Is Luffy Finally a Yonko?


Luffy is the most unpredictable character who frequently surprises us with his actions. But the surprise of this time was more than unanticipated.

In a nick of time, Luffy gets announced as one of the rulers of the grand line i.e. Yonko of the Sea. As soon as the Whole Cake Island Arc came to its end, it was revealed that Mugiwara is one of the Emperors of the sea.

The audience ponders how did he become a Yonko because he escaped from Big Mom’s territory, not defeated her. It is surely shocking for anyone because it’s not that easy to achieve that title.

So what actually happened in Whole Cake Island Arc that made him a Yonko of the Seas? Let’s unravel further into it!!!

Warning: This article contains spoilers!!!!

How did Luffy become one of the Yonko of the sea?

Luffy was just an infamous pirate before he went to the Big Mom’s Territory but when he came back from there, he came to be known as one of the Yonko of the Sea who rule over the New World.

Luffy himself was stunned after seeing the news about him being the 5th Emperor of the sea. The World Government and the marines got irritated by his notorious act which made him one of the Emperors of the sea.

What did he do during that time that led him to be one of the Yonko’s?

Let’s take a look at it!

When Luffy sneaked into the Big Moms territory to bring Sanji back, he caused a ruckus all over the place. He was just casually causing devastation to all the places he went.

In the Seducing Woods, Luffy along with Nami, Chopper, and Carrot was trapped by Brulee and the forest of seducing woods. They were no escape at all as the forest moved and they ended up at the same place again and again.

Soon after that, Luffy also fought with Charlotte Cracker. The battle favored Luffy as he could eat the crackers all he wanted. He somehow defeated Cracker and started to search for Sanji.

At the Cacao island, he ate a full house made up of chocolates. One after another Luffy was grabbing the attention of Charlotte Lilin unaware. The members of the Straw Hats met Pudding at the same time and became good friends with her.

Unfortunately, it was a planned trap by Charlotte Lilin. She caught all of them and locked them in the books of the library. But Jinbei comes to their aid after some time unexpectedly and rescues them.

They plan to rescue Sanji by interrupting the wedding. At the same time, they decide to take out Big Mom and made an alliance with Begge.

Mugiwara along with the Straw Hats popped out of the cake one by one and attempted to bring down Big Mom. As they planned, they were successful to break out Lilin by breaking her mother’s one and only pictured frame.

Soon after that, Bege along with his other members attacked Big mom with a special weapon as planned but somehow it didn’t cause any serious damage to Lilin.

Mugiwara and Bege tried to escape but were stopped by the other members of the Charlotte family. Fortunately, Germa’s top official came to their aid in the meantime and helped them to escape.

In the complex situation, they somehow managed to escape from the Whole Cake Chateau. But during the escape, the Cheatue collapsed due to the explosion caused by the incendiary from the Tamatebako box.

When the Straw Hats were escaping, they were still being chased by the other members of the Charlotte family and even Big Mom.

However, they escaped to escape and Sanji began to make a cake for Lilin to stop her from rampaging and Luffy started to battle with Katakuri.

Afterward, the captain of the Straw Hats defeated Charlotte Lilin and Sanji also made the cake. They were successful to end the rampage of Big Mom but were still being chased again by Charlotte’s family.

All the consequences that Luffy caused all over Big Mom’s territory grabbed the attention of people. The Charlotte family considered him a big threat and most wanted when he beat Katakuri.

Luffy managed to overpower the top two Sweet Generals, interrupted the marriage ceremony, destroyed some of the islands, attempted to assassinate Big Mom, and escaped even though he was chased by all the powerful members of the Charlotte family.

After all that he still managed to survive. No one ever dared to do that and even if someone did they ended up giving up their life.

The news spread all over the world and immediately Luffy’s bounty crossed over a billion. Soon after, he is considered the Fifth Emperor of the Sea. He actually is not a Yonko.

Is Luffy the Fifth Yonko of the sea?

luffy age

Yonkos’ are the four strongest pirates in the entire  One Piece world. They are the ones who rule over half of the Grandline by themselves. Everyone in the New World fears them.

The four Yonko of the sea has no other opponents other than four of themselves. Their strength is unmatched and they have the capability to take down the other infamous pirates with ease.

The current Yonkos of the sea is Red Haired-Shanks, Kaido, Charlotte Lilin, and Marshall D. Teach(Blackbeard).

