What Is Joker’s Real Name? DC Comics Finally Has An Answer

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The Joker has been one of the most prominent and mysterious characters in the DC Universe. The Crown Prince of Crime has some of the greatest mysteries. There are many questions that get raised on the topic of Joker. The main question that gets raised frequently on Joker is about his identity. Who was he before Joker? What is his real name?

The identity of the Joker has always remained a secret in the DC Universe, and this makes sense because when we don’t know his real identity of him, it makes things more intense and makes the character scarier. There are a few backstories on Joker when Heath Ledger took the role of Joker he had a different perspective of his character, but do you think we can trust that?

Ledger’s Joker gave us some hints on his background life and how he started to hate people, but we can clearly tell that the psycho clown is certainly telling the lie. How do you suppose to expect truth from the person that is known as The Crown Prince of Crime? It is certainly false about the background Joker.

While the identity of Joker was still shrouded in mystery, some adaptations have given the Joker a name like in Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck in “Joker,” but there hasn’t been any announcement on the official name of Joker in the DC Comics until they released their new comic book, “Flashpoint Beyond #5,”

In the recent comic book of DC Universe, Flashpoint Beyond #5, Batman finds out about the true identity of Joker, The identity of him when he was a normal human being. Thomas Wayne finally discovered the true civilian name of Joker when he was on Earth-1.

Joker’s True Name has been Revealed!

Geoff Johns, Tim Sheridan, Jeremy Adams, Mikel Janin Xermanico, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Jordie Bellaire, and Rob Leigh made the “Flashpoint Beyond #5, and in that story, we get the prominent character of Thomas Wayne, the father of Bruce Wayne.

Bruce’s father is facing off against his mother and Thomas’s ex-wife, Martha. This event is being taken place at the Flashpoint Universe. In the Flashpoint Universe instead of his parent, Bruce Wayne is dead. In the twisted reality, after the death of Bruce, Martha becomes filled with darkness and becomes the Joker of that Universe.

As reality starts to take on a twisted turn with Marth being evil and walking in the path of crime and destruction, Thomas comes to rescue the word. Thomas calls the police and to buy them some time, he traps himself with Martha and that’s when Martha tells him that she can unravel the secrets of Earth-0 Joker’s origin.

The Crown Prince of Crime, the psychic supervillain also ended up in the Flashpoint Universe. Martha was able to get her hands on the Joker. It was because of her son’s death that Martha started to become evil and after getting her filthy hand on Joker she was able to torture him and make him reveal things.

Martha made Joker remain captive and then she tortured him because all she wanted to know was about her son, Bruce Wayne who was living in another alternative Universe. It’s crazy how Martha tortured Joker just so she could get some information about Bruce Wayne. Crazy!

While she was trying to get information about her son, she also managed to take out some truth about Joker and his past life. Martha had managed to dig inside Hoker’s backstory. He revealed that he’s a failed comedian. Joker revealed that he even had a family, a wife, and a son. He used to work at the Wayne Casina as a janitor.

He used to work hard in the Casino, he used to scrub toilets, and do filthy work instead of making his spectators laugh and cracking jokes. Then the moment finally happened where the name of Joker which remained a secret for years was finally revealed. The true name of Joker was Jack Oswald White.

This was actually one of the biggest reveals in the Universe of DC and the fact that it was revealed after it was guarded for so many years and has been revealed, the fans were having trouble believing that. But the reveal of the true name of Joker also ties in with another secret.

Joker’s Name Reveals Other Secrets

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If we take a look at Batman: Three Jokers then we can explore a situation where there are actually three Jokers in the whole DC Universe. Jason killed one joker and the other was killed by the remaining Joker, leaving only one in the Universe.

At the end of Three Joker, we can see him being the true ‘Joker’ character. His origin added some plots and twists to the Universe which gave him legitimacy. In the final chapter of Three Jokers there was revealed that Dark Knight had already known the true name of Joker after a week they met with each other.

This one line helped to unravel two secrets. First, after a week of encounters with Joker, he knew that the other two Joker were Fake Ones. Second, the Joker’s origin where the Killing Joke was actually true but there was one thing Joker himself was unaware of, he was confused about his

family. Joker’s wife and child were alive and they’d left him.

Batman explained at the end of Three Jokers that his name can’t be known, in fact, it can never be known. His name can’t be known by the world because if his name gets revealed then his family will get in trouble with the press. And if Joker had found that pout, he would return to his Universe and kill all.

Martha revealed the name of Joker by reading the situation. She revealed the name where there was no danger in knowing the name. With the name Joker, his true origin of him was also unrevealed. The name of Joker is taken after the famous singer and guitarist of the White Stripes.  Let’s take a look at what he has to say about this.

Jack White’s Reaction to Joker’s Name

Jack White has been a popular member of the world of music. He is a talented famous singer from the White Stripes and in fact that DC named Joker after his name makes him something more than a singer. Let’s take a look at what Jack White has to say in DC sharing his name as Joker.

I’d love to thank DC comics for giving The Joker the name of “Jack White” after me. Though his hair is usually not as blue as mine, i still take it as a flattering gesture on their part and consider it an honor. It was a lonely journey through my life being the only person with that name until now.
-Jack White III

Jack White continues his thought on the Joker name, “An interesting note; during the process of putting together the artwork for my album Fear of the Dawn last year, I asked artist Rob Jones to communicate with the amazing DC comic artist Mikel Janin to see if he would be interested in a commission: illustrating me in the range of the style that he draws his version of The Joker for DC comics.”

He continued by saying, “Bizarre patterns and coincidences emerge in the universe that we only see glimpses of at times, some meaningful, some meaningless. A large thank you to Mr. Janin for contributing this wonderful work to the record.” 

Jack White was really happy to share his thoughts on the Joker’s real name with the world. This even gives us a note that The real name of Joker reflects how normal and common it is that it’s almost unpredictable.

Where Did Joker’s Name Idea Come From?

j for jocker

“Jack,” doesn’t this name sounds similar to you guys? It actually does because in 1989’s Batman movie by Tim Burton. In the movie, Jack Nicholson portrayed the role of Joker and his name was Jack Napier. The old comic fans of DC must know that Jack Napier was introduced during the 1960s Television Series.

After the introduction of Jicholsons’ Joker, the name “Jack’ was on the mind of most of the fans. In the movie, Joker wasn’t referred to by his name many times but we could witness his name also being indicated multiple times. His real name appeared many times in the comics and in “Batman: The Animated Series.”

As we’ve already mentioned that the name “Jack” makes a fitting name for the Joker. It is the most common name and the most unpredictable name by others. It states how “normal” it is. But where did his last name “Oswald White” come from?

Did you know that Oswald is the first name of Penguin, the infamous villain of Batman? The real name of the Penguin is Gothamite, Oswald Copperpot, so they must’ve given the name “Oswald” to Joker because it sounds evil or4 something like that.

And his last name, White also makes a fitting sense because it is associated with his crimes. Now, that we think about it Jack Oswald White portrays Joker because if they had only given him the name “Jack White” it would make him more like a singer who’s about to produce a rock album.

They must’ve given him the name “Oswald” because it sounds eviler and portrays his crimes. His name reveal was truly a moment to be looked after. The fans were living in suspension and many had already forgotten that even Joker had a normal name.

It’s actually crazy that Jack Oswald White, the true name of Joker was revealed after decades.

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