Law vs Luffy: Who would win?

Law vs Luffy

One Piece is a handful of strong characters with tremendous powers and skills. Among them, Law and Luffy are also considered.

They both have fascinating skills, powers, and swiftness along with their trump card, Devil Fruit. They have their own stories and struggles behind becoming the most wanted pirates in the sea.

They are ally of each other who succeeded to defeat the Heavenly Demon and now they are against the two feared Emperors of the Sea, Kaido and Big Mom.

They both have power and enough confidence to clash with the emperors the major interrogation on the internet is who would win if Law and Luffy dueled with each other?

Let’s help you to know by comparing both of their skills and techniques.

Devil Fruit Comparision

Devil Fruits are mystical fruits that grant their users superhuman powers in exchange for the ability to swim. Those fruits are scattered all over the world.

Thus, many people have consumed it and gained power capable of causing mass destruction. In the One Piece world, aside from Haki Devil Fruit is the major component that determines the strength and power of the characters.

One can barely live freely without the power of Devil Fruit. Character’s strengths and skills differ according to their Devil Fruit.

So, let’s compare the Devil Fruits of two of the most renowned and powerful characters in One Piece, Law and Luffy.

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Luffy’s Devil Fruit

Luffy ate a Devil Fruit named “Gomu Gomu No Mi”. It is a paramecia type of Devil Fruit that grants users the properties of rubber. This Devil Fruit has granted Luffy superhuman powers.

Because of this Devil Fruit, Luffy is resistant to blunt attacks such as being immune to blunt weapons, cannons, hand-to-hand combat, bullet shots, and even cannonballs.

Luffy can even stretch, inflate, bounce, twist, and bend his body to a certain point. In fact, he is a rubber man. Unlike other Devil Fruits, Gomu Gomu No Mi is always active, making its consumer’s bodies permanently rubbery.

Mugiwara also doesn’t get injured after falling from heights and electric shocks. This Devil Fruit grants him the ability to pump air over different parts of his body and make it like that of the giants.

This Devil Fruit also provides him the ability to transform into different gears and each of the gears are deadly on its own. As the number of gear increases, the more powerful and lethal it becomes.

Luffy’s Devil Fruit is one of the reasons why he has defeated many formidable pirates and succeeded in becoming the most wanted pirate with over 1 billion bounties.

Trafalgar D Law’s Devil Fruit

law one piece

The Captain of the Heart Pirates, Trafargal D. Law ate a rare Devil Fruit called “Ope Ope No Mi”.

Ope Ope No Mi is a paramecia type of Devil Fruit that enables its user to create a circular space in which the eater can control the movements and physical state of objects as well as humans in a surgical manner.

With the ability of this Devil Fruit, Law can perform miraculous surgeries, evade physical disability problems, and cure untreatable diseases.

This Devil Fruit’s major feature is that Law can battle being carefree when the opponent is in range. This Devil Fruit has great value because of its exceptional feature to grant another person undying youth.

Ope Ope No Mi has rewarded Law with the ability to teleport from one place to another in a flash. This Devil Fruit enables him to lift and move any heavy objects with no effort at all.

Not only this, he can even detach different organs of his opponents without even causing an injury to them. This Devil Fruit ability also allows him to swap people’s soul and their bodies.

With the features of this Devil Fruit, Trafalgar D. WaterLaw has overpowered different formidable pirates.

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Luffy’s power and abilities

Luffy has impressive power and abilities which have helped him a lot in his journey. His physical powers are fascinating as he was trained by his grandfather(Garp The Hero) during his childhood.

Garp trained Luffy by leaving him in the wild forest when he was just a kid, tying him with balloons so that he would float away, and throwing him in the bottomless pit. Thus, Mugiwara has more exceptional physical power and endurance than others.

His offensive powers are too remarkable with which he has defeated numerous pirates in the sea. Combining his devil fruit power with his extreme physical strength, he can easily shatter big boulders and destroy buildings.

He also almost destroyed the great ship from the Void Century(Noah) while fighting with Hody. Putting his normal strength aside, he also has been rewarded with the massive power of “Gomu Gomu No Mi” and all three types of Haki.

Not only he has gained the power of these elements, but he has also learned to use its power significantly. His Devil fruit has given him the ability to transform into different gears.

Each of those gears grants him the superhuman strength powerful enough to cause massive destruction. Let us elaborate on the different gears and their powers to you.

Gear second:

Gear Second is the first transformation of Luffy that we saw in the Enies Lobby. This is the transformation in which he increases the speed of blood flow and gains immense power.

Thanks to the rubbery nature of his body, it can withstand the pressure. While turning into this gear, his physical abilities reach their peak.