According to the news that was published after the Whole Cake Island Arc, it was announced that Luffy is also considered the fifth Emperor of the sea but he is only considered.

Luffy is officially not a Yonko yet. Only his actions were as dangerous as Yonko’s.

He came back alive after causing unprecedented consequences in Lilin’s territory. He interrupted her plans and even tried to assassinate her. These actions are not done by any normal person.

He dared to piss off one of the Emperors of the Sea, entered Big Mom’s territory, defeated two of her most powerful crew members, destroyed some of her islands, and managed to come back alive.

As usual, his activities were surprising and he wreaked havoc wherever he went. He picked to fight two emperors of the sea, Kaido, and Big Mom at once.

Luffy is never scared of anyone and takes on the battle with anyone who interrupts him. Thus, Both Kaido and Big Mom are after him currently.

In the latest episode, we’ve seen that he alone is taking on a head-to-head battle with Kaido, and his ally Law and Kid are battling with Big Mom.

Both sides are after each other heads and there’ll be a winner announced soon because no one can stop them now.

When does Franky join Luffy?

Is Luffy more powerful than the other Yonko?

Luffy is one of the strongest characters in the entire series. We have seen how powerful he actually is when he’s in his furious mode. He is also considered one of the Yonko of the seas.

His strength is incredibly terrible but are his powers on the same level as Yonko’s?

Let’s see further into it!

Luffy holds enormous power capable of defeating many infamous powerful pirates with ease. He has conquered battles against a lot of powerful pirates till now. He has his own grand fleet with about 5640 members.

His bounty is over a billion and is feared by most of the pirates on the sea. However, he is not at the level of Yonko yet. The Yonko’s are on a different level.

Half of the grand line is in control of the Four Emperors of the sea. They rule over the New World where people live under them and no one even dares to speak evil of them.

The Emperors of the sea hold extremely terrible strength. We got evidence that when Whitebeard and Shanks attacked each other. When both of them struck a blow on each other, the sky split in half.

Their power of them is beyond anything. The Emperors can only be defeated by other emperors or Garp and Sengoku of the Navy.

Emperors are known as a dire threat to the world and feared by all the marines and even World Government. All the current Yonko’s are from the era of late Gol D. Roger.

Luffy is comparatively low in terms of power with other Yonko’s. It is because he was not able to defeat Lilin and escaped from her while rescuing Sanji. He knew that he needs to become strong enough to defeat a Yonko and made a run.

Soon after he escaped from Whole Cake island, Luffy went to Wano and encountered Kaido. When he misunderstood that his friends were killed by the strongest creature alive, he immediately charged at him.

He went all out on Kaido. He used all of his attacks in all types of transformation but he continuously failed. His attacks didn’t even deal with an injury to the strongest creature in the world.

His strongest attacks were only warm-ups for Kaido. But when they attacked each other, Luffy used his strongest move on him.

But before Mugiwara could land his blow on Kaido, he was knocked by the Captain of the Beat Pirates with a single blow.

Luffy was a piece of cake for Kaido. He effortlessly defeated an overpowered Luffy with a single strike. As soon as Mugiwara faced his blow, he fled to a far distance and was covered with his own blood.

That was the first time Luffy faced his defeat with a single shot. Now, imagine how powerful Kaido is in comparison. And all of the other Emperors of the sea have power similar to the strongest creature alive.

But Luffy became drastically powerful after his first defeat. He trained on his Ryou(Haki) under the direction of Hygoro.

Afterward, Luffy once again faced Kaido. It was not the same this time. Mugiwara turned the whole game.

He left Kaido and even Big Mom speechless after he attacked the captain of the Beast Pirates by infusing Ryou Haki. Kaido almost got knocked out with a single shot.

The Ryou that Luffy learned was both a lifesaver and a lifetaker. He could block the fatal blows using that technique and even launch fatal blows that might help him to defeat the Emperors of the sea.

The latest episodes of One Piece are making all the fans go crazy. With the upgrade in his power, Luffy is about to overwhelm Kaido leaving no question that Luffy has become as powerful as the other Emperors.

It seems that Luffy will surely defeat Kaido at this rate and might be more powerful than other Yonoko of Sea. Until then, Luffy can only be assumed as powerful as Yonko.

How many Devil Fruit did Luffy eat?

Is Luffy the fourth Yonko in the manga?

