Is Rem dead in Re: zero?

rem in re zero

Re: Zero has to be one of the best fantasy Isekai anime out there right now. This anime was released back in 2016. And it shook the world when it was first released.

This was because this anime was unlike any other Isekai out there. Back then, most Isekai anime out there were basically comedies, but this was something else. With the advancement of every episode, it left a very deep and heavy feeling.

Spoilers ahead

Every time Subaru died, and came back thinking how he would save his loved ones, that was his determination. But seeing him try his best and still not making it was very heavy.

Also, Subaru’s mental health declined after his death. It was very sad. 

 Watching it was very worthwhile but it did leave us with a lot of questions. And the one that tops the list is, What happened to Rem?

What actually happened to her? Is she dead? Well, here we will try our best to give you guys the answer to that question. Stick with us till the end!!

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Rem’s Identity

Rem is a twin maid, working for Roswaal L. Mathers alongside her twin sister Ram. She is one of the main supporting characters in Re: Zero.

Rem is an oni, who was born with only one horn. She and her sister had one horn each, being labeled as defective. They were to be killed to protect the pride of Oni.

But then, during the event Ram showed the potential to save both of them and their power. This event gave them a place in the Oni community.

This incident led to Rem being in her sister’s shadow most of her life, thinking how her sister, Ram, is the one more powerful than her. This gave Rem very little exposure to other people.

This all changed when their village was attacked by a witch cult one night. According to the fandom page of Re: Zero this happened 6 years prior to the main story.

That night, everyone except Rem and Ram was killed. This incident gave her more guilt as her powerful sister’s horn was cut off. Now even after reaching a certain level of perfection, she still has low self-esteem.

But this all changed when she met Subaru. When she first met him, she was very distrustful of Subaru, as he gave the vibes of the witch after his death. But after opening up to him, he saved her, and Rem started to develop strong feelings toward him.

For that reason, Rem is a teenager who is struggling with her feelings.

What actually happened to Rem?


 While returning to the capital, after defeating a big threat ‘the white whale’, the party was attacked by Sin Archbishop of Greed, Regulus Corneas, and Sin Archbishop of Gluttony, Ley Batenkaitos.

As their pet, the white whale was defeated, they wanted to see how strong those who took it down really were. This made them go out of their usual way and challenge the party.

The Archbishops are very powerful and were able to overpower the party very quickly. Crusch and Rem were both overpowered by them and even Rem in her demon form was defeated in a very easy manner.

Following the defeat, the Sin Archbishop of Gluttony used his ability and erased Rem from existence. This means, everyone has now forgotten about Rem, and she is unconscious leaving us worried if she is dead or not.

However, the only exception is Subaru. When he first learns that she has disappeared from everyone’s memory, he kills himself to revert back to the moment.

And when everyone didn’t lose their memory of Rem but realizes that his save point exists beyond that exact moment when Rem and Crusch met the Archbishops.

He remembers her very well and vows to bring her back into everyone’s memory as he feels very strongly for her.

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Is she Dead?

No, Rem is not dead in Re: Zero Season 2 nor in the current manga. She is in an unconscious state right now in the shell of her former self.

This all happened when she and Crusch were returning back to the capital when they were attacked by Sin Archbishops of Greed and Gluttony.

The fight was very short, Rem and Crusch didn’t stand a chance and with gluttony’s ability, Rem is now in a coma-like state with all her memories and name erased from existence.

Batenkaitos’s ability lets him devour anyone’s existence. Those whose existence is spent only becomes a shell of one’s self.

With this everyone, who once knew Rem has forgotten about her except Subaru and that is due to his ability ‘Return by Death.

Even her own twin sister, Ram, doesn’t remember her. Sadly, Subaru cannot go back in time, as he saves points only after Gluttony ate Rem’s existence.

So, basically, Rem is dead for everyone except Subaru for now, as her existence has been erased. This is a very sad turning point in the story so far, as she is one of the most beloved characters in the series.

She is alive and well, and it’s just her existence that is out of everyone’s consciousness. So, guys rest assured, she is well. She is just in a coma-like state.

Can Rem be saved?

Subaru has been able to save everyone till now with the help of his ability, ‘Return By Death.’ By this, it means every time he died, he was able to go before the actual events that caused the problem in the first place.

But this time, after realizing that Rem was gone from everyone’s memory and that she was in a coma, Subaru kills himself but realizes that the save point is after the event that made Rem that way in the very first place.

Still, Subaru hasn’t given up and he vows to Rem that he will save her. With this, we fans can only hope for the time being that she can be saved.

However seeing how she remained asleep for the whole of season 2, we can only expect that she will make a great return very soon.

Will She return in Season 3?

As fans, for now, we cannot really say whether she will make a return in season 3 or not. However, spoilers are ahead!!! She woke up at the end of the web novel Arc 6: Chapters: Heroes, which was released in November of 2020.

Of course, this does mean there are many things that are yet to come to unfold later in the series, and hey guys, you guys can expect a plot twist that involves Rem.

 After considering all this stuff and information in hand, sadly we will have to say that she might not make the long-awaited return in season 3.

She was basically unconscious during the whole tenure of season 2. And there is still the need for time to let things go in place for now, as a big story arc is approaching.

Meaning, we can only imply that she will make her awaited return at the end of season 4 to make us fans more hyped for the next upcoming season. That’s why we can only assume at this point in time.

Though it’s inevitable that she will make her return very soon as she is loved by fans all around the world. With this let’s keep our hopes up and again hope for the very best.

Tappei Nagatsuki will surely not disappoints his audience. There might be something cooking in his egg-head to come up with a flashy comeback for Rem.

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What can we expect from Re: Zero Season 3?

re zero

We all have the habit of expecting a lot. So, it is not fascinating that people have certain expectations with one of their favorite anime series, Re: zero.

However, it’s up to Tappei Nagatsuki if he wishes to fulfill our expectations by coming up with a new season along with amusing scenes and plots or not. It would be surely delightful if we get to see something exceptional.

The good news is that as we know the fact that Season 2 of Re: Zero only covered up to the 4th arc of the original novels. So, there are a lot of things yet to come.

Thus, we must endure the impatience or we have no other choice.

Let’s get back to the point where we actually were, what can we expect from Re: Zero Season 3?

We know Re: zero is unquestionably one of the best anime for many anime lovers because of its plots and fascinating scenes. Although it is not confirmed yet, we can assume that Season 3 will be probably based on Arc 5.

In the storyline of Arc 5, we can see Subaru along with his allies defeating the Witch Cultistk by teaming Royal Election Camps located in Watergate City.

However, it is unverified whether the anime will adapt this arc or continue this series further.

Also Yeah, Fans must not forget it’s Re: zero is full of many unpredictable storylines that give it the name “Re: Zero”.

This means that it might continue its brutality and misery as we know the fact that Subaru comes back to life even after he dies numerous multiple times which clearly demonstrates it as a curse and blessing at the same time.

As we have scarce information about the season 3 release, we can leave the rest to its (assumed) upcoming release.

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