Is Ashura Alive in One Piece?

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Ashura Doji has been a legendary member of the Akazaya Samurai. He is one of the strongest Samurais, but that wasn’t enough to stop him from meeting his fate. It is told that Ashura had died in one of the events in the Wano Arc, but as we all know, anime characters pop up again as if nothing happened to them. Is that the same case here?

Ashura had gone through a great explosion after the battle he faced with Kaidou but is an explosion enough to kill one of the strongest Samurais?

Is Ashura alive in One Piece? 

During the latest arc and one of the biggest ones, Wano Arc, the member of Akazaya Nine, Ashura Doji, was seen as dead. As we’ve already seen, many characters in One Piece look like they are dead but come alive again as if nothing has happened. This time the scene is different, and there’s almost no chance of we seeing Ashura in action once more.

Ashura suffered a massive blow during the battle against the clone of Kozuki Oden, their former leader. Ashura suffered a very deep wound during that moment, and it was a very bold move done by Ashura to save the crew. He sacrificed himself and saved the members of Akazaya Nine from meeting their horrible fate.

Although Kanjuro came back to life and many other characters in One Piece, we can’t hope for Ashura to come back alive again because he was a part of a massive explosion. But how did this situation arise? Let’s take a look.

How did Ashura meet Luffy? 

Before jumping straight to conclusions, let’s see how Ashura Doji encountered the captain of Straw Hat and how he found that the Akazaya Samurais, who were believed to be dead, were still alive.

Let’s travel back to the time when Luffy had given some food to the residents of the hungry Okobore Town. Ashura Doji and his gang stole the food from the town, and while they were on the run, they were confronted by a town resident. She was an old woman who believed in the dying words of the Toki, Oden’s wife.

She said that the samurai would return to Wano and save them from Kaidou and his cruelty, Ashura was going to attack the woman, but before that, Jack and his crew came and surrounded Ashura.

While Jack and his allies surrounded him, Jack revealed a big secret. He revealed that Kaidou had offered Shutemaru to join his crew, and he had rejected it. Jack also revealed that the Emperor had only left him alive because Kaidou liked him and saw him as a strong warrior.

When Ashura and Doji started their battle, Kaidou came and interfered with it. He ordered Jack to go and find the crew of the Straw Hat members and again offered a proposal to Ashura.

Kaidou offered Ashura to join the Beast Pirates, but the Pink-Haired Samurai had no intention of joining the crew that slayed their former leader. Ashura thought as if, at this moment, he should attack Kaidou, so he ordered his crew members to run into the forest.

While he was standing there in the commotion, Luffy arrived on the scene. Without giving it a second thought, Luffy went inside in full rage to attack the emperor of the Sea. Although Kaidou brutally defeated him, he showed something extraordinary to Kaidou and other spectators.

Luffy was lying on the ground unconscious, and even while he was unconscious, he used the Conqueror’s Haki. Ashura witnessed this power and realized that the captain of Straw Hats possessed the same power as Kozuki Oden. That’s how Shutemnaru met with Luffy for the first time. Now, let’s see how he met with Kin’emon and others.

How did Ashura meet with Kin’emon and others?

After spectating the duel between Luffy vs Kaidou, he was seen having a duel with Inuarashi. While they have a duel, Kin’emon arrives on the scene and asks them to stop. Kin’emon asks Ashura to join with him and stop Kaidou, but he leaves the scene, saying he has nothing to do with the subordinates of Momonosuke and only has ties with Kozuki Oden.

After a few days, the world discovers that there was still a great member alive that supported the Kozuki Clan. Kaidou finds out about the plan Kin’emon and exposes it and catches everyone who was involved with the Akazaya members.


To save the plan of Kin’emon and his crew, Yasui shows up. Yasui was an old friend of Oden who was believed to be dead during the great war between Oden vs. Kaidou. Yasui sacrificed himself and saved the plan of Kin’emon. After the death of Yasui, Ashura and Kin’emon got into a due where Shutenmaru remains the victorious one.

After facing the taste of defeat, Kin’emon apologizes to Ashura for leaving them in a very poor situation and for the suffering they had to face during all these 20 years. After that, Kin’emon tells about their plan to Ashura and how they would raid Onigasima. Shutemaru agrees to join Kin’emon.

