No Time to Die Star Daniel Craig Doesn’t Regret Leaving James Bond

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Daniel Craig began his British spy character James Bond’s journey with the 2006 film Casino Royale. Since then he has portrayed the iconic character in several sequels and he ended his journey for good in the 2021 film No Time to Die.

After leaving the character, he was recently asked in an interview with Variety if he had any regrets. Craig replied that he doesn’t regret it, he said, “No, none at all.” No Time to Die star also stated, “I left it where I wanted it to be. And that I was given the chance to do that with the last movie.” Furthermore, the actor revealed that his time as the best British spy is done rightfully.

James Bond is not dead

In the latest James Bond movie, “No Time to Die,” Bond sacrifices himself on a mission for his girlfriend, Dr. Madeleine Swann, and daughter, Mathilde. However, Craig stated that the character is “not really dead” and will be recast for future projects.

After Craig left the character, fans had a question: who would fill Craig’s shoes as James Bond? There are lots of actors who would fit the role perfectly, but there is one particular actor, Henry Cavill, who is a fan favorite and we certainly would love to see him portray the iconic character.

There is a fun fact, Cavill almost played the character before Craig was picked for the role. Cavill told in an interview, “They told me I was close, they told me it was ultimately down to, and this is what I’ve been told, it was just down to me and Daniel (Craig), and I was the younger option.”

However, Cavill is not certain if he will be involved in upcoming films, he stated that he was really busy accepting Bond’s role but he also stated, “it’d be fun to have the conversation” with film producers Barbara Broccoli and Mike G. Wilson. Henry is confirmed to be in the live adaptation of Vertigo Entertainment’s game Warhammer 40,000. Furthermore, he is also set to play the character of the world’s greatest spy Argylle. Cavill will star alongside Grammy Award winner Dua Lipa in the Apple TV+-distributed film.

Although Cavill has a pretty busy schedule, he might get cast as beloved spy James Bond as he left The Witcher, and he also announced that his “turn to wear the cape has passed” and he will not be returning as Superman.

Henry is not the only one up for the role

As mentioned, there are several actors aside from Cavill who are eyed to fill Craig’s shoes. The actors who are said to be listed among bookies for 007’s role are Tom Hardy, Andrew Garfield, Will Poulter, Taron Egerton, and more. However, among all the star-studded actors, The Guest’s Dan Stevens is said to be picked for the role as per the rumors.

Similarly, Bridgerton star Rege-Jean Page is also considered for the role. However, Henry Cavill remains the favorite pick for the role.

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