All Straw Hat Pirates That Left the Crew: Ranked by Importance


Among thousands of pirate crews, The Straw Hat Pirates are undeniably the most popular crew in the series. Since the start of the series, they’ve succeeded to grab the attention of most of the infamous pirates, marines and even the World Government.

As the storyline progresses, the crew and its members have amusing development. While the journey continued, they sailed to different parts of the world and did the most unpredicatble activities that has left all of the people jaw-dropped.

Each and every member of the crew have their own story and contribution to the entire crew. They all have their own role in ther because of their unique abilities and features.

Unlike other pirate crew, they have only few crew members thus, they are like a family. All the crew members have good relation with other members and are ready to tackle every complex situations.

But at a certain point, some of the members abandoned the crew that put other crew members into the harsh situation. So, when and why did they decide to leave the crew?

Let’s take a look into it without delaying further.

1. Vinsmoke Sanji

Sanji one piece

Left: During the Zou arc

Vinsmoke Sanji is the cook of the Straw Hats Pirates. They all will stave to death without his presence and also Luffy will be compelled to show his cooking skills which will result in the crew passing out for days.

Sanji loves to sail along with his crew and fulfill his dream to see All Blue. But a turn of even changed things that were supposed to be.

During the Zou Arc, the cook of the Straw hat Pirates decides to leave the crew and go along with Capone Gang Bege as soon he whispers something in his ears.

Are you wondering what actually changed his mood in an instant and leave the crew? Well, Let’s help you with it!!

When Sanji was along with Chopper, Brook, and Nami, they get captured by the sub-ordinates of Big Mom. During the process, Bege states that the Vinsmoke family has decided to set his marriage with the daughter of the Emperor of the sea.

And he was threatened that his crew will be killed by Charlotte Lilin if he didn’t accept the marriage. So, he decided to go along with them to marry Charlotte Puddin.

But other crew members who were with them had no single clue why he decide to leave. At the same time, Pekkoms also get attacked by Capone Bege. However, he luckily survives with life-taking injuries.

Nami, Chopper, and Brook were helpless as they couldn’t match with powers of their opponent. Later on, they tell to other crew members what actually happened during that incident.

Then, Mugiwaradecides to bring Sanji back from Big Mom by himself but Nami, Chopper, Brook, and Pedro decide to go along with him. Without informing anyone, Carrot also gets into the ship to adventure.

They face many complexities along the way but they didn’t give up on their friends. They keep on struggling with different harsh situations and somehow Luffy and Nami finally succeed to meet Sanji on the way.

Happily, Luffy approached the Black Leg but he said that he won’t come back and started ignoring him. And when Mugiwara didn’t back up, Sanji started to attack him without any reason.

However, The Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates did nothing and let him hit and relentlessly tried to convince him. Besides all of that, Sanji still refused to start attacking him until he got knocked out and went along with the other Vinsmoke family members.

After that Luffy got captured by the troops of Big Mom and was prisoned. Fortunately, Jibei appeared and helped him to get out of jail.

Soon after that, Luffy went to the place where he promised to Sanji. They both encountered each other and Mugiwara got to know what was going on behind the scenes.

So, they both teamed up and decided to crash the wedding where the Vinsmokes were about to get annihilated. They also teamed up with Gang Bege who was plotting to assassinate Big Mom.

They attempted to kill Big Mom with an apparently successful plan but failed because of certain circumstances. However, they succeeded to free the Vinsmoke family and escaped the island somehow.

Although the ferocious Yonko chased them, Sanji along with other rescue members except for Pedro who died by committing suicide succeeded to get back with other crew members and sailed towards Wano Country.

Not only the cook, but Sanji is also a proficient enfocer of the Straw Hat Pirates who has saved the crew multiple times. Without him, the crew might be possibly vulnerable.

2. Cat Burglar Nami


Left: During the Baratie Arc

At the time of Baratie Arc, the Straw Hat Pirates had only three crew members along with him. So, as they continued their journey, Luffy decided to recruit a new crew member who worked in the Bartie Restaurant.

The upcoming crew member was non-other than Vinsmoke Sanji who is popularly renowned as Black Leg currently.  Luffy was convincing him to join the crew but he didn’t notice him another crew fleeing.

The navigator of the ship, Nami abandoned the crew and ran away in Going Merry without any explanation as soon as she noticed the want from Arlong. But Luffy didn’t want her navigator to leave without any explanation.

But there was a certain reason why she left the crew. So, let’s roll back to that time to know about it.

As soon as Luffy took Sanji on the crew as the cook, he along with his other crew members persuaded her. Despite the fact that he was approaching the location of his enemy, he went to Cocoyasi village to get his navigator back.

Nami gathered a huge amount of treasure and had only a few cents left to buy back her village. Unfortunately, the dream of her buying the village back got shattered into pieces as the soldiers of the marines took all of her treasure.