He can even move as swiftly as the Soru users and breakthrough Tekkai(a defensive power). Gear second’s swiftness combined with Haki enables him to punch his opponent with so much speed that his fist gets covered into flames.

Luffy used gear second for the first time against Blueno and overwhelmed him. Till now, the Captain of the Straw Hats has overpowered many opponents with the powers and skills of this gear.

Gear Third:

Following Gear Second, Gear Third is another transformation of Luffy. In this form, Mugiwara inflates different parts of his body and makes it similar to those of giants by pumping air into his body.

This transformation is an advanced version of Gear Second. Thus, this form rewards him with more power and durability than the previous gear transformation.

He first used this transformation in Enies Lobby while battling against Rob Lucci. Luffy was able to successfully defeat the top member of the Cipher Poll 9 while rescuing Nico Robin from the World Government.

With this transformation, Luffy can perform different powerful attacks such as  Gomu Gomu No Gigantic Whip, Gigant Axe, Gigant Bazooka, and many others.

Gear Third is so powerful that Luffy was able to defeat overpowered Hody and almost destroyed Noah, also known as the Ship of Promised created during the Void Century.

Gear Fourth:

Gear Fourth is the latest and the most powerful form of Luffy. After the Gear Third, Mugiwara unlocked a new transformation that has helped him to defeat the most formidable opponents in the sea.

Gear Fourth transformation is way too powerful and exceeds the capability of Second and Third. This form is the Trump Card for Luffy as he uses it only against the strongest characters.

This Transformation is quite similar to Gear third, but unlike the Third form, his body is inflated the whole time when he is in this form. Even his muscles are more muscular than Gear Third in this form.

Both Luffy’s offensive and defensive powers increased after he unlocked this form as he can even coat his body with Haki.

With the use of this transformation, he has defeated many infamous pirates with high bounties such as Charlotte Kataqkuri, Charlotte Cracker, Donquixote Doflamingo, and others. He is even fighting the Emperor of the Sea, Kaido in the same form.

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Trafalgar D. Water Law’s power and abilities

Trafalgar D. Water Law is also one of the most popular characters in the entire series who also holds fascinating skills and powers.

He is also among the 12 Worst Generation Pirates. Law is not physically powerful but what makes him one of the strong characters is because of his Devil fruit powers.

Law has the capability to defeat many infamous pirates in the sea. He has the special ability with which he can easily overwhelm opponents around him.

Trafalgar D. Water law uses a sword to combat. Thus, he has impressive sword skills and abilities. As he has teleportation ability, it doesn’t take a minute for him to behead his opponent within range.

The most impressive ability of Law is his technique called room. With the skilled ability called Room, he can form a spherical room up to a certain range.

Within that room, he can levitate anything inside it. It doesn’t matter how heavy the object is, he can even lift boulders without even touching it. The lifting of two fingers will do it effortlessly.

Law can chop different parts of his opponent’s body without even causing an injury. he can detach the body parts and organs of one opponent and attach them to another.

Not only swap the body parts, but he can even swap the souls any anyone he wants. He also has the ability to teleport from one place to another in a flash.

Law has a massive collection of skilled abilities and powers within him. One must think twice before battling with him because he can defeat you with his surprising skills.

He can even produce electric energy with high volt energy. With this skill, he can form a blade of energy called an Injection Shot that can destroy the internal organs of his opponent’s body without leaving any external injuries.

Law is so skilled that he is capable of slashing Ceaser’s laboratory and the mountains. He is even skilled even to cut apart a meteor.

Trafalgar D. Law is surprisingly potent even though his physical powers don’t help him much. Despite having average physical powers, he is able to hold against many formidable pirates in the sea.

If one overestimates him, Law will play with the body of his opponent like Lego characters. He will attach and detach the different body parts and makes his opponent a clown as wills.

Law is powerful enough to overwhelm one of the top official members of the Donquixote Pirates, Vergo. He also gave a hard time to formidable Doflamigo which they battled against each other in Dressrosa.

After the battle, we didn’t get much to see him fighting but he has become massively strong over a few months. He has become powerful to take a  battle against one of the Emperors of the Sea, Big Mom.

In the latest episodes, we can see him allying with Captain Eustass Kid to take down Charlotte Lilin in the war at Onigashima. Thus, we can assume that he has become insanely powerful and will surely defeat Big Mom.

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Haki Comparision

Haki is a mysterious power in the One Piece world that one can use to predict the moves of the opponent by seeing into the future, turning body parts into defensive power, and launching powerful attacks with the help of spiritual energy.

If one doesn’t have the power of Devil Fruit, the power of Haki is a must to possess for living freely in the era of pirates.

