Ryan Karazija, Lead Singer From Death Stranding’s Low Roar Died Due to ‘Complications With Pneumonia’

low roar, Ryan Karazija

The frontman of Low Roar, Ryan Karazija was known for his musical contribution to  Death Stranding, passed away at the age of 40 because of complications with pneumonia. The band members shared this information on their social media and even the creator of Death Stranding,  Hideo Kojima, and the community offered their condolences to the late vocalist.

“His beautiful music and lyrics, sung in his haunting voice have touched the lives of so many people all over the world, and will continue to do so. He was a kind and beautiful soul and our worlds are shattered by his loss of him. May we honor his memory through his art and hold him forever in his songs.”

“The sixth Low Roar record was already underway and will be completed and released when it is ready. Please respect his family’s privacy at this incredibly difficult time.”

This was a big loss for the music industry and gaming community. The band again updated their statement on their Instagram and paid a tribute to the lead singer, Ryan Karazija. It was mentioned;

“After a short illness, Ryan Karazija, frontman and driving force behind Low Roar, has died at age 40 due to complications from pneumonia. Sometime you feel like this is never ending, but we all fade away…” 

It was never mentioned how long Ryan was fighting with the illness, for how long was hospitalized, or where he was. He had a famous personality but he was a secretive person, and he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. Due to this, the history of his illness isn’t available yet.

Hideo Kojima pays tribute to Ryan Karazija

Ryan Karazija was a talented individual and the songs he took part in for Death Stranding still lives as remarkable work. Hideo Kojima couldn’t believe the fact that Ryan had left the world;

“I heard the news. I can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it,” Kojima tweeted.”Without Ryan, without you and your music, Death Stranding would not have been born. Your music will live forever in this world and in me. Thank you. Rest in peace.”

Low Roar find its way to popularity after they were featured in the 2016 trailer for Hideo Kojima‘s Death Stranding. “I’ll Keep Coming”, their song will always remain an iconic piece of art. In 2020 Karazija told VG247 that sony didn’t even let the band know about what they were going to use the music for;

“Sony contacted us in an obscure email offering us a certain amount of money to use the song ‘I’ll Keep Coming’, and they were not willing to tell us what they’re going to use the song for,” Karazija told VG247. “At that time we were in a gutter so we accepted it. And it turned out it was for Death Stranding.” 

Kojima discovered Low Roar while he was on a trip to Reykjavík.

“I try to be connected to the actors, film directors, authors, artists, and musicians I personally like,” Kojima tells Eurogamer. “The way I select the music or artists is based on trust I establish with them. The natural connection (strand) I have with these people makes it possible to work together.” 

“It has an image of a newly born earth,” he explains. “I thought Low Roar’s music would match this harsh but beautiful and pure environmental setting. I also felt somewhat of a connection to Low Roar and the game, the matching of Low Roar’s acoustic but digital futuristic sound and the concept of Death Stranding.”

Since then, the band has left its strong bond with Death Stranding, and they have appeared 19 times in the game. Ryan Karazija will always be remembered through his music.

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