Pearl Jam Takes A Stand For Fans With Fair Ticket Pricing Initiative

Ticketmaster has been under fire lately for hitting fans with unexpectedly higher prices at checkout, leaving consumers frustrated and feeling cheated. In response to this growing issue, Pearl Jam has stepped up to the plate. In a recent announcement on their website, the band shared that they’ve found a solution to ensure fair ticket pricing for their upcoming tour starting in August.

Ticketmaster’s ticket pricing practices have not only led to consumer dissatisfaction, but they have also drawn criticism from artists themselves. The Cure’s Robert Smith was among the first to express concerns about Ticketmaster, highlighting the company’s practices that resulted in The Cure’s fans facing significant fees for concert tickets.

Pearl Jam, noticing the problem, decided to develop a system that would alleviate fan concerns and ensure a fair ticket-buying experience. The band’s new approach focuses on making tickets non-transferable where permitted, offering a portion of tickets through PJ Premium at market rate, and implementing all-in pricing to eliminate hidden fees at checkout.

Pearl Jam announced:

“To continue to protect fans’ access to fairly priced tickets, Pearl Jam has decided to make tickets non-transferable where permitted, and by selling approximately 10% of tickets through PJ Premium at the market rate to offset increased costs. Tickets on this tour will continue to be non-transferable in all states except Illinois where it is prohibited by law. We apologize in advance to Illinois fans who may be subject to increased ticket prices on the secondary market.

Pearl Jam will use all-in pricing across this tour for the first time. This means the ticket price you see listed is the full out-of-pocket price inclusive of fees so there are no surprises at check out.”

Pearl Jam is showing that they truly value their fans by taking a stand against ticket fraud and implementing a system that puts fan interests first. With their innovative approach to concert ticket sales, Pearl Jam is proving they’ve got their fans’ backs, offering a fair and transparent ticket-buying experience for all.

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