Marvel Wants You To Forget Infinity War’s Ending Was Star-Lord’s Fault

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Guardians of the Galaxy has always been a fan favorite film series from Marvel Studios, and with the new Holiday Special, our love for them has grown even more. However, it seems that the television film was purposely made for us to love the Guardians, especially their leader Peter Quill (Star-Lord) because of his history with Thanos in the 2018 film Avengers: Infinity War.

During the battle with Thanos, The Mad Titan, Mantis barely was able to put him to sleep, but Star-Lord’s action after finding Thanos had sacrificed Gamora, cost the heroes an unparalleled chance to win against Thanos, and it scarred his reputation among fans. Since then, people started calling out Peter as the reason for Thanos’ victory, even calling him the real villain of the movie.

But in the newly released Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Peter was mentioned as the “greatest hero alive.” It shows that Marvel wants fans to forget his past mistake.

Was Peter’s action the reason for Thanos’ victory?

While in the audience’s (our) eyes it may have looked like the reason for Thanos’ victory was Peter/Star-Lord’s immature reaction and even Chris Pratt said in an interview that he “personally feels the same as everyone else,” although another interview with Radio Times he told that it was just what Star-Lord’s character was.

However, was it really Star-Lord’s fault? surely if they had succeeded in taking the infinity gauntlet off of Thanos, there was no guarantee that they would have won against Thanos. In fact, if they had removed the gauntlet, Thanos would have become more aggressive and would almost certainly have tried to annihilate all the heroes, believing that they were a greater threat to him than he thought.

So, if we look at it that way, Star-Lord kind of saved the day. Furthermore, the dude watched his mother die, watched his daddy (Yondu) die, and had to murder his biological father, and right after that, the love of his life was kidnapped and he finds out she was sacrificed, how do you expect him to react? We get that he is a hero but he is also someone who has human emotion, even in the Holiday Special he was sad about Gamora being gone.

More than that, if the heroes had won, then we could not have seen the magic moment in Avengers: Endgame, as there would not be an Endgame movie at all. Another thing is just like Thanos said, it was inevitable because in the Loki series we saw that every event was already set and if Peter had not reacted the way he did then it would have surely created the nexus event.

And most of all maybe fans are forgetting that it is a movie that was obviously scripted so if you want anyone to blame, blame the scriptwriters of the film, not Peter Quill. However, if that still does not satisfy you then wait until Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, maybe you will get over Peter’s infinity war mistake and forget it after watching the film.

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