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hanafuda earrings

The anime series Demon Slayer is very popular all over the world. But as popular it is, the more mystifying it becomes at a certain point. And one of those mysteries is hanafuda earrings.

Hanafuda earrings are one of the major things that have been successful to grab the attention of a lot of audiences. It is shown that only three people have worn those earrings in the entire manga and series and they are the main images of the series.

So what’s the reason behind those earning that only major characters of the series possess it?

Stick with us till the end. We’ll let you know about it in the article below.

Who possessed the Hanafuda earring?

In the anime series, Hanafuda earrings are the earrings that were inherited from ancient generations of Kamados. We got evidence that only three people possessed those earrings. Let’s see who are they.

Yoroiichi Tsugikuni:

Yoroiichi Tsugikuni was known as the strongest character in the entire series. He was one of the greatest Sun Breathing users and also the biological brother of one of the Twelve Kizuki.

It was exhibited that he was the first bearer of the hanafuda earrings and Sun Breathing user.

Yoroiichi was one of the legendary demon slayers of ancient times whom even Lord of Demons feared. It was revealed that he was the only one in the whole series capable of killing Muzan Kibutsuji.

One held the strongest Sun Breathing user, he was so powerful that he almost killed Muzan. Kibutsuji was lucky enough to escape from his death by an inch when he battled Yoroiichi. Since then, Muzan feared him.

Sadly, Yoroiichi got killed by his own brother off-guard because Michikatsu was turned into a demon after being manipulated by the Lord of Demons.

Muzan is still get haunted by recalling the memory of the time when he was almost killed by Yoroiichi.

Kamado Tanjuro:

Tanjuro Kamado is the father of Kamado Tanjiro and the husband of Kie Kamado. He was also the first person introduced in the series who could perform the Hinokami Kagura dance.

He also once bore the hanafuda earrings. Those earrings were passed onto him by his ancestors. But the major interrogation on this is how did Tanjuro’s forefather get hold of those earrings?

According to some theories, it seems that the ancestors of Tanjuro were good friends of Yoroiichi. Thus, those earrings were gifted to them by Yoriichi for some reason.

Since then, those earrings were inherited by Tanjuro Kamado’s ancestors.

Unfortunately, Tanjuro faced his grave because of a particular illness. The earrings he wore were passed to his eldest son after his death.

Kamado Tanjiro:

Kamado Tanjiro is the main protagonist of the Demon Slayer series and the biological son of Kamado Tanjuro and Kie kamado. He is also one of the members of the Demon Slayer corps.

Tanjjiro is the latest bearer of hanafuda earrings. Those earrings were passed on to him after the demise of his father. Those earrings have been inherited by his ancestors to upcoming generations.

Like the previous possessor of hanafuda earrings, Tanjiro is also capable of performing the Sun Breathing style and has the Demon Slayer mark.

He is currently eliminating the demons as a member of the Demon Slayer corps after his family members were killed by the Lord of Demons.

What are Hanafuda earrings actually?

Hanafuda earrings are the earring that caught the attention of audiences as the main protagonist of the main series, Demon Slayer wore them.

Only the prominent characters in the series have these earrings. This is why many viewers are eager to know what importance earrings carry.

But before talking about that, let’s first get to know what hanafuda earrings are.

Hanafuda earrings are very special earrings that carry their own special meaning in the anime series but in reality, it is not something that you’ve assumed. They are totally different things.

In the anime series, the earring is an accessory once possessed by the strongest characters in the entire series and was inherited by ancestors to new generations by Kamado.

The earring is only owned by the ones who are capable of performing Sun Breathing. We all know that this earring has its own importance and fascinating property but as of now, it’s remained secret.

Audiences might be impatient to know what significance it actually holds. We hope Koyoharu Gootouge will not disappoint us and will soon exhibit the secrecy of hanafuda earrings.

However, hanafuda actually means flower cards in reality. Invented during the mid-16th century, it is a deck of traditional decks of Japanese playing cards(Katura cards).

Most likely to Uta-garuta(the game of hundred poets), it is also a popular deck of Katura cards. The history of the hanafuda earrings has great significance in Japanese folk and culture.

In ancient times in Japan, playing cards were used for gambling. It became extremely popular all over Japan. But at a time, Japan closed its contact with the western world, and foreign playing cards were prohibited.

Despite the fact that it was forbidden to play, it was still very favored. Many new cards were designed with different patterns.

An insane player also created a new deck of cards decorated with Chinese Art that consisted of Chinese weapons, armor, and dragons.

Gambling with a particular deck became so popular among people that the government itself brought the formation of new cards.

Many creations of playing cards took place as the game of Cat and Rat between revolts and the government. It became terribly popular and gambling reached its peak. Thus it was banned around the Kansei era.

The Japanese government noticed that this was all caused because of hanafuda as those cards didn’t have any numbers and consumed a lot of time to play and have limited use for betting.

There were continuous inflation and deflation in the popularity of playing cards in Japan. Playing cards were formed later on in different ways. A person called Fusajirō Yamauchi founded a Nintendo company and started making hanafuda cards handmade.

