons with ease.

But the real best only wakes up when he falls asleep. He is more powerful and can attack the opponent effortlessly when he falls asleep. He surpasses his normal powers in a much greater way when he passes out.

When he’s unconscious he can use his thunder blade to its full potential and use his true power of instincts. A beast at night but a weakling during the day.

19. Inosuke Hashibara

inosuke wild boar

Inosuke doesn’t only look like a beast, he is one of them. He grew up in the mountains with wild beasts and adapted a person from them. He trained with those wild boars and gained great fighting abilities with a great ability to sense things.

In addition to his superhuman strength, Insouke can also sense small vibrations in the air. With such ability, he can sense the malice of opponents and sense if someone is watching him with bad intentions.

Using his sensing ability, he can use his Beast Breathing Technique to slash off the demon. He can go toe-to-toe against  Tanjiro and give him a hard time. But he has some more abilities which he displayed during the Entertainment District Arc.

During that arc, we knew that Inosuke was also poison resistant and he could change the location of his interior organs. Inosuke is truly a great beast in terms of power, sensing abilities, and personality.

18. Obanai Iguro

Obanai Iguro

Obanai Iguro, the Serpent Hashirais one of the strongest Demon Slayers of the series. With each attack, he provokes a whole tide of panic in the environment. The Hashiraonly attacks his opponents after studying their capability and weakness and he can easily take the lead during the battle.

The Serpent Hashirawith the use of his serpent sword can bend and use his sword in a very effective way. With the help of his Lavender blade, he can make unpredictable attacks through small openings just like a snake.

Although Obnai is blind in his right eye, if you try to underestimate him then you’ll regret it sooner or later because he has developed a great fighting style using his lavender sword. Kaburamaru (his serpent) can also read the movements of his opponents and transfer that information to Iguro.

We could also see how he displayed his attacking style when he was battling with the greatest Demon alive, Muzan. With one blind eye, he was able to hold his ground against Muzan.

17. Tengen Uzui

Hashira Tengen Uzui

The sound Hashirais one of the strongest Demon Slayers who held his ground and protected the young Demon Slayers while fighting with a powerful demon, Gyutaro the Upper Moon Six.

Whenever Uzui is battling we can experience fireworks because he uses a special kind of sound bomb and cause serious injuries to the opponent. The Sound Hashiraalso has a great hearing ability that is very essential during battles.

Tengen can even control his breathing ability and he also displayed this action while he was fighting against Gyutaro.

With his incredible Sound Breathing Techniques, he can read the movements of his opponent and do defensive and offensive attacks at the same time. He can read the rhythm of his opponents and use that information for several attacks.

With his hearing ability, he can wait for the perfect opening and attack his opponent which gives him a higher winning rate. Tengen Uzui’s unshakeable willpower is something else to talk about, even though he was poisoned and lost his arm, he fought without giving up and eventually won against Gyutaro.

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16. Gyutaro


Before becoming a Demon, when he was a human he was already skilled enough and swift enough to kill a samurai off guard. He had also learned to tame braid when he was a human.

When he turned into a Demon he became much stronger than ever, enough to receive more blood from the Demon king, Muzan, and to hold the position for the upper Moon Six.

His fighting skills were incredibly sick, good enough to almost kill a Hashiraand 3 young demon slayers. If it wasn’t for Nexuko’s healing ability, The sound Hashirawould’ve been already dead because of the poison.

Even Tanjito and Uzui weren’t enough to give him a tough battle, he crushed them easily without flinching. The Demon’s poison powers and fighting skills are enough to take down a Hashirawithout a sweat.

15. Daki


Daki, the little sister of Gyutaro, without a doubt is one of the strongest Demons who is recognized by the great demon Muzan himself as a ‘Special Demon.’

She easily overpowered the young Demon Slayers and if it was not for Nezuko and Uzui they would’ve been already defeated. She was able to defeat many other Demon Slayers before Tanjiro and his team showed up.

She was also able to show those young Demon slayers who were powerful in terms of power. She overwhelmed them in just a small amount of time.

Although she has a higher rank in the Demon society, it was all because of his brother, Gyutaro. But still, she was powerful enough to handle Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke for a long period.

14. Nakime Otokawa

Nakime Otokawa

Nakime’s Manipulation technique is surely what makes her one of the strongest Demons. Although she might not be more powerful than other Demons in terms of strengths and her Demon Blood Art might not be in a perfect state than other demons, she will manipulate you and make you do the worst things.

By playing her unique instrument, Biwa, she can control a whole fortress according to her will. She can make the whole fortress attack you or make entrances and exists for her anytime she wants with her manipulation powers.

The Demon Slayers should be prepared to cover their ears while fighting with Nakime or they should be ready to face consequences.

13. Gyokko


Gyokko and his teleportation ability are something to be scared of. He can use his pot to teleport anywhere and using his ability he can play a vital role as defensive or offensive.

Although he can’t teleport anymore if the pot gets destroyed, his true form will break out from there. His body is made full of scales that give him a solid hardening armor, his scales are much harder than diamonds.