Kin’emon discusses their plan on how they were going to travel to Onigasima using different ports that Yasui had planned for them. They discussed how they would manage ships that had the capabilities to hold over thousands of samurai men. All the men who are involved in the plan gather and discuss their final trip to battle with Kaidou.

The Akazaya members then find another great secret. They find that Hiyori, the sister of Momonosuke, is still alive. Kawamatsu then confirms the safety of the princess. They again move up with their plan and reach the Tokage port of the Udon district. The plan was to meet with everyone at the port, but there was nothing.

It was a rainy day, a stormy night with no allies. Momonosuke tells them to stop their plan, but the Samurais refuse to do so. They get in a small boat and start their voyage to Onigasima, leaving Momonosuke and Shinobu behind. Then, in the small boat, Kin’emon confronts something that raises tension in the environment.

Kin’emon says that there is a possible chance of someone being a traitor to the group. Then the traitor reveals his true identity. Kanjuro reveals that he was the rat working as a subordinate for the Orochi.

Kanjuro explains how he told everything to the enemy. He even explains how he led Oden to death. While he shares all the things he had don’t in the past, Kin’emon beheads him but finds that the real Kanjuro was behind the port with Momonosuke, and the person which Kin’emon had beheaded was only a drawing.

Just when everything turned into chaos, the Beast Pirates arrived with three ships. They were now fully surrounded, and no hope was left for them. That’s what everyone thought, but the Straw Hats and the Samurais showed up. The crew helps Ashura and the other Samurais, but unfortunately, they fail to rescue Momonosuke.

Kanjuro fled from there. He made a drawing of a bird and took Momonosuke with him to Onigasima.

That’s when the real war begins. The Akazaya Samurais promised to save Momonosuke and fight with Kaidou. Now that the plan had continued, the voyage started again, and they went to Onigasima to fight with the emperor of the sea and fulfill their leader, Oden’s dream. But Ashura meets his fate; let’s see how.

What Happened to Ashura?

After the crew arrived at the Onighasima, they encountered Kaidou and got into a fight with him. The whole member showed great determination, and with their unshakeable will, they fought bravely against the Strongest man in the world.

Kaidou, the beast, was standing tall against those little pirates. Kaidou is one of the tallest characters in One Piece. It was never an easy fight.

They didn’t give a thought time to the Strongest Man of the Worl, but they put you an incredible performance. They fought bravely, which reminded Kaidou of his epic battle with Kozuki Oden. Sadly, their best performance was slowly coming to an end.

The Emperor of the sea was way more than hard to handle for the nine Samurais. It was easy for Kaidou to beta them up one by one. Kaidou gave the final blow to the Akazaya Samurais. They got so injured and suffered severe wounds. A Akazaya member, Kiku.

Ashura and the other members face a great defeat, but to rescue them, Luffy comes up. Luffy, Law, and Kid arrived at the scene and challenged the Emperor of the sea. Law sent the fallen Akazaya members inside the Onighasima Castle while others remained at the top to fight with Big Mom and Kaidou.

The Akazaya members found themselves lying inside a room on the second floor, and suddenly a person entered the room, helped them to recover, and left. When the Akazaya member got up, the person was already gone, and the identity of that person still remained shrouded in mystery.

The crew got their consciousness, and when they were about to leave the room, a person opened the door, and the person that showed up was nonother than ODEN!

The whole crew is in commotion but happy at the same time, they can barely hold their tears and tries to get close to Oden. When they were about to follow Oden, Ashura opened the eyes of the other crews. He suspected Oden and immediately found out that it wasn’t their former leader but was an imposter.

Kin’emon was in disbelief and tried arguing with Ashura about this, but he didn’t listen to a bit. Ashura drew his sword and tried to cut Oden on his face but didn’t bleed. The whole crew was in shambles until they realized the details of Kanjuro art.

Taking that opportunity, the imposter Oden stabbed at their chest of Ashura with one of his swords. The imposter then revealed himself with explosives. Without thinking about anything else, Ashura reacted immediately and catcher the imposter.

He told the rest of the crew to escape from the room while holding the imposter with explosives attached to him. The imposter stabbed him, but he didn’t lose his grip, and a big explosion happened in that room.

Ashura sacrificed himself for his crew to escape. After the massive explosion, he was seen lying on the ground unconscious. There might be many hopes left for the people, but it’s unfortunate because, at the Battle of Onigasima, Kin’emon reveals that Ashura is now dead. It’s sad, but we will not see another appearance of Ashura again.

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