Is Boruto Stronger than Naruto? Explained

naruto vs boruto

Comparison of the power and abilities of different characters is common in the anime world. They like to compare different characters and find who is the best or the strongest. Like that, many Naruto fans also want to know who is stronger between Boruto and Naruto.

It’s not new for anime fans to have different imaginations and out-of-context questions related to their favorite anime. So, comparing who is stronger between a father and son is also not amusing.

We cannot expect the anime author to provide the answer but this doesn’t mean it cannot be answered. We can determine who is stronger by looking at some key points related to Boruto and Naruto.

In this article, we are not only going to compare their physical strength but also their mental strength, the power they possess, the ability to handle risky and conflicting situations, their chakra levels, their Jutsu, and so on. So, let’s come out from our biased selves and decide ourselves fairly.

First of all, for new fans who might know about Naruto but not about Boruto and vice-versa, let’s have a short introduction for both of them.

Naruto Uzumaki

The main protagonist of the anime series, Naruto was born in Konohagakure. He had a loud, energetic and stubborn personality. He also had a tough childhood. He grew up as an orphan and had to face a lot of hate from the villagers.

Why the hate you might think?

It was all because Naruto was the vessel used for subduing the nine-tailed beasts. The beast attacked the village causing great chaos resulting in casualties. His father, Minato Uzumaki sealed the beast inside Naruto to save the village.

This kinda made Naruto the savior and hero of the village but the villagers, mainly the adults harbored hatred toward him. The parents didn’t allow their kids to play with Naruto and get acquainted with him in any way. So some children of the village also stayed away from him.

So, Naruto grew up being outcasted by the villagers that his parents protected. This made him crave attention from everyone which led him to engage in mischievous acts.

As he grew older and after joining the ninja academy, he made many friends. He played a great role in protecting the villagers from danger. This made him earn acceptance from the village and later become a hero.

He was able to also achieve his dream of becoming a Hokage and then having a family with his wife, Hinata. They gave birth to two beautiful children, Boruto Uzumaki, and Himawari Uzumaki. In the end, Naruto achieved what he desired.

Boruto Uzumaki

The eldest son of Naruto, Boruto Uzumaki was also born in the same village. Like his father, Boruto also had a loud, energetic, and stubborn personality of his father. But Boruto was more mature compared to his father at his age.

It may be because Boruto had someone who could teach him manners and maturity which was not the case for Naruto when growing up. Being the son of a Hokage earned him great popularity.

He had a diligent personality. It was also easy for him to make friends just because of the talents and the knowledge that he possessed from his parents. For these particular reasons he often bragged about his abilities and had a high opinion of himself.

When growing up Boruto didn’t have a good relationship with his father. Naruto was often busy with the Hokage’s work which made him absent from the house. Boruto resented his father for this reason but later he came to good terms with his father and respected him and his duties.

Later Boruto also joins the Ninja academy and improves his abilities and skills. He meets many enemies and makes more new friends. These encounters taught him many life lessons and made him stronger.

Naruto Vs Boruto

Boruto Vs Naruto

Now we hope you get a short idea of who Naruto and Boruto are. Now let’s compare both characters side by side and see who wins in every aspect. As mentioned above the answer to the main question is going to be determined by their physical strength, their mental strength, their natural abilities, Jutsu, and many more.

So, let’s dive in and see who wins!

Physical Strength

When talking about physical strength, it is not limited t how hard they can hit and how strong the hit is. We are going to look at the effectiveness and the efficiency of their physical attacks in the battle.

Naruto’s Physical Strength

We all know that Naruto was quite strong since he was a young kid. Although it did take some hard work, he was quite strong compared to your normal ninja.

In the beginning episodes, Sasuke did overpower Naruto in terms of strength and intelligence but later he was able to catch up with him in terms of strength during battle. Not only that there are other events where Naruto showed immense courage and strength.

We remember the encounter between Naruto and Gara in his Jinchuriki form. He was able to kick him out of the way and even was able to stop a giant’s snake during the same events. These are just a few events that proved he had great strength since he was young.

Boruto’s Physical Strength

Boruto is no fewer in terms of physical strength. He has a strong level of physical strength just because of the genetics that he obtained from his strong parents. So, it is no surprise for him to possess immense physical strength at a young age.

In Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations, we can witness his strength in many ways. Like him acquiring different skills in a short period of time. Unlike his father, he was also one of the top students in his class.

Being the son of strong parents gave him the privileged to be trained by the strongest shinobi. Like his mother Hinata, who was a Byakugya princess, and Hinobi, Hinashi, Sasuke, Kakashi, and many more.

As mentioned, he had great physical strength like how he was able to kick off Boro’s hand to protect Sarada from being squished. Looking at the physical structure of Boro, he resembled a bodybuilder. So, for a tiny little boy to push off such a big man’s hand just by a single kick proves his great physical strength.

Not only that he also possessed the gentle fist technique of the Hyuga clan, his mother’s clan.  The same technique that Neji used during the Chunin exam. It is one of the strongest techniques of the Hyuga clan that can easily break the flow of the chakra of the opponents.

So, Boruto was able to achieve the skills of a chunin to join the level at such a young age. At that age, Naruto was not quite strong as Boruto. If they were ever to engage in a duel then we are sure that Boruto is the one with the victory.

Regenerative Ability

It is not a common thing for a Shinobi to have regenerative ability. The healing ability is limited to a few who possess immense power. Likewise, both  Naruto and Boruto possess regenerative abilities. Let’s look at it individually.

Naruto’s Regenerative Strength

Naruto being the vessel for Kurama, the nine-tailed foxes provided him with great healing abilities. This allowed his injury and wound to heal quite rapidly. We first get to witness the healing ability of the nine-tailed fox in the Land of the Wave arc. He gets poisoned but the sound is healed rapidly.

In the Chunin exam fight, Naruto got injured in a fight. He applied the ointment given by Hinata and we see that his wound gets healed completely at that moment. Although naruto believed it to be because of the ointment, Kakashi knew it was the nine-tailed fox’s power.

The healing ability is quite strong. it not only heals small wounds but the bigger, life-threatening wounds as well. In a fight with Sasuke, Naruto had a big hole from Chidori being impaled on him. The healing ability instantly healed the hole in his shoulder.

Not only these events, but there are also many moments in the whole anime series that proved Naruto’s healing ability to be the best out there.

Boruto’s Regenerative Strength

Boruto also possessed regenerative strength from the Karma Seal that he possessed. It allowed him the ability to heal. Compared to Doritos’s healing strength we can consider Naruto’s healing strength is better.

Boruto never knew he had the healing ability until the later episode. It was activated after Boruto ran out of chakra Momoshiki Otsutsuki manifested Boruto’s Body.

So, the healing ability was not activated 24/7 unlike Naruto’s.


Among the main three categories of Jutsu, Ninjutsu is the most ill-defined Jutsu. So, it can be simply defined as something that is not taijutsu or genjutsu. This type of Jutsu mostly requires hand seals and the chakra. So, how were the father-son duo able to perform this Jutsu?

Naruto’s Ninjutsu

One of the famous ninjutsu that naruto was able to perform at a young was the shadow clone Jutsu. This technique was well known as the trademark technique of Naruto. After reading the Scroll of Seal briefly, he was able to perform this technique with ease.

naruto and kurama

The result him performing this technique resulted in producing his shadow clone in massive numbers. Due to the presence of the insane amount of chakra from Kurama in him, he was able to produce more than a thousand clones at once. Creating this many clones was impossible for a simple Shinobi.

The presence of Kurama chakra have Narito the ability to perform a full attack and come up with defense strategies along with creating many clones of himself. This allowed him to outnumber his opponent in a battle.

Not only he was able to create a clone of himself, but he was also able to create the clone of weapons and other non-living things. This played great help in deceiving the opponents. He was also able to perform it for a long period without killing himself by draining all his energy.

Boruto’s Ninjutsu

Unlike his father, Boruto was able to perform the shadow clone jutsu before entering the academy. We all remember Naruto failing the exam multiple times. But Boruto was top of his class. He also passed the genin exam with top scores.

Although he was able to perform the shadow clone jutsu easily, he didn’t quite have enough chakra to create thousands of clones of him at once. The maximum number of clones he was able to make was three clones.

