Sammy Hagar Was Intimidated And ‘Dwarfed’ Across Rod Stewart

Rock legend Sammy Hagar recently shared a video on Twitter, recounting a memorable encounter he had with fellow rock star Rod Stewart. The video offered a rare glimpse into the personal side of Hagar as he opened up about his admiration for Stewart and the unexpected intimidation he felt when they crossed paths.

From the beginning of his career, Hagar has been a massive Rod Stewart fan. Despite his deep admiration for the British rock legend, Hagar found himself intimidated by Stewart when they finally met in person. The larger-than-life presence of Stewart, alongside his then-girlfriend Britt Ekland, made a significant impression on the Red Rocker, who was still finding his footing in the industry with his band Montrose.

In the video, Hagar went into detail about the fateful encounter that left him speechless and awestruck. He and his drummer, Denny Carmassi, were watching The Doobie Brothers perform when Stewart and Ekland walked in, looking like the epitome of rock star royalty. Hagar’s fan boy moment quickly turned into an overwhelming sense of intimidation, as he found himself too shy to approach his idol.

Hagar recounted the experience in his own words:

“Have I ever been a fanboy? Me? Absolutely! If I would’ve ever seen Elvis [Presley], I would’ve gone crazy, but I was just really young then. I just remember I was always a Rod Stewart fan when I first started Montrose. I was playing in Europe, Montrose was on tour, and The Doobie Brothers were headlining Montrose’s opening. My drummer, Denny Carmasi, and I were staring at the side of the stage, watching The Doobie Brothers.

And in walks Rod Stewart in a yellow suit, shiny, hair all spiked up. Britt Eckland was with him, and she was, like, you know, leopard skin. They were just superstars. They looked like the most charismatic superstars on the planet. They walked up next to us, and it was like – I couldn’t even go up and introduce myself. I was a fan, but he was so charismatic that I was just dwarfed.

Denny and I looked at each other like, ‘Let’s get out of here, man! He might see us!’ We were so intimidated. We didn’t want to be around him. We thought he was going to ask us to go get him a coke or to take this coat and say, ‘Go hang it up for me’ or something. Honestly, I’ve never been so starstruck in my life. I have met Rod since then. He’s always very charismatic. He’s always dressed to the nines. He’s got it, man. He’s a superstar, and he blew my mind.”

Sammy Hagar’s candid story about his encounter with Rod Stewart offers a unique and entertaining insight into the world of rock stars. The video reminds us that these larger-than-life figures, despite their fame and success, can still experience moments of awe when faced with their own idols. It’s a refreshing and lighthearted look at the personal side of these iconic musicians and one that fans will surely enjoy.

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