Metallica’s Kirk Hammett partners with Gibson for a limited edition Flying V guitar

Gibson will releasing a new version of Kirk Hammett‘s 1979 Flying V guitar that he used on several of Metallica’s most important records. Hammett bought his original Flying V back in 1979 after being inspired to purchase it from seeing some of his favourite axe players with one on stage.

The guitar manufacturer based in Nashville, Tennessee, has made 200 of the limited edition guitars, which have gone through an ageing process to be identical to Hammett’s own. Each one comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, which has been signed by the man himself.

Back in 2021, Hammett’s partnership with Gibson was made official, and he stated, “I’ve been playing Gibson, really, since the late 70s when I bought my very first black Flying V, in 1979. I could barely play it, and it felt funny putting it on because of the V wings.”

“But I knew that it was the guitar for me, and within three or four days, I was just inseparable from that guitar,” he added. “And I still have it to this day. Gibson guitars have been with me for pretty much 95% of my musical life. I’ve revered so many Gibson players in my life too, and the Gibson sound has been so inspiring to me.”

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