At a young age, Boruto was also able to summon Garaga after making a temporary contract. he encountered him in the Ryuchi cave and then was able to summon him whenever he wanted. This is one of the difficult ninjutsu. So, for Boruto to perform it at a such young age is a great feat for him.


Senjutsu is a type of jutsu that specialize in the use of one’s natural energy. The people who practice senjutsu are known as Sages. They are able to draw their natural energy inside their body and combine it with their own chakra to create a senjutsu chakra.

Naruto’s Senjutsu

After Naruto lost his beloved teacher Jiraya, he went to Mount Myoboku with Fukasaki. There he was able to learn Senjutsu and also enter Sage mode. By perfectly balancing his natural energy with his chakra he was able to enter completely into Sage mode.


After perfecting the Sage mode, his physical abilities were enhanced. He was able to do treated things like launching entities larger than himself, destroying Deva Path Chakra Receiver, and many more.

His speed increased to the point he was able to intercept Asura path. Along with an increase in stamina and speed, the reaction ability also increased. So, Sage mode was like an upgrade to Naruto’s Power.

Boruto’s  Senjutsu

Borutos Jougan Eye

Boruto was able to perform senjutsu unconsciously just at the age of eight after he activated the Jogan in his right eye. Although the eye remained dormant until a greater threat was introduced, it was again activated after encountering Momoshiki.

By the age of 16, he was able to activate it of his own will. The eye gave him the ability to see the unseen by the normal eye. He was able to detect whether the other person was a clone or not, the chakra’s circulatory system, and invisible barriers that connect different dimensions.

Mental Strength

In the anime series, we get to witness the growth of both protagonists. How they grew up and their personality. Given their loud personality, they might seem like a foolish person. But the series reveals them to be intelligent.

Both Naruto and Boruto were intelligent in their own way. We can see that in the way they approached the battle they were fighting and handling different enemies powerful than them. Let’s look at their intelligence individually.

Naruto’s Mental Strength 

Considering the academic performance of Naruto, we can conclude him to be more of a practical learner than a theoretical learner. He didn’t understand basic ninja knowledge which kinda made him look like a fool.

But gladly Naruto was able to have teachers that would understand him very well. Kakashi understood Naruto very well. He used Naruto’s signature technique, the shadow clone jutsu to accelerate his training.

Jiraiya also considered Naruto to have a good gambling instinct. This kinda helped him to handle the situation of threat to his benefit.  Naruto had a great ability to learn things practically.

Naruto also had some ability to teach others. We can see him bonding with the grandson of the third Hokage and teaching him his signature techniques like Shadow clone, Rasengand, and sexy jutsu.

Boruto’s Mental Strength

Unlike his father, Boruto was a bright student. He was well taught about the basic knowledge of Ninja education and was a topper in his class. Despite him being portrayed as carefree nature and lazy, he showed great intelligence in handling complex situations.

He is great at reading the situation and his opponents during the battle. The self-awareness of his ability allow him to form a plan which flawlessly solves every problem.

Boruto is also very cunning in battle and can successfully deceive his opponent to win the battle. He is also very good at utilizing others’ abilities in creating plans and strategies. This makes him the best person for teamwork.

If we are to compare Naruto’s and Boruto’s intelligence then Boruto wins this one. As he is best at handling the situation in more of an orderly and planned manner. We know Naruto would have just acted on his will and gone with the flow rather than forming strategies if he was the same age as Boruto.

Who will Win? Naruto Or Boruto

We want our audience to answer that question. Some might argue that Naruto will win the battle considering the amount of chakra he possesses and the experience of fighting great enemies.

Some might say that being the son of two powerful shinobis makes Boruto eligible to possess great powers. At a young age, Boruto also mastered different skills and activated one of the powerful Jougan eye. He also possessed Karma Seal which gave him more power.

Since there is no chance of this father-son duo turning against each other, we will never know who will win. We can only imagine it depends on the abilities they possess and their current state of power.

So, check out each ability of both protagonists and decide who is likely to achieve the win. But one thing is for sure if the young Naruto battles with young Boruto then it is likely for Boruto to take the win.

We can also keep in mind what the Copy Ninja of Konohagakure said about the future generation. He believed that the future generation will always outweigh the current one. So, it is not surprising to expect that Boruto will surpass his father Naruto.





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