Is 1899 Related to Dark? Everything we know for now

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Honestly speaking, We all are happy to hear about this new project from the creator of our beloved Netflix series Dark. The creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar are set to be on this new series called 1899. And to clarify your confusion and dilemma, the series Dark and 1899 are not related except.

Despite the creators being the same for both series, they are very much different in every sense. Even the creators commented that they wanted to create something that was very original and different. The only connection the series has is that they are made by the same creators.

What is 1899 about?

Showrunners Friese and Odar have given us hints about how the show will take us to the world of mystery and drama revolving around the characters in the series. It is revealed that the show will follow the story of migrants on a ship headed from London to New York.

According to the show’s press release, the passengers of the ship will be European with different roots to them. With the new hope of having a life at the turn of a century in a different place, the series takes a different turn when they find another migrant ship afloat in the sea.

The series revolves around the story of passengers abroad on the ship filled with uncertainties and doubts. Also, with the discovery of the abandoned ship, the series will take a turn and uncover many secrets which will change the outlook of the passengers.

The synopsis of the series describes the series as follows, “The original series revolves around a migrant steamship heading west to leave the old continent from London to New York. The passengers, a mixed bag of European origins, are united by their hopes and dreams for the new century and their future abroad. When they discover another migrant ship adrift on the open sea, their journey takes an unexpected turn. What they find on board will turn their passage to the promised land into a horrifying nightmare.”


The casting of 1899 had been making headlines over the course of 2 years now. Ever since the announcement of the show, audiences have been inquisitive about the casting of this mystery-involved series. The cast of the series is mentioned below.

  • Emily Beecham as Maura Franklin
  • Mathilde Ollivier as Clémence
  • Clara Rosager as Tove
  • Jonas Bloquet as Lucien
  • Aneurin Barnard
  • Andreas Pietschmann
  • Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen
  • Miguel Bernardeau
  • Richard Hope
  • Alexandre Willaume
  • Anton Lesser

Is 1899 related to Dark?

And yes, finally to clear all confusion, nope, 1899 and Dark are not related to each other. Except?
Except for the fact that both are made by the same creators. We think the creators are really giving us their everything by making this a whole new experience as a different show compared to Dark.

But according to the creators, 1899 does share some aspects that are related to Dark. Jantje Friese commented that “There is a lot in the DNA that is kind of close to Dark in terms of the puzzle and needing an engaged active audience, But there are also things that are quite different in terms of atmosphere and tonality, but also pacing and more action-y stuff happening. So it is truly a beast of its own, but shares a lot of the same maybe mechanisms as Dark does. Hopefully it feels like something really fresh and new, while still [being] exactly what Dark fans would like to watch.”

We as fans would surely love to see some connection with Dark, but seeing all these comments from the creators can only mean one thing and that is they are most likely not related. Seems like Friese and Odar want to create something that is true to themselves and is a standalone series.

That’s the reason we think the only relatable things between Dark and 1899 will be the creators Friese and Odar. Despite them not being related, we believe it will be something to enjoy as its own.

When will 1899 be released and where to watch it?

During the Tudam fan of Netflix, it was announced that season 1 of the show will premiere on November 17, 2022, with 8 episodes. Also, the show will be available exclusively on Netflix.

With the show right around the block, be sure to watch the trailer and be hyped for this mystery thriller.

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