Is Lord Beerus a Cat?

Beerus and cat

Beerus, a cat-like character is one of the most robust characters in the Dragon Ball Z series. He is a prominent and one of the exciting characters of the franchise. Just in a short time, the character has put an unforgettable mark on Dragon Ball fans. The fans get excited every time they see this character, but is he actually a cat?

Lord Beerus has a similar appearance to cats, but in Dragon Ball Z universe, he is not just an ordinary creature. The question has been raised many times, and its mystery has been shrouded. Well, don’t worry, we are here to unfold that mist and reveal the truth!

Let’s get into our spaceship and travel to the world of Dragon Ball and unfold the secret of Beerus and his true identity!

What race is Beerus?



Beerus is a prominent character in the franchise. he is also one of the most substantial characters and is known as the God of Destruction. Lord Beerus, or might we say ‘Lord Cat’ because his race is something quite complicated in the franchise.  The design of this character is unique compared to other characters in the franchise. Let’s see briefly what race is Beerus.

Dragon Ball Z characters are unique and special in many ways. Many characters in the franchise don’t have a human species, they are some kind of special creatures that can only be found in the world of Dragon Ball. Now, Lord Beerus is also the same character as others.

The god of destruction has a special race. His species is unknown to this date and exists only in two universes, Universe 6 and Universe 7. Thre species of Lord Beerus is a mix of humanoid aliens and feline features. Well, Beerus is not the only one that’s popular in this race, his twin brother, Champa is also another famous character of this race.

Talking about the appearance, they have purple skin, large ears and they are actually only skin… Do you remember any kind of cats with this kind of race? Bingo! Their appearance just looks similar to the Sphynx or Sphynx cat breed. The features and structure of the god of destruction are similar to the Sphynx cat.

Their race looks similar to theirs but their race is also one of the most powerful races in the franchise. They aren’t just called gods of destruction for nothing. Well, so that means he is a cat?

Well, there isn’t any kind of brief destruction given to their race but one thing we can confirm is that their feature is made by looking at the Sphynx cat. You might ask why? We even have a perfect answer to that.

Beerus has similar features to the Sphynx cate because the author of the franchise, Toriyama has the same pet cat. Now it might make sense to you why Lord Beerus has this kind of appearance and why their race is one of the most powerful races in the series. Toriyama might’ve given the power to ‘honor’ his cat.

Characters similar to Berrus’s race

well, we have already talked about Champa and Beerus but what about other characters that are similar to this race? There are some characters that are similar to this race. We’ll talk about them from cannon and non-canon. There are high possibilities of these characters being of the same race as Beerus because they have not been confirmed yet.



Well, as we’ve already discussed above, the god of destruction is a well-known character in the franchise of this race. The character is a prominent figure in the series and holds immense power within its grasp. He is known as the god of destruction in the franchise because of the power he holds in Universe 7.

The character of the franchise was first introduced in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. The movie was one of the greatest hits of the franchise. The movie had everything the fans ever wanted. Lord Beerus as the main antagonist and Goku with its new powers, was truly a great experience.

Beerus holds a special role in the franchise. He is the God of destruction in Universe 7 and that’s where the story starts to take place. Not only the powers of Beerus are interesting and fascinating, but the character itself is also an icon of the series.

The character was made by looking inspired by Akira Toriyama’s old Sphynx cat. The cat was a special member of Toriyama’s life. Akira and Debbo (his cat’s name) lived together and the appearance of his new character came from there. Toriyama and Debbo had a lovely bond with each other, but that bond sadly shattered one day.

After a certain time, Debo became really ill. He was taken to the vet for recovery but the people of the vet told him that Debo didn’t have a long time left. Debo fought against all the odds and recovered in such a quick way that it left the member of the vet shocked.

This was truly a happy moment, and truly a surprising one. After the miraculous event, the doctors of the vet told Akira that Debo must be some kind of devil to recover from that kind of state. Relax guy, he was only joking and that moment might be the one that inspires Akira for his new antagonist character.

If we take a picture of a Beerus and a Sphynx cat together then we can barely find any difference. Well, although he has a design of a cat, he doesn’t behave like one. He has the appearance of like a jackal-headed humanoid. Well, the appearance was also made by being inspired by ancient Egyptian deities, particularly Seth and Sekhmet.

