Paul Stanley Reveals Gene Simmons’ Real Character Beyond KISS Persona

Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have a long history that dates way back to the 1970s, even before KISS’ formation. Speaking to Classic Rock, Stanley shared his honest opinions about Simmons and revealed what the musician hides behind his stage persona as ‘the Demon’ of KISS.

Early in their music careers, Stanley met Simmons through a mutual friend. Impressed by each other’s talent and shared music tastes, the two formed a band. After recording an album as Wicked Lester, Paul and Gene decided to follow a different career path and formed KISS, laying the foundations of an iconic rock band.

Over the years, both Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons contributed significantly to KISS’ success. Although the band underwent several lineup changes, they remained the only members from the original lineup. While there were times when Stanley sometimes wanted to smack Simmons in the head, they always found a way to work things out.

Like many artists, Gene Simmons has a powerful stage persona as KISS’ the Demon. According to Paul Stanley, Gene wants what’s best for KISS, even if it means sacrificing his own interests. Stanley also argues that Simmons is actually a caring, kind, and giving person who takes care of many people behind the curtains.

Here is what Paul Stanley said about Gene Simmons:

“Gene is a team player, and he loves the band and wants what’s best for it, even if it’s not always what’s best for him. I love Gene’s ability to put his own advantages and possibilities within the band aside to do whatever is best for the collective. I admire that quality because you don’t find it that often in people.

And also, underneath all the bravado and all the ‘Gene Simmons’ schtick is a very caring, very kind, and giving person who takes care of a lot of people, far outside and beyond his family. I respect that very much.”

As Paul Stanley says, Gene Simmons hides a caring and kind person underneath his KISS persona and tries to care for people in need. Stanley isn’t wrong in saying that, as Simmons is known for philanthropic efforts as an advocate for providing children around the world with access to healthcare.

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