Steven Tyler And Joe Perry Are Ready To Say Goodbye With Aerosmith Farewell Tour

As the band announced on their official Instagram account, Aerosmith, fronted by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, is set to bid farewell to its fans. After a long 50-year career, the band is getting ready for one last gig. This final tour, aptly named the ‘Peace Out’ tour, promises to be an exciting experience for every Aerosmith fan.

The Aerosmith Instagram post, which broke the news, was a heartfelt goodbye and a promise of a grand finale. The ‘Peace Out’ tour will also feature the Black Crowes as special guests, adding to the charm of the farewell journey. Every concert during this final tour will celebrate the past five decades, reliving the hits that helped Aerosmith reach a broad audience.

Adding a layer of immersion to the experience, THX will bring their THX Certified Live! high-fidelity experience on the road. With this, the arenas will be calibrated with the latest technology to ensure that fans can enjoy Aerosmith’s classic rock tunes in premium audio quality. For fans looking for an elevated experience, the tour will also offer a variety of VIP packages.

The band’s Instagram post read:

Peace Out! After 50 years, 10 world tours, and playing for over 100 million fans… It’s time for one last go! Aerosmith Peace Out with special guest, the Black Crowes! Fans will see one of the most significant American rock bands in history one last time during this not-to-be-missed final tour. Every night will celebrate the five decades of Aerosmith’s groundbreaking hits as they celebrate 50 years as America’s greatest rock band.

In addition, THX will bring their THX Certified Live! high-fidelity experience on the road, calibrating each arena with leading-edge technology so fans don’t miss a beat of Aerosmith’s classic rock tunes in quality audio. In a joint statement, Aerosmith shared, ‘It’s not goodbye it’s peace out! Get ready and walk this way; you’re going to get the best show of our lives.’

The tour will also offer a variety of different VIP packages and experiences for fans to take their concert experience to the next level. Packages vary but include a premium reserved ticket, a personal photo opportunity with band members, limited edition merchandise, and more!”

The Peace Out tour, which commences on September 2 in Philadelphia, will journey across 40 cities in North America. Major stops include cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and Chicago, with a special performance planned for New Year’s Eve in their hometown, Boston. The tour will finally conclude in Montreal on January 26.

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