Kaido vs. Yamato: Who Wins in a Fight Between Father and Son?

Kaido yamato fight

Yamato and Kaido’s powers are exceptional, making them the strongest characters in the entire series. The bond of both father and son is quite unfavoured as we’ve already seen them battling with each other. But wouldn’t it be fascinating to see who will remain victorious against son and father?

Kaiodu stands as the strongest creature to be alive in the franchise, and usually, it’s almost impossible to defeat such kind of pirate. Still, you don’t forget that Yamato is “The” son of the strongest creature, who is not underestimated!

Let’s dive into the world of pirates, witness the battle between Kaidou and Yamato, and find out who will remain the ultimate winner!

Abilities and Power of Kaido

Talking about the powers of Kaido, it is amusing making he the strongest in the series so far. The entire world of One Piece fears his presence, no wonder he is regarded as the strongest creature alive with a bounty of over 4 billion.

Among all the villains whom Luffy has engaged in the fight, I appreciate him the most. This is because he holds the strength only the fewest in the series can match.

He holds power to rule over a particular territory of a Grandline, because of which he is also regarded as an Emperor of the sea. He has also demonstrated himself to be almost unbeatable due to his ridiculous strength.

We got to witness the overwhelming power of the strongest creature alive when he first made his debut in the show. He was shown jumping from 10,000 ft from a certain island as a suicide attempt but no damage or wound was shown in his body.

And when he got up, he casually stated, “I guess it’s hard to die.” What a badass!

The reason why he attempted suicide was that he felt boring to live in a world where no one could match his powers. Imagine how powerful he is! He is one of the fewest members of Rocks Pirates who survived the God Valley incident.

Putting aside the incident of the latest episodes, it was confirmed that no one could ever wound him other than the late Kozuki Oden. The series also demonstrated that he showed no signs of fatigue even though he battled with another Emperor of the Sea, Big Mom continuously for three days.

Not only that but he is also stated to be so formidable that no one could eliminate him. It is believed that he was caught 18 times, and the marines tried to execute him 40 times but remained helpless in front of his monstrous powers.

He is proven to have tremendous physical power and endurance as the chains broke when he was hung, the blades shattered when he was sent to impalement and guillotine, and he single-handedly destroyed 9 Giant prison ships with relative ease.

The King of Beasts is believed to hold such tremendous power that only Sengoku, the Budhha or Hero of the Navy, Garp, could match his abilities rather than entire marine forces.

His skin is so tough that even the attacks infused with armament Haki won’t work on him. Moreover, he is among the fewest in the series who can use all three types of Haki proficiently.

In front of his sheer strength and overpowered skills, no one can stand against him head-to-head battle. This is the reason why it is believed that “if someone battles one-on-one with Kaido, he’s a goner”

Not only his power, but his endurance is also something else. He’s shown to be capable of resisting the most powerful attacks of Luffy. When the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates went all out against him, he was knocked with a single effortless attack of Kaido.

In addition to amusing raw powers, the strongest creature is rewarded with the ridiculous power of a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit with the help of which he can turn into a dragon and has possessed attributes of it.

Kaido can fly, levitate objects, and launch fatal attacks of fire in his dragon form. When he was shown using that attack, he demolished an entire cliff. Recently, it also got revealed that he was the one who levitated the Onigashima as a whole island by creating clouds with his insane abilities.

He was seen blowing people into the air by casually burping in his hybrid form. He is the one who killed the strongest Samurai, Kozuki Oden, when even the King of Pirates admired him for his strength and skills.

He only dealt with a minor injury when Roronoa Zoro attacked him with his most potent attack. After that, he knocked the swordsman of the Straw Hats Pirates with lesser effort.

The strength and capabilities of the strongest creature alive are truly remarkable, as he even beat all the remaining members of the Nine Scabbards with relative ease.

Words cannot measure his disgusting powers as he continuously defeats Luffy two times. Even though the Captain of the Straw Hats Pirates learned to use Ryou, he couldn’t overwhelm Kaido until he unleashed Gear Fifth.

Powers and Abilities of Yamato

We don’t have the slightest expectation from the son of the strongest creature alive. Yamato is the perfect example of the phrase “Like father like son,” as he holds power that can easily overpower the strength of the most infamous pirates in the sea.

The biological son of Kaido has surprising physical power and skills. He is also proven to have impressive endurance ability. He also has immense power to wield heavy metal Kanabo as a weapon. In the show, we also evidenced that his vast body allowed him to grasp Luffy with his single arm while he was running.

Yamato is quite a formidable character in the entire series whose identity was hidden until Wano Arc. In the past, he was able to clash with Portgas D. Ace(a powerful Logia Devil Fruit user) with equal might.

He is powerful enough to resist massive explosions, and direct slashes without any problem, with only exterior cuts and bruises. He was so shown to be capable to battle against Kaido.

When they battled with each other, he fought pretty mightily. Even the strongest creature alive admired his brutal strength and capabilities. He also withstood his father’s beating when he was just a child.

Yamato has demonstrated to possess tremendous strength as she was able to knock Ulti with a single blow with mace while he transformed. He is also impressively swift as he was seen dashing forward with incredible speed to attack his opponents and escape the chase of Beasts Pirates.

He also had incredible swiftness as he was able to outrun Appo when he was trying to trick her. He also knocked one of the Worst Generation pirates, X-Drake with a single attack.

In addition to fascinating physical powers and abilities, he’s also rewarded with a power of very rare Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit. This Devil Fruit allows her to transform into a Divine Wolf along with its attributes of it.

This insane power grants him incredible sensing ability along with equipped claws and fangs that are very advantageous in combat. What’s more amusing is that this power rewards him with the capability to produce ice and make armor or shields.

In the show, we also evidenced that his colossal body allowed him to grasp Luffy with his single arm while he was running and could even launch a powerful ice blast attack that could evenly cancel out or counter Kaido’s fire blast attack.

Among the fewest in the series, Yamato is also the one who can use all three types of Haki. He’s also shown coating his Kanabo with Armament Haki to battle against formidable opponents.

It is even shown him matching Luffy’s strength with relative ease although Mugiwara increased his power by transforming into gears second and third. During that confrontation, he managed to block the fierce attack of the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates.

The collision of powers resulted in the shattering of the opponent’s extremely hard shields and weaponry of the Beasts Pirates Armored Corps. His Armament Haki is so powerful that he was able to hurt Kaido with it although to a lesser degree than only a handful of characters could do.

Kaido vs Yamato: Who would win ultimately?

Both Yamato and Kaido have a great reputation as the most infamous pirates supported with amusing skills and abilities. As I mentioned, both of them hold power that can cause mass destruction.

But if both of them clash, who will crush the other? Will the ultimate winner be a father or son? Let’s see!

Even though we know both of them are renowned fighters in the entire series, Kaido has much more experience than Yamato. The strongest creature alive is also one of the fewest pirates involved in the God Valley Battle.

Kaido yamato fight

Not only that, the reputation of Kaido is enough to prove him as the strongest among them. The son might be a good challenger, but I don’t think he can surpass his father.

If he could, he would’ve eliminated Kaido long ago, as he stated that he wouldn’t want to admit him as his father because the King of the Beasts tried to kill him intentionally.

As far as we know, Yamato is still incapable of defeating his fathers. He is almost unbeatable with his ridiculous powers. And no one in the history of One Piece has succeeded in eliminating him.

The strength and abilities of the strongest creature are far greater than Yamato’s. Even though the son also possesses disgusting powers, he cannot stand against his father in one-on-one battles.

This is the reason why Yamato would ultimately face defeat if he battles against Kaido the King of Beasts.

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