Naruto or Dragon Ball Z: Which Is Better?

naruto vs dragonball

Dragon Ball Z and Naruto are one of the most famous anime. These anime have made a remarkable sign in history. Dragon Ball Z and Naruto are one of the perfect anime out there, but there’s a question that gets raised frequently. Which one is better?

Let’s take a look at the fight scenes, storylines, plots, and characters of these anime and find out which is better!

Fights in Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z anime is known for its epic battles and its great story. The fights in Dragon Ball Z are so popular that it has made a remarkable mark on Shounen. Dragon Ball Z has without a doubt one of the greatest fighting events. We’ll see epic fight moments in this series, Let’s see what kind of epic fights we are talking about.

As all the fans know, in Dragon Ball Z, there are epic scenes, where the protagonist and antagonist, both rise up in their powers and exceed their old power level, and adopt a new form. With each form, the characters grow much stronger and we can even see a change in their appearance, adopting a new and strong form, mostly with long hair.

Even the opponent in Dragon Ball are not common ones, they are one of the strongest creatures of the whole Galaxy like Freiza. He is known for being one of the strongest and destroying planets. Whenever Goku and Freiza encounter each other, we can be sure that something fascinating is going to happen.

Even small kids know the moves that are used in Dragon Ball Z. “Kamehameha” is one of the most famous moves of the anime, which throws a beam of blue light which possesses a great amount of power.  The teleportation techniques, kicks, punches, powers, everything is way beyond perfect in Dragon Ball Z.

Although it might take a long damn episode to complete a fight still it is way more than worth it to watch those episodes. The fights in Dragon Ball Z are always filled with unpredictable scenes. They will surely power up but we have no idea who that will be because it can even be the opponent and even the protagonist.

The fights like Jiren vs Goku and Goku vs Vegeta will shock you.

Fights in Naruto

Naruto is also filled with great scenes and epic fights as well. There were moments that stole the show in the NAruto because of its epic fight scenes like the ones with Madara.

The most epic fight shows were shown in the series during the Fourth Ninja War. In there the greatest villain of Naruto was reincarnated, Madara. With the entrance of Madara, the whole series was nothing like it was before. The war is one of the most famous battles that is known by almost every anime watcher.

naruto pain

In Naruto, the fights are also mostly tactical. The prominent characters use many tactics to defend their opponents like Minato, Kakashi, and Naruto. They all use tactical attacks to defeat their opponents which prove to be important in the end.

In Dragon Ball Z there is great action and many famous signature attacks of the characters. Well, Naruto will not fall down on that part as well. One of its signature moves of Naruto is, the Sharingan.

Only a special clan can use this move. The Uchiha Clan is known for having this Dojutsu. With this power, they can put their opponent into Genjutsu, a move where they’ll live in imagination. Naruto is known for being a ninja world, and in that ninja world, there are certain nations that have their own signature moves and leaders which makes them special.

Most of the fights in Naruto are done with the power of friendship. The main character always brings up flashbacks of their opponents which will hit right at their heart. With such kind of talk the opponent automatically submits and walks on the right path.

Many battles of this series aren’t individual, but gang fights. There are many group battles in naruto and they work on a plan to defeat their opponent. The individual fight is mostly boring but some are greater than in Dragon Ball Z.

The Storyline of Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball is an anime with the genres like Adventure. In the series, we will follow the protagonist Goku on his journey. Goku is a Saiyan Warrior and he has a purpose on earth, and that purpose is to protect the planet from others. Those “others” are some of the species that are from other galaxies and are extremely powerful.

As the series starts to move on further, he meets with other prominent characters who have the same goals as Goku. He becomes friends with them and they all travel together to make the world a better place, and to catch the Dragon Balls.

The name of the series is one of the main quests of this anime. If a character can collect all seven Dragon Balls then they can summon Shenlong, a dragon that will grant you wishes. To collect these Dragon Balls you’ll need to be determined because they are scattered all over the world and to find them needs a lot of determination.

The Dragon Ball can be a great threat to the world or can be proven as a savior to humanity. The protagonist always meets up with opponents who are stronger and greater than them. Overcoming that kind of enemy isn’t a piece of cake, so they train every day unlocking new forms and new moves.

The series mostly focuses on the journey of Goku. We’ll see him falling down in pieces and getting defeated but because of his determination, he always stands up and keeps on training until he exceeds his old self.

The story of this series has been famous and many games and live actions movies have been invented. The games are one of the most popular things about Dragon Ball. But another famous thing about the series is that it is filled with comedy.

While we witness the journey of Goku, it’ll be full of humorous moments. He’ll be dedicated to showing us his great skills and powers but he will also make us laugh from time to time. Dragon Ball Z sure has an interesting storyline.

The Storyline of Naruto

Naruto also has a similar storyline to Dragon Ball Z. It also focuses on the adventure of its protagonist, Uzumaki Naruto. Naruto is an orphan which has always been lonely and is hated by the whole village because a demonic fox resides within him, and everyone is afraid of him.

Although he is always lonely he doesn’t let that be an obstacle for him. He always tries to remain positive and focuses on doing the good things and many indisciplined things as well. Naruto is a troublesome kid and always creates trouble but he is also one of the most kind-hearted people.

Naruto has a dream to become Hokage, a person who looks out for their village. Naruto is obsessed with his dream and wants to fulfill it anyhow. To be a Hokage, a shinobi needs to be strong enough to lead the whole village. After knowing that he trains every day and tries to become stronger each day.

He trains with his sensei and learns many new attacks and moves. In each battle, he shows how much he has grown up and how much he has improved since he was a no-one. He slowly starts to gain the trust of each person that had hated him when he was little, and finally, a kid that was despised by everyone suddenly becomes the shinobi who is admired by everyone.

