Stranger Things’ Joseph Quinn Says He Was Obsessed With Kurt Cobain And Nirvana

Stranger Things star Joseph Quinn recently joined Metal Hammer for an interview and admitted having an obsession with Kurt Cobain and his iconic band Nirvana.

Joseph Quinn has appeared in the series ‘Dickensian,’ ‘Howards End,’ ‘Catherine The Great,’ ‘Les Misérables,’ and ‘Strike,’ but his breakthrough role was in Stranger Things’ season four as Eddie Munson. As Munson, Quinn won everyone’s heart, especially with his iconic scene where he shredded his guitar to the Metalica classic ‘Master Of Puppets.’

Along with Quinn, Rob Trujillo’s son Tye Trujillo also lent his guitar skills for the Stranger Things finale. With his performance, Tye received the praise of his father, Rob Trujillo, Kirk Hammett, and many metal music fans. After this well-received performance, Tye Trujillo rose to prominence while Joseph Quinn attracted the spotlight.

Before getting into his character Eddie Munson, Joseph Quinn prepared himself by listening to several metal artists. However, this wasn’t his first introduction to the rock and metal music scene. In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Quinn named his guitar heroes and revealed their importance to him.

Quinn started with Jimi Hendrix, saying the iconic guitarist is an obvious choice. He then said he was very enamored with Hendrix. Later, Joseph Quinn admitted that Nirvana was his first band obsession, and he was so obsessed with Kurt Cobain that the walls of his room were full of Cobain’s posters.

Here is what Joseph Quinn told Metal Hammer about his guitar heroes:

“Jimi Hendrix is an obvious one. I was always very enamored with him. Nirvana was my first proper band obsession – I was obsessed with Kurt Cobain and had all his posters on my wall. It’s cliché, but it’s true.”

In July, Joseph Quinn had a chance to meet Metallica at the Lollapalooza festival. After a quick interview, Quinn and Metallica jammed together and played the iconic song ‘Master Of Puppets.’ As it turned out, James Hetfield was also a fan of Stranger Things.

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