Besides Devil Fruit, Haki is also the most needed element to determine one’s strengths and powers because there are people who possess monstrous power that grants them the ability to defeat opponents with the greatest Devil Fruit powers.

There are altogether three types of Haki. They are Conquerors Haki, Armament Haki, and Conquerors Haki. All of the people can awaken some kind of Haki. However, only the fewest are born in the One Piece world who possess all three types of Haki.

Luffy and Law both also possess the power of Haki. So, let’s differentiate who has superiority in terms of Haki.

Luffy’s Haki powers

The Captain of the Straw Hats also possesses the power of Haki. In fact, Luffy is among the fewest who can use all three types of Haki. He l realized that he is capable of using all three types of Haki while he was training with Rayleigh and learned to use it soon after he lost his brother.

So here it goes, all kinds of Luffy’s Haki.

Conqueror’s Haki:

Conquerors Haki also known as Haoshoku Haki is also possessed by Monkey D. Luffy. Not anyone can use this Haki. It is a very rare kind of Haki and one must have the qualities of a King to possess it.

When Luffy used this Haki first time, he didn’t know about it. He has used this Haki multiple times to knock numerous opponents at once. He unintentionally used this Haki when he was at the Amazon Lily.

The entire world was shocked when he used this Haki the other time. While he was attempting to save his brother Ace from execution, he accidentally used it and knocked the executioner during the war at Paramount War.

Soon after the war, he learned to use this Haki under the direction of Silvers Rayleigh. After two years of training, he was able to polish his Conquers Haki. During the Fishman Island, he also knocked over 50,000 opponents at once with it.

Observation Haki:

Luffy is very proficient when it comes to Observation Haki(Kenbunshoku Haki). This is a type of Haki that its possessor can sense the presence of opponents and predict the upcoming attacks. In simple words, one can look further into the future with the help of it.

With the help of this Haki, Mugiwara can sense the emotion, intent, and presence of his opponent. Therefore, he is able to dodge the attacks of his enemies by sensing or predicting them.

The Captain of the Straw Hats also learned this Haki while training with Rayleigh but he was still not fully skilled. However, the battle between him and Katakuri in the Whole Cake Island Arc helped him to polish his Conqueror’s Haki.

Katakuri was exceptionally skilled and could see further into the future in comparison to Mugiwara but during the battle, Luffy outdid him successfully by seeing more into the future than he could.

Later on, he trained on his Conquerors Haki more while he was in the prison at Udon and could see fluently into the future.

Armament Haki:

Armament Haki, also known by the name of  Bushoshoku Haki is a kind of Haki that helps its user to gain an invisible armor rewarding its user with great defensive and offensive strength.

Luffy also is one of the users of this Haki and he can use it professionally at his will. Mugiwara has been able to defeat many infamous pirates with its help. He is also able to strike Logia User with the ability to use this Haki.

Along with Gear Fourth, Luffy even learned Armament Haki with Silvers Rayleigh in Rusukania Island after the great war at Marineford.  He coats his body with Haki and uses it to defend from the opponent’s attacks and even launch attacks on them.

Mugiwara even learned an advanced version of this Haki while he was sent to prison at Udon after getting defeated by Kaido. The enhanced version of this Haki is Ryou.

He started to train on how to use this Haki under the direction of Hyogoro and later on even managed to use it in the second battle against one of the Emperors of the Sea.

In the latest episode of One Piece, We got evidence Luffy almost knocked out Kaido with a single blow of a fist in his face. With the help of Armament Haki, Mugiwara will possibly overwhelm the Captain of the Beast Pirates in the upcoming days.

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Trafalgar Law’s Haki

The Captain of the Heart Pirates also possesses the power of Haki. We got to witness that he can use only two types of Haki, Armament Haki, and Observation Haki. It is not revealed yet if he can use Conqueror’s Haki or not.

So, let’s get to know about his Haki powers.

Armament Haki:

Armament Haki grants its user the ability to harden the different parts of the body. As law possesses this Haki, he is rewarded with the ability to defend himself from crucial attacks of the enemy and even attack them.

Law is quite skilled in using Armament Haki and has even defeated many infamous pirates in the sea. His sword skill and Haki-using abilities have successfully made him one of the strongest pirates in the One Piece world.

With the help of this Haki, Law defeated one of the top official members of the Donquixote Pirates, Vergo. He was able to slice Vergo’s body part into pieces even though he used Armament Haki to harden his body.

Law was even successful to defend himself from Heavenly Demon’s fatal attack called Goshikoto, which was powerful enough to cut through the meteorite of Fujitora.

Thanks to his Armament Haki powers, Law was able to diverge Smoker’s defense when they battles with each other.