Basically, Sekhmet is a lioness-headed humanoid and Seth is a jackal-headed humanoid. Both of them were known as gods in ancient times. Sekhmet was known as the god of destruction and Seth was known as the god of the desert, storms, darkness, and chaos.

Well, the personality of Beerus has lots of similarities to these ancient Egypt gods. They share the same power and same appearance in a way. He might be the go0d of destruction but even gods like to be cheerful and play just like normal cats.

Beerus likes to eat and play a lot just like the cats! Although in the franchise Beerus might be playing the role of the antagonist he is more likely a fun character that always wants to keep on eating and having fun. Even his expression shows that his behaviors are similar to other cats.

If you own a cat then you might understand how dramatic they are in real and Lord Beerus seems to be the same. There was once an incident where Majin Buu refused to share the pudding with him and he was so much upset. The god of destruction gets easily mad when he loses while playing hide and seek or if someone doesn’t want to share their food with him.

Beerus is known for having an enormous amount of power and always relies on his overwhelming power. He is one of the toughest characters that Z fighters have ever faced, making him the most formidable opponent as well. Although he is known as the god of destruction, he is also known for being a sociable character in the franchise.

Lord Beerus is a kind of character that is friendly and always polite with each other, and when he gets on the battlefield he is known for being one of the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball.


Just like his brother, Beerus, Champa also holds enormous power and is known as the God of Destruction of Universe 6. Beerus is known for holding the same position in Universe 7 and his brother in Universe 6. Both of these brothers have grasped this Universe right under their palms.

Well, not only in powers but Chamap also has a similar appearance just like his brother. He also has purple skin, tall, thought, cat ears with a ring in his right ear. Even the clothes that Champa wears are similar to Beerus, the only difference is the color. Beerus has blue figures in his clothes and Champa has red.

Well, there aren’t many similar differences between these twin brothers, but one thing that separates them is their figures. Beerus looks more like a slim character whereas Champa is a little more fat figured than his brother. The character Champa was also inspired by looking at the ancient Egyptian gods that’s why his clothes were crafted in such a way.


He wears an article of gold Egyptian clothing with circular decoration which symbolizes his angel, Vados. Well, the appearance of this brother might be the same, but the persona of these twins is far away from being similar.

Do you remember when we explained the persona of Lord Beerus? He is the god of destruction and he was kind of ruthless and always cared about the battles and was always a serious character, well, Champa is just the opposite of that.

Beerus might be a ruthless god but Champ is a friendly, ordinary, and careless attitude, unlike his brother. Yes, he is a god but he is way more careless than his brother actually is. Well, he is more focused on eating and sleeping than conquering everything and focusing on his powers.

He might be known for having a careless character but one special thing about Champa is that he has the capability to control himself whenever he gets angry. This is the special power he holds that even Whis acknowledged.

Another thing popular about Champa is that he’ll do anything to win. He hates losing and that’s why is known as the arrogant brother. He hates losing because he has lost many battles against his twin brother, Beerus.

He hates losing so much that once he bent the rules of battles just so he could remain victorious. The fact will remain the same Champa is a lazy ruthless god of destruction. There was once a moment when he turned into a cold and evil character after knocking down Guarana.

There aren’t many things that interest Champa but one thing that interests him much is eating and sleeping. This has truly been a bad habit of his, and that might be one of the reasons why he can’t defeat his brother, and looks fat in the franchise.

When it comes to losing weight, he is always ignorant. He never wants to go on a diet or stop eating to make a good composure, he thinks that eating and sleeping are way more important that any other important aspects of life. The God of Destruction of Universe 6 might be just because of his fat figure.

His love for sleep and eating has become a major disadvantage for him and it is stated that Universe 6 might be easier to capture because of the carelessness, and ignorance that Champa displays. That’s why he always gets into beef with his brother, but despite everything, Beerus will always love his brother.

Although both of these twin brothers get into many battles, Beerus feels empathy toward Champa. He loved his brother and wished Super Shenlong that, the Earth of Universe 6 would have similar cultural advancement as the Earth of Universe 7, just so Champa could enjoy his food and life more.