The storyline of this anime is way more perfect than it should be and the plots are unexplainable. The mysteries this anime holds and the way they join with each other at the end will blow your mind. This series truly has one of the greatest storylines in the whole anime franchise.

The series has been one of the biggest and most successful animations of the company. There are many games that have been invented after being inspired by Naruto. The series has truly a great storyline with an amazing sense of humor.

Uzumaki Naruto will finally become the Hokage but he faces many obstacles and challenges to fulfill his dream. Remember what we said earlier, the plots that you’ll see in this anime will leave your jaw dropped.

Enemies in Dragon Ball Z

The enemies in Dragon ball Z are truly one of the greatest characters created by Akira Toriyama. The battles between these enemies are always one of the hardest things to accomplish because the opponents in this series are truly one of the strongest characters in the entire galaxy.

Freiza is one of the most famous villains of Dragon Ball Z. The fight between Goku and Freiza has always been considered one of the greatest fights in the series. The fights in Dragon Ball Z are mostly individual, without the interference of other characters. In such kinds of battles, we get to see the power level of each individual character and the power that Freiza has shown is more than incredible.

dragon ball z villain

The enemies in Dragon Ball Z are always deadly, there was once a time when Freiza became so powerful that he almost destroyed a whole planet. Goku and Freiza were having a tough battle and their battle was so strong that a whole planet got collapsed. Every time they encounter with each other, it automatically becomes one of the most fascinating scenarios in the anime.

Some other great villains in Dragon Ball Z are Cell, Majin Buu, Vegeta, Raditz, and many more. These villains have been one of the main reasons why Goku is now in a god-level mode. But the main reason why he was this was because of the fight against Jiren.

One of the most iconic fights of the series was between Goku and Jiren. For your information, Jiren is known as the God of Destruction. Jiren isn’t necessarily as evil as Freiza but is certainly one of the coldest characters. He defeated Goku multiple times and forced him to master Ultra Instinct.

Vegeta is also one of the greatest villains in the series. Vegeta is a true rival of Goku. He is a great friend of our protagonist but he is also the greatest enemy. He is one of the most unique characters in the series. He is always jealous of his rival and always challenges him to multiple battles.

He is filled with jealousy and because of that, he adopts a selfish personality. He wants to top Goku and for that, he gets filled with anger and frustration which makes him the greatest enemy of Goku.

Enemies in Naruto

Enemies in Naruto have the greatest backstories. it is said that the villains in Naruto aren’t villains but they are broken heroes. It is true because all the villains in naruto were actually heroes or people who got manipulated by others.

If we take a look at Obito then he was a hero at the beginning, but he was manipulated by Madara and choose to stay on the dark side. Obito only wanted one thing in his life and that was to be with his lover Rin, but while he was trying to protect her, he sacrificed himself.

Madara finds him in a wounded state and recovers him. Obito finally, fully recovered, and after that Madara released him just to witness the death of Rin by his best friend Kakashi. This was all planned by Madara to lead Obito into the path of destruction.

naruto villains

Obito was one of the main reasons why the Fourth Ninja War began in the first place. He even established the infamous organization, Akatsuki which destroyed the whole Konoha Village.

During the Fourth War, Madara was reincarnated again. He was one of the greatest enemies and the strongest characters in Naruto. He single-handedly defeated hundred of shinobi. He was so powerful that he defeated the Kage of the whole five-nation with his clone. He was so strong that he got bored during the battle and sat there with disappointment.

Another one of the greatest enemies in Naruto is Pain. He was also a hero but after some events, he followed the wrong path. Pain followed that path because of sorrow and frustration, and because of that sorrow, he almost destroyed the whole Konoha and killed every shinobi of the Fire Nation.

The villains in Naruto are iconic ones. They are one of the most powerful characters who were once a hero. They are emotionally broken and they only need a simple hug to stop them from going on the evil path, and our protagonist is a genius to lead the evils back to their original path.

Every enemy in Naruto has a great past with many hidden plots, slowly each of them will start to open which is one of the greatest storylines in Naruto.

Naruto vs Dragon Ball Z: Which Is Better?

Let’s put everything we’ve discussed on this topic and put them into One Piece. Naruto and Dragon Ball Z have always been one of the biggest anime and the ones with the most popularity.

Both anime have different and unique styles in their animation. Naruto mostly focuses on its friendship and Dragon Ball focuses more on individual fights and the development of its prominent characters.

The storyline of both anime have similar genres but the plot is different from each other. Naruto focuses on being the Hokage and gaining the trust of his friends and the whole village, while Goku and his friends are on a quest to save the world during that period the most fascinating thing about Dragon Ball is the character development of each character.

Dragon Ball Z is more of a fictional anime and can’t be related much but the fans have stated that they could be related more to Naruto as it had realistic stories and matching events which has made it popular.

Talking about popularity, Dragon Ball Z is more popular all over the world and mostly in the West. Many people in the West already know about the historical events that took place in the anime series.

Dragon Ball Z has a great number of events that are historic and iconic in the whole anime industry. On the other hand, there aren’t many historic events in Naruto. There might be many events but overall, Dragon Ball Z holds more importance in such aspects.

There is no doubt that both anime have a great storyline, plots, enemies, and fights. They focus on an adventure with humor and more on the character development of their protagonist. Both of these anime have created a great name in the history of anime, so we can state that both these anime are perfect in their own place.

If you want to see some great fights and amazing characters, you can watch Dragon Ball Z but if you love great storylines with amazing secrets then you can watch Naruto. And if you love great anime then you can watch both of them.

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