Observation Haki:

Granting the ability of six senses, Kenbonshoku Haki is also one type of Haki within three types of Haki. This Haki gives its user the ability to see into the future and know the patterns of upcoming attacks.

Anyone can inherit this power in the One Piece world although it is very difficult to achieve this power. Despite the fact that it is very difficult to possess, Trafalgar D. Water Law has succeeded to achieve this power.

Only a few people have the capability of using this Haki. Among those few, we’ve seen Law using this skill during the War at Onigashima. When Luffy was defeated by Kaido during the raid at Onigashima, he used this power to sense Luffy’s presence.

Conqueror’s Haki:

Conqueror’s Haki is a very rare kind of Haki that is possessed by the only one who has the qualities of a king. This is an extremely rare kind of Haki as only the fewest in the entire series are able to use this Haki.

We haven’t seen Law using this ability till now but there is an extremely high chance that he will be able to use this power as we know most of the people with D on their name possess this power.

Although the mystery of D is not revealed till now, it is stated by the Five Elders that people who have D on their have are the most exceptional and dangerous people.

So, as Law also has the letter D in his name, the possibility of him achieving this power is unquestionably very high.

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Speed Comparision

luffy age

Likewise power and other elements, speed is one of the major things that benefit in the battle between two characters.

One cannot keep up with another if one lacks agility. The more speed characters have, the more advantage they will have. So here, we are comparing two of the most loved character in One Piece.

They both have an insane speed that is incomparable to any other human. But between those two, who holds the title of being the fastest? Let’s see!

Luffy’s speed

The Captain of the Straw Hats has left us jaw-dropped several times with his actions, especially with his speed. Luffy has incredible speed as he is able to fight against Enel who himself is lightning.

He had no gear techniques at that time. Mugiwawa set his speed to a new peak soon after he unlocked his gear abilities. When he unlocked this technique, he fought against the Cipher Poll 9 and even defeated Rob Lucci.

When they battled with each other, they were so fast that they almost disappeared fighting. People couldn’t see them with their naked eyes.

Since then, Luffy has developed swiftness tremendously as he reaches from one point to another in the blink of an eye.

Aside from gear second, Luffy’s gear fourth transformation is also very fast. With this technique, Luffy can kick into the air multiple time and fly with amazing speed.

He was able to defeat Donquicote Doflamingo with the insane power and speed of Gear Fourth. Luffy with his incredible speed and power has overwhelmed many infamous pirates of the sea.

Trafalgar Law’s speed

The Captain of the Heart Pirates has amusing swiftness. He is insanely fast as he has the ability to teleport from one place to another.

With the power of his Devil Fruit, Ope Ope No mi, he has rewarded the ability to move up to a certain place inside his room.

With this technique, he has outdone many infamous pirates of the sea and popularly came to be known as one of the pirates from the Worst Generations. It is presumed that the average speed of law ranges from 1200-1700 mph.

With his ability to move swiftly and swords skill, he succeeded to defeat Vergo who has the amazing skills of Soru and Tekkai similar to Cipher Poll members.

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Law vs Luffy: who would win ultimately?

Both Law and Luffy are prominent characters in the series, One Piece. They are very skilled fighters and both of them have earned a great reputation as the most wanted pirates.

They both have fought with numerous enemies and overwhelmed most of them. Luffy is considered as the Fifth Emperor of the Sea whereas Law is also one of the Worst Generation Pirates among 12 of them.

They both are significantly skilled and overpowered. They are also allies of each other who are currently fighting with the Emperors of the Sea.

On one side, Luffy is battling with the strongest creature alive, Kaido. While at the other side, Law is battling against another Yonko of the sea, Big Mom by teaming up with Eustass Kid.

As they are all of each other, they wouldn’t battle with each other. However, fans are interested to know who would win if they actually fought with each other.

Stick with us!! We’ll help you to know about it.

Both Law and Luffy are skilled fighters and have impressive power and abilities. However, Mugiwara would grab the title of the winner if they fought with each other, and here is the reason why he would remain a victor.

It is because Law wouldn’t be surviving till now if Luffy wasn’t there for him. Mugiwara saved the Captain of the Heart Pirates from Donquixote Doflamingo.

When Doflamingo and Law battled with each other, Heavenly Demon almost killed Trafalgar but was saved by Luffy in the meantime.

If Luffy and Law didn’t ally with each other, the Captain of the Heart Pirates could never defeat Donquixote Doflamingo. But Luffy was successful to overwhelm him.

Luffy can use all three types of Haki but Law can’t, the Captain of the Straw Hats also earns another point here.

As of now, the levels of Luffy are high than the law and he is not more powerful as Mugiwara currently. The Captain of the Straw Hats will defeat Law in every term. He exceeds Law in physical strength, techniques, endurance, and even in speed.

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