The company developed so much that it earned massive success. Afterward, the same company also created card video games as the electronic version of traditional card games.

Thus, the hanafuda earrings were designed based on old Japanese playing cards. It seems that the concept of hanafuda cards was applied by the manga writer of Demon Slayer on hanafuda earrings.

Design of hanafuda earrings

The original owner of the hanafuda earring is Yoroiichi Tsugikuni. After his death, it was somehow passed to the ancestors of the Kamado family. Since then, the earring has been passed on to the new generations of the  Kamados.

The current possessor of that earring is Kamado Tanjiro. The earring was first exhibited in the series when Tanjuro was performing Hinokami Kagura.

The earring has its own significance but the secret is not revealed till now. The beauty of the earring has caught the appearence of most audiences.

Let’s get to know about the appearance and design of beautiful hanafuda.

The earring is rectangular in shape. It consists of different colors. The circular part of the earring is filled with maroon, the straight drawn lines and edges are black, the portion above the black lines is sky blue, and the remaining parts are white in color.

The proper implementation of different colors in various parts of the earrings has given itself a surprisingly beautiful appearance. The circle and the lines have given the appearance of a blossom which makes it more attractive.

The design of the earring also seems like a  sun reflecting its light towards the blue portion that can be assumed as the sky.

Hanafuda also looks like the cropped version of the Japanese Imperial Sun Rising Flag. However, the original representation of those earrings is the image of a red and white flower.

There might be some reason or meaning for the flowers that are crafted in the hanafuda earrings.

What is the meaning of Hanafuda earrings and why is it important?

There is no anchored meaning of the hanafuda earring. Other than the information that the bearer of this earring can perform the style of  Sun Breathing, we actually don’t know what it actually signifies.

It might possibly mean that only one who can perform the Hinoksmio Kagura dance and style of Sun Breathing wears this earring. Audiences might interrogate that although Tanjiro possessed the earrings, he never used Hinokami Kagura.

People might have noticed but it was revealed that Tanjiro actually used  Hinokami Kagura in the battle with Gyutaro during the Mugen Train.

As it holds fascinating meaning, it is very important. Hanafuda earring holds a pretty good history as it has been passed on for many generations.

Hanafuda earrings are such earrings that will even scare the shit out of the Lord of Demons. Although Muzan is the strongest character in the series, he is afraid of those earrings and the word style of Sun Breathing.

Lord of demons is so feared of these earrings that he sent two of his strongest demons the assassinate the current owner of the hanafuda earrings, Kamado Tanjiro.

According to our assumption, the hanafuda earrings are very important to portray the image of the Sun Breathing user and Hinokami Kagura Dancer because only the previous and current bearers of those earrings are able to perform those activities.

Why is Muzan afraid of the Hanafuda earrings?

As mentioned above, the original owner of the Hanafuda earring is Yoroiichi Tsugikune. He was the strongest character in the entire series who was capable of performing both styles of Sun Breathing and Hinokami Kagura Dance.

Being the major owner of hanafuda earrings, he did something that the recall of his appearance or the earring he wore still haunts and frightens the Lord of Demons.

So what did he actually do that Muzan is still scared of him or his earring though he’s already dead? Let’s unravel the truth behind it!!

Muzan is the strongest and the first demon introduced in this series. He is also the founder of the Kizuki Twelve. Being the demon, he is very ruthless and has killed countless innocent people and devoured them.

He is the oldest demon to ever live as he has already lived over a thousand years.

While at the other side, Yoroiichi was totally different. He was a demon slayer who used to eliminate the demons. He was known as the strongest Demon Slayer in the Sengoku Era.

He was so powerful that even the strongest demons would lose a battle against him. He wore the hanafuda earrings and performed the Hinokami Kagura.

At a time, both Lord of Demons and the strongest Demon Slayer encountered with each other. The fierce battle between them started.

When they battled with each other, Yoroiichi with his overwhelming power almost killed him. Muzan saved himself as he escaped the fight in the nick of time.

If the Lord of Demon was a few seconds left, he would’ve met his end. Since that time, he feared Yoroiichi rather than anything.

Sadly, Yoroiichi got killed by a certain demon, not Muzan. You might be confused about how he got killed if even Lord of Demons couldn’t kill him. The truth is bitter as always.

It is hard to believe but Yoroiichi was killed at the hands of his own brother. Muzan turned his brother into a demon, controlled him, and killed the strongest demon slayer while he was off-guard.

Yoroiichi was one second late to defend himself. His brother Michikatsu(one of the Twelve Kizuki) himself stated that if he was a second late to kill his brother, the dead one would be him rather than the strongest demon slayer.

He was killed at that time however Muzan can’t help himself from being scared after remembering the hanafuda earring and style of Sun Breathing.

Yoroiichi Tsugikuni almost killed Muzan back then. If would’ve been killed then, no demon would’ve been alive at this moment. This is why the Lord of Demons still gets feared by his name and the earring that Tanjiro is currently wearing.


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