Though Champa is known for being reckless, he is also known for being ruthless. Better keep that in mind before you underestimate him!

Shandy (non-canon) 

Another character that appears to be of the same race as Beerus is Shandy. Just like the above-mentioned character, he also holds similar roles to them. He is known as the God of Destruction Hero. The appearance of Shandy seems to be similar to Beerus.

He wears exactly as Beerus does, Red, black, and gold Egyptian clothing with circular decorations. Although their appearance might be the same as that of Champa, he actually plays the role of Hero.

Shandy is a character in Dragon Ball Heroes game and plays the Hero-type aviator role in the game. That’s the reason why he is known as the God of Destruction Hero.

shandy dragon ball

Just like Beerus, Shandy appears to be a strong character but is a more youthful-looking character than him. Well, the similarities between all these characters appear to be the same in their appearance which proves that Shandy is also one of their race.

The race of Beerus and Shandy is one the iconic ones, and their race might be one of the reasons why they have so many abilities within them and athletic bodies. Talking about his power and abilities, he is just ruthless.

Shandy is also known as the god of destruction for a reason. He has ruthless powers and possesses great abilities which were enough to defeat Beat when he was in his Super Saiyan Blue state. And that thing my friend is no joke!

The race of Beerus might be something unique as all of them are powerful. There might be something inside their genetics that makes them known as the God of Destruction.


Another possible-looking species of Lord Beerus might be Dyspo. He is a member of the Team of Universe 11. After looking at his several appearances in battles, it is stated that he is the most powerful soldier in the Pride Troopers. This means that Jiren might be comparable to him because he is also known as the most powerful soldier along with Toppo.

There are some possibilities that Dyspo might be of the same race as Beerus and Champa because there are many similarities between them. Although their species have remained shrouded in mystery, their appearance gives us many clues.

dyspo dragon ball

We might not know about their specific species in the franchise but one thing we know about their species is that they have similar appearances. Just like Champa and Beerus had a similar appearance, purple skin, pointy ears, and a cat-like appearance, it might be the same case with Dyspo.

Another thing we know about their race is that they are way more powerful than they should actually be. Every character with this holds something prominent in their title. This explains why Dyspo might also be of the same race as Beerus, and even Champa once stated that he does a strong resemblance to Beerus.

Dyspo is known for his positive mindset and known for having a stronger sense of justice. He cares a lot about justice and rejects participating in any kind of evil act. He doesn’t care whether it is foe or friend, if they are on the wrong path than of justice then he will give his full to stop them, that’s what makes him a strong warrior.

Although he always has a positive mindset and believes in justice, he sometimes gets cocky and gets overconfident in his abilities and speed. This is one bad thing about Dyso because when he over-believes in his abilities, he often underestimates his opponent, and this proves to be his disadvantage.

His appearance is just not only similar to Champa but he is also a sore loser just like him. Dyspo also hates to lose just like Champa. When he was once eliminated from a competition he exclaimed “Me of all people!” Well, he still admitted his defeat at last but this proved that he hates losing.

In anime, he was very angry but in the manga, he wasn’t arrogant as he was in the anime. Well, whatever the case, his positive behavior of him is always one thing to respect upon. Getting angry must be some kind of genetic transfer of this race.

Akira Toriyama on his Beerus Model

Many others take time and think for days to create their next new character for their series. It is often hard to please their fans because, with one mistake, everything can get to ashes, but for creators like Akira Toriyama, it is nothing but a piece of cake.

The creator has made hundreds of characters in his life, and making another blockbuster character for his franchise is just a practice for him. Now, if you don’t agree with me then don’t you think that Lord Beerus became one of the popular characters of the franchise!?

The character has been fantastic and his fans from worldwide have loved this character. Well, we might have many questions about this character, and how its model was prepared might be one thing. Well, don’t worry we have the words from the author himself!

Many of us already know this answer how its origin was inspired but it was all thanks to the fan-translators. The idea of God of Destruction was written in the 30th Anniversary Dragon Ball Super history book. Akira stated that he created the model Beerus by looking at its Sphynx Cat.