One Piece manga is one of the most watched manga all over the world. This manga is a masterpiece for its epic storylines. Manga is the reason why One Piece anime came to be this popular.

Manga is somehow a little above anime. The reaction of One Piece manga readers is taking over the internet nowadays.

According to some manga readers, the One Piece manga is named one piece not only for its naming it is named for its wholesome storyline. They say ” Once you step into its manga world there’s no escape”.

So what’s actually happening in the manga that is leaving each and every reader jaw-dropped?

If you don’t care about spoilers you’re welcome here and let’s dig in without any waste of time.

In the latest anime, it has been displayed that Luffy has been fighting with Kaido but the winner is already announced in the manga. The fierce battle has already come to an end.

Some are already knocked out and others are enjoying their victory. So who is the winner?

In chapter 1049,  Monkey D. Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hats Pirates has finally defeated Kaido. It is confirmed that after defeating the captain of the Beast Pirates, Mugiwara is now officially the 4th Yonko of the sea.

He succeeded to beat Kaido after a long and furious battle. His bounty has also increased from the last one. Mugiwara has released all the enslaved people from the cruel Kaido.

The news has been spread all over the place and the whole world is in chaos right now.

At the same time, Captain Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law have successfully defeated Big Mom but the replacement for the seat of another Yonko is not for either of them.

Another character holds that position effortlessly.

Who became Yonko along with Luffy in the manga?

Luffy Pirate King

Yonko is the strongest pirates in the One Piece world. Four of them altogether rule over half of the grand line. Everyone in the New World fears them and lives under the control of the four Emperors of the Sea.

In the early episode of the series, the four Yonkos were Shanks, Big Mom, Kaido, and Whitebeard. But Whitebeard lost his life in the Paramount War at the Marineford while trying to save Ace from his execution.

He got killed by Blackbeard and his crew after they repeatedly shoot at him. Not only Blackbeard killed him, but he also stole WhiteBeard’s Devil Fruit power. The seat of the Yonko was empty then.

Soon after that, Blackbeard is declared the Yonko of the sea because of his strange power. Marshall D. Teach is considered the biggest threat to anyone as he is the only one in the entire One Piece world who has two devil fruit power and still managed to survive.

His devil fruit has a strange ability and that is why he’s the most feared pirate in the sea. The seat got full after he got a replacement from Whitebeard.

Afterward, Luffy challenged two Emperors of the sea at once. Mugiwara along with Trafalgar Law and Eustass Captain Kid started to battle with both Kaido and Big Mom.

In the latest anime episodes, they are fighting with each other but there’s already a confirmed conclusion. Both of the old Yonkos are defeated by Luffy, Law, and Kid.

Soon after they defeated them, their bounty increased and Mugiwara was announced as the Yonko of the Sea in place of Kaido. However, Law and Kid didn’t get the chance to hold the position of Emperor of the Sea in place of Big Mom.

The new seat is occupied by a totally unexpected pirate. It is none other than Buggy The Clown. I know it is out of the blue but it is the truth. He is announced as the new Emperor of the Sea.

In What Episodes Does Luffy get His Gears?

From when did the journey of Luffy becoming the Yonko began in anime?

Luffy was determined to be a yonko from the start. Not only Yonko, we all know that he will inherit the title of “King of Pirates” too. He has unbelievable willpower and self-esteemed to chase his dream of becoming King of Pirates.

Luffy’s journey of becoming Yonko began on Fishman Island. Since Luffy was challenged to defeat Big Mom, the rivalry between them became quite serious.

After the journey of Fishman Island, Straw Hats went to Punk Hazard and found that Ceaser is researching the transformation of normal humans into giants by experimenting on small children.

Then, they destroyed the factory by defeating Ceaser and rescued all the children. Luffy also knew about Kaido and Doflamingo was the leader behind Ceaser’s evil acts.

So, Luffy decided to stop them by taking both of them down and allied with Trafalgar Law. Afterward, Luffy went to Dressrosa, defeated Doflamingo, and even destroyed the Smile factory(the factory where Artificial Devil Fruits are produced).

As soon as he overwhelmed Heavenly Demon, Luffy and his crew went to Zou but during that time Sanji was taken away by Big Mom in Mugiwara’s absence. So to bring back his crewmate, Luffy sneaked into Big Mom’s territory.

He wreaked havoc all over her territory. As soon as he entered Cacao Island, Luffy and his other mates started to eat the chocolate because the island was made up of chocolate.

