One Punch Man: Season 3 Release Date Confirmed

One Punch Man

It’s about to come. The best and the most awaited moment for all the audiences of One Punch Man. New storylines with new amazing scenes are about to emerge one by one and viewers will be left jaw-dropped once it makes their arrival.

The most underrated anime, One Punch man is releasing its new season. Following Season 2, the creator of this series has confirmed that season 3 of this anime is already at its work.

The audiences of One Punch Man are thrilled as it is officially announced that One Punch Man: Season 3 is going for its production.

After three years of break, this anime is about to continue its leftover journey and will be displayed on the screen of all the fans soon. Till then, have some patience and stay tuned.

Better days are coming for the fans of One Punch Man.

One Punch Man begins its production

After three years of the end of Season2, it is now revealed that One Punch Man Season: 3 is about to come out soon. It has already been confirmed that this anime series has already started its work.

The official website of One Punch Man has already stated that it has officially started its production. In fact, it has already exhibited its teaser from a character creator of the previous two seasons, Chikasi Kubota.

However, the information about the upcoming season is slighter but the news of its release is a big win for all the One-Punch Man lovers.

Another good news is that the official website of One Punch Man has left us a faint hint on what kind of scenes might possibly occur.

The teaser image that was released side by side with the latest news of the upcoming season shows reveals two characters standing back to back with each other.

Among them, one is the main protagonist and the other is the antagonist of the series, Saitama and Garou. This leaves a faint trail for the fans to predict what might happen in the upcoming scenes.

According to the new teaser image, it seems that fans will be able to witness some epic scenes of the major villain of Season 2 and Saitama.

The production of One Punch Man: Season 3 announced the following statement:

“This time, we will start the production of the long-awaited sequel of the animation “One-Punch Man” 3rd season. At the same time, a new teaser visual drawn by Osamu Kubota, who was in charge of character design for the first and second seasons, has also been released. The latest information will be announced on the official TV anime website and official SNS as needed, so please wait for further details.”

Dear fans of One Punch Man, you need to get excited as the most awaited moment for you is incoming. We know that Kubota will be making his comeback for the upcoming season but we still don’t have any clue who will be tackling its animation.

We don’t know if the animation organizations will be changed like they changed in Season 1 and 2 or not. However, the fans might be hoping for enhanced animation and unpredictable plot twists. It would be a treat to their eyes.

Murata says that he enjoyed his break and he is back to give an additional feature to its masterpiece. Thus when he makes his comeback, you can be carefree and expect the legendary to be at the peak of his game.

It is confirmed that the upcoming season will be written by Venom’s Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinker, and directed by Justin Lin.

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One Punch Man: Handmade Poster

The secret of One Punch Man resides within it since season 2 came to its end in 2019. Good for us, they won’t be able to keep it secret forever, and will be exhibited soon among all of its viewers.

As it was announced that season 3 is already in its work, the fans are thrilled more than its creator. to share their excitement, One(the creator of One Punch Man) also exhibited his handmade poster on his Twitter account.

One has been successful to charge up the upcoming season 3 with his handmade poster for the comeback of Saitama. And the picture is simply amusing.

The sketch has very important details although it is very simple. The bricked-shaped black and white objects show that our clean bald superhero is bursting through the wall.

Numerous amount of rubble is falling all over Saitama’s body from top to bottom but he’s like “who cares?”. He is just busy waving the three fingers for his fans to manifest that Season 3 has arrived.

Is season 3 the end of One Punch Man and how long will it be?

One Punch Man: Season 2 made its run after it gets started by the grander Human Monster Saga under Monster Association Arc. The arc was unpredictably long.

The duration of this arc is so long but the war already came to an end in the manga. Season 2 met its end in the summer of 2019. It became so long that many fans lost their hopes of not getting to watch season 3.

But that major interrogation of fans is what will be actually displayed in season 3. According to our assumption, the war will meet its end at some point in the season with surprising scenes.

We also don’t have any clue on how long season 3 of One Punch Man actually will be. But it is expected to be a total of 34 episodes.

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Where to watch One Punch Man season 3?

goku vs saitama

Are you excited by the latest news revealed by the official website of One Punch Man? It is exhibited that One Punch Man is coming up with a new season.

The news is spread all over the internet and the fans are very delighted. You also might be very excited and impatient about the release of the anime. Before that, you have to watch the previously released seasons of One Punch Man.

Do you have any idea how to watch One Punch Man?

If you don’t have any idea, don’t worry. We’ll help you out by listing various anime-watching platforms where you can watch different anime including One Punch man.

So here they are!!


Crunchyroll is a platform where one can watch numerous anime with high quality. If you have an interest in watching One Punch Man, it is also available on this streaming platform.

We recommend you this website for watching anime without any ad interruptions. It is recognized as one of the smoothest anime streaming platforms.


Funimation is one of the most preferred platforms for watching any kind of anime. The review of users of this platform is very good so we also suggest you this website to watch many animes.

This website will provide you with all the episodes of the One Punch Man series with satisfying quality in a single search. You better give it a try if you want to watch your favorite anime without any kind of problems.


Hulu is also one of the most preferable streaming platforms. It has a massive collection of anime different anime series. One Punch Man is also available on Hulu and it is ad-free and has English subtitles.

If you have any difficulty watching One Punch Man from Funimation and Crunchyroll, you’ve Hulu beside you to help you out with watching your favorite anime series.


Netflix is the most popular platform for watching all kinds of anime and movies. This streaming platform is widely used all over the world because it is very easy to use and provides high-quality videos.

So, this is our other suggestion for you to watch anime.  It has all the seasons and episodes of One Punch Man with unquestionable quality.

There are even no problems with ads and you can even download all of its episodes and watch them offline later on.

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