Pink Floyd Members’ Feuds Are About To Muff $500 Million Deal

Even though it has been years since Roger Waters left Pink Floyd, the feud between him and David Gilmour has continued to this time. Unfortunately, it seems like the conflict between the two may jeopardize Pink Floyd’s millions worth of catalog sale, as four sources close to the current situation recently revealed to Variety.

It was reported by the Financial Times last year that Pink Floyd had been planning to make over $500 million from the sale of its whole back catalog, and they were in contact with several potential buyers, including Blackstone, Sony, Warner, BMG, and Primary Wave. Yet, the final deal has not yet been completed.

Apparently, Waters and Gilmour do not agree on some issues, which can negatively impact their catalog sale. One of the sources said that the deal could be described as inactive, although it was also considered to be still under consideration. Another source also disclosed that personal dynamics extended to the business side of things. Besides the feud between the pair, there were also other disagreements related to Nick Mason and the estates of Richard Wright and Syd Barrett.

Here is what one of the sources said about the issue:

“You could say the deal is no longer ‘active.’ But at the same time, it’s still on the table. It’s a strange situation!”

Another source explained:

“It’s not just that it’s personal — those things extend to business. There were certain [long-term band associates] that one member felt were too close to another member, so they’d have to spend weeks finding someone else they could all agree on, situations like that.”

Aside from Pink Floyd members’ feuds, Waters’ controversial remarks about political issues complicate matters further. It has been discussed that his statements lower the value of the catalog. We just have to wait to see whether the band members will manage to solve their problems and how the deal will turn out in the end.

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