Later on, they encountered Pudding become friends with them, and went to rescue Sanji in a secret way. Along the way, Luffy defeated one of the Top Generals.

He also meets Sanji on the way and tells him to return back but he refuges and attacks Luffy till he gets knocked over to the ground. Later on, Luffy gets partnered with Bege and makes a plan to kill Big Mom on the day of the wedding.

Big Mom’s army somehow captured Nami and Luffy and trapped them in the book of jail. There were no chances of getting out of the book. Fortunately, Jinbei came to their aid and rescued them.

As planned, they attack her but the plan won’t work out. Luffy and his friends try to escape but get stopped by other members of the family.

However, they got help from the Germa 66 and somehow escapes but they still get chased as soon as the Whole Cake Chateau gets collapsed.

Big mom got rampaged and destroyed everything so Sanji along with Chiffon and Pudding started to make a cake while on the other side, Luffy and Katakuri started dueling.

After some time, Luffy defeated Katakuri and Sanji also finished baking the cake. They succeeded to end their hunger rampage on Lilin and successfully made it out of Big Mom’s territory with the help of Jinbei’s crewmate.

During the Whole Cake Island Arc, in episode 878, Luffy’s bounty crossed over a billion and came to be considered one of the Yonko of the Sea.

Has Luffy defeated any Yonko yet?

luffy in anger

Luffy came to be considered one of the Yonko of the sea after the Whole Cake Island Arc. His bounty also crossed over a billion. However, he wasn’t officially confirmed as Emperor of the Sea.

But the question is how did he become successful to hold that title? Because we know that being a Yonko is not easy as it sounds.

Luffy has picked fights and defeated many infamous pirates in the sea. He is extremely powerful and has terrible abilities capable of overwhelming many opponents easily. So has he ever defeated one of the emperors yet?

Luffy picked a fight with Big Mom on Fishman Island and he also challenged Kaido as he defeated Doflamingo and destroyed the Smile Factory.

Both of those Emperors of the sea were eager to kill him. But Luffy is not the one who would hold back. He went to the territory of Big  Mom when one of his crewmates was manipulated and taken away.

He sneaked into her territory and gave a very hard time to one of the rulers of the grand line. He also tried to assassinate Lilin by allying with Bege but he failed.

So, he escaped from Lilin’s territory as the situation was very dire. Soon after that, he went to the Land of Wano to take down Kaido.

While he was at the Wano along with his crew, Kaido made his appearance and destroyed the entire hill where his friends were located. Luffy thought that the destruction harmed his crewmates and charged at the strongest creature alive in anger.

Enraged Mugiwara attacked Kaido off guard and continuously launched multiple blows at him. Luffy used all of his power and abilities on him but he remained undamaged.

Luffy’s attacks didn’t work on him but he continuously attacked him again and again. At last, Kaido was irritated and before Mugiwara arrived there with his best move, he knocked him with a single blow.

Luffy faced his defeat with a single charge from Kaido. He once again failed to defeat a Yonko. He was then captured and put in prison at Udon.

While he was in prison, he met an old man named Hyogoro who was the former Yakuza boss. He is a skilled Bushoshoku Haki user and was even capable of using Ryou.

Later on, Luffy also learned to use Ryou under the direction of Hyogoro while he was at the prison in Udon. Soon after that, Mugiwara once again faced Kaido after he successfully broke out of prison.

Luffy was overpowered by you this time and Kaido was unaware of it. Mugiwara successfully landed a blow and almost knocked him.

Kaido was shocked when he got hurt by Mugiwara’s attack. The strongest creature alive became startled because of a sudden change in the power of the Captain of the Straw Hats.

Thereafter, Kaido started to dodge Luffy’s attack because he got hurt this time. That’s when Mugiwara said to him, ” You dodged it Kaido… Must be because it hurts!” 

This scene caused uproar leaving all the fans of One Piece wild mad.

However, Luffy still hasn’t defeated Kaido in anime. But the day is coming, it’s not too long but for the fans who are going crazy over this battle, it’s way too long.

However, lucky for manga readers they know who is the real winner of the battle. It is already revealed in the manga that Kaido has been defeated at the hands of Luffy.

So, Luffy hasn’t defeated any Yonko yet in the anime. But in the manga, it is already confirmed that Mugiwara overwhelmed Kaido and became the Yonko of the sea officially by replacing him.

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