Kim Kardashain Wants to Join the MCU

Kim Kardashian and MCU

Marvel has never disappointed its fan till now and we know it’ll never will. It has always come up with one of the most satisfying characters for suitable roles.

There’s no questioning that Marvels have the best characters because it has the greatest characters such as IronMan, Captain America, Thor, and many others that have owned the heart of most fans.

The more movies MCU releases, the more appearances of marvelous characters we’ll get to see. And the new characters are too cool not to be overlooked.

Guess what? It is possible that there might be a chance that Marvel is coming up with a jaw-dropping surprise for its fans.

There is a possibility that a totally unpredictable character might pop up. So who is it?

It is non-other than one of the most popular figures on social media, Kim Kardashian. This news is delightful to most of the audience who appreciate her and are also huge fans of Marvel.

As we know, Marvel is flooded with the best characters of all time, the flood is going to be harsher if Kim shows her interest in playing a certain role in upcoming MCU movies.

MCU has the massive attention of the whole world.  Even the greatest celebrities are huge fans of Marvel movies.

If they are asked which role they are most interested to play in, 8 out of 10 celebrities chose to play the role of Marvel hero.

So, Kim Kardashian is also one of those celebrities who is interested to play the role of a Marvel hero. In a recent interview, she shot her target. She just finished voicing Delores talking in a movie called Patrol movie.

If she gets the opportunity to act in her first role in a big-budget action movie, it might be Marvel Flick.

However, it is not quite shocking for the fans as she herself is a fan of Marvel movies. Last year, she watched Spider-man: No Way Home and posted the images of the ending part of the movie on her Instagram.

Her post surely fascinated most of her fans who didn’t even see the film at that time. It shows that Kardashian is actually interesting watching Marvel movies.

As she expressed her talking about she is interested to become a part of MCU movies, most fans might be hoping for her appearance as a character that suits her.

While she was interviewed by the interviewer, she stated “Would I act? I would if something fun came about. Maybe a Marvel movie, that would be so fun to do,”.

Fans might be thrilled about her appearance in MCU including other projects she’s involved in.

Kardashian was successful to impress many with her work in the opening monologue when she hosted an episode of the sketch comedy series last year.

However, Marvel is way too different from a sketch comedy show but can surely shine if she’s deployed as a suitable character in the right spot. It would be a treat to the eyes of both Marvel and Kardashian fans.









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