The new character Beerus is based on sensei’s favorite cat,” the book adds, “The new character Beerus, God of Destruction, appeared in the film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. In fact, the model for Beerus and his feline appearance was the anime-crazy Toriyama-sensei’s beloved house cat.”

Is Beerus the first Cat God of Dragon Ball?

Lord Beerus is the special character of Dragon Ball and is known for being like a cat figure character. His figure might be a cat-like one but his power is much more immense than some of the prominent characters in the franchise. Arima might’ve designed the character in such a way because his brute strength is known in many Universe.

Beerus, the god of destruction has proved his strength level multiple times. Even when he appeared for the first time in the franchise he proved that he was the strongest creature in the universe by defeating all the Saiyans of the universe, because it was stated that he would get killed by a Super Saiyan God.

This proves just how much power the Cat God actually is. But what if we tell you that Lord Beerus isn’t the first Cat God of Dragon Ball, and there is someone else who once inherited this title?

Let’s take a look back at Dragon Ball chapter 88. In that chapter, Akira Toriyama introduced the ‘Cat God’ for the first time ever. The first Cat God to make its appearance in the franchise was no other than Korin. In this chapter, Goku is on a quest to get powerful enough to kill the greatest killer alive, Taopaipai.

Taopaipai has immense strength Goku isn’t ready to defeat him yet, so he plans to climb the Korin Tower. He plans to climb in hope that he would get immense power and abilities there, but he didn’t receive the easy option and had to go through some rough moments.

Korin doesn’t grant powers and abilities to Goku without any hardships. The Cat God decides to train Goku and makes his days ruthless. Goku didn’t get the thing that he was hoping for when he planned to climb the tower, but one way or another, he became successful to achieve his goal.

With all the harsh training, he was finally able to defeat the greatest killer, Taopaipai. Well, this is the first appearance of Cat God that was displayed in the franchise. Korin and Beerus, both are known as the Cat Gods, but there are many differences between them.

The only similar things about these Cat Gods are the title they possess. Korin is an 800-year-old diety and he states that earth is his ultimate home, while Beerus is the ruler of Universe 7.

Korin focuses on his goal to train many peoples and make them worthy characters. Goku and Master Roshi are some of the few characters that are known as worthy characters after getting training from Korin. He was destined to train characters to make them worthy warriors. Well, Beerus doesn’t seem to be that type of guy, don’t you agree?

Korin is 800 years old and Beerus? The God of Destruction is thousands of years old than Korin. He is far stronger than some average Saiyan and doesn’t desire any more strength than he already has. He is known for having immense powers and also for being hungry and lazy.

Both of these characters are the ‘Cat God’ in the franchise and the idea of Cat God existed in an absurd way. Both of these characters are way far from similar to each other and the fact that they hold the same title is kinda crazy. But we have something to prove why both of them hold the same title.

Do you remember where the inspiration for the Lord Beeru scam from? Toriyama revealed that the idea of Lord Beerus was inspired by his cat Debo. And after the incident that we discussed earlier in the article, we could gather some clues on why Akira decided to make Beerus a strong character in the franchise.

Many tears later after he revealed that Beerus was inspired by his cat, he also revealed the inspiration behind his other ‘Cat God’ character Korin. Hmm… what do you think? Let’s take a look.

After many years Toriyama revealed that the first Cat God of the series was also inspired by his other cat, Koge. The appearance of Koge and Torima are very much similar just as it was with Debo and Beerus.

If we take a look at the anime then we can find that Korin is a giant white cat who always keeps its eyes closed. Well, it’s because Koge was also like this, he always kept his eyes closed because he slept all the time. The fact that it slept so much and Arima decided to create its character with eyes closed just blows our minds.

Many Cat-Owners might be able to understand why Toriyama decided to inspire his characters by looking at his cat. We all love our pets and this is one solo reason that convinces us why Akira decided to take inspiration from his pets.

Lord Beerus is a character that was inspired by looking at his cat, Debo, and the other Cat God, Korin was also inspired by looking at his other cat Koge. Now imagine if Akira Tomiyana had some kind of lizard as his pet. Glad he doesn’t have one.


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