She-Hulk Spent $75m For 3 Episodes, More Than The Entire Deadpool Movie, Animation Worse Than GTA San Andreas


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been great with its animation and production. But for such production, it costs a great amount of money, and She-Hulk has been a costly production.

The new series She-Hulk has proven to spend more than $75 in its three episodes. They have spent more than an entire movie on Deadpool. Deadpool is one of the iconic characters in the MCU, and its movie has always been a fan favorite, but the budget of the movie, which was released in 2016, was only $58 million.

MCU is known for being a costly production company. Every movie of MCU is made with a budget of over $100. The main reason why She-Hulk is so costly is that as they spend more time on the studio, they start to figure out that the more money they put into their production, the more it gets recognized by the world, and they could gain more profit.

Deadpool’s budget was only $58 million, but their box office was over $700 million. Marvel has noticed that the higher cost, the higher gain. They have started to do big projects which cost highly. Some of their movies even cost more than $200 million, but they also gain a good profit from those costly productions.

It makes sense why She-Hulk has spent more than $75 million on just three episodes. MCU has hardly disappointed their fans with their CGI and animation, it must be because it is costly, but after the release of She-Hulk, things aren’t looking quite good for Marvel as the production isn’t good as they’ve spent.

Now, let’s see why they’ve spent so much on this series and calculate the budget for each episode.

Why Is The She-Hulk So Costly With Animation Worst Than GTA San Andreas?

MCU has never disappointed their fans, and they have hardly even made any lower-rated movies. But She-Hulk has been disappointed in their fan base, mostly because of its CGI, so the main question is, why is it so costly?

It is stated by Marvel that a single episode of She-Hulk costs around 25 million dollars. She-Hulk has a total of ( episodes, and when we add the whole budget, the total amount is 225 million dollars.

Even the famous series, Game of Thrones, has a small budget than of She-Hulk. In season 8 of Game of Thrones, the budget for every episode was almost 15 million dollars. With this low budget, they exceeded the expectations of their fans.

Game of Thrones contributed great animation with realistic CGI, which made a remarkable mark on history. And don’t you forget that the production was only 15 million dollars for each episode. Now let’s take a look at SHe-Hulk.

She-Hulk has a massive budget, and their contribution to their fans is ‘twerk.’ We have no idea why this series has been so bad. The CGI and production of She-Hulk are nowhere near their budget.

The main reason why the series is costly can be because MCU is experimenting with its projects. But when they posted their third episode, the fans just said no. The CGI was nowhere near GTA San Andreas.

There was a scene in episode three of the series where She-Hulk walked into the room, and during that moment, the CGI couldn’t get any more worst. The motion, the animation, everything was worst than GTA.

Many fans can’t believe what the CGI was with this budget invested in the series. The main reason they did so much worse can be that they “overdid” the work. They might’ve put too much VFX and worked on extreme deadlines, which was the main reason why the series is going to be called trash.

This can be one of the biggest flops of the MCU because the amount of work and the money they’ve put into the series is insane, but the outcome they got from there is worst than cut scenes of GTA San Andreas. So, what do the CGI producers have to say about Walmart production from She-Hulk?

What Do She-Hulk Writers Have To Say On CGI Scenes?

She-Hulk Twerk

Gao, the chief writer of the series, stated that there was a lot of commotion in the industry. She says that she was regularly being ordered to replace Jen with She-Hulk or cut the scenes of She-Hulk, and this was all happening when the deadline was almost over.

Gao’s comments on the recent work of CGI explain why She-Hulk is being so bad. Her points explain that MCU has a hard time working with low TV budgets because they habitually work on budgets over 100 million dollars.

The CGI and VFX Motions everything has gained negative reviews from the fans. However, luckily, there is still hope for a better future for She-Hulk because, in the recent episodes of the series, there are less concentrated CGI works and are giving a good view of the visual effects.

The writers said they were having major problems because they had to keep replacing scenarios. They had to keep on editing, and because of that, they overdid the VFX and CGI, which gave major problems in the visual effects.

The episode has 20-25 million dollars invested, and all the fans get is She-Hulk Twerk. We don’t wanna see that filthy thing, and all the fans want is a better story and animation better than GTA San Andreas.

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