Is Galactus a Celestial?


When the Eternals finally arrived at MCU, every fan got in thinking if Galactus is Celestial.

The Celestials and Galactus have common interests. Both want to destroy the earth and are so powerful that they can destroy a planet without dropping a sweat.

So, is Galactus also considered as a celestial then? Let’s find out.

Galactus History

In the 6th Universe, before the existence of the Marvel Universe, there was a planet named Taa.

Unfortunately, at that moment, the whole Universe was collapsing and turning into a cosmic egg, so an explorer named Galan went off to search for help.

Galan searched everywhere but couldn’t find a single light of hope.

Planet Taa’s civilization heard a blast, and many died. Fortunately, Galan and a few citizens were still alive, so Galan decided to blast the cosmic egg.

Galan and the remaining survivors went into their spaceship to blast the cosmic egg by crashing it right into its heart.

When they started to get near, the remaining survivors died because of the radiation. Galan was the only person remaining alive, so he went straight to the heart of the cosmic egg.

When he crashed, he merged with the sentience and became a part of the egg, and that’s how Galactus, one of the most powerful characters of Marvel was born.

Celestials History

The Celestials are the creation of the First Firmaments, heaven or sky.

So, what is the First Firmament?

The First Firmament is sentient. It is the first Universe to ever exist in Marvel. It is the beginning of everything.

The First Firmament created the Aspirants due to loneliness, and a small group of Aspirants disobeyed the First Firmament.

They wanted the First Firmament and everything to experience what it means to die and be reborn, so they basically wanted the death of the Universe.

This event triggered the Holy War. It was between the Celestials and the Aspirants.

The Celestials used gigantic cosmic bombs, which were so powerful that they destroyed the Aspirants. The explosion also shattered the First Firmament into an infinite number of pieces.

And Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s how the Multiverse got formed as well.

How is Galactus different from the Celestials?

Galactus is powerful enough to stand his ground against the Celestials.

So, what makes him different from the Celestials?

The nature of these god-like characters is totally different. The Celestials have a purpose, to create a life, whereas Galactus’s goal is to destroy it.

The history of these two characters makes this explanation easier, one gains his power through a cosmic egg, and another one is a creation of the Universe itself.

The Celestials are a race of cosmic aliens made by the First Firmament, but Galactus was a normal human being.

They both have different powers and abilities, and also, the First Universe beings are silent entities, but Galactus can speak and start a conversation.

Galactus purpose VS Celestials goals.

These two god-like characters might look huge and have the same abilities, but they both have different purposes.

The Celestials have a clear goal, to create life, so they visit Planets and plant life seeds. They have created Mutants, Eternals, the Deviants, and more.

They are also responsible for making the Multiverse, so basically, the celestials’ goal is to create life.

Galactus has a different purpose, he destroys life.

Galactus eats Planets to survive, but he also controls the population of the Universe by eating them, a very unnecessarily necessary thing we must say.

Without Galactus, the Universe can’t survive because the Universe needs him to get balance by eating Planets.

Galactus Powers

This god-like creator doesn’t have any kind of specific powers. Why?

Because Galactus possesses every kind of power, and by everything, we mean anything!

This character can do; manipulation, energy projection, teleportation, force field, and portal creation. He has an unlimited amount of power.

Just with a small portion of Galactus, one of the most powerful characters of Marvel, Silver Surfer was created.

One of the special abilities of Galactus is that he can revive the dead ones and can also generate life, and he can even destroy a solar system without any effort.

The best way to describe Galactus’s powers is that he has omnipotent powers, meaning his powers are off-charts, a list that has no end.

God-like character for a reason.

Celestials Powers

The Celestials are the God themselves.

God has no end. Just like God, the Celestials are untouchable, and their powers are off-charts, simply nothing they can’t do.

Like God, the Celestials are also the creation of most things. They visit planets and do their experiments, and make judgments on life.

The Celestials are so powerful that they can do anything you can imagine, there’s nothing they aren’t capable of doing. They just don’t use powers much because they don’t need to.

They can even create small galaxies, make planets of their free will or even destroy them.

The Celestials can wipe out living in just a snap.

Is Galactus stronger than the Celestials?

celestials and galactus

Both characters have god-like powers, meaning they can do anything, create life or destroy life, and the decision is in the palm of their hands.

So, to see who is stronger, let’s see where they get their powers or energy first.

When Galactus crashed into the cosmic egg, he encountered an entity called the sentience of the Universe, which was a total of all life and all Universe.

Then he obtained all the Cosmic Powers, which made him one of the strongest Marvel villains in the history of Marvel. He also eats to get energy, so what does he eat?

Galactus gets his energy by eating Planets. Yep! Planets.

Galactus eats planets to gain energy, but it also helps to maintain the population of the Universe.

Whereas the Celestials obtained their powers simply when they got created, they got the powers from the First Firmament to create or destroy life.

In Comics, we have seen Galactus and the Celestials getting into a fight and even working together as a team, and they are not truly enemies but are ready to have combat anytime.

They both have similar powers, but we have a clear winner, Galactus. He is more powerful than most of the Celestials.

If the Celestials work together as a group and fight Galactus, then the loss rate of Galan is pretty high. But if it’s one-on-one, the winner is obvious.


Galactus is an entirely different being than the Celestials.

Celestials are a different race of cosmic aliens, and Galactus was just a human being.

Both might look huge and similar in appearance, but they have different natures and different purposes.

Galactus eats Planets! It makes things clear now, right?

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