You will need more than just a sword to cut him and be careful because anything he’ll touch will turn into a fish. Gyokko should never be underestimated.

12. Hantengu


Hantengu is truly one of the strongest demons that can change her forms into her different younger selves.  She can use such abilities by applying her emotions and abilities.

The only thing that differentiates his different forms is his clothes and kanji tattoo that defines his emotions. His original version of himself is much smaller than everybody had expected.

As an Upper Moon 4, Hantegu’s original form is much stronger than its other forms. It is much more durable and possesses incredible superhuman strength. It’s so durable that even Genya’s sword and the bullet can harm in any way.

11. Kyojuro Rengoku

Kyojuro Rengoku

Rengoku was undoubtedly one of the strongest Hashiraof the demon slayer Corps. His red blade and Fire Breathing Technique were something really that every demon should be afraid of.

During the battle against the Upper Moon 3 Akaza, he displayed an incredible level of strength and held his ground. This surprised Upper Moon 3 and he offered to give him a seat at the Demon Organization.

Rengoku declined the offer and soon after that, he faced death. But during his battle, he was so powerful and swift that Tanjiro and Inosuke were unable to keep track of their movements.

Akaza praised Rengoku more saying that with his fighting skills he could reach the “high point”, an incredible technique that could only be awakened by some of the Demon Slayers.

10. Giyu Tomioka

Hashira Giyu Tomioka

The pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps, Giyu Tomioka is truly one of the strongest and an important members of the organization. His water Breathing Style is truly something to look up to because when he showed his small fraction of power during the battle with the Upper Moon 5 and 3 it was exceptional.

While battling with the Demon Spider and the Lower Moon 5, Rui, Giyu showed why he was the Hashirain organization. With his incredible forms of Water Breathing technique he was able to defeat both of them, but what about the battle with Upper Moon 3?

You proved to be exceptionally strong and held your ground while battling with Akaza. The Upper Moon 3 recognized his great skills and offered him to join and become a demon so that he could become even more powerful after surpassing his normal human strengths.

Akaza also said Tomioka was the strongest Water Hashirahe had ever faced. Giyu is one of the best swordsmen in the Organization with a calm and aggressive fighting style.

9. Akaza


The Upper Moon 3, even his title, holds great strength and power. Akaza possesses great power and incredible power which makes him one of the strongest Demons in the series. He was so powerful that he even defeated one of the greatest flame Hashira, Rengokyu.

Akaza also stated that he had defeated many other Hashiras before. He also gave a hard time to the water Hashira, Giyu Tomioka, and the main protagonist of the series, Kamado Tanjiro. But that’s not all,

Even when both of the Demon Slayers used their special technique, Tanjiro with his Dance of the Fire God and Giyu with his special Demon Slayer Marks, Akaza was able to battle with them equally. He fought the two strongest Slayers and held his ground which is quite impressive.

Eventually, Tamjiro and Giyu won the battle against the Upper Moon 3, but if Akaza still had the will to fight and kept on going there’s no doubt about who would have remained victorious.

Akaza never ate or killed any woman, he only killed males. If he hadn’t kept this limitation then he would’ve been stronger than ever. No doubt why he is one of the strongest Demon Slayer Characters.

8. Muichiro Tokito

Muichiro Tokito

The mist Hashirais no doubt one of the powerful swordsmen of the Demon Slayer Corps. To be a Hashirayou need to be perfect and skilled in various ways but Tokito achieved the title just after training for 2 months.

Although he is pretty young for his age, he is one of the strongest Demon Slayers as he has defeated the Upper Moon 5 in its deadly form. The young Hashira was were also praised by the Upper Moon 1, Kokushibo for being powerful enough at his age,

Although he couldn’t win the battle against him, he was able to hold his ground for a while. The White blade user was a calm and strong Hashirawho had developed great fighting skills at an early age,

If he had more time to grow his strength he would’ve been one of the strongest Demon Slayers in a short period.

7. Tanjiro Kamado

kamado tanjiro

Tanjiro Kamado has always been a determined fighter since the beginning of the series. He has always had an unshakeable will and he was willing to give up anything to save his beloved sister, Nezuko.

After becoming a member of the Demon Slayer he became stronger than ever and became powerful enough to take down lower ranker upper moons by himself, who is said to be only defeated by hashira.

In addition to his great fighting skill, he also has a great sensing ability. He can sense his surrounding using his nose and detect danger and demons. He also possesses the Black Sword, the rarest blade in the series.

With his Black Sword, he can use the Sun breathing technique which is the main weakness of the Demons. Tanjiro is truly one of the skilled and powerful Demon Slayers.

6. Doma


The Upper Moon 2 demon is considered the third most powerful demon in the organization. He was powerful and skilled enough to defeat Shinobu, Insect Hashira, and flower Hashira with ease. This proves that Doma is just strong enough to take down a couple of Hashiras.

