James Hetfield Shares His Regret Over A Guitar Kirk Hammett Now Owns

The Greeny Les Paul, a legendary Gibson ’59 Les Paul Standard, has become synonymous with its current owner, Kirk Hammett. Over the years, the instrument has been associated with various musicians, including Peter Green and Gary Moore.

However, Kirk has been the proud owner of the guitar for nearly a decade after purchasing it for less than $2 million from guitar dealer Richard Henry in 2014. His recent words about the guitar made it apparent that the guitarist has developed a close creative relationship with the instrument.

During the interview, Papa Het revealed that he had played the Greeny Les Paul before Hammett and had been offered the chance to buy it , but he refused, which he now clearly regrets. Hetfield explained that the dealer had initially asked for an exorbitant price, which may have contributed to the rumored $2 million figure. The price tag dropped significantly when Hammett eventually bought the instrument.

James recalled:

“I played it before he [Hammett] did [Lars Ulrich laughs]. The guy brought it backstage to show it to me and I rejected it! I’m an idiot… I’m a real idiot.”

Kirk’s connection with the guitar was instant; he said:

“I picked up on the energy and the mojo of this guitar immediately. [We’re] inseparable now. Where I sleep, it’s literally 10 feet from me, no matter where I am. I bring it everywhere and play it on stage, too.”

Hetfield’s lighthearted confession about making the mistake of not purchasing the now-iconic Greeny Les Paul amused both the audience and the other band members. As Metallica continues to engage with fans through their newly released album ’72 Seasons’ and their upcoming world tour, the Greeny Les Paul clearly remains one of Kirk Hammett’s favorite guitars.

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