Jon Bon Jovi On Bonding With Bruce Springsteen Over Common Imposter Syndrome

In a recent interview on SiriusXM, Jon Bon Jovi opened up about his life and career as he revealed some intriguing conversations he had with fellow musician Bruce Springsteen. One of the topics discussed between the two musicians was their shared experience with Imposter Syndrome.

When the interviewer inquired whether the singer had ever experienced the condition, Jon confirmed he had, adding that he believed all artists would encounter it at some point in their lives. The singer also referred to conversations he had with both Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney about the subject, recollecting that these iconic musicians also confessed to occasionally feeling like they were deceiving people.

His answer and words on the matter read:

“Throughout any guy’s career, you have to have [Imposter Syndrome]. I don’t know anybody who’s so full of himself that they think that they had it the whole time. I’ve talked to Paul McCartney, to Bruce Springsteen. You know, everybody at one point or another thought they were full of it, that they were like, ‘Nah, I’m fooling everybody. I’m just getting away with it.’ I think everybody has that.

And then, it’s those who work their a–es off, not one or two or five or ten albums but twenty albums in. You know, you talk to Bruce today, he’s working his a– off. You talk to Paul McCartney at 80+ years old, he’s off to rehearsals right now. He’s 80! I mean, Jimmy Buffet or the guys that I’m friendly with. That’s what they do. I was 25 minutes late today because I was at rehearsal in New Jersey this morning. I’m in Florida now.”

Their shared experience with this syndrome seems to have created a bond between the two as Springsteen and Bon Jovi have enjoyed a friendship spanning several decades, during which they’ve shared the stage at numerous live shows. They even had the opportunity to join McCartney onstage during one of his performances in 2022.

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