When Upper Moon 2 is in his final form, he becomes more powerful, and using his fans, he can use ruthless attacks and even paralyze his opponents. Even without using his final form he can hold this ground and get the upper hand in no time.

He also stated that Akaza who killed the flame Hashira, is nowhere near him in terms of powers and strength, he could easily defeat him without dropping a sweat. The Demon who almost took down 3 Hashira is no joke.

5. Sanemi Shinazugawa

Hashira Sanemi Shinazugawa

The wielder of the iconic green sword is one of the strongest Hashira in the series. With his physical strength and the ability of his green sword, the Wind Breathing Technique, he is almost unstoppable.

Even Kokushibo, the Upper Moon 1 was impressed by Sanemi’s strength. He stated that his physical strength and skills had already reached their maximum level. But it’s not only his swordsmanship and physical strength that makes him stronger, it’s also his blood.

The wind Hashira’s blood is one of the rarest types and in addition to that, his blood is one of the great weaknesses of the Demons. His blood is effective to every Upper Moon demon, it makes them unconscious and makes them lose their concentration during the battle.

The only Demon that can stand against his blood is Tamjiro’s sister, Nezuko. Because of her strong willpower and being different than the other Demons she isn’t affected by his blood.

Sanemi can also manipulate and control his muscles at his will. With such skill, he can prevent deep wounds and injuries or stop his bleeding during a battle like when we saw him doing it while Kokushibo wounded his abdomen. He manipulated it and closed the wound and kept fighting.

4. Gyomei Himejima

Gyomei Himejima

Gyomei Himejima is said to be the most powerful Hashira of the entire organization. Tanjiro and Inosuke stated him as the strongest Demon Slayer of all time. Not only them but Upper Moon 1 also confirmed that Gyomei had surpassed his physical strength and skill and was pushing it to the next level.

The Hashira’s physical abilities were at their peak and he was able to fight toe-to-toe with Upper Moon 1 for some time even without using his ultimate technique, the Demon Slayer Mark.

Kokushibo also stated that he had never fought with such a warrior like Gyomei for more than three hundred years. You can imagine yourself now how much strong the Rock Hashira is.

With his iconic blade, the hand-ax that is attached to a large chain, he is almost unstoppable. After when he uses his Demon Slayer Mark he surpasses his strength and becomes more powerful enough to stand on his ground against the Upper Moon 1.

3. Kokushibo


Kokushibou is the second strongest Demon after Muzan. He holds the position of Upper Moon 1 which ultimately makes him filled with strength and power. He is also an aged Demon, during his days he fought with many intense warriors and all those experiences have made him strong enough to take down the strongest.

The Upper Moon possesses a great level of skills and reflexes. With such enormous powers, he was able to destroy two Hashiras without dropping a sweat. The strongest hashira Gyomei was able to fight against him.

When Sanemi and Gyomei awakened their Demon Slayer Marks they surpassed their former ability and gained more powers but this was nothing to the Upper Moon 1. Even with their overpowering strength, he was able to hold them with ease.

With his Purple Sword, Kokushibou is just unstoppable in terms of battles, experience, and reflexes. He will easily surpass without even breaking a sweat.

2. Kibutsuji Muzan

Kibutsuji Muzan

The strongest Demon of all time, Kibutsuji Muzan’s powers are much greater than of any other Demon. We were able to see his great extraordinary power when he battled with Tanjiro and five Hashiras at once.

Muzan is so strong that he made them realize how big the gap was in terms of strength and power. If Chachamaru hadn’t arrived on time with the antidote, the Hshiras, and Tanjiro would’ve faced death.

The God of Demons was strong enough to hold all those strongest Demon Slayers in his normal form and when he finally came to his true form, he emerged whips through his legs giving him exceptional speed.

With such incredible form, he overwhelmed all of the slayers. Holding his ground against six Demon Slayers is a monstrous thing.

1. Yoriichi Tsugikuni

Yoriichi Tsugikuni

The most powerful character to ever exist in the history of Demon Slayers is Yoriichi Tsugikuni. He was the most powerful swordsman that killed multiple demons without even dropping a sweat.

Yoriichi was born with the Demon Slayer Mark and the Transparent World, making him the Ultimate Demon Hunter. If Muzan hadn’t escaped while battling with Yoriichi he would’ve already faced death. According to the strongest Demon, Muzan, Yoriichi was the strongest, a real monster that will eat you from inside.

Eventually, Yoriichi was killed but during his final battle, he was still stronger than those immortal Demons. At the age of 85, when a normal human can’t even walk properly, he fought with his twin brother, Kokushibou.

Despite being blind and old he quickly grasped the upper hand with a single move. Kokushibou eventually cut the throat of his brother but he tells that if Yoriichi had managed to attack him once more before his death, the Upper Moon 1 would’ve faced death. This shows how powerful Yoriichi is despite the odds.

In the end,

The strongest demon in the history of Demon Slayer is Kinutsuji Muzan and the strongest Demon Hunter who even surpasses Muzan is Yoriichi Tsugikuni, a true monster.

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