However, the main image behind this incident was Arlong and she knew it. But Arlong stated that he didn’t break the contract Nami and all villagers became helpless although she knew the truth because she couldn’t have the power to fight against Arlong’s pirates by herself.

The villagers got annoyed by the cruel move of Arlong and decided to take the fight against the Arlong Pirates even though they know the fact that they’ll be drastically defeated.

The Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates rages as soon as he witnesses his navigator in tears and goes towards the camp to take revenge on her as Nami decides to help him to chase his dream of becoming the King of the Pirates.

The other crew members of the Straw Hats turn Arlong Park into ruins after they defeat the entire Arlong crew and set all the villagers free.

From that very moment, Nami decided to join the Straw Hat Pirates permanently thus, rejoined the crew as their navigator. Without her, it was almost impossible for the crew to reach where they are lately as she is the navigator of the ship.

3. Nico Robin

Nico Robin

Left: Water 7 Arc

Nico Robin also known as the Demon Child is an archeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates. Besides nami, she is also the one who left the crew at a certain time. The entire crew gets astonished by the sudden disappearance of one of their crew member.

The Demon Child didn’t say anything to anyone but there was a very big reason why she left the crew without hinting a clue. Well, let’s look at why she abandoned the crew.

Nico Robin is the sole survivor of the Ohara, an island that the most intelligent archeologist used to inhabit before it got destroyed by the Buster Call.

In the whole One Piece world, she is the only one who can read the Ponegleighs as of now. And those Ponegleiphs are scattered into different parts of the world that hint the way to the Mythical treasure, One Piece.

So, she’s being targeted by the World Government for her capability of reading Ponegleigh and is known as the most wanted person who currently sails into the sea along with the Straw Hat Pirates.

She knew that she is targeted by the greatest force in the World and was sure that she’ll be caught one day. And this fear of her terrified her, even more, when she noticed the members of Cipher Poll-9 searching for her in Water 7.

Robin got scared that her existence might cause trouble for her crewmates. So, she surrendered herself to the World Government by leaving the crew.

Later on, The Straw Hat Pirates got to know about the truth after the World Government announced that they succeeded to capture the Demon Child.

As soon as the crew heard about the news, they rushed to find her all over the place and encountered her at a point. But Robin stated that she wanted to die.

However, the crew members knew that she was lying. Thus, The Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates told her that they are there to rescue but he also asked her if she really wanted to die.

The Demon Child said, she wants to live and sail along with them. The moment she stated this sentence, Luffy ordered God Ussop to burn down the flag.

As the captain commanded, Sogeking declared war by burning the flag of the World Government into ashes. This scene drove all the viewers crazy.

The storyline took its progression and the Straw Hat Pirates defeated all the members of Cipher Poll 9 and succeeded to rescue their archeologist.

Nico Robin got back to the crew again. Moreover, The Straw Hats Pirates also recruited new members soon after that incident.

The Demon Child plays a very important role as the archeologist in the Straw Hats Pirates who leads the leads the entire crew to the greatest treasure of all time.

4. Ussop


Left: During the Enies Lobby arc

Ussop also known as the Sogeking is the shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates. he has a good relationship with all of the crew members and he loved all of them equally.

However, a certain event in the series changed him and he decided to leave the crew. Not only that, but he also picked a fight with his captain and was defeated within a few minutes.

Besides the Marineford Arc, this Arc is one of the most emotional arcs in the One Piece series. Let’s get into detail to get to know more about it.

The shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates left at the precise moment when they needed him the most because Nico Robin was captivated by the World Government at the same time.

However, he came to the aid of the crew and helped them by playing a huge role as the sniper man although he already left the crew.

But the major question here is why he left the crew. This was the hardest time that the Straw Hat Pirates had to go through.  An argument between Luffy and  Usopp caused the shipwright to leave the crew.

The sailing ship of the crew, Going Merry was damaged to the point that where it couldn’t sail anymore and cannot even be repaired. Thus, the Captain of the Straw Hats decided to buy a new ship to continue their journey.

All of the crewmates agreed to his decision as they understood that it is not possible to sail on it anymore. But Ussop hesitated as it was gifted to him by his girlfriend, Kaya.

He didn’t want to leave the ship so he argued with the decision of captain. Ussop’s stubbornness caused conflict to the point where he decided to leave the crew.

However, Luffy tried to take him back but they ended up dueling with each other in the end. After that incident, Ussop disappeared for many days.

The funeral ceremony of Going Merry was completed and fortunately, Ussop also realized that he was being selfish in his decisions and requested the captain to take him back to the crew.

Luffy immediately accepted and took him in the crew.

Being the sniperman of the crew, Ussop’s contribution to the crew. He is one of the most unpredicble and amusing fighter of the Straw